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March 2013 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life � John 3:16

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Methodist & United Reformed Churches Together 203 Main Road, Dovercourt, Essex, CO12 3PH & find us on Facebook

Sunday Services 1st Sunday: 10.45am Morning Worship, with Junior Church, (Refreshments afterwards) 2nd Sunday: 10.45am Morning Worship & Holy Communion, with Junior Church (Refreshments afterwards) 3rd Sunday: 10.45am Morning Worship, with Junior Church (Refreshments afterwards) 4th Sunday: 9.00am Holy Communion, 10.45am Morning Worship, with Junior Church (Refreshments afterwards) 5th Sunday: 10.45am Morning Worship/ Family Service, with Junior Church (Refreshments afterwards) Church Activities Messy Church—every 3rd Tuesday of the Month, 4.30pm. Pause for Thought—Fridays 9.30—10.00am Coffee Morning—Fridays 10.00am-12.00pm Pilots—Fridays 6.30-8.00pm (term time) Worship Night—2nd Friday of the Month 7pm. Church Secretary:

Mrs Iris Hatch

01255 503688

Hiring Officer & Junior Church Co-ordinator:

Mrs Margaret Smith

01255 504828

Contact Magazine Editor

Jenni Bush Janet Scott

01255 506336 01255 506962

Deadline for Submissions for next magazine: 11th March

A note from the Church Secretary..... Welcome to the March edition of ‘Contact’. This month we must give a big “Thank you” to Sue Potter for all her hard work in producing the “contact for the last 20 years. We also Thank Mrs Jenni Bush and Mrs Janet Scott for taking this over for us. We look forward to future editions. As we look to the future we are so glad that the younger families are joining us with new ideas and vision for our Church. I thought that this statement from “in green Pastures” by J.R.Miller DD was appropriate for us all. Christian Greetings

I ri s

Finding our Mission We need never be anxious about our mission. We need never perplex ourselves in the least in trying to know what God wants us to do, what place he wants us to fill. Our whole duty is to do well the work of the present hour. There are some people who waste entire years wondering what God would have them do, and expecting to have their life work pointed out to them. But that is not the divine way. If you want to know God’s plan for you do God’s will each day. This is God’s plan for you today. If he has a wider sphere, a larger place for you, he will bring you to it at the right time, and then that will be God’s plan for you and your mission.

Good Friday Coffee Morning From 10am

Easter Breakfast Sunday 31st. March 9 am please see Margaret or Hazel to book

Church Family News Mrs Sheila Somers is still feeling unwell. Our Love and Prayers are with her. Also we are continually thinking of and praying for Joan Dennis. We remember our friends in sheltered accommodation: Mrs G Good, Mrs Pam Plumb, Mrs Wynn Williams and Mrs Ruth Martin. And all the elderly at home who cannot get to church. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

We were privileged to celebrate in February the baptism of Sadie Howman and Edward Christopher Guy Bertram, we ask that God will keep and guide you now and always.

Birthdays We wish a very happy birthday this month to....

3rd 4th 14th 15th 18th 20th 24th 25th 27th 28th 30th -

Elaine Rumsby Vicky Manhood Janet Caset Ron Pomroy Gary Sysling Alyssa Rosson Colin Knight Brenda Case Claire Rumsby Rebecca Bertram Paul Eastwood

The wedding between Linda Kendrick and Richard Rowland will take place at Dovercourt Central Church on Saturday 9th. March 2013. Service will be conducted by Reverend Andrew Bell.

Thank You Sue For many years your contact magazine has been lovingly put together and edited by Mrs Susan Potter. Her devotion and hard work over the past 20 years has ensured that we all enjoyed the contact magazine every month. Sue has now decided to retire from the editorial duties of our church newsletter and has handed

over the reins to Jenni Bush & Janet Scott. We want to say thank you so much to Sue for all her hard work and hope we can continue the ministry of the contact as well as you have.

A note from the New Editors Hello, and welcome to this our first edition as editor of the Contact magazine. When we were asked to consider taking over from Sue, it was a real honour and we hope that we can serve the church and community by working on this task for as long as we are needed. You may have already noticed, the magazine has undergone a few changes and a bit of a redesign. We hope you like it. It is important that with your help our magazine can be a key part of our churches' mission, to share the Good news news of Jesus Christ and help us all become fully devoted disciples today. We aim to do this by bringing you not only things that are going on

in our church, but also sharing things from our town, county and across the country and making our little magazine a key part of your life with new recipes, gardening tips, bits for the kids (young and old) and more. We hope you like it. Do let us know, what you think, what you would like to see and how we can serve you through the Contact. Many Blessings Jenni & Janet

Check next month’s issue for answers

Easter Breakfast Sunday 31st. March 2013 We shall be holding a breakfast at 9am on Easter Sunday – all are welcome to join us. For catering purposes please let Margaret and Hazel know if you intend to come along. Either at Church or call Margaret on 01255 504828.

To God be the Glory Worship & Praise Nights If you want to worship God in an informal way, where you can just come along, sing, learn some new songs and a few old ones. Then come along to one of our worship nights. At Dovercourt Central - Every 2nd Friday of the Month 7pm or: At All Saints Church - Every Last Friday of the Month 7pm

For more information see Nick Scott or Jenni Bush

Are you a musician? Looking for a new way to play? Bring your instrument along and make music with us.

4 Easy Ways to Read the Bible Every Day When it comes down to it we can all struggle sometimes to make sure that we are listening to God’s word not just in Church. The bible is such an amazing book and God uses it to speak truth into our lives even today. So how can we make it easier to access God’s word today? 1. You Version—a bible app available on smart phones, internet tablet or computer. You can access reading plans, hear the bible and soon you will be able to watch it! 2. Wordlive—have daily readings sent direct to your email with wordlive from scripture union. Sign up at



Get a plan - you can download and print daily bible plans to help you stay on track. Or look in your bible many have plans ready for you. We have added one on page 14 for you. Add a verse—write a verse on your calendar or in a diary to keep you on track.

Another tip is to find a way to stay on track, this can be through setting time, writing a memo or asking a friend to keep you accountable. It is also a good idea to get a study bible or a bible dictionary to help you. The more you read Gods word, the more you will want to read. You just have to start, today!

Let’s Get Messy Messy Church is fun for all the family! It includes Craft, Worship and a meal for you all. Join us on Tuesday 19th March when we shall continue to explore the Lords Prayer and worship will be led by Reverend Paul Whittle. We Look forward to sharing some messy fun with you.

'Messy Church Logo Copyright Bible Reading Fellowship © 2013 Image Copyright

Next Messy Church - Tuesday 19th March If a king came into Dovercourt or Harwich today, how would he arrive? Jesus arrived on a donkey, yet he made quite an entrance! “your king comes to you, he is gentle and riding on a donkey” Matthew 21:5

PILOTS Pilots will meet on 1st. 8th. 15th. & 22nd. March. We shall be continuing our exploration Zambia, the overseas project A church in for 2013. a Zambian Village Margaret Smith Pilot Captain Pilots is a Christian organisation for children and young people. If you are interested in joining our pilot company please see Margaret, more information on Pilots can be found at

Can you name this famous Zambian Waterfall?

Why is Easter like whipped cream and a cherry? Because it’s always on a sundae!

Out of a Jam The re-use of jam jars for goods sold

charitable objectives is minimal.

or given away at church fetes and ba-

In order to do so, the Local Authority

zaars received wide attention in the

would need to decide the individual or

press recently. The Chief Executive of

organisation constituted a “food busi-

the Foods Standard Agency has con-

ness”. General food law prohibits plac-

firmed that the risk that a Local Au-

ing unsafe food on the market and

thority could seek to enforce the regu-

could apply to private individuals or

lations on food contact materials

organisations that are not businesses.

against an individual or organisation,

The importance of hygiene is stressed;

selling preserves in reused jam jars for

re-used jam jars should be free from chips and cracks, sterilised and with good-fitting lids, to minimise any hygiene risks to the food they contain. Barry still has some jars of Blackberry and Apple Jelly at £1.20 per jar. Proceeds to the church funds.

Going Social Did you know we have a facebook

date is the responsibility of Jenni Bush

page? If you don’t know about face-

(who is also the new contact editor).

book it is a social media site, where

If you are on facebook then be sure to

many people can find friends and

like our page.



Our facebook page is a way of letting others in the community know about what we are doing and keeping it up to

Bible in a Year Day



Lev. 13

Mark 7:14-37


Num. 15, 16

Mark 14:54-72


Lev. 14

Mark 8:1-2


Num. 17, 18, 19

Mark 15:1-25


Lev. 15, 16

Mark 8:22-38


Num. 20, 21, 22

Mark 15:26-47


Lev. 17, 18

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Num. 23, 24, 25

Mark 16


Lev, 19, 20

Mark 9:30-50


Num. 26, 27

Luke 1:1-20


Lev. 21, 22

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Num. 28, 29, 30

Luke 1:21-38


Lev, 23, 24

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Num. 31, 32, 33

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Lev. 25

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Num. 34, 35, 36

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Lev. 26, 27

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Deut. 1, 2

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Num. 1, 2



Deut. 3, 4

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Deut. 11, 12,13



Num. 9, 10, 11

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Num. 12, 13, 14

Mark 14:27-53


Deut 17, 18, 19

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Deut 20, 21, 22

Luke 6:1-26

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Easter Inspiration

John Stott

“The Resurrection gives my life meaning and “The memorial of Christ’s death is a festival, direction and the opportunity to start over no not a funeral; and we are to come to the table matter what my circumstances.” - Robert Flatt with gladsome hearts and go away from it with praises.” C H Spurgeon “We live and die; Christ died and lived!” -

As we look ahead to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Let us remember that the real message of Easter is not that Christ died, but that he lives and he came to give us life abundant. May your March be filled with joy and blessings. We hope to see you soon at one of the events below. We will also share ‘what’s on’, on our facebook page.

Church Diary March 2013 Date



1st Friday

Pause for Thought

9.30 -10.00am

Coffee Morning

10.00 -12.00pm

Women’s World Day of Prayer. At Upper Dovercourt Methodist Church



6.30 -8.00pm

3rd Sunday Sunday Morning Worship, Led by Jenni Bush


Alexandra House Service, Led by Mrs Maddy Whittle 3.30pm

5th Tue

Meeting of Rev. Paul Whittle & Moderator, with Finance & Premises and Leadership team





Lenten Service, At Anglican Church


Pause for Thought

9.30 -10.00am

Coffee Morning

10.00 -12.00pm


6.30 - 8.00pm

Worship Night—to God be the Glory Informal worship, see Nick Scott or Jenni for info.

7.00 - 8.30pm


Sunday Morning Worship, Led by Dr. Richard Jurd


Mothering Sunday

Alexandra House Service, Led by Rev. J. Butt


8th Friday

Continued overleaf


13th Wed 15th Friday

March 2013 Crusaders


Lenten Service - at Kingsway Community Church


Pause for Thought

9.30 -10.00am

Coffee Morning

10.00 -12.00pm


6.30 - 8.00pm

17th Sunday Sunday Morning Worship Led by Rev D. Lang


Alexandra House Service, Led by Rev. J. Robinson 3.45pm

20th Wed



Lenten Service - at Dovercourt Central Church


22nd Friday Pause for Thought

9.30 - 10.00am

Coffee Morning

10.00 -12.00pm


6.30 - 8.00pm

24th Sunday Communion Service - Led by Rev. J. Butt


Sunday Morning Worship - Led by Mr Nick Scott


27th Wed




Walk of Witness To be arranged


Good Friday Coffee Morning

10.00 -12.00pm

Good Friday

Easter Breakfast Easter Sunday See Margaret or Hazel to book. tel. 504828



Communion - Led by Rev. C. Knight British Summertime begins

Sunday Morning Worship - Led by Mrs Ann Beeton 10.45am Alexandra House Service - Led By Rev. J Butt


“Every Christian relives the experience of Mary Magdalene. It involves an encounter which changes our lives: the encounter with a unique Man who lets us experience all God’s goodness and truth, who frees us from evil not in a superficial and fleeting way, but sets us free radically, heals us completely and restores our dignity. This is why Mary Magdalene calls Jesus ‘My hope’.” Pope Benedict XVI

March Issue - Contac Magazine Extra  
March Issue - Contac Magazine Extra  

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