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September – October

President’s Column

As we pass from a very busy eight months of activities into what, for most, will be a somewhat quieter period of time, I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed to a highly successful year. By naming groups rather than individuals, it is hoped that the readers will associate themselves with the appropriate group(s) for the deserved recognition. To the Chapter membership, both active and inactive – your constant and unwavering support of the Board, aka the Management Team, as it approved the numerous events which brought the Downeasters an increased public exposure, encouraged applications for membership, and improved our finances to a level which will enable the Chapter to fulfill its mission. Thank you for being selfless and uncompromising in your dedication to the annual and newly scheduled events. To our families and friends – we could not have accomplished our major events (Annual Show and Clam Festival) without your contributions of time and energies. It was your voluntary participation which enabled the

many stations at these events to be continuously manned to provide our various services and products to the public. It is recognized that many of you were also able to participate as supporters at our other performances, and for this we are especially grateful. To our New Members – thank you for choosing to identify yourselves with the Portland Downeasters, and for taking the additional challenge of completing the qualifications for the Competition Chorus (CC). Your enthusiasm has been contagious and has been an inspiration to the other CC members. Keep up the hard work – you won‟t regret it! To the Competition Chorus – thank you for bringing recognition from the other Northeastern District Chapters that the Downeasters are a primary contender for the District Chorus Championship in October 2009. Your continued dedication to this goal from now until “On Stage” on October 24th will be the principle ingredient towards achieving this success. Following the NED Fall Competiton, the Downeasters CC will compete against five(5) other highly talented a cappella groups in the 16th annual “Battle of the Blends” on November 7th at the Franco-American Center in Lewiston, ME. We hope to “bring home the bacon” as we demonstrate the unique style of barbershop music to hundreds of „uninitiated” music lovers! Continued pg 2

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Elsewhere in this issue there is information about the Downeasters Christmas Concerts schedule. The Nominating Committee has completed its selection of Chapter Officers for 2010, and will be submitting its Committee Report to the Chapter Secretary on or before September 28th. The Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 12th at which time elections will be held. All chapter members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting. Your chapter officers are always available to receive your concerns. Let‟s see more inactive members returning to our chapter meetings. Come hear the Chorus as it prepares for the NED Fall Competition.

Sept 10 Board Mtg. Oct 8 Board Mtg. Oct 21 Old Timers Lunch (See article for details) Oct 23-24 District Convention Nov 7- Battle of the Blends Franco Amer. Ctr. Lewiston 7: PM Nov 12-Board Mtg. Nov 28 Singing Waiters/ Concert TBA Dec 7 Concert First Parish Church Saco Dec 14 Concert Cancer Community Center Dec 21 Concert Woods @ Canco


Downeasters Barbershop Chorus Greater Portland Chapter P.O. Box 48, Yarmouth, ME 04096 (207) 846-6841 Downeasters Leadership for 2008 Ted Tracy………………………………………. President Bill Peterlein….……..……...VP, Music and Performance Cy Kendrick……..…..….………VP, Chapter Development Dave Marstaller.……...……..…………………..Secretary Larry Bean………………………………………Treasurer Ted Tracy…...…..…….………..……….Delegate to NED Carl Cappello ……………..……………....Past President Jack Baggs……………………………………… Director Dwight Pensiero………....……..…………....Librarian Richard Roberge…….….…Marketing & Public Relations Walt Dowling….……………………….Chorus Manager Doug Skolnekovich………….……………….Webmaster Dwight Pensiero………………...Board Member At Large Dave Brown….….……….…….Board Member At Large Al Sargent …………………….Board Member At Large Wally Duplessie…….………Downeast Soundings Editor 4 Deer Lane, Windham, ME 04062

Shaw's Community Rewards Program: This program has begun to pay into our treasury. We've received $152.91 from Shaw's for our receiptsaving efforts. Remember, we no longer need to save receipts, but we do need you to register your Shaw's Rewards Card at the Shaw's website, Just tell them to donate to the Downeasters, with group I.D. number 49001019468. And ask your friends and family to sign up too! Thanks for the help. Harmoniously, David Brown

Clam Festival a Huge Success

We are still working on bringing American Harmony The Movie to the NED, but meanwhile here is another way that you can help. American Harmony has recently been added to NetFlix! This doesn't mean that film is currently available for rent, but you can help make sure that it will be one day soon if you follow these simple steps: - Log in to your NetFlix account ( and do a search for "American Harmony" Once you find our film, give it a 5-Star rating- Last, and most important, click on the "SAVE" button to add the film to your saved film queue Saving the film to your queues will give the Netflix people an good indication of what kind of demand there is out there for our film and obviously the more people that "SAVE" the film to their queue the more likely they are to strike a deal with us. Also, giving the film a 5Star rating will help convince other people who have never been exposed to Barbershop music to rent the DVD once it's available. Also, it'd be great if everyone could log on to our Rotten Tomatoes page at ( and give American Harmony a strong rating. Lots of people use this website to help them determine if they'll go see a movie in the theaters or not so a bunch of strong audience ratings can only help. Thanks again. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and will make a big difference in helping the film become a big success. American Harmony Team

The sun kept shining (most of the time), festival goers were hot and thirsty, and Lime Rickey‟s kept flying off the counter! This is a summary of this years‟ Clam Festival in twenty five words or less. To add a little more meat to the story – sirloin tips, pork, chicken and kielbasa to be specific – the grill was as busy over the weekend as the Lime Rickey operation. With Ted Brackett playing a reduced role at the festival due to knee surgery, Ted Tracy and I stepped up to assist Mark Lumbard in “running the show.” Lots of other chapter members and their families also stepped up to do the numerous tasks over many hours that make our booth the success it is, year after year. I had my first experience with participating in the initial booth set up on Wednesday. The set up is a lot like figuring out a giant puzzle. My impression is that there is an infinite number of ways to put together wood tables, and as for tent poles – forget it! I spent three days counting money, ordering ice cubes and eating. Not a successful Weight Watchers weekend by any measure. Speaking of success, the Clam Festival netted our chapter around $11,000.00 this year. This is our single largest source of income and pays many chapter expenses throughout the year. It also enables the Board of Directors to make charitable donations to the Harmony Foundation and many local causes. Thank you one and all for giving your time and energy to the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Carl Cappello

TEN OLD-TIMERS LUNCHED AUGUST 4th NEXT: WED., OCT. 21 These present and past Downeasters had a grand time at the latest lunch gathering at Pat's Pizza in Yarmouth on Tuesday Aug. 5: Lin Billings, Jerry French, Joe Fortin, Bill Horner, Mick Lary, Bud Mosley, Wayne Newland, Al Phillips, Marshall Wagner, Dick Wheeler. The last 2009 lunch for the Over-The-Hill Gang will be: Wednesday, October 21 11:30 AM Pat's Pizza, Yarmouth Puhleeeeeeeze, RSVP: REW (Fathah Wheelah: 773-1991 or ) WIN (humble sidekick: 781-2597 or )

Tamp’s Gain is The Downeasters loss At a recent meeting our Assistant Director Tom Williams and his wife Judy were recognized for their commitment to the chorus over the past couple of years. Tom and his wife are returning to Floridaâ€&#x; were Tom will once again sing with the Tampa Chorus Tom was wonderful in helping this chorus with the basics of vocal production and getting consistency from us. His music background and directing skills will be truly missed by the Downeasters. Tom not only worked with the chorus but was always available to help us a individuals. Tom and Judy you will be missed.

A Thank You from Tom Williams Gentlemen: Judy and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful "send off" you so thoughtfully gave us. We both enjoyed our time with the Downeasters and would not trade that time for anything. Together we made some good music and accomplished a lot. You are well on your way to a "win" in October...I shall be anxiously waiting! The plaque was such a surprise and it will hold a place of honor in our new home. Judy is enjoying wearing her necklace and receives compliments every time (Priscilla has great taste). You are too many to mention individually but be assured that your friendship if a treasure and you have brought great joy to our lives. We have many stories to share with the heralds of harmony - many of whom know many of you. Oh, we'll only tell the good ones! We would like to hear from any and all---by email, snail mail, or better still - in person. Our address is: 4 Cosmos Court East Homosassa, Florida 34446 Phone; 352.503.7556 cell: 207-577-8915 Email: Keep the whole world singing! Tom and Judy Williams

Seacoast Vocal Union Chorus "Opening Night" Please join us for "Opening Night" of the Seacoast Vocal Union chorus of the Portsmouth Chapter, the new chorus on the block. We will be joined by the 150 woman chorus, Voices From the Heart, whose songs from different cultural backgrounds will have you stomping your feet. They put on an amazing show! Not to be outdone, from the barbershop world we feature Road Show, NED District Champs, International competitor, and national a cappella finalists. Always a treat! And Mike Maino, King of the MC's, will serve as Master of Ceremonies for our inaugural show. Representing the other "new kids on the block" will be the Academy, 2009 Patriot Division Quartet Champions in their first show. Where: Portsmouth (NH) High School When: Saturday, September 26 at 7 PM Tickets: Advance sale $15 Adults $10 Seniors $5 Students At the Door $18 Adults $12 Seniors $5 Students For tickets, contact Ron Million

October 23 – 25

"Placement of the following edited minutes in the Soundings is the decision of the Board of Directors as a means of keeping the total chapter membership and other interested parties informed of activities and actions happening with the Portland Chapter."

BOB- Management Team Meeting July 9, 2009- 7:00 PM at HMS 1. Call to Order- President Ted Tracy called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Also present were Board members Larry Bean, Carl Cappello, Cy Kendrick, Dave Marstaller, Richard Roberge, Al Sargent, and non-Board member Jack Baggs.. 2. Secretary’s Report (Dave M.) -John Gross and Bruce Sturgis have taken membership applications and plan to apply soon. - We will be renting some of our shells to a string quartet performing in Rockland on July 29. Dave Burns will be delivering them. - We will be getting several summer uniform pants and shirts from Winter People since our inventory is almost depleted.. -An overview of the three types of insurance available from BHS was given. We carry a comprehensive liability policy and a policy covering loss or damage to uniforms, risers, trailer, audio/ visual equipment, etc. A policy covering medical expenses due to accidents is now available for $2.06 annually per member, with all members being enrolled.. Carl/ Al moved to sign up for this coverage. Passed. We may be duplicating our property damage coverage with another similar policy. Larry and/ or Dave M. Will check on this. - Motion to approve report-Al/ Cy. Passed. 3. Treasurer’s Report (Larry)

-We have approx.$1500 in checking, $6000(+) in the rainy day fund, the Show netted about $4800, the yearbook netted about $3350, and our net profit for our fiscal year is about $12000. - Motion to approve report- Al/ Cy. Passed. 4. Music Team Manager’s Report (Jack for Bill) -Fred Moore, John Gross, Richard Roberge, and Dave Burns have all passed their auditions for the CC. -Upcoming performances- Ocean Park (July 11), Clam Festival, Sea Dogs (July 26), Battle of the Blends (Nov 7). - Motion to approve report Richard/ Al. Passed. 5. Chapter Development Team Manager’s Report (Cy) -The Portland Chapter Handbook draft version will be emailed very soon for Board review. The July 31 deadline for publication of this handbook is expected to be met. -The family picnic planned for Range Pond on August 1 has been cancelled. - Motion to approve report-Al/ Carl. Passed. 6. Marketing and PR Team Manager’s Report (Richard) -Events Calendar update- Singing Waiters (Nov. 14 ?), Marketing Meeting (Nov. 21), performances at NE Hearing and Speech (Dec. 21), Saco Food Pantry (Dec. 7), Emmanuel Church (Dec. 14). - Dave Brown will work on the Facebook page/ Downeaster website. - Motion to approve report- Al/ Cy. Passed. 7. Unfinished Business-Shaw’s Rewards- Two checks were just received- $47 and $83. -CF money handlers- Motion (Carl/ Richard)- All members and their spouses listed in the roster dated 6-25-09 and others duly authorized as fiduciaries will be permitted to handle money at the CF@. Passed. -The Cole video documentary needs lots of editing to get to a finished product. -We will not do Singing Santa’s as a fund raiser, we will stick with Singing Waiters. 8.New Business-Ted will send a card to Dave Klocko’s widow. We will honor Dave with a future donation to the Harmony Foundation. (This will be after Clam Festival.)

-Acoustix sent a notice that they will perform at shows for a reduced rate. Ted will talk with them about the cost of performing at our show. -On Monday, August 10, a celebration for Tom Williams, billed as a Family Appreciation Event, will be held during rehearsal time. Up to $200 is authorized for refreshments. - We received thank you notes from Bay Square and the Hillsmen. 9. Adjournment- 9:46 PM Carl/ Al. Passed. 10. Next Board Meeting- August 20 (3rd Thursday) @ 7:00 PM at HMS. Respectively Submitted, David Marstaller, Secretary BOD- Management Team Meeting August 20, 2009- 7:00 PM 1. Call to Order- President Ted Tracy called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM. Also present were Board members Larry Bean, Carl Cappello, Cy Kendrick, Dave Marstaller, Dwight Pensiero, Bill Peterlein, Al Sargent, and non Board members Jack Baggs and Dave Cole. Absent: Rich Roberge. Excused Absence: D. Brown. 2. Secretary’s Report- a) Dave M. has submitted applications for Jim Curtis and Bruce Sturgis. b) Cy Ludwig has resigned from Downeasters due to distance and time constraints. c) We will receive $900 for the rental of some of our shells to a string quartet in Rockland and Dave Burns will receive $249.60 for transport. d) Due to some redundancy in our Chapter property insurance coverage, we will not renew our Peerless Ins. Coverage, which covered only risers and the trailer with a $100 deductible, in favor of BHS insurance which covers all Chapter property at a higher deductible ($1000). Motion (Carl/ Bill). Passed. e) Dave M. will send the enrollment form to BHS for the member accident insurance at $2.06 / member, which was approved at a recent meeting. f) Dave M. will investigate options for a cheaper alternative to our phone which costs us about $720/ year. g) Status of uniforms discussed. h) Motion to approve report: Al/ Bill. Passed. 3. Treasurer’s Report- A) Larry reported that we realized about a n $11,000 profit at the Clam Festival. B) We have about $12,000 in



6. 7.


our bank account and $6,000 in our rainy day fund. C) a proposed budget was presented, with CF funds added to several line items: $1,000 to coaching, $1,000 to uniforms, $2,000 to convention registrations, $3,000 to schools, and $4,500 to charities. Motion to adopt this budget: Al/ Carl. Passed. D) Donations: Motion (Carl/ Cy) to donate $50 to Harmony Foundation in memory of Dave Klocko. Passed. Motion (Carl/ Dwight) to give $600 to Harmony Extreme for scholarships. Passed. Additional donation for Boy Singers of Maine ( we gave them $100 in March). Tabled. E.) Motion to approve report (Al/ Bill) Passed. Music Team Manager’s Report- a) Bill will have next year’s competition songs available in Sept. Auditions will start soon thereafter. B) Bruce Sturgis and Jim Curtis have passed their auditions for this Fall’s competition. c) Steve Tramack will have another coaching session with us on Sat., August 29. d) We will perform at Woods at Canco on Sept. 14. Motion (Bill/ Al): Passed. e) Motion (Bill/ Al): To appoint Dave Cole as the 2010 Show Chairman: Passed. f) Motion to approve report (Dwight/Al): Passed. Chapter Development Team Manager’s Report- a) Cy has finished a draft of the Portland Chapter Handbook. Nice work. b) A guest night is being considered for the L-A area shortly after the Battle of the Blends in November. c) Motion to approve report: (Al/ Bill). Passed. Marketing and PR Team Manager’s Report- None. Unfinished Business- a) Steve Cole says Video Documentary footage will be available soon. b) American Harmony movie now posted on Netflix – availability unknown. Subscribers encouraged to rate it 5 stars and place it on “Save”. New Business-a)We previewed ACOUSTIX show(2010) proposal; estimated cost is about $4000. Bill will contact “Storm Front” re availability and cost. We plan to have a special BOD meeting after rehearsal on August 24 to make a decision. b) Discussion held about hosting the 2010 Fall competition. This matter tabled. c) Ted on travel 9/12- 9/27.

9. Adjournment- Motion (Carl/ Bill). Passed. 10:07 PM. 10. Next Board Meeting – September 10, 2009 @ 7:00 PM @ HMS Respectively Submitted, David Marstaller, Secretary

Special Board Meeting, August 24, 2009 Minutes 1. Call to Order- President Ted Tracy called the meeting to order at 10:07 PM. Also present were Carl Cappello, Cy Kendrick, Dave Marstaller, Richard Roberge, Al Sargent, Bill Peterlein, Dwight Pensiero and nonBoard members Jack Baggs, Walt Dowling. Excused absence: Larry Bean, David Brown. 2. Unfinished Business- Quartet for 2010 Show. Stormfront is not available for May 22, 2010. ACOUSTIX is available to perform two 45 minute show sets and one 30 minute afterglow appearance in one day. Motion (Bill/ Dwight): “That ACOUSTIX be contracted to perform at our May 22, 2010 Show, venue TBD, under the terms of their proposed agreement, with a $1750 deposit paid by September 1, 2009”. Passed. 3. Adjournment- Motion: ( Al/ Dwight). Passed. 10:23 PM. Respectively Submitted, David Marstaller, Secretary


A Truly American Art form Barbershop harmony is music. It's music in a very pure form created with nothing but human voices coming together to create a rich and satisfying texture that is pleasing to the ears and invigorating to the soul. Whether you're an experienced musician or a brand new musician, barbershop levels the playing field and allows you to find your voice and be a part of creating something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Barbershop harmony is fraternity. Men from all over the world and from all walks of life and all ages can come together and share in this truly American art form and find common ground through self expression in song. The friendships forged through barbershop harmony bridge gaps that no other hobby is capable of doing, and for many devotees, barbershop is far more than a hobby. It's a passion. Barbershop harmony is a way of life. Perfecting this musical art form takes commitment. When done well, our music reaches audiences on a personal level. You will experience personal growth, build self-confidence and create lasting memories as you work with others to perform for a variety of audiences, from large concerts to intimate Singing Valentines. And the lessons learned in barbershop last a lifetime.

How can a PC help us learn our music more easily and effectively? There is free software called “Audacity” that can be downloaded from the web that will empower our Apple or PC do just that. I have tried it and am really happy with this fabulous new tool. There are a couple of things to mention at least for me. First, when I'm practicing, I always think I sound better than I *actually* sound. This applies to being on top of the notes, to keeping phrases strong to the end, all the things we work on as singers. Hearing myself when I play it back using Audacity, I can focus on listening to my sound (as opposed to producing it) and pick the places that need the most work. Surprise - I always find some! Second, singing in tempo with the learning CD adds a pressure similar to singing in a contest you have to be ready for that next phrase or syncopation, and you don't get a second chance. Mostly I know exactly where I have screwed up, and when I play it back, sure enough there it is. It's like a final exam, but you get to take it as many times as you want, until you get 100. The only better “final exam” for me at least is to sing with three other guys, but I can take the Audacity test any evening I have a few minutes free and fix a few errors at a time, until it's as flawless as I can get it. It also eliminates the problem of not having a balance control on your CD player (unless you are in your car). With Audacity on your computer, you can hear your part 100% or zero percent such as when you want to practice your part against the other three and record it for playback. In addition to a PC or laptop with a sound card, you will need a headset with an attached microphone. Any PC telephony or gaming headset from Best Buy etc. will probably work fine. I have an eleven page Acrobat document prepared by computer wizard, Ted Blank of the Seacoast Vocal Union, where he explains in an understandable way how to download and use Audacity. I would be happy to email this to you. Just ask with a quick request to

2009 Sept-Oct Soundings  
2009 Sept-Oct Soundings  

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