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A Car Stack You Do Want One of the issues facing any growing metropolitan areas is the number of vehicles that come along with population growth. The City of Knox and neighborhoods like Boronia are no exception. Despite the many initiatives to encourage alternative modes of transportation like cycling and walking, government officials and developers alike understand that people still need their cars. And all those cars need to be parked someplace. In an urban environment like Knox, where a commitment to sustainable, green living is a top priority, finding creative solutions for the need to store vehicles is a top priority. Simply put, it is not desirable to pave a parking lot over land that could be used for community green spaces like parks and playgrounds. Which is why developers of new multi-family living spaces like The Belle Apartments Boronia are turning to innovative options like car stacker systems to reduce their parking footprint. Since the mid 1980s, forward-thinking municipalities, businesses, and developers around the world have been using car stackers to create space efficient vehicle storage solutions. Australia has quickly caught on to the car stacker idea, with cities like Melbourne, South Yarra, Prahran, Carlton, Camberwell and Elwood all using them in various residential and commercial applications. But what exactly are car stacker systems and how do they work? Car stacker systems are automated, mechanical storage solutions that robotically stack vehicles vertically on moveable platforms, allowing multiple vehicles to occupy the same footprint. Car stacker systems come in a variety of configurations and can be installed indoors or outside, making a car stacker system an excellent solution for high-volume vehicle storage in smaller parking garages or lots. They are easy to use and environmentally friendly. Innovative builders and developers are turning to car stacker systems to reduce the parking area space needs of new buildings. The Belle Boronia is one example of new apartment development in the Melbourne area that is using such technology to support the commitment to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

A car stack you do want