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And away we go… Downeasters Chorus Rehearsal Agenda for October 24, 2011 7:00-7:10

Welcome Let’s sing!


Music Chorus members’ choice (Current repertoire-To include patriotic and Christmas)






Music Little Drummer Boy Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Silent Night We Wish You A Merry Christmas

8:30 -

Keep The Whole World Singing Reconvene at Pat’s Pizza. th

NOTE: Christmas music for Monday, October 24 , includes: Little Drummer Boy Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Silent Night We Wish You A Merry Christmas Presentation of New Music Schedule Just In Time Love Me From This Moment On Hey, Good Lookin

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********************************************************* PLANNING FOR NED CONVENTION Springfield, Massachusetts October 21-23, 2011 Our District Convention is Saturday. My hope is that you find great enjoyment in the experience of seeing old friends, meeting new ones and sharing with others the common ground on which we find ourselves; that is, our love of barbershop music. In planning for this Convention, here is some information you need.

CHORUS OUTFIT: Tux, with black vest, plain, colored shirt (the Philly shirt) with long, black tie, black (polishednot patent leather) shoes and socks. CHORUS SCHEDULE: The chorus contest starts at 10:00 A. M. Saturday, October 22, 2011, at the Edward Bellamy Middle School, 314 Pendleton Avenue, Chicopee, Massachusetts.(See NED District Convention for complete information.) According to the latest NED information, we are singing #6. Assuming approximately 10 minutes for each chorus, we will be singing about 11:00 or slightly later, accounting for the mic testers. We ask that chorus members be in our assigned space, dressed and ready to sing at 9:30 A. M. Joe Barbershop Chorus Hi Guys, COME ONE- COME ALL- District Convention "Joe Barbershop Chorus" DIRECTOR - Kirk Young SONGS - Little Liza Medley Shine on Me. Warm UP - 9:00 AM Saturday Morning - Oct 22nd— Warm up room is behind the stage. Dress- Casual Everyone welcome - competing or not. All you need is a registration Let's thank Kirk for volunteering for this & put as many men on stage as possible. Let's have some fun!!!! In Song, Joe Joseph Millett Barbershop Harmony Society Northeastern District - VP Events

Notes of Interest …………………… Best Wishes and good luck to the Downeasters. ~Nancy Mansfield Fall Interchapter Meeting in Augusta Nov. 14, 7:00pm Good morning gentlemen: The Brunswick Nor'easters agreed to host this year's fall Interchapter at UMA. I finalized the date with UMA this morning of Monday, November 14th at 7 pm.!!! Please pass the word to your choruses - I would love to see all that can attend. We always have such a great time! There will be a charge per man of $3 to help cover the $125 to rent Jewett Hall and help defray costs for some breaktime goodies. I'll be checking with you as we get closer and if I need to send this to someone else in your chorus instead of you, please let me know who that person needs to be. I no longer have a correct email address for the Gardiner guys, I keep getting it back, but will try to track them down to invite them. So, we're on! I will be putting together an Agenda for the evening with lots of joint singing and each chorus may also do a performance if they wish. If you have any Agenda items or requests, let me know! I would also like to ask Back Bay Four and Port City Sound and possibly Good Time Sound to honor us with a number or two. Hope to see some of you at the Camden Windjammer show this Saturday, along with the Nor’easters and Good Time Sound! 7 pm Rockport Opera House. We're psyched and ready to put on a great show! Kathy Chamberlain-Robitaille

Director Camden and Brunswick Choruses From our Coaches: Hi Walt: Always a pleasure to spend time with the Downeasters! The guys are very committed to their craft and to being the best they can be, and the package is starting to peak at the right time. The chorus is always so responsive and willing to try new things, which is all you can hope for as a coach. Have a great time in Springfield, strive for the guys to put everything they have into the performance and know they came off stage leaving nothing behind. Then take all of the other experiences and feedback from the weekend, and use it to grow from there. It’s going to be a good contest, and I think you guys have positioned yourselves, if you bring what you’re capable of bringing, to do quite well. I look forward to working with the chorus again in the future – all the best to your success with the quartet as well! I’m sure Port City Sound is going to do some wonderful things in the contest!! Steve Congratulations, Downeasters gentlemen, on some goosebump producing moments last Monday night! Thank you for inviting me back to work alongside Steve in order to help bring out the best in all of you - it is truly my pleasure! The audience at District is in for a treat. Your two contest songs are strong, exciting, and emotionally inviting. There is no doubt that after your performance the audience will be saying, “They’re back!” Your work ethic and dedication to personal improvement has been evident throughout my visits, and now it’s time to climb into the music, and sing it with the gusto and tenderness that both songs deserve. Trust in yourself, trust in your fellow chorus-mates, and do what you do so well. If you still have areas in the music that you are not feeling 100% confident with, ask someone for help, and then drill those areas so you no longer have to think about them. If you still are uncomfortable with some of the moves, ask someone to watch you, and then do the moves over and over again so that they become mindless and a part of the music. Imagine how good it will feel to step onto the stage on Saturday, and know deep down inside that you know each song inside and out. You have the power and the responsibility to create a magical moment for every person sitting in the audience, and that includes the hardworking judges. They are audience members too, and want to be taken away by the music. Thank you again for asking me to be a part of your journey. Working with you is a highlight, and I can’t wait to hear the buzz from the convention goers about the fabulous Portland Downeasters’ performance on the contest stage!! Best of luck on the performance of a lifetime! Love, Debbie 2011 Fall District Convention on October 21 & 22, 2011 Quartet Order of Appearance: 1. Vocal Impact G&P 2. Melodies and Memories G&P 3. Port City Sound G&P 4. Loco Fedora YAN 5. Sound Accord MTN 6. Inside Track G&P 7. For the Fun Of It YAN 8. Party of Four PAT 9. Primrose Lane MTN 10. Breakaway G&P 11. Mac Daddy G&P 12. Downtown Crossing PAT 13. Average Joes G&P 14. On Air G&P

15. Bullseye MTN Chorus Order of Appearance: MT. Springfield, MA YAN 1. Burlington, VT MTN 2. Central CT YAN 3. Worcester, MA PAT 4. Schenectady, NY MTN 5. Hanover, NH G&P 6. Portland, ME G&P 7. Nashua, NH G&P 8. Danbury, CT YAN 9. New Bedford, MA PAT 10. Concord, MA PAT 11. Saratoga Springs, NY MTN 12. Manchester, CT YAN 13. Pittsfield, MA MTN 14. Lowell, MA PAT Contest Venue: Edward Bellamy Middle School, 314 Pendleton Avenue, Chicopee, Ma. Info on the contest and hotels: Battle of the Blends Performance Saturday Nov. 5 Hello Folks; Your leadership has capitalized on a marvelous opportunity to participate again this year in the Battle of the Blends. This opportunity came about yesterday when Ted Tracy received a call from Judy (concert organizer) asking if the Downeasters could fill in for a group that cancelled. The performance is on November 5 (two weeks from Saturday) in Lewiston at the Franco-American Center. In past years the Competition Chorus has done this performance. Your leadership team has decided that we will continue this tradition of Competition Chorus (CC) only participation in this event. Normally we would not exclude any chorus member from one of our performances - please understand that we are in this case only because we are featuring the competition chorus songs (Once Upon a Time and I never Knew) in our performance. It is open to all those who qualified for the CC. Having said that, anyone is welcome to join us at the performance as an audience member - it is worth the trip - get there early because it sells out fast. Below you will find the itinerary for the evening - pretty much the same as last year - Sound check at 4:40, Buffer dinner at 5 PM - show starts at 7:30. Jack asks that we be there between 4 and 4:15 PM. The Franco American Center is at 46 Cedar Street in Lewiston. Those of you who have sung at past Battle of the Blends may agree with me that it is one of the best venues we regularly perform in - it is a pleasure to see the other groups- there is a fine dinner - just a lot of fun and singing all around. Please put this on your schedule - if you have not sung at or attended a Battle of the Blends concert, you will be in for an excellent surprise. I am extremely excited about this opportunity! Please make every effort to be there!! Bill

Future Events: Oct. 21-23 (Fri – Sun) What: Northeastern District Convention Where: Springfield, MA Oct 29, 2011 (Sat) What: Nor’easters Annual Show, Halloween Costume Contest Type: Public Performance - desserts and coffee for folks who attend. Where: K of C Hall in Brunswick Time: 7 pm - **ticket prices have been lowered to $15! ** Nov. 5 (Sat)

What: Battle of the Blends Where: Franco American Center, 46 Cedar Street in Lewiston, Maine Time: 4:00pm - Show Starts 7:30pm Nov. 9-13 (Wed – Sun) What: Harmony Incorporated International Convention Where: Hershey, PA Nov. 14 (Mon) What: Interchapter Meeting in Augusta Where: UMA, $3 a head to pay for the rental of the Jewett Hall Time: 7:00pm Dec. 5 (Mon) What: Saco Food Pantry Benefit Concert Where: First Parish Church, 12 Beach Street, Saco, ME Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm Dec. 10 (Sat) What: Community Little Theater – Holiday Concert Where: 30 Academy St, Auburn, Maine Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm Dec. 19 (Mon) What: Christmas Performance - Woods at Canco Where: 257 Canco Road, Portland, ME Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm Downeasters Leadership for 2011 Director


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