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Acoustic Apartment Designs That Bring Music To Your Ears When you are in the market for a new apartment to call home, one of your concerns is undoubtedly noise. From external causes like traffic or trains to internal factors such as elevators or loud neighbors, living in an apartment isn’t always the tranquil experience you hope for. Which is why it is important that architects and designers understand and incorporate the latest in noise mitigation techniques into the construction of off the plan apartment buildings. Without consideration of this important design component, the most beautifully designed structure can be a noise nightmare to live in. The architects behind The Belle Apartments Boronia understand that apartment owners want the same peace and quiet that owners of single-dwelling homes enjoy. Which is why they have incorporated the latest in acoustic apartment design into every unit at The Belle. Their attention to every detail ensures that buying an off the plan apartment at The Belle provides the latest in noise mitigation design and materials, ensuring that your home truly is your sanctuary. At The Belle, the focus on acoustic design starts with careful consideration of all aspects of design – from floor to ceiling and everything in between. Attention to the interplay of shared walls, floors and ceilings and the design and location of common areas have all been mindfully designed. With that framework in place, attention turns to the building materials themselves. From specialty glazing on all windows using 1.6mm laminated glass to the latest in wall and ceiling insulation designed especially for sound mitigation, every component of construction has been carefully selected to offer excellent noise mitigation. At The Belle Apartments Boronia, award-winning architect, Peter Brown has thoughtfully incorporated the latest in acoustic design to create a living environment unlike any other. When you call The Belle home, you are ensured of a living environment where noise is reduced to a very low frequency, so you can focus on the enjoyment of your investment. To learn more about The Belle Apartments Boronia visit

Acoustic Apartment Designs That Bring Music To Your Ears