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Recruitment Salutations From Dove Nest Group

We are Dove Nest Group “Professionals in Performance”

Welcome to Dove Nest Group Trusted by leading companies for over 30 years We are vastly experienced in delivering, designing and creating methods to help your employees work in your company in more efficient and effective ways.

With our programmes, we can design them to suit your needs so you get the right result. As part of the employment process, we have developed a vast range of tools and techniques to get specific results so you can make the right decision. We can help you achieve this by profiling your candidates so you can make an informed decision who to employ and why.

About Us

At Dove Nest Group our main aim, by working along side your company, is to lower employee turnover ratios and increased employee motivation so we can improve the efficiency of your company. The best way to achieve this, with the lowest input of resources, is by employing the right people into the right roles.

Talent Hunting “Recruit new people, based on informed decisions�

Candidate Profiling

Understanding Who Your Employees Really Are By profiling your candidates you can get a better understanding of the type of person they are, what drives them and what environment they thrive in. By answering all of these questions that were previously unknown, you can pick the person that is best suited to your company needs.

One of the most effective ways to profile your candidates, is for a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, from our team, to perform an assessment day. They will personally contact you in advance of the assessment to clarify the specific type of feedback that you would require. After this the psychologist will review the suite of tools available to us and decide on the most appropriate format for the day. Our support team will take the contact details for all of the candidates and ensure that each candidate receives their online assessments, a pre-assessment briefing and joining details for the assessment day. A comprehensive written report will be produced for the client within 7 working days of the assessment.


To achieve this we can use a range of techniques, some of the most efficient ways are through Psychometric tools. These come in a range of different formats and questionnaires designed for specific results. They can help judge the type of personality a candidate may have, how they cope under pressure or what motivates them to work. By gathering a selection of this sort of information, you can create a report specific to your company requirements therefore giving you the information to choose the right candidate for you.

Our Products “Providing the tools, And Promoting Improvement”

Programmes on Offer Psychometric Testing

Pick 4 Different Psychometrics from:

Using a range of online tools and questionnaires to create a report specific to the job role.

Motive Q Analysis Aptitude Test Aspects Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi) Logic Test Saville Wave Hogan Development Survey Report produced and feedback given to each candidate.

£350 per Candidate

Business Scenario As well as 4 Psychometrics, select a business specific programme that indicates the candidates strengths in business.

Pick 4 Psychometrics from above and a sector appropriate business scenario. An example business scenario would be WashBox, this is a business simulation designed with realistic material for use in management assessment, development and training. The challenge, for users, is to understand a lot of information and to decide the next steps for the company. It is a very customer driven programme.

£500 per Candidate

Chartered Psychologist

Full Assessment Day with a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Design a programme with one of our Chartered Psychologists specific to your needs.

 

Pre Assessment Online Psychometric Tools.

 

They will complete a Business Scenario.

£1500 per Candidate

At the assessment they will receive feedback on all of the above and will undergo an in depth interview. The Psychologist will give telephone feedback to yourselves as to the calibre of the individual.


To help your business support itself

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Dove nest recruitment solutions