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The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

Hello Dowdie Family!

The summer months came and went and for this Dowdie, they were a most delightful three months. Those who know me know that I am constantly busy either working or planning an event, be it with family or friends, big or small, something is always on my agenda. The fact is, I have always enjoyed spending time with my family and have grown to appreciate it even more, because of what I have learned along this journey. Having a family as large as ours might seem a little overwhelming (to some) due to the enormous size, however, I enjoy meeting “new” family and updating the family tree. Yes, it is a lot of work, but my passion for this project has grown and I enjoy the rewards of learning about my ancestors and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired. Learning about my family has become something that I have embraced. It is a blessing to know that the majority of our large family shares the same sentiments and enjoy spending time together. I have met cousins who are excited about the connection and express their interest in genealogy, but either don’t know where and/or how to begin or they get to a certain point and don’t know how to proceed. I encourage those who are interested in learning about their family to begin by speaking with the elders.  


Our Family Tree I am excited to say that as I suspected, the family tree has grown. The trip to Jamaica proved to be quite fruitful as I was able to connect with “new” Dowdies and get viable information for the family tree. At the Dowdie Family Reunion, in Mountainside, St. Elizabeth, the 50-foot family tree was displayed across two chalkboards and a wall for the family’s viewing pleasure. Synda “Juley” Phillips (granddaughter of Sanford Dowdie) was able to assist me with updating/filling-in some missing blanks and provide me with family contact information. In doing so, the tree has increased to an Descendants of Peter astounding 968 descendants for Peter Dowdie and the number will continue to rise.DOWDIE One by one, I’m connecting with new family who are as excited Created on Friday 28-Sep-12 at 17:20 by Antonia Allen about the connections and uniting the family as I am. ♂ Peter DOWDIE

♂ Gifford DOWDIE

♀ Mary Ursula DOWDIE

♀ Maude DOWDIE

♂ Terah DOWDIE

♂ Peter Vecas DOWDIE d. 1957

♂ Sanford DOWDIE

♂ William Arthur "Cameron" DOWDIE b. 31 Oct 1864

♂ David "Bignal" DOWDIE b. 1875 d. 1956, aged 81

♀ Mary Adela "Dolly" DOWDIE

b. 1888 d. 1978, aged 90

on in a Mac™ using diagram: iFamily for Leopard™ Following is the breakdown of the offspring for those Created reflected the above

Gifford Dowdie Mary Ursula Dowdie Maude Dowdie Terah Dowdie Peter Vecas Dowdie

2 39 35 n/a 36

Sanford Dowdie 115 William Arthur "Cameron" Dowdie 59 David "Bignal" Dowdie 655 Mary Adela "Dowdie" Dowdie 15

2013 Family Reunion It’s that time again to bond with each other and just have fun. I am very excited, as we get ready for our 2013 reunion. Although we had a BLAST this time, I hope to see more of us come out and make this affair bigger and better than the last. Some of the details of the reunion are listed below; additional information will be forthcoming.

Reunion Details


• • • •

Who: Dowdie family & friends What: A multi-generational Dowdie family affair When: July 24 – 28, 2013 Where: Dania Beach, Florida

How: This time our theme will be MARDI


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

Why: To continue to learn about our heritage and build the family connections. The Our Daily Bread message on September 26, 2012 was “Capture the Moment”. The writer speaks of his wife’s habits of shopping and selecting items, by looking at the “use by” date, in order to take home the freshest items. The writer goes on to say that our lives are marked with “use by” dates however, none of us is certain when we will take our last breath. The writer then states, “Capturing the moment means that we’ll do things like love more deeply, forgive more quickly, listen more carefully, and speak more affirmingly.” That being said, let's make every effort to make this possible by coming together and enjoying some family time.

The 2013 Dowdie Family Reunion Committee Please allow me to introducing our 2013 Dowdie Family Committee Members: • • • • • • •

Antonia Allen – Organizer/Accommodations/Genealogy Allison Cardoza – Hospitality/Registration Judy Dowdie – Catering/Food Services Joyce Fletcher – Decorating/Set-up Jessica Dowdie-Douglas – Decorating/Set-up Nicole Kennedy – Decorating/Set-up Sasha Pryce – Adult Activities

• • • • • • •

Tyson Crawford – Adult Activities Evans Roache – Young Adult Activities Joy Fearon – Young Adult Activities Shaneice Silvera – Young Adult Activities Dionne Reid-Hayles – Children’s Activities Christina Roache – Children’s Activities Delano “Dean” Dowdie, Jr. - Photography

We are still looking for volunteers to take on different planning tasks for the following committees: • • •

Hospitality/ Registration Decorating/Set-up Catering/Food Service

• • •

Adult’s Activities Young Adult’s Activities Children’s Activities

• • •

Photography Treasury Accommodations/Genealogy

We will appreciate volunteers prior-to and during the reunion to assist with the planning and execution of this event. We also encourage you to share your ideas with us, so that they can be considered and discussed during our monthly conference calls. For those interested in assisting or offering input, please send your request to Remember to indicate your area of interest.

Our Host Hotel Our host hotel for the 2013 Family Reunion is The HYATT house™ Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Hotel and it is located just south of the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, the Port Everglades Cruise Port and the Broward County Convention Center. The hotel is situated minutes from breathtaking beaches, pristine golf courses and a large variety of shops and restaurants on the nearby Las Olas Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. The SunLife Stadium (Dolphins/Marlins) and the Hard Rock Café and Casino are also just a short drive away. This Fort Lauderdale suites hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. Hyatt House Fort Lauderdale Airport 90 SW 18th Avenue Dania Beach, Florida 33004 (954) 922-0271 We have reserved a block of 30-rooms, per night, for our affair. You may make your reservation by calling HYATT’s toll free Reservation Line, 866-974-9288, or the Hotel directly at 954-922-0271, as soon as today. For you to receive the established Group rate, you must identify yourself as members of the Dowdie Family Reunion when making the reservation. The hotel MUST receive all individual reservations no later than June 24, 2013. Reservations made after June 24, 2013 will be subject to availability and the best available rate. You may also make your reservations by going to: Following are the room types and rates:

Room Type Studio King Studio Double

Single $99 $99

RATES Double $99 $99

Triple $109 $109

Quad $119 $119

The Hotel room rates are subject to applicable Taxes (currently 11.0%) in effect at the time of check-in


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4 Some of the features offered at this All-Suites property include the following: • Complimentary shuttle service to and from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport • Spacious apartment style suites • Complimentary full hot breakfast buffet

October, 2012 • Fully-equipped kitchen (refrigerator, ice maker, microwave, dishwasher, stove, small appliances) • Free high-speed wireless Internet Access • Free parking

Please note that you are not obligated to stay at our host hotel, the HYATT House Fort Lauderdale. You may choose a hotel of your choice or stay with family.

How Can You Help? At present, the best thing that you can do is, mark your calendar, plan your time off, and share the news with family members who may be interested! The Committee also asks that you help with our planning by confirming your attendance and completing & returning the Registration Form, as soon as possible. It is very important for catering and planning purposes to know how many people will be attending. You may confirm your attendance via email (, postal service or telephone, to any of the following Reunion Committee member: Allison (845) 282-9991 * Antonia “Ann” (917) 226-1069 * Christina (561) 762-1144 * Dean (646) 361-3853 * Dionne (678) 392-0727 * Evans (201) 916-1607 * Jessica (347) 731-8090 * Joy (347) 326-2343 * Joyce (347) 789-5427 * Judy (954) 815-4732 * Nicole (646) 281-1172 * Sasha (516) 610-6042 * Shaneice (917) 569-8991 * Tyson (347) 489-1400 We will not be able to negotiate the great daily rate ($99) we were offered by the HYATT house™ Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Hotel, with another hotel, so please be sure to reserve your room as soon as possible! Do remember that they only require a credit card to secure your room. Your credit card will be charged at checkout, only.

Money Matters Money sometimes becomes an issue with these types of events. The good thing about this is, they only occur every other year and things like job loss, hardship and inflation play a big part in our lives. We must remember that WE ARE FAMILY and there is nothing greater than that. As I stated in a previous issue, it is time for us to end the trend of meeting at funerals and weddings. Death is certain, but life is not a guarantee. Please remember that there are costs associated with putting together such an event. Said costs include, but are not limited to: event meals, banners, tshirts (logo, design, printing, etc.), transportation costs and decorations. With all of that in mind, we recommend that you $TART $AVING now! We are trying to be as creative as possible and looking for ways to contain costs while making it a fun and exciting family affair. Our Estimated Registration Fee is: $225 - Adults (13 & above), $175 - Child (6 – 12), $30 Child (1 – 5). Please note that these amounts are estimates and we hope to have a great turnout as the more people that attend, the less the final cost per person. The accepted payment methods are: • Money order • Cashier check • Personal check to “Antonia Allen, Dowdie Family Reunion”. • Bank deposit (an account will be established and the details will be shared in the coming months). You may choose to pay in full or make monthly payments. All fees must be received by April 31st, 2013. No personal checks will be accepted 20 days prior-to our event. You will receive confirmation once payment has been processed. Please remember that the more Dowdies that attend, the lesser the cost for everyone, so begin to spread the word. In the meantime, if you $TART $AVING and making your payments early, it will be a lot easier for you financially and reduce the stress for all of us in the long run. Please note that your reunion fee does not include the hotel cost. As with the first reunion, we will share details with you when they are available. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them. For those interested in joining the Reunion Committee, please send your request to


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

2012 Jamaica Travel Our family trip to Jamica is one that will be remembered for years to come, by many. Although I travel home frequently, I must say that this was one of my favorite visits. The main reasons for this remarkable trip home are the people who were present and the moments we shared. We created memories that will last a lifetime. Firstly, our core group consisted of 20 and the age range was 5-years-old (my niece, Alleena), to 84-years-old, (my uncle, Lincoln Dowdie, Sr.). During our fun-filled week, we ate, drank, laughed and loved. As with all family events, new freindships were formed and old ones, renewed. Our daily excursions were enjoyable and allowed new visitors to see Jamaica's rich heritage and the island’s natural beauty as we traveled on the north coast from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, the south coast to Negril and through the hills of St. James to St. Elizabeth. They were able to experience some of the worst roads they have ever been driven on and not to mention the narrow, winding roads that sometimes can give a fright as you notice the steepness of the precipice. It is always great to visit with family, however, sometimes due to time constraints, it is not feasible to visit all the family members you would like to. Reunions make it possible for us to set a date and time where we will congregate, wheter it be for a few hours or a few days. Our Jamaica Dowdie Family Reunio, was a success. We met some Facebook friends and saw a lot of new Dowdie faces. There were some who were unable to attend, but they were in our thoughts and conversations.

Saturday, July 21st: Introductions The highligt of this day for me was the introduction of Carmen Dowdie and Shaneice Silvera. The last time Carmen laid eyes on her daughter was 14 years before, when Shaneice was two-years and two days old. Eight of us began our journey to St. Elizabeth from Montego Bay in the mid-afternoon, with our St. Elizabeth destinations being Black River, Parotee, Mountainside and finally, Burnt Savannah. As we left Montego Bay, we experienced heavy rains in the first half of the journey through St. James and St. Elizabeth, however, it eventually stopped and the sun came out. During the journey, my emotions were on high as this was the day, Shaneice Silvera would meet her birth mother. My thoughts took me back to 2010 when I first became acquainted with young Shaneice via Facebook. In an attempt to find her Dowdie family, Shaneice turned to Facebook and exhausted all options, to the point where the social media network suspended her messaging privileges, for overusage. The determined young lady was accused of writing too many people that were not her Facebook friends, which led to a three day lockout from the network. Of course being the persistent Dowdie that she is, Shaneice decided to attack the Facebook walls of those who carried the Dowdie name. they were in touch. I learned her mother’s name was Carmen Dowdie, who at the time, she was communicating with via letters. Her question to me was whehter or not I knew her mother or anything about her family. I considered her questions for a while and tried to see if I could recall coming across that name during my search. The next day it dawned on me to search the Family Tree and was successul. With excitement, I placed a call to Jamaica to Lunce Dowdie, the daughter of Comfitan Dowdie to ask if her sister Carmen had any children. Two days after becoming acquainted with Shaneice (on July 30, 2010), I was able to confirm with Shaneice that I knew her grandfather and aunt. While we were on the phone, she explained that she sent numerous friend requests and messages and most were unaswered. I then understood that she was eager to find/learn about her family and was at a point of desperation, hence the reason for the manner in which she was forced to communicate.


Some family members advised her to contact me and on July 28, 2010, Shaneice and I connected. She divulged that she was adopted and her last name was legally changed from Dowdie to Silvera, however, she changed it temporarily, in order for her to have some success with her search. In order for me to assist with her quest, I sent Shaneice key questions via messaging and was taken aback when she posted her response on my wall for everyone to see. This happened a few more times and I was concerned with the lack of discretion that was being used and wondered if Shaneice was not familiar with information sharing in such an open forum. I was apprehensive with communicating further via this medium and in a message to her, I gave Shaneice my telephone number for her call me, as I felt very uncomfortable having such a personal conversation in an open environment. One of the first questions I asked Shaneice was her mother’s name and whether or not On August 15th, 2010, I was able to visit Shaneice and her adoptive mother, Jasmin Silvera and learned more about Shaneice’s background. The very next week, I was able to meet Carmen Dowdie in Black River, St. Elizabeth at a Dowdie celebration, held at Shaneice’s granduncle’s (Eulplyn Dowdie) home. I kept in touch with Shaneice and Miss Jasmin and on one of my visits mentioned the 2012 family travel to Jamaica and Shaneice expressed interest in accompanying me and the family. Fast forward two years and here she was, on our way to meet her mother and eventually, her brother and immediate family. Young Shaneice was quiet and was noticeably nervous. I could only imagine the thoughts that ran through her mind and the emotions that she felt at that moment. I broke her concentration and reassured her that all would be okay, which made her seem a little more settled and comfortable. Laughter filled the air in the bus as we admired the scenery and conversed about the red dirt and red cows that we passed along the way to St. Elizabeth.

“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

We arrived in Black River and parked at the agreed meeting place, in the early evening and my emotions went from excited to nervous. Carmen arrived shortly thereafter and I asked Shaneice to join me as I exited the bus. Shaneice seemed a little confused, so I confirmed that the time had arrived for her to meet her mother. It was a blessing to see mother and daughter embrace and the remaining seven of us were all smiles. Carmen was able to hold her daughter, whom she last held at the age of two years and two days old. As they embraced for the third time, tears stung the corners of my eyes and I felt blessed to be able to witness such an occassion. It was at that moment that I realized that

Shaneice’s life would never be the same. After all the hugs and photos, it was time to bid Carmen farewell. Our next stop was in Parotee with Comfitan Dowdie, Shaneice's grandfather, to collect the fish that was ordered for our big Dowdie event. In less than an hour, Shaneice was able to meet her mother and grandfather. She would meet her brother, aunts and cousins the following day at the Dowdie affair.

It was a long day, to say the least and by the time we arrived in Mountainside to meet cousin Glanville, it was dark. She met us at the school where we were able to look at the facilities and the room we would be able to have at our disposal the following day. We collected the keys so that we would be able to let ourselves in. From there, we headed to Burnt Savannah where eight of us planned to spend the night, at the residence of Orgille “Roy” Scarlett. A beautiful and quaint bed and breakfast ( in the making) right off the main, in Burnt Savannah. The last time we ate was in Montego Bay, so we ordered some food to quiet the worms in our stomach. We chatted a bit with Roy and then he gave us a tour of the manificent Bed and Breakfast that he designed.

Sunday, July 22nd: Family BBQ in Mountainside, St. Elizabeth The day for the Jamaica Dowdie Family Reunion arrived and I was almost as excited on this morning, as I was the first day of the 2011 Family Reunion. I was awake before the rooster crowed and was quite anxious to get the day started. By 6:00am, I had consumed two coconut jellies and Robin mango. Cousin Roy had ackee picked directly from the trees on his property and he picked and cleaned them in order for his wife (Paulette) to prepare. While breakfast was being prepared, mom and I accompanied Roy to the shop to purchase bread and a small hideaway to purchase carrots, onion and other seasonings from a market lady. We were able to stop to say good morning to Cousin Wentworth “Wenty” Smith (who lives not far from Roy’s residence), who was preparing to go to Sunday services. Breakfast consisted of Ackee & Saltfish, fried breadfruit and fried plantain at “Chateau Scarlett”.


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4 October, 2012 Shortly after breakfast, I was notified that the group traveling from New York arrived in Montego Bay and my excitement was turned up. Those of us in St. Elizabeth made our way to the school to start cleaning/decorating. Upon arrival, my crew and I got to work with arranging some of the desks outside and blowing balloons in order to decorate and make it a festive affair. The cooks came and it was then that I felt a sense of enthusiasm, after the fires were lit and the tantalizing aroma filled the air. As expected, families from various Dowdie branches were present and everyone had a great time. Name badges were prepared for the family for easy identification. We placed dominoes on the domino tables on loan from Barry Legister and Melford Legister and the children were given bubbles for their enjoyment. Our 50-feet family tree was on display in the classroom over a few blackboards, for the family’s perusal.

Family members viewed the family tree with amazement, when they realized how large the family is. Sydna “Juley” Phillips and I spent some time reviewing her grandfather’s (Sanford Dowdie) portion of the family tree and helped me to make necessary changes and updates to the ever-growing family tree. I would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to those who were able to attend and make it another successful Dowdie affair. Special thanks to those who were able to donate funds in order to help offset our costs and also to those who assisted in the kitchen, served the food and/or cleaned-up. 6

“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

Tuesday, July 24th: Day trip to Ocho Rios Ocho Rios is always on my agenda because I enjoy climbing the Dunn’s River Falls, for a great workout. Our group of 21 left the hotel around noon for our one-hour journey east from, Montego Bay to Ocho Rios. We lucked out and found a tour coordinator who was willing to assist us by getting the resident entrance rate, which is more than fifty percent cheaper than the non-resident rate. Once inside, those who intended to climb the falls purchased water shoes and then we were on our way for an adventure. As we made our way down the hill, some family members stopped to take a photo with the Dunn’s River Falls welcome donkey, dressed up with baskets of beautiful flowers and sporting a pair of sunglasses. After making our way down the hill and before climbing the falls, we stood where Dunn’s River Falls and the Caribbean Sea meet and allowed the rushing water to beat our bodies. We all enjoyed a wonderful massage and I was quite tickled when my uncle, John Dowdie, Sr., decided to join in the fun. About half of the group decided to climb the falls and those of us who have prior experience with climbing the falls, took our time to enjoy the falls and the sea, while the newcomers were eager to get started and wasted no time to climb the 600-feet falls. We are a little adventurous, so we decided to climb the rugged falls on our own and not join any of the human chains that we passed along the way up. On our way to the top, we often stopped to enjoy the pools of water along the way, or pose for photos taken by our traveling photographer. We made our way to the top of the falls and hiked it back down the hill to join the family. We enjoyed a little time in the sea and then it was time to make tracks back up the somewhat steep hill, to make our way back to the bus. Leaving the falls is always challenging as exit is strategically placed in a way such that you are forced to walk through the Craft Market, where shopkeepers come at you from every side, begging you to take a look at their wares and even will go so far as to place their items in your hands.

Thursday, July 26th: Day trip to Negril After breakfast, a group of 25 of us piled onto the bus for our 90-minute trip west from Montego Bay to Negril, to enjoy a day on the seven-mile beach. When we arrived, we chose Negril Tree House as our point of destination for our visit, because of the relaxed atmosphere. Carmen took the bus from St. Elizabeth, in order to spend some quality time with Shaneice and her timing was impeccable, because she walked into the parking lot, soon after we arrived. The elders found a comfortable location at a seaside restaurant, out of the sun, where they enjoyed the breeze and the company of each other, while the younger generation soaked up the sun on a beach chair or enjoyed the soothing seawater, including my five-year old niece, Alleena. Carmen and Shaneice were off in the sea a little away from the group and it was a sight to witness mother and daughter bonding and getting acquainted. My sister, Allison Cardoza, wanted Alleena to experience the Glass Bottom Boat and was able to get some willing participants to tagalong. We were brought out to the coral reef and to my surprise the captain of the boat invited us to go snorkeling. I'm still a swimmer in training, but I figured I would take a chance. I figured what the heck, you only live once and I couldn't allow my five-year old niece, to show me up. After about half hour of swimming with the fish, we boarded the boat and headed back to shore for lunch. I was famished after being out to sea for an hour and a half and dined on some very bony brown stew chicken. I commented to our server, who was kind enough make it up with some oxtail and I was quite pleased. Our Negril trip ended around 5:00, when we boarded the bus to head back to Montego Bay. We bid Carmen farewell and drove a short distance down the road to Kirlew Chemicals to pick-up freshly prepared bottled coconut water, from Cousin Elva (Dowdie) Kirlew’s husband, Aston. We arrived back at the hotel around 7:00 and were able to rest and unwind, before having dinner.


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

Saturday, July 28th: Family BBQ (Niagara, St. James) This day was remarkable, to say the least. A small group of us arrived in Niagara ahead of the larger group and I was able to walk around the school grounds and reminisce on the little I could remember about my younger days at Niagara All-Age School (now Niagara Primary). While I was combing the grounds, I noticed an otaheite apple (Jamaican apple) on the tree and Andrew (my other half) was kind enough to climb the tree as we watched and hoped he did not hurt himself. Judy and I sampled the delicious apples and saved a bite for some of the expected cousins.

When the big bus arrived, a group of us decided to take a walk up the hill to visit St. Phillips Anglican Church and the grave of (my grandparents) Rev. Stanley P. Dowdie and wife, Wilhelmina Dowdie. While we were at the church, history lessons were given to various people about the church, built by Stanley and some of the church members. Prior to the existence of the church, grandfather held services at the school and members of the church purchased the land and helped to build the church. In my younger days, I recall my mother (Dassy) telling me stories of when she was a youth 8

“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.� -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4 October, 2012 and with her siblings had to carry rock stones to the women of the church, in order for them (the women of the church) to break the stones for the construction of the church and road. I am sure it was amazing for her to be able to reflect back on those days. Also, some of my immediate cousins were able to see the house where some of our parents were born, which can be viewed from the church. Later on, a small group headed to the former home of my grandaunt Muriel (Dowdie) Roach. There is a family plot in the backyard and we visited Aunt Muriel’s grave along with her daughter’s, the late, Vivel, who died early this year, in February. Also buried in the plot are Aunt Muriel’s husband, children and grandchildren who preceded her, in death. I had the pleasure of showing my cousins the grave of our grand, great grand and great-great grandfather, David “Bignal” Dowdie. His grave is currently without a marker and my intent is to one day have a gravestone placed on it, so that those who come after will know where he lies. The retirement celebration for Dassy (Dowdie) Herbert was a memorable one. The occasion was appreciated by all, more so the residents from the district, who were able to attend. They expressed their gratitude for Dassy who always returns to the place she once called home to give thanks. There to celebrate with Dassy were her siblings: Lincoln Dowdie, Sr., Esther Fearon, John Dowdie, Sr., Ephraim Dowdie and Enoch Dowdie. They were all quite proud of their sister, who against all odds was able to give 30 plus years of employment in the U.S. and is now able to retire and enjoy the next phase of her life. We all sat in the classroom facing Dassy who was joined by brothers, Lincoln and John who sat on either side of her, at the head of the classroom. John said a prayer followed by a few encouraging words and congratulated his sister on a job well done. Cousin Phylene Wilson also said a few words and thanked her cousin for remembering the family and friends left behind and for never forgetting them. Daughter, Allison Cardoza, also had special words to share with everyone about our exceptional mother.

At Dowdie affairs, time always seems to be a factor because there never seems to be enough hours, minutes or seconds. I am truly blessed and highly favored to be able to share great times with my family and I am happy to say that it is in good times. My goal is to abolish the reality of seeing family only at weddings and funeral and hope that for this family, it will become a myth. It seems although I always plan to mix and mingle with the family, it never seems to work out quite that way, due to me being a busy bee, however, I am happy to see the family connections that are made.


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

July - September Dowdie Family News and Updates 2012 Dowdie Arrivals Isaiah Elias Sam uels

Born: July 5, 2012 Proud Parent: Petrina Coleman & Melvin Samuels Grandparent: Delores Bent David "Bignal" Dowdie Line

Emeka Akpaunam

Born: August 2, 2012 Proud Parent: Maria Rock Grandparent: Jennifer Davis David "Bignal" Dowdie Line

Raquel Alayne D owdie

Born: September 9, 2012 Proud Parents: Raul Dowdie & Britny Colebrook Grandparent: Delano “Dicky” Dowdie, Sr. David "Bignal" Dowdie Line

Other Dowdie News Uncle JC is Turning 94 The Dowdies have longevity in the family where we have had ancestors who lived to the blessed age of 105. Cyril Dowdie (son of Peter Vecas Dowdie) was born in 1897 and died in 2002. My granduncle, Jonathan “JC” Dowdie (son of David “Bignal” Dowdie), of Birmingham, England, will turn 94 years old on October 14th. I was recently informed that he looks great and is up and about on a daily basis.


Congrats Graduate                                                                                                                                                                      

This is a photo of Carol (Dowdie) Wilson on her graduation day September 7, 2012. She is now a registered nurse and works as a theatre (scrub) nurse at Mount Vernon Hospital in England.


“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

Help our family, Delano “Dean” Dowdie, Jr. on his quest to make a difference in the Race against Cancer! On November 4th, 2012, Dean is running in the 2012 ING New York City Marathon to honor the brave people he knows and love who are battling cancer and to support the work done at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, one of the world's premiere cancer research institutions with unequaled expertise in diagnosing and treating cancer. Dean had hoped to raise $3,500 for this charity, however, he is not even halfway there and time is running out. Dean is now asking for the assistance of the family and I hope that you will find it in your heart to assist this great cause. Please visit Dean’s site via the link below where you can read more about the charity and contribute whatever you can, as soon as possible. Every mickle mek a muckle, so please donate whatever you are able to…no amount is too small. If you do not have access to the Internet you may contact Dean at 1-646-361-3853 for other options.

House for Rent Sandra Smith is planning to rent her home in St Cloud, FL and decided to give first preference to the family. Are you or someone that you know interested in renting a 4bdr and 3bathrooms house, with a pool, for 12months? The address for the house is: 1816 Farris Court, Saint Cloud, FL 34771. Sandra is also looking for someone with a pick-up truck who wouldn't mind helping to transport a Washing machine, Drier, and Generator from Saint Cloud just outside Orlando to Pembroke Pines South Florida. We will pay for fuel.

If you are interested in either the rental property or can assist with moving, please contact Sandra at 1-954-865-8878.

Cherie Dowdie LIVE! Juice Bar Cherie Dowdie, the owner of LIVE! Juice Bar, a mobile juice bar that makes 100% juices and smoothies, was featured in the September 2012 issue of Prana Life E-magazine. Watch the interview on YouTube, and learn Cherie’s responses to the following questions: • • • • •

How do you make your juices? Why did you start Live! Juice Bar? What is your inspiration behind Live! Juice Bar? What are the health benefits? Where can people get your juices?


See what Cherie is up to and “Like” her on Facebook: 11

“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4

October, 2012

October – November Dowdie Birthdays October Elaine Francis


Kevin Caudle                                        01 Antwayne  Dowdie                    02 Michelle  Linney                              02 Chloé  Legister                                    10 Jevon  Smith                                              07

Jaiden Dowdie


Tiffany Cooper                                  13 Jonathan  "JC"  Dowdie        14   Jordan  Smith                                        15 Mackenzie  Dowdie                  15

Adrian Stephenson


Lincoln Dowdie,  Jr.                  16 Andre  Dowdie  (JA)                  18 Tracey  Dowdie                                18 Shantal  Dowdie                              19 Khadian  Parchment              20 Cherie  Dowdie                                  20   Jacqueline  Christie                  21   Jadaa  Dowdie                                      21 Hannah  Douglas                            25 Patricia  Scott                                        28 Antonia  Allen                                      29 Leon  Wedderburn                    29 Sonia  Dowdie                                      29



Wilson Bailey,  Jr.                                01 Delano  Dowdie,  Jr.                          02 Na'im  Mubarak                                      02 Jahnae  Grant                                                05 Joan  Watson                                                07 Carl  Dowdie                                                09   Rakim  Nebar                                              09   Ayesha  Seaton                                        10   Leopold  Sawyers,  Jr.                  10           Collin  Douglas                                        16   Nathaniel  Dowdie                          18   Jennessa  Jobson                                  20   Nicole  Gravesande                        20   Orgille  Delroy  Scarlett          20   Nyron  Dowdie                                        21   Coreen  Allen                                              25   Angel  Silvera                                            26   Paulette  Dowdie                                26   Marc  Chambers                                  28   Robert  Wallace                                    29  

Melissa Dowdie-­‐Legare                          02 Kevohn  Dowdie                                                        02 Sydna  Phillips                                                              02 Tanisha  Russell                                                        03 Amy  Legister                                                                  04 Pascoe  Sawyers                                                        04 Lunce  Dowdie                                                              04 Munirah  Sawyers                                                  04 Rhona  Roache-­‐Eillis                                        04 Keisha  McCallum                                                    05 Darren  Dowdie                                                          08   Sean  Sawyers                                                                12 Donald  Roache                                                            13 Shanika  Dowdie                                                      13 Lincoln  Dowdie,  Sr.                                          15 Mystique  Sawyers                                              14 Haley  Dowdie                                                              16 Jacqueline  Smith                                                  18 Stephanie  Smith                                                    18 Miriam  Nelson-­‐Lovelace                      20 Kendall  Dowdie                                                      23 Tolliver  Roache                                                      23 Curtis  Donaldson                                                24 Tresha  Parchment                                            24 Thamar  Dowdie                                                    26 Chloe  Bailey                                                                    27 Lacretia  Sawyers-­‐Thompson      27 Mikhaila  Dowdie                                                    27 Shailia  Smith                                                                  27 Shawn  Dowdie                                                          28 Tamara  Richards                                                  30  

Dowdie Wedding Anniversaries October Kevin and  Kim  Dowdie  –  October  07  

Please let  me  know  the  date  of  your  birthday  or  any  missing  family  member’s   and  I  will  add  it  to  the  list.  

November Evans &  Antoinette  Roache  -­‐  November  05,  2011  

Delano &  Julia  Dowdie  –  November  12  

December Adrian &  Rochelle  Dowdie  –  December  16,  2007   Carl  &  E thlyn  Dowdie  –  December  22,  1973     Damion  &  Ingrid  (Dowdie)  Hansen  -­‐  December  22,  2011   Rodarie  &  Gayon  (Chambers)  Lyn  -­‐  December  29,  2002  

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of The Dowdie News Gazette. I appreciate your continued feedback. I  can  only  report  what  I  am  informed  of  and  no   one  is  ever  intentionally  ignored.  My  aim  is  t  o  keep  the  entire  family  network  connected,  through  the  newsletters! Please continue to let me know your thoughts, suggestions or comments about the newsletters. Help me to help us stay connected, by updating me on your (and your family’s) achievements and also by sharing stories that you may have regarding your branch of the Dowdie Family. If you have any old photographs or newspaper clippings, please send them to or to the attention of: Antonia Allen, 234-18 137th Avenue, Rosedale, NY 11422.   12

“When I count my blessings, I count my family over and over again.” -Anonymous-

Published: 10/01/12

The Dowdie News Gazette Volume 2, Issue 4  

Dowdie Family Newsletter