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Upgrade Your Apartment from a Single Pad to a Family Friendly Home Without Moving Buying that first off the plan apartment when you were young and single was undoubtedly a great experience. You found the perfect apartment in a great location and spent a lot of time and energy making it a total reflection of you. And it worked great for a long time. But like most things in life, circumstances change. Now you find yourself starting a family and feeling a bit cramped in your previously perfect apartment. You start to look for a house and soon realise that Melbourne’s home prices are unaffordable for most young families. You quickly understand why the shift to apartment living is happening throughout the city. So you consider buying a bigger off the plan apartment. And perhaps that is your solution. For many, however, affordable housing in the Melbourne area is a struggle, and perhaps you find that staying in your current apartment is the most reasonable alternative. Whether you plan to stay where you are or look for a larger off the plan apartment, there are a few simple ways to make any apartment a family-friendly and comfortable space to call home. One of the biggest considerations is what to do with all the things that come along with a new baby. Things like the pram. While it is one of the most basic and necessary items, it is also large and requires storage space. You must consider whether the lift is large enough to accommodate the pram, and whether you have space on the balcony or under the stairs to keep it when you’re not wheeling it about town. You will also need to think about more mundane daily tasks, like laundry. Like it or not, babies create laundry and lots of it. Will the laundry facilities offered in your apartment meet your new family’s needs? If they do not, will you be able to renovate them to make them more family friendly? Likewise, how the bathroom is laid out has an impact, too. While a stand-up shower was fine for you, babies need bathtubs and eventually grow too big to be bathed in the kitchen sink. If you don’t already have one, can you add a bath shell to your existing shower to make bath time a relaxing and enjoyable experience? Starting a family is an exciting time, and you should enjoy it rather than be stressed about your living space. Whether you decide to buy a bigger off the plan apartment or stay in your current place, a bit of planning will help make the transition smooth and enjoyable.

Upgrade your apartment from a single pad to a family friendly home without moving  

Buying that first off the plan apartment when you were young and single was undoubtedly a great experience. You found the perfect apartment...

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