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Case report Dr. Dov Kischinovsky Jerusalem - Israel

Preoperative Panorex With radiopaque ScannoGuide

Diagnosis:Female,54 y Main complaint: Upper edentulous left area Medical History: IHD Diabetes Mellitus Treatment plan: . Unilateral Pterygoid implant positioned with Tooth27 Mucosa-Supported SurgiGuide

Standard Implants 24 25 Permanent bridge 24 25 27

Pre-treatment CT scan

To plan Conversion of the CT data to 3D file: Surgery planning with SimPlant速

SurgiGuide速 type

SurgiGuide速 solution

Immediate loading

Temporary prosthesis

Final prosthesis

Navigator SurgiGuide速




Simplant Panoramic View choosing preferred cross section plane

3D Lateral image with planned bridge (pink) and implants

3D Lateral image with planned bridge (pink) and implants

Axial view with pterygoid(Zygoma) implant head on alveolar ridge

. One-stage placed implants

Axial view

To plan

To plan

Modification from zygomatic implant position to posterior pterygoid position

To plan

Sagittal view

To plan

To plan

To Surgiguide

To Surgiguide -

Plaster Model

SurgiGuide for Pterygoid placed Zygomatic Implant

Surgiguide for Biomet 3i Implants

To guide – Visualisation using plaster model

– Showing Zygoma Implant with angulated head and angulated abutment


Drilling with long drill through SurgiGuide with pterygoid(Zygoma) implant: 10mm high metal sleeve.

Angulated 45 degree of head of pterygoid(zygomatic )implant demonstrating parallelism of abutment to implants placed anteriolly


Clinical Photograph of surgery – One stage Healing Abutments

To guide Clinical Photograph of surgery – tooth 37

Clinical Photograph Multi-unit Abutment on Implant 27

Photograph of Prosthetic Restoration (Dr.Moshe Kaplan,Jerusalem


To guide Clinical Photograph of surgery – tooth 37

Postoperative bridge

Virtual planning versus Post-operative stage

Final bridgework

Conclusion This new modification of the zygomatic implant technique ,where the pterygoid placed implant emerges on the dento-alveolar crest makes it an excellent support for prosthetic work.By the use of a drill guide the implant is placed in exact position without raising a mucosal flap reducing operation time and morbidiy,as an alternative to sinus augmentation.

unilateral zygoma implant in pterygoid area  

Long iomplants as alternative to sinus augmentation