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EDICIÓN N.O 1, 2015-2016


HONDURAS MILENARIA After long hours of research and writing, and several months of rehearsals, the opening of the grand musical “Honduras Milenaria” had finally come. On November 4th, 2006, students, parents, teachers, and the general public gathered anxiously at the National Theather to witness Dowal’s very own musical production. The show began with the conduction of Mr. Allan, whose eloquent introduction of the show gave way to Mrs. Cristina’s opening speech, which mainly focused on Dowal’s myriad of artistic talent among its students.

PROYECCIÓN SOCIAL EN DICIEMBRE La comunidad Dowal ha fomentado la solidaridad en sus estudiantes. En diciembre, la escuela logró recaudar zapatos, ropa, arroz y juguetes para varias instituciones, entre ellas: Fundación Abrigo, PREPACE, TELETÓN, los niños de la sala de Oncología y Quemados en el Materno Infantil y para el diario El Heraldo y su campaña “Regalando sonrisas.”

ÍNDICE Kermesse at Dowal 2 Senior Icon Day 2 Senior Breakfast 3 Family Month 3 Christmas 4 Honduras Milenaria 5 Mes cívico 6 Proyección social en diciembre 6 Clash Day Preescolar 7 EOC 2015-2016 7 Leo Club activities 9

KERMESSE AT DOWAL On the last day of school before Christmas break, students from each grade in High school displayed their creativity by decorating their classrooms the best way they could for the Kermesse organized by STUCO. Themes ranged from scary to romantic, and since Christmas was around the corner, most seniors dressed up for the occasion. After a short break, in which all students shared a meal at basketball court, the classrooms opened their doors for everyone. Throughout the morning, students tried to visit all classrooms, which were decorated with the following themes: Seventh grade: a Ninth grade: Jail. Wedding Chapel. Tenth grade: Haunted Eighth grade: house. Candyland. Eleventh grade: Disco. By: Samuel Centeno Photos: Facebook

SENIOR ICON DAY Behold our first activity as senior students: Icon Day! We dressed up as people we look up to or admire. There were students dressed as rock stars, athletes, video game characters, DJs, and, TV personalities. There were several cliques that, in my opinion, were killing it, such as the rock stars and the DJs. This was a great activity for us to express our feelings and beliefs. It was really easy to tell the difference in taste in all of us since the people we admire says a lot about us. Most of the seniors put a lot of dedication into their costumes and the hard work was evident. By looking at the pictures, we can tell that the effort paid off. We had a blast and it was such a great start for our senior activities. By: Andrea Chavarria Photos: Catherine Razzetti

SENIOR BREAKFAST On Thursday November 19, we had our breakfast in the beautiful gardens of Casa Blanca, located in the little town of Santa Lucía. This was our first big activity as seniors. The girls looked beautiful in their dresses (the worries of the previous week clearly paid off) and the boys looked so very handsome in their suits. We realized that boys do also worry about the way they look since they were also kind of frantic the day before the event. But all in all, it was a great success. The place was spectacular and we took countless pictures. Attending this important event were the school’s Principal, Ms. Mónica, Ms. Ana Tercero, and our homeroom teachers, Ms. Duarte and Mr. Vega. Having them around was nice because they know most of us since 7th grade, thus they have seen how we have grown up. Many of us felt nostalgic because we recalled how in 10th grade we thought Senior Breakfast day was so far away and yet, time had passed by so fast, but quickly we got our spirits back up. Reporters from several magazines, newspapers, and even a TV show were there to cover our big day. At the end, we didn't want to go back to school since the place was so beautiful and we had a great time together. By: Andrea Chavarria Fotos: Catherine Razetti/Jaylin Moreno

FAMILY MONTH Throughout our student lives, our family is one of the main sources of support we have, as they are the ones you can always trust and count on for anything. At Dowal, November is the month when students can meet and spend time with their families. It is a month full of joy and gladness, the perfect time to thank special and loving people who have been there for us throughout our lives. Teachers teach us about subjects that will help us have a bright future with possibly a well-paid job. But at home, family teaches us about good habits and discipline, values which will not only help us have the magnificent future we desire but also will help us have the perfect life we seek. There could be a list with a thousand reasons why family is important and why we should love them unconditionally. I want you to remember that indeed, you may have lots of friends or acquaintances who will definitely be by your side during your happy times or when you have any successful achievement. However, your parents or sisters or brothers are the only ones who will stay with you during hard and difficult times. I hope you had a great Family Month with your family at Dowal and never forget to love your family, because they will always love you back with a pure, kind, and unconditional love. By: Jorge E. Salgado Photos: Facebook

CHRISTMAS That time of the year has finally arrived, where everyone is happier and joyful. Can you guess? If you did not‌ It is Christmas time!. And as always, Dowal School does not fall behind in opening this brilliant season with many Christmas activities. The orchestra plays and the choir jumps on stage for our traditional Christmas concert. After months of preparation, the choir finally had the opportunity to perform, singing beautiful Christmas carols. The addition of the orchestra gave them the classic and golden touch. As always, the activity delighted the Dowal School families and filled the halls with outstanding

music. After cheering and clapping, the concert was over but the Christmas season had just started. They say this season is for giving to those in need: children, the old ones , the poor, widows, and others. Leo Club demonstrate its generous spirit by collecting money, clothes, toys, and, food. Thanks to the contributions made by the student, Leo Club was able to collect and give away money as a gift to those people in need. The Leo Club had a food sale for an entire Friday evening so that they could raise funds and use them for a really good cause. They also decorated plastic bags and filled them with food to give away to the

poor. So, thank you Leo Club for your sacrifice and for your collaboration! Talent flourishes in Dowal School despite winter. Opening our talent show were our new rookies, surprising us all as they sang and danced with grace and joy. After their presentation, it was the eighth grade students’ turn to perform, singing with angelical voices and filling the place with the warm sensation of the Christmas spirit. After such a lovely presentation, ninth grade gave it an upbeat twist by playing guitars and drums. Paolo Laprade, as always, delighted us with his majestic voice. By: Myriam Montes

HONDURAS MILENARIA After long hours of research and writing, and several months of rehearsals, it was finally the time for the opening of the grand musical “Honduras Milenaria.” On November 4th, 2006, students, parents, teachers, and the general public gathered anxiously at the National Theather to witness Dowal’s very own musical production. The show began with the conduction of Mr. Allan, whose eloquent introduction of the show gave way to Mrs. Cristina’s opening speech, which mainly focused on Dowal’s myriad of artistic talent among its students. Last but not least, Mr. Doblado talked to the audience about the script and the story behind the show about to be presented. Soon thereafter, the audience went quiet and the theater went dark. Then the lights on the stage suddenly went on and the audience could see a projection showing the Mayan theory of how the world was created. A student of Theater class named Sebastian appeared hunting on stage and then the smaller ballerinas with animal costumes performed a lovely dance. After their appearance, our main characters jumped on stage: The two Guacamayas, performed by two students of ninth and tenth grade, Daniela and Valeria, respectively. They did a ceremonial dance and then, delivered an incredible interpretation about a letter being written to the king of Spain. When they finished their act, the daily Mayan life was shown by dancers and several theater actors. This performance included scenes such as the fruit collection, the corn ceremonies, and even a solo of a ballerina that was acting as a deer while two hunters were trying to capture her. Then, “The Gods Ceremony” took place. This ceremony was performed by two eighth graders and it was about the time when a god named Humo Jaguar gave possession of the land to 18 Conejo. Following the ceremony, other ceremonial dances took place, among which were the solos of two quite talented ballet students, who were representing the sun and the moon. Finally, representing the conclusion of the Maya cycle, came the death of 18 Conejo, which made the audience rise up in applauses. Then the folklore dancers appeared with two flags representing times of the independence, doing traditional Honduras dances. Thereafter, Mr. Elvir’s dancers gave a performance about the progress of our community and the types of works we have. Lastly, it was time to conclude the show and all the students went up to the stage to receive their deserved applause. This musical was presented on two different days and both were received as total successes. By: Myriam Montes Photos: Catherine Razzetti

MES CÍVICO El 15 de septiembre celebramos, orgullosos, el 194 aniversario de independencia de nuestra amada patria, Honduras, y nuestra escuela participó con gran fervor en esta fiesta conmemorativa. El mes se inauguró con un acto cívico solemne en el que se izaron las cinco banderas de los países centroamericanos, al compás de sus himnos nacionales respectivos. Los niños del nivel Prebásico realizaron una marcha alrededor de la colonia Linda Vista, la cual nos recordó la épica lucha por la libertad y la felicidad que sostuvieron en el pasado nuestros héroes y próceres. Como estudiantes, nos sentimos orgullosos y felices de poder

celebrar con tanto placer nuestra independencia en la escuela. Esta magna celebración incluyó los bailes folclóricos que realizaron los niños del nivel Prebásico, la realización de los diferentes actos conmemorativos y el desarrollo del proyecto cívico. Honduras nos ha regalado 194 años de autonomía, de hermosos paisajes, de felicidad en las calles llenas de gente celebrando lo bueno, sonriendo y luchando por mejorar el porvenir. Nosotros recibimos este aniversario con alegría ante todo. Por: Marcela Cárcamo Photos: Facebook/Ms. Catalina

PROYECCIÓN SOCIAL EN DICIEMBRE La comunidad Dowal ha fomentado la solidaridad en sus estudiantes. En diciembre, la escuela logró recaudar zapatos, ropa, arroz y juguetes para varias instituciones, entre ellas: Fundación Abrigo, PREPACE, TELETÓN, los niños de la sala de Oncología y Quemados en el Materno Infantil y para el diario El Heraldo y su campaña “Regalando sonrisas”. Esta actividad causó mucha alegría a

aquellas personas cuyas oportunidades y esperanzas de vivir felices han sido limitadas por problemas de salud. La población estudiantil, con agrado y buena voluntad, recaudó fondos para estas organizaciones que, al igual que nosotros, desean lo mejor para las personas con discapacidades, que en su mayoría son niños. Por: Marcela Cárcamo

CLASH DAY PREESCOLAR Con el propósito de cerrar de forma original la unidad temática de ropa y vestuario, los niños del nivel Prebásico y sus maestras hicieron un Clash Day, en el que llegaron con la ropa mal combinada. Durante una asamblea en la mañana, los pequeños y sus maestras modelaron sus locos atuendos. Los chicos se divirtieron y aprendieron sobre las diferentes piezas de ropa. Por: Diego Barahona Fotos: Fernanda García



The English Oral Contest (EOC), is a yearly competition in which students from first to eleventh grade compete in various categories. These categories include Declamation and Dramatic Reading for all levels; Shared Reading and Speeches for Elementary and High School, respectively. In this contest you can express your feelings by declaiming a poem, reading a nice story, or writing your thoughts in a speech. It is a good experience to stand up before your classmates and teachers, showing them that you are there; some students take it to the next level and become winners. During November’s Civic Morning in Elementary School, the winners were announced and given their prizes, while High School’s winners were announced and were given their awards during the Christmas assembly. Below you’ll find the complete list of winners of this year’s EOC. By: Marcela Cárcamo Photos: Facebook

ELEMENTARY EOC WINNERS Declamation Category A 1st Place - Ariana Velásquez 2nd Place – María del Pilar Ramírez 3rd Place – Ana Lucía Chávez Declamation Category B 1st Place – Aitana Jaén 2nd Place – Ana Regina Ávila 3rd Place – Luis Fernando Moya Declamation Category C 1st Place – Angélica Barnica 2nd Place – Rodrigo Zelaya 3rd place – Sara Medina

Shared Reading Category B 1st place – María José Santos/Arnold Pagdett/Harold Romero/ Isabella Aguilar 2nd Place – Marcia Murillo/Amelia Rojas 3rd Place – Andrea Madrid/Sofía Galeas Dramatic Reading Category C 1st Place – María Fernanda Quintanilla 2nd Place – Leslie Gaekel 3Rd Place – Carolina Ardón

HIGH SCHOOL EOC WINNERS CATEGORY D DRAMATIC READING 1st place –Ana Gabriela Pineda 2nd place–Vicky Erazo 3rd place -Helena Díaz DECLAMATION 1ST place -Carolina Medina 2nd place -Ariana Orellana 3rd place -David Ayala CATEGORY E DECLAMATION 1st place –Daniela Lobo –Kimberly Quiroz 2nd place-Valeria Mendoza 3rd place-Mónica Otero Honorable Mention Betzy Flores Fabiana García SPEECH 1st place –Diana Barahona 2nd place- Kimberly Quiroz 3rd place- José Lavaire Honorable Mention Ericka Portillo Alfredo Torres

CATEGORY F DECLAMATION 1st place- Jorge Salgado 2nd place- Heber Centeno 3rd place - Walter Paz SPEECH 1st place- Catherine Razzetti 2nd place- Lisbeth García 3rd place- Andrea Chavarría


The first activity took place on September 10th, 2015, following the celebration of Children's Day. Two visits were made on the same day: • Hospital María • Hospital San Felipe This activity lasted about two hours, in which the following goods were donated (approximate figures): • 50 plastic cups filled with fruit • 100 toys • 2 large sweet gift bags. Only board members of the club went to the visit. Club Leo members work together as a team with the goal of helping people in need. They are always trying to give a little time to help others. A motivating activity was held between sessions of Leo Club, in which they chose the winners of two contests on decorating lunch bags. These lunch bags were later donated to Juana Leclerc.

The winners of the aforementioned competitions were: • First contest: Loamy Osorio • Second contest: Michelle Ortiz On December 4th, there was a raffle to raise money among Leo Club members for the visit to the Hospital On December 7th, three raffle tickets for the movie Star Wars were given away and the winner of all three tickets was Cynthia Tahay. The third donation activity was made during a visit to three centers: Children´s Cancer Centre, The Childrens Burn Centre and the Fundación para Niños Quemados.The activity was carried out in about three hours, time in which the following goods were donated: • 3 cakes (1 for 100 people, 2 for 50 people)

• 8 boxes of cloth, about 20 items per box. • The other 80 Leo lunches were taken here. On December 16, we helped Prepace collect money for their rehabilitation program; with everybody´s help we raised a total of 4,076 lempiras. Our last activity for 2015 was the sale of pupusas during the two days of the Christmas Concert. Half of what we collected every evening will go to the Conservatorio Francisco Ramón Díaz Zelaya. The sale took place at 6:00 pm.

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NUEVO MILENIO EDICIÓN N.° 1, 2015-2016  
NUEVO MILENIO EDICIÓN N.° 1, 2015-2016