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Downeasters Chorus Rehearsal Agenda United Methodist Church 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Monday, December 5, 2016 7:00pm – 9:30pm Chorus Performance A few reminders for those who were at this past week's rehearsal and for those that missed but plan to sing at our Christmas concerts in December. Silent Night - we performed this piece without any musical breaths between lines which was different than we have done in the past for the sung verses. What is does is makes all the verses like the second verse where the chorus sustains a constant "oooo" (with individual breaths as needed) but does not break the sound at any point. This required some fast thinking for the members to figure out where in the piece they can leave a word or part of a word out to take individual breaths but NOT to take any at the most obvious places. It made the piece much more musical and interesting to listen to and perform. Thanks for being willing to apply all the skills we've been working on this year to these performances. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Accurate upward and downward scale interval steps are critical for the success of this song. The scale exercises at the beginning of rehearsal are important for honing this skill. We also reviewed the section of the song "Here we are as in olden days..." that we worked on the week before to make sure the basses remembered how their chromatic (half steps down the scale)harmony part sounds with the lead line in that section. It is very tight harmony and only works when all the voice parts are using their ear skills to work together. If you weren't there two weeks ago or this week be sure to review that part of the piece so we can nail it during our upcoming show NEXT MONDAY. Do You Hear What I Hear - It is wonderful to have Bill Bedford stepping up to present his beautiful voice for the solo on this song. He and George will be trading off throughout the month as we perform this and he will be singing it this coming Monday at the Tuttle Road Church. This past week the basses were really struggling to maintain rhythm and keep in time with each other on their "bum-ba-bum-bum-bum-bum" which was odd as the past weeks it had been pretty solid. I saw many people trying to tap the beat out with their hands or watching me or someone else to find where the beat is. The key is to have an INTERNAL sense of the beat and move your whole body in a way that reinforces the rhythm rather than an EXTERNAL signal. I will be out front but everyone needs to be focused on their job of singing the song and not be distracted by the soloist and go on "auto pilot". Speaking of being out front...the level of engagement and facial/body involvement was absolutely amazing as soon I walked off and got out of your way. Seriously! That performance was exactly what I, your music team and all of our coaches have been asking for. Who knew all I had to do was sit down and get out of your way (yes, I know there are some of you that did know that). But again, thank you. Perform that way on Monday night and the audience will go home with the best Christmas gift ever!

Alignment, a full "singers breath" every time, emotion-motion-sound and making a personal connection to the music are the "paint by number" skills we need as individuals so that as a choral ensemble we go beyond the "paint by number" to make true musical art. What we do is special and I appreciate the opportunity to sing and perform with you all. See you Monday! ~Jay *********************************************************************

Music Notes‌ Dec. 5 (Mon)

** Downeasters Performance **

What: Tuttle Rd Methodist Church Holiday Concert Where: 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Time: Ready to Sing: 6:00pm 7:00pm

Tuttle Road Church Details: Uniform - first half - full tux outfit with black vest and long black tie Uniform - second half - full tux outfit with red vest and red bow tie Changed and ready to sing at 6:00 p.m. at the church to finalize chorus placement Chorus - first half - show repertoire Wonderful Day Medley Longest Time You'll Never Walk Alone Love Me I Will Go Sailing No More Blue Skies Quartet - (3 Songs) BBF Quartet - (3 songs) Odds and Ends (if available) Intermission Quartet - (3 songs) BBF - Christmas theme(if odds and Ends not available) Quartet - (3 songs) PCS - Christmas Theme (with Chris if available) Chorus - second half - Christmas repertoire Jingle Bell Rock Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Go Tell It On the Mountain Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Do You Hear What I Hear

Angels We Have Heard on High Oh Holy Night Silent Night We Wish You A Merry Christmas Afterglow at Pat's Pizza! Visit the Members Only Section at for the Music Library and other Downeasters Resources. *********************************************************************

Downeasters Chorus Pillars of Success

Established 2013 As members of the Downeasters Chorus, the following Pillars of Success are our guiding principles.

8. HAVE FUN 1. Stand Like a Champion! 2. Bring the Whole Singer 3. The Pitchpipe is Sacred 4. Sing Tall and Forward 5. Be Artistic with Your Voice, Face and Body 6. Bring the Audience on Your Journey 7. Expect to Grow!

Rehearsal or Event Cancellation Notices 1. Watch your email and check it before leaving the house or work 2. WCSH6 will show Downeaster Chorus info on the ticker during their evening news 3. If either of those are not handy at the time you need to know, phone a friend to check.

Downeasters Mailing Lists This is a reminder that we have a number of mailing lists/discussion groups on our web site for various functional groups. They are not just for leadership sending messages to the chorus. We'd like to encourage discussion of any sort. You can see the list here, as well as view old messages and send new ones:

Active Repertoire A Cop On The Beat Anytime At All Blue Skies God Bless America I Will Go Sailing No More I'm Gonna Live Till I Die If I Loved You Keep The Whole World Singing Longest Time Love Me

O Canada Star Spangled Banner Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me / Undecided Medley Wonderful Day Medley You Don't Know Me You'll Never Walk Alone New to Learn: Tin Roof Blues Click here to go to the music Christmas Song List > Angels We Have Heard On High > Do You Hear What I Hear > Go Tell It On The Mountain > Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas > Jingle Bell Rock> > O Holy Night > O Little Town Of Bethlehem > Silent Night > We Wish You A Merry Christmas Downeasters Practice Videos: Chris’s channel:

** Polecat II SongBooks for $10! ** *********************************************************************

Charitable Giving in 2016 We should be proud of the things we do as a chapter. Not only do we share music in our community, but we give both time and money to support many organizations outside of barbershop. When I was in Nashville at this time last year, a chapter leader from a mid-west chorus said to me "don't just align with one charitable organization, align with many!" We are doing that. Here's a summary of our gifts to local organizations, people, and groups: $6,312 to Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce, supporting many youth and educational programs in town $200 to the Meddie Bempsters music group $200 to Greeley High School Music Boosters $600 to Yarmouth Music Boosters $500 to Port City Sound quartet $600 to Vocal Revolution chorus $442 to youth members attending Harmony Explosion Camp $100 to Kennebec Valley Chordsmen $300 to Oceanwood Adult Programs in OOB $702 to Blue Point Church Scarborough Austin Organ $837 to Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice $10,803. Keep the whole world singing! ! -- Mike

Future Events: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Send event/performance info to

~ 2016 ~

Dec. 5 (Mon)

** Downeasters Performance **

What: Tuttle Rd Methodist Church Holiday Concert Where: 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Time: 7:00pm Holiday concert. Ticket information and details coming soon. Mark your calendars!

Dec. 12 (Mon)

** Downeasters Performance **

What: First Parish Portland Concert Where: First Parish Portland Unitarian Universalist 425 Congress Street, Portland , ME Time: 7:00pm

Dec. 19 (Mon)

** Downeasters Performance **

What: Maine Mall Holiday Performance Where: Maine Mall Rd, South Portland, Maine Time: 7:00pm ~ 2017 ~ Jan. 7 (Sat) What: Barbershop Harmony Leadership Academy Where: Worcester State University 486 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602 Times: 7:30am-6:30pm Course Descriptions: Northeastern District Leadership Academy 2017 Course Descriptions For More Info Link: Jan. 17-22 (Tue – Sun) What: BHS 2017 Midwinter Convention - San Antonio Where: San Antonio, TX Link: San Antonio General Admission Tickets: Apr. 21, 22 (Fri-Sat) What: 2017 NED Spring Regional Contest/Convention (Granite & Pine/Patriot Divisions) Where: TBA Times: Fri, 6:00pm - Sat 4:00pm For More Info Link:

Jul. 2-9 (Sun – Sun) What: BHS International Las vegas Where: Las Vegas, Nevada Link: Headquarters Hotel is Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas Aug. 4, 5, 6 (Fri-Sun) What: Harmony College Northeast

Where: TBA Times: TBA For More Info Link:

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Maine Quartets are you out there? Are you performing? Why don’t you let us know what you are up to? Would you like Barbershoppers to know where and when you are performing and perhaps increase your audience? FREE ADVERTISING! Send your gig info to: Apr. 21, 22 (Fri-Sat) What: 2017 NED Spring Regional Contest/Convention (Granite & Pine/Patriot Divisions) Where: TBA Times: Fri, 6:00pm - Sat 4:00pm For More Info Link:

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2017 International Chorus Contest Las Vegas Friday July 7, 2017 Order of Appearance Mic Tester: The Marcsmen 1. Northwest Sound 2. Men of Independence 3. Southern Gateway Chorus 4. Voices of Gotham 5. Cottontown Chorus 6. Sound of Illinois 7. Kentucky Vocal Union 8. Carolina Vocal Express 9. zero8 10. Sound of the Rockies

11. Parkside Harmony 12. Heralds of Harmony 13. Voices Incorporated 14. Atlanta Vocal Project 15. Sound Connection 16. Pacific Coast Harmony Intermission 17. Central Standard 18. Upstate Harmonizers 19. Voices of California 20. Circle City Sound 21. Fog City Singers 22. Great Northern Union 23. The Alliance 24. Vocal Majority 25. Vocal Revolution 26. Great Lakes Chorus 27. Midwest Vocal Express 28. Toronto Northern Lights 29. Masters of Harmony 30. SmorgasChorus 31. Saltaires


Lemon Squeezy - If I Loved You We saw a lot of new Broadway hits cross the stage this year, but the classics are always a treat. Lemon Squeezy brought a heartfelt ballad from the musical Carousel to the Nashville crowd. We've listed all of the playlists on our YouTube page for easy reference... or you can click the link below! YouTube Link: Lemon Squeezy - If I Loved You (Carousel) Have you signed up for LiveWire yet? Link: LiveWire to Sign up and View Back Issues Downeasters Leadership for 2016 President Mike Soper <> Primary: (207) 400-9184 Secondary: (207) 730-5624

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12/2/2016 Soundings Weekly  

The weekly newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Society Chorus in Yarmouth/Portland, Maine USA

12/2/2016 Soundings Weekly  

The weekly newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Society Chorus in Yarmouth/Portland, Maine USA