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Student of Architecture, Northumbria University (Part 1)

Po rtfol io 201 6 - 201 8

Rural retreat Derwent reservoir Hydrotherapy centre

Final project/ January 2017 - May 2017

From the remotest antiquities the value of water has been known, and from the age of Hippocrates to our own many voices have been raised in favour of waters healing qualities. However hydrotherapy has not of yet advanced past the realm of social activity into medical science, hence becoming a tradition of the upper class, limiting the benefits to a insignificant percentage. Morphing the processes found in Mediterranean bathing customs into a series of experiences which occur in parallel to the natural landscape of Derwent reservoir.

Accommodation axonometric - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photohop/ Lightroom

Internal bath house perspective - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photohop/ Lightroom

The site is one of fragility, with the coexistence of water and landscape, suggests moments of conflict. Seasonally the shallow elements of the landscape are overcome with water. A suggested exaggeration of this process both places the programme and encourages the a deeper connection between both manners of water; man made internal water of the hydrotherapy centre; and the organic floodplains sitting on the current contours of the landscape.

Connection space perspective - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photohop/ Lightroom

External perspective - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photohop/ Lightroom

The existence of the reservoir materialises a landscape of two divergent worlds; the man made and the natural; the concrete and the earth. Sana Lotus embodies both domains; contrasting life’s fragile crescendo against the mute brutality of man. Sound, in its varying amplitudes dictates the parti, the formal composition and atmosphere of the scheme as a whole. Architectural language is considered and inspired by the varying qualities of flowing water; from the trickle of a stream to rumble of a river.

Concept model - Concrete/ Lightroom

Precedent study sketch (Therme vals) - Pencil/ Fine liner/ Photoshop

Building plans + dynamic section - Autocad/ Illustrator/ Photohop/ Lightroom

1. Roof and drainage system/ timber + corrugated metal 2. Rain-screen cladding/ chard timber fins 3. Rain water run off system/ stone structure 4. External glazing system/ Pilkingotn activ glazing 5. Concrete structure + copper door system 6. Concrete structural footing/ Insitu 7. Pre-cast concrete beams/ Bison 8. Skylight system/ Pilkington Optilam system 9. Sedum blanket system/ Sky-garden 10. Green roof drainage system 11. Pool glazing system/ Pilkingotn insulight activ 12. Infinity pool drainage system 13. Filtration system 14. External water drainage 15. Flood plain 16. Raft foundations

Building site plan (planometric) - Sketchup/ Autocad/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

Bath house + connection space technical section perspective - Sketchup/ Autocad/ Vray/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

1. 30mm/ Seedem green roof 2. Green roof water drainage system 3. 100mm/ Ceiling structure/ Concrete beams 4. Steel connecting plate/ Ceiling to structure 5. Pilkington Aluminium glazing frame 6. 200mm/ Pilkington Activ glazing system 7. Hidden internal drainage system 8. Suction drainage system 9. 25mm/ Ceramic floor tiling 10. Underfloor heating system 11. 10mm/ Aluminium structure caps 12. Steel ground casing

Pool space technical detail - Sketchup/ Autocad/ Illustrator/ Photoshop

Bath house elevation (internal + external) - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

Urban unfill project Theatre complex Worswick street

Semester 1 Project: September 2016 - December 2016

Newcastle is a host to a great array of dysfunctional public spaces, where the public square is retracted from its natural state of occupation and liveliness, and the realms of space surrounding civic buildings are so disconnected from the social centres that even they become spaces you pass. The scheme attempts to dilute this poor image of a square and produce a civic building which coexists with the public layer, conceiving the new public realm intervened within the building. The old bus station attains to great relationship to the central Newcastle reservation area, yet it is not seen as a key route, a proposed revitalisation of the area would make Worswick street a central hub, with the theatre building not only connecting Worswick street to the carpark but also providing a focal building.

Building concept diagrams - Sketchup/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

Restaurant space - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

The dominating aesthetic is in direct contrast with the feeling of the building. Where introverted moments of light dominate, unintentionally guiding, but also influencing the change in experience from the outside in. Moments of light in conflict with subtle material developments create a feeling of phenomenality. With theatre conventions being challenged in the vernacular sense, de-constructing the liner journey, introducing the place of performance before anything else. Adopting a less prevalent set of typologies in social entertainment; comedy; spoken word; recitation; and public speaking.

Building section perspective - Sketchup/ Photoshop

Connection space perspectives - Sketchup/ Vray/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

1. Public space overhang/ Concrete facing 2. Street level paving + access/ Marble flooring 3. Concrete T beams supporting floor/ ceiling 4. Polycarbonate + concrete entrance space 5. Internal building cladding/ Concrete structure + Ibstock brick facing 6. Internal ceiling finish/ Ibstock Beamish brick 7. Roof light system 8. Concrete pile foundations 9. Rough concrete floor + underfloor heating from ground source heat pump 10. Public space/ adjustable flooring with drainage underneath




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Entrance space + restaurant technical section - Autocad/ Illustrator /Photoshop

1. Timber edge finish 2. Pre-cast concrete edge/ ‘handrail’ 3. Adjustable pedestals 4. Stainless steel cap 5. Timber beams supporting steel cap 6. Steel connection/ support holding facade 7. Polycarbonate facade system 8. Aluminium water run down 9. Floor slabs 10. Drainage system 11. Concrete base connecting to foundation 12. Polished concrete floor slabs 13. Ridged insulation 14. Structural concrete beams 15. Internal double glazing 16. Glazing frame 17. Steel lip 18. Dark grey pigmented, heavily polished concrete floor 19. Steel tray supporting concrete 20. Damp proof course 21. Hardcore

1. Pilkington/ Arctic Blue™ glazing system 2. Taylor Maxwell/ CORIUM brick system 3. Aluminium drainage system 4. Aluminium flashing 5. Construction Specialties/ Airflow horizontal shading 6. Ibstock/ Beamish blend brick 7. Airflow horizontal shading structural support 8. Kingspan/ Thermaroof TR26 LPC/FM 9. Kingspan/ Aquazone membrane 10. Bison/ Precast concrete frame system 11. Chipboard base with studs

Entrance technical detail + render - Sketchup/ Autocad/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

Building structure detail + diagram - Sketchup/ Autocad/ Photoshop

Oxford house art competition Open entry competition

NAS Competition 48 hour competition Ouseburn band stand

January 2017

Semester 1 Project: September 2016 - December 2016 The project embodies David Rathmans use of watercolour in a grimy fashion to discuss specific social dilemmas. Through his choice of object, monotone colour theme, and quotes, he provokes the viewer to generate there own relevance to the work. With Ouseburn being under the grasp of a full industrial regeneration in the past 30 years, an unvoiced issue arises. This being the effect on the community living in a continues cycle of construction, and as a society our acceptance of this. The Chroma pavilion seeks to create a dialogue between the rich history of the culvert site and the creative regeneration of Ouseburn. The parabolic form of the structure symbolises the function and form of the Culvert in a creative way. The chroma pavilion becomes a navigational beacon to link various routes throughout the Ouseburn and leads people into the site of the culvert entry point.

Structural axonometric + Internal space perspective - Sketchup/ Vray/ Illustrator/ Photoshop/ Lightroom

Concept diagram - Sketchup/ Illustrator/ Photoshop

Ouseburn structure painting - Watercolour/ Lightroom

Concept photograph - Lightroom

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Part 1 student portfolio


Part 1 student portfolio