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Discover a new way to experience Chocolate Spring 2013


Chocolate Bistro

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Chocolate Bistro Our Menu This season’s specials will dance along your taste buds on a whimsical stroll through chocolate delights, savory sensations and sippable sweets. There’s something here that is sure to tempt the most discerning palate. Snacks and Sweets....................................................................................4 Beverages for the Whole Family.......................................................... 12 Health and Wellness............................................................................... 16 Savory Gourmet Cooking..................................................................... 18 Delicious Desserts...................................................................................20 Chef’s Specials.........................................................................................22 Finishing Touches.....................................................................................24 Candy Creativity......................................................................................26

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Cooking Accessories..............................................................................29 Host with the Most...................................................................................30 Our Best Product Ever: The Opportunity........................................... 17


Snacks & Sweets

How about a Snack to start?

Choco latier

Mary Team LeAdashek income goal/Mo. ader, WI $2k Cardiova Former Career scular Te chnician

I love be ing a Chocola tier beca use it enable s me to b e a s ta at-home ymom AN D pay th mortgag e e – and it ’s so mu better th ch an workin g for som else who eone tells me when to show up. Just four more mortgag paymen e ts left! I a lready h ave a plan for post mo rtgage – a 25th Wedding Annivers ary trip to the Oregon coast!




e! Fav

Choco-Granola Fruit Crunch Not your average granola!

Spiced Cocoa Kettle Corn Popping with flavor!

We start with good-for-you whole grains, then combine crunchy almonds with pecans, and finish with chocolatecovered blueberries and cranberries. All dusted with cocoa, making it a can’t-miss breakfast or snack.

You know we’re masters at bringin’ spice and cocoa together, now experience it with America’s favorite snack food! Salty, spicy with a chocolate kick, this popcorn will soon become your favorite at movie time.

12 oz. bag

6 oz. canister

#3060D 12

#3263D $12


Just a little bite of perfection

Great Gift!

e! Fav

Sea-Salted Caramel Collection For your sophisticated taste! Our chewy, buttery caramels come in milk and dark chocolate and are accented with six different exotic sea salts like pink Himalayan and Bolivian rose. The combination of salt and sweet together makes for perfect gooey harmony. 24 pieces/6 pieces, gift box

#3213D $35/#6087D $12

Chocolate Chipotle-Spiced Nut Clusters Delicious sweet heat! A surprise of chipotle pepper blended into creamy caramel and crunchy pecans, covered in DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ milk chocolate, then topped off with a touch of sea salt and more spicy chipotle. 12 pieces, gift box

#3273D $25

Great Gift!

PB & Chocolate Truffles Makes the perfect gift! Make no mistake, this is the truffle of your dreams – that first bite into milk chocolate, giving way to the creaminess of the chocolate peanut butter center. Someone special will love this − maybe even you! 24 pieces, gift box

milk Chocolate– CovereD cappuccino biscottiNI Coffee, chocolate... crunch! Crunchy coffee-flavored biscotti morsels are covered with creamy DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ milk chocolate. A great treat for unexpected guests. 16 oz. /2 x 8 oz. bags

#3270D $20

#3218D 35 $


Snacks & Sweets

cakes and Apple Cup Meyer Lemon

Di rections: 0° F. Set aside 12 Preheat oven to 35 Mode and rough la a s Cinna mon Apple te are White Chocola chop the rest. Prep directed. as x Mi g kin Ba n Meyer Lemo ples and bake for Toss in chopped ap cool. Prepare t Le . tes nu 14 -16 mi , using 8 oz cream ted frosting as direc d cu pcakes and cheese. Frost coole erved apples res h wit garnish each onnay Caramel ard and a drizzle of Ch . ed sir de Sauce, if

CINNAMON Apples À La Mode Dusted, dipped, drizzled! Inspired by an American classic, our cinnamon-dusted apples are dipped in our creamy white chocolate and finished with a playful drizzle. The perfect addition to ice cream, french toast, pancakes or enjoy them right out of the canister for a special treat! 8 oz.

#3272D $22 6

New Twists on Old Favorites

Great Gift!

e! Fav

Cocoa Tequila Lime Brittle Soon to be your new favorite! A feisty, crunchy brittle with a hint of spice, a twist of lime and an unexpected splash of tequila makes up our tasty brittle. It’s all tossed together with organic tortilla chips, roasted pumpkin seeds and a touch of DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ Cocoa Powder. 8 oz.

#3222D $20

Chardonnay Wine Brittle with caramelized cocoa nibs A true fan favorite! This sophisticated brittle is made with Chardonnay wine for a taste of subtle vanilla and fruit notes. Roasted peanuts and cocoa nibs add the crunch and just a hint of chocolate finishes it off. 8 oz.

#3217D 20 $

Chocolate-Covered graham crackers A classic cookie crunch! Crunchy graham crackers drenched in premium DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ milk or dark chocolate make the perfect surprise gift or special treat. Individually wrapped, just 100 calories a graham! 16 pieces (8 dark, 8 milk)

#3250D $24

Great Gift!

Chocolate-Covered pretzels Salty, chocolaty... crunchy! Premium DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ chocolate wrapped around a healthysized pretzel. A great snack, easy dessert or a simple thank-you. Dark and milk chocolate, 7 of each, individually wrapped. Less than 100 calories per pretzel. 14 pieces (7 dark, 7 milk)

#3255D $22 7

Snacks & Sweets

Oh just a little bite.. Great Gift!

e! Fav

dark Chocolate Covered fruit collection Sweet, tart, tasty! A delicious collection of dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries, each covered in our rich dark chocolate. Choose your favorite – great for gifts. 3 x 6 oz. bags

Great Gift!

milk Chocolate Covered cashews and dark chocolate covered almonds Cashews or almonds? All are generously covered in our creamy milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate. A great host gift! 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3265D 20 $

#3057D 20 $

8 oz. bag

#4057D $12 8

Chocolate Covered espresso beans Chocolate & coffee – perfection! Hand-picked Brazilian Arabica coffee beans are roasted then dunked in our creamy dark chocolate and our marbleized milk and white chocolate. A great pick-me-up!

Sugar-free MILK OR Dark Chocolates & Caramel So sweet and sugar free! Combine our milk or dark chocolates with buttery, chewy sugar-free caramel nuggets. No one will know they’re sugar free!

2 x 8 oz. bags: 1 bag chocolate, 1 bag marbleized

dark: 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3271D $20

milk: 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3261D $22 #4261D $22



Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with lifethreatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. As a member of our DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESTM family, you can make a difference and help. Please select the amount you would like to donate to Make-A-Wish on your order form today. 100% of your donation will help make wishes come true. For more information about Make-A-Wish, visit e! Fav

milk and dark Chocolate Covered cinnamon dusted almonds Customer favorite! These delicately roasted and coated almonds are finished with a dusting of the finest Saigon cinnamon. Yum!

A Delicious Way to Help Make a Difference! With every purchase of our 16oz Milk or Dark ChocolateCovered Cinnamon-Dusted Almonds, 10% goes directly to Make -A-Wish. Join us in making a difference today! U


milk: 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3058D $20

dark: 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3059D $20

milk: 1 x 8 oz. bag

#4058D $12

dark: 1 x 8 oz. bag

#4059D $12 9

Snacks & Sweets

Our commitment to sustainability. As part of Mars, Incorporated, DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESTM (DCD) enjoys a history of chocolatemaking experience that goes back a century. We’re proud of that rich heritage. And, we’re proud that our products are made in the USA with pure cocoa butter from hand-selected cocoa beans. This choice reflects our strong commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility.


Quality in Everything We Do We remain one of the few companies that still oversees every step in creating our signature chocolate: from the carefully chosen cocoa beans to our unique chocolate-making techniques.


All this ensures that when you taste our deliciously creamy chocolate, you're tasting pure premium chocolate – the very best.

Our name, quality and worldwide reputation open doors for our Chocolatiers which makes starting an independent business with DCD so simple! Customers are delighted to welcome us into their homes because

they already understand the value and quality of our products. That's why more and more enterprising people are discovering the flexibility and sweet rewards of a career in the chocolate business.

Pure Dark™ : Premium, rugged, artisanal chocolate that delivers the deep, intense flavor of the cocoa pod itself, a truly vivid chocolate experience.


Susan Pant

iano Senior Team Leul ader, DE $3k

income goal/Mo .

Former Career

Classic Bark Intense and tart! Pure Dark™ Classic Bark is a sheet of intense dark chocolate studded with tart Washington State Bing cherries, roasted and sea-salted almonds, and a sprinkling of caramelized cocoa nibs. 3 oz. bag

#M41152S $10 7.5 oz. bag

#M41459S $20

Chocolate Covered Nibs A dark, nutty crunch! Pure Dark™ Chocolatecovered Nibs are the roasted hearts of the cocoa bean, expertly prepared for a unique nuttiness and crunch, then covered in intense dark chocolate. 3 oz. bag

Sea Salt Rounds Treat your tastebuds! Pure Dark™ Sea Salt Rounds combine the flavor of quality dark chocolate with a bite from a dusting of coarse sea salt. 3 oz. bag

#M41146S $10

Corporate Trainer

After years of worki ng for someone else, early retirement was wa iting for me. With DCD I ca n still make the income my husban d and I need, but I’m blessed wi th the joy of being a young gr andmother and keeping pace with four beautiful grandchildren.

#M41848S $10 11

This is truly happy hour... Ne


Buy any 3 martinis and get the shaker FREE!*


Great Gift!

Great Gift!

mmm... martinis!

oh yum!

Cocoa Grove SANGRIA Mix Summertime at its best!

White Chocolate Mint Martini Mix Creamy, fresh, yummy!

Transform any plain bottle of red wine into a bright, flavorful sangria and enjoy the cheerful notes of peach, plum and apple and cocoa in every sip. Better make two pitchers - it’ll be gone before you know it!

Creamy white chocolate with a fresh hint of mint makes any occasion that much more special. Tuck one into your bag for a happy host. (We love it with whipped vodka!)

10 oz. pouch *Host dollars and host ½ price choices do not apply to this offer


#3044D $18

32 oz.

#3037D $20

Sweet sippable delights.. ... Something for everyone at your table!

e! Fav

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

CHOCOLATE MARTINI MIX A true modern classic!

MUDSLIDE CHOCOLATINI MIX All good things in one glass!

White Chocolate Raspberry Daiquiri A better daiquiri? Oh yes!

White Chocolate Mango Mojito Delicious tropical twist!

Our chocolate martinis are infused with dark chocolate and toasted nightly as a bestseller. Enough for 16 drinks (but who’s counting?).

Flavors of vanilla ice cream and coffee are blended with our rich signature chocolate. Just add vodka, friends and shake well.

Creamy white chocolate blends with tangy raspberry to put a new spin on a classic daiquiri. Add rum or vodka and invite some friends.

Classic mojito flavors of lime and mint mix with cool tropical mango and our creamy white chocolate. Delicious!

32 oz.

32 oz.

6 packets

6 packets

#3040D $20

#3041D 20 $

#3042D 18 $

#3043D $18


Creamy and Delectable.. Beverages

Enjoy chai tea chilled on those hot summer days!




Albert goal/Mo. Team Lead er, GA $1,3 00 Former Ca reer Stay-at-Ho me Mom income

My DCD b usiness ha s enabled u s to move to a better p lace that’s c lo se r to some of o ur family. M aking the move from a condo in Florida to a farm in Georgia w here my kids will g row up wit h their gre at grandfath er is the b est gift I ca n give to the m - and m e.

Chai Tea The way it was meant to be! Enjoy it your way — chocolate or spiced, hot or iced. Mix any chai with a container of dessert topping for a great dip with fruit, or spoon liberally on any dessert for a grand finale. chocolate: 6 packets

#3130D 15 $

spiced: 6 packets


#3131D $15

Chai Tea Sample Pack Why choose just one? Don’t know which chai to pick? Give them each a try: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and spice flavors. 3 packets of each. 12 packets

#3140D $22

Can we offer You a Drink? ... Smoothie mixes in all your favorite flavors!

W hy D C

D? Devote 5 1 0 F lexibility hrs/wee k Extra $$ So mething new! I Challenge DOVEÂŽ myself Travel & p erks!

Frosty White Chocolate Smoothie Simple, sweet white cocoa!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Smoothie A classic, now sippable!

Coconut Chocolate Chip Smoothie It’s island time!

Taste a delicious new way to enjoy the luxury of premium white chocolate... in a glass. Garnish with berries for a refreshing treat.

We chose the perfect blend of creamy peanut butter and dark chocolate chips to make a smoothie to satisfy grown-up tastes and our best childhood memories.

Tropical coconut flavor blends into a wave of chocolate-chip deliciousness. Add rum for a grown-up treat.

6 packets

#3125D 18 $

6 packets

#3127D 18

6 packets

#3126D $18




Health & Wellness ... harness the power of cocoa

Have you had your cocoa flavanols today? Each packet of Vitalize TM is made with a unique cocoa extract, delivering 150 mg of cocoa flavanols in every great-tasting, easy to use serving. Flavanols are unique phytonutrients found in apples, cherries, grapes, teas and … cocoa! Turns out that cocoa has a unique mixture of flavanols found in no other food in nature. Cocoa flavanols help to support your circulatory system, so nutrients and oxygen get where they need to go. Each serving of Vitalize delivers 150 mg of cocoa flavanols, to hep you stay at your personal best everyday. While traditional handling and processing of cocoa can destroy flavanols, scientists at Mars, Incorporated have figured out how

to protect them. Studying cocoa for nearly two decades, these scientists have perfected a special process that gently handles the cocoa beans, protecting them from high temperatures and extreme processing to retain more of the flavanols found naturally in each bean. This process is the Cocoapro® process and Mars, Incorporated is the only company that has it. Thanks to the brilliance of Mars, Incorporated scientists combined with the ingenuity of scientists around the globe, this amazing discovery puts the spotlight on cocoa as the hot new superfruit. Enjoy the goodness of cocoa flavanols with each serving of Vitalize - it’s cocoa like you’ve never tasted before!



30 servings

30 servings



#1035D $39

30 servings

#1036D $39

#1033D $39

30 servings

#1034D $39

Save 24% on VitalizeTM! Pick up a 3-month supply of Vitalize for only $89 (usually $117), that’s less than $1 per serving!* TM


*Host dollars and host ½ price choices do not apply to this offer

Start Your own Business

And use your host dollars to get started! Ask your Chocolatier how your party can be the beginning of a fun new chocolate business!


Terri Wojta


o. Team Leader,icz KS $1k Corporate Fin ance Former Career & HR Professio nal income goa l/M

I have my mas

business and

ters in

worked in erica for year s. I left in 2007 w hen we move d to Ft Leavenworth and my husb and deployed. Five years later, I discovered D CD and I don’ t have to go back - I’v e replaced m y part-time job income and lo ok forward to m aking much m ore. The best part – I’m accounta ble for my own su ccess. corporate Am


From Our Kitchen to Yours SAVORY GOURMET

You’ll never look at sweet and savory the same way again! Ne




e! Fav

Roasted Chipotle Chocolate Salsa Not your ordinary salsa! Our salsa starts with fresh fire-roasted tomatoes, sweet onions and fresh cilantro sparked with a little chipotle and lime juice. Then, we finish it off with just the right amount of cocoa and dark chocolate extract. Yum!


Artisan Salts Brighten any dish quickly! Bring out the flavor of chocolate with our artisan sea salts. Sprinkle Zesty Ginger on a Merlot Fudge Sauce sundae or rim a glass of your favorite DCD drink with Sparking Lime. These salts will fast become a staple in your kitchen!

sweet ‘N’ Spicy Cocoa Rub Genuine gourmet flavor!

Zesty Ginger Sea Salt, 2.5 oz.

Get gourmet flavor with our versatile chocolate rub. This blend of cocoa, sea salt, a touch of brown sugar, garlic, onion and smoked paprika is excellent on meats and veggies. Flavor done right and done quickly!

#3398D $14

3 oz. tin

11.3 oz. jar

Sparkling Lime Sea Salt, 2.5 oz.

#3406D 12

#3399D $14

#3400D $10


... Spice up any dinner table! Sauces, rubs, dressings for every taste.

e! Fav

Sweet ‘N’ Smoky chocolate BBQ Sauce Dip it, brush it, slather it!

MOLE SIMMERING SAUCE Not too sweet, not too spicy!

This is a BBQ sauce unlike any you’ve tasted. Molasses, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, champagne vinegar, tomatoes and a special spice blend combine into a perfect grilling sauce.

Pronounced MOH-lay, moles are the great sauces of Mexican cooking. Just like the best, ours is a rich, smooth simmering sauce that is simply delicious. Add meat and vegetables to prepare easy meals on your stove top, or brush on for a new grilling favorite.

15 oz. bottle

12 oz. jar

#3402D 12 $

#3404D $12

Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette A delicious blend!

White Chocolate Raspberry Vinaigrette Add sparkle and spice!

Transform ordinary greens with this sophisticated blend of balsamic vinegar, fig, orange, white chocolate and vanilla. It’s true: You can now put chocolate on your salad!

It has the sparkle of raspberry paired with champagne vinegar. Creamy white chocolate is balanced with accents of chilies and spice.

12 oz. bottle

#3403D $12

#3401D 12 $

12 oz. bottle


elicious Tre D y l u at Tr At Your Delicious Desserts

designed to impress...



Sweet, easy dessert mixes




... and whip up quick!


! ef’s Tip Fun Ch

Truffle g yo u r ions: Direct ive! Try castin s! Here pe at Get cre ps into fun sha be tray to o -cu Fudge P d a square ice u p in a ed them se we’ve u pops and serv sibilities are ur p os make o ffin pan . The ! mu gination playful ly by you r ima on limited

Truffle Fudge Pop A sunny day treat! This favorite childhood treat brings back memories of the ice cream truck, but even yummier! Prepare as instructed and freeze into creative shapes for extra fun for everyone! 12 oz.

#3121D $15

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Warm & gooey on the inside! Make an easy and scrumptious chocolate dessert that tastes like you worked on it for hours. Garnish with whipped cream and berries for an elegant presentation that’s sure to get oohs and aahs! 12 (when made in muffin tin)

#3248D $14 20

Chocolate Mousse Gourmet made easy! Make velvety mousse in minutes! Just add our ChefSeries Chocolate to the mix with some heavy cream and you have dessert! Each kit comes with 1½ lbs. dark or milk chocolate. Your choice! dark: 6 packets

#3219D $36 milk: 6 packets

#3221D $36

Tastes like homemade because it is Just follow the directions and don’t forget to add love.

e! Fav

e! Fav


Choco-TOFFEE Chip Cookie

White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Cake

Saigon Swirl Cinnamon Roll

Fudge batter with our premium DCD™ Dark Chocolate Baking Bits makes for an ultimate chocolate treat. Deliciously gooey right out of the oven. Gone in a flash.

Combine caramel toffee and DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™ Dark Chocolate Baking Bits, fold them into a buttery blondie cookie mix laced with Madagascar bourbon vanilla and you have created true bliss.

Meyer lemon, known for its sweet, fresh flavor, combines with our white chocolate and a touch of Madagascar bourbon vanilla to create a deliciously different confection. Meyer lemon frosting included.

Is there anything better than delicious, fresh-out-of-theoven cinnamon rolls? The scent of Saigon cinnamon and a hint of chocolate will bring everyone to the table while the gooey frosting will have everyone licking their fingers and asking for seconds!

approx. 16-20 brownies

#3240D $14

2 dozen cookies

#3237D $14

an 8-inch cake or 12 cupcakes

#3247D $14

14 rolls

#3238D $14


Chef’s Specials

Chef’s Specials... ait ’ Yogurt Parf DCD Fruit ‘N

DCD Zesty Braised Pork

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Breakfast Special Fruit ‘N’ Yogurt Parfait

Not a morning person? Not a problem! We’ll have you smiling at sunup with our Breakfast Special Kit. Includes: • Frosted White Smoothie Mix $18 • Spiced Chai Tea $15 • Choco-Granola Fruit Crunch $12 Value: $45 You save 14%!

#5107D $39


Directions: ther yogurt wl, whisk toge In a medium bo ned. In a tall bi m co m ix until and smoothie ernately with alt gurt mixture yo r uit ye la s, as gl o-Granola Fr rries and Choc DCD of ll fu sliced strawbe ug m e with a warm ast! Crunch. Serv essive breakf a for an impr Te ai Ch Spiced

Directions: Combine pork and cocoa rub until thoroughly coated. In a sauté pan ove r high heat, sear the pork until it is lightly browned . Remove from pan. In the bowl of a crock pot, combine seared pork, chicken stock, Mole or BB Q Sauce and onion. Cook on low for 5-6 hou rs, or until tender. Add salt to taste. Serve over stea med rice garnished with salsa and a green sala d dressed with DCD Chocolate Fig Balsam ic Vin aigrette.

Culinary genius meets chocolate ... ... perfect for any time of day!

DCD Truffle Fudge Berry Brownies with Caramel Frappe Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Lunch/Dinner Special Zesty Braised Pork Entrée

Dessert Special Truffle Fudge Berry Brownie

Let the complex, gourmet flavors of savory chocolate dance along your taste buds with our Lunch and Dinner Special. Includes:

Bring out the smiles with this special treat!

• Salsa $12 • Mole Simmering Sauce $12 • BBQ sauce $12 • Fig Vinaigrette $12 • Cocoa rub $10 Value: $58 You save 14%!

#5108D $50

Set Includes: • Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix $14 • Chardonnay Caramel Sauce $20 • White Chocolate Mint Martini $20 • Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Collection $20 Value: $74 You save 15%!

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 deg rees F. Prepare Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix as directed. Fold Chocolate Covered Fru it into batter, and bake according to package dire ctions. In a separate bowl, fold Car amel Sauce into whipped topping and refrigerate. Slice brownies into 2” squares, top with a dollop of caramel whipped cream, and serve.

#5109D $63 23

The art of presentation. FINISHING TOUCHES

Sweet drips, drops, dusts and sauces...

DCD Chipo tle-Spiced Q ueso

Directions: Place all ingr edients exce pt for black into a slow beans cooker. Coo k on High, st occasionally irring until the chee se has melte the dip is ho d and t, 1 to 2 hour s. Stir in the beans, and black cook 15 min utes more. Chef’s Tip! Make qu ick and easy qu esadillas by cooked and adding shredded ch icken breast warm queso. s to the Spread betw een 2 tortilla bake for a qu s and ick and easy restau rant qu quesadilla! ality


mango and raspberry dessert sauces Finish drinks & dishes! Make the same fancy designs you see in restaurants with our easy, delicious dessert sauces. You can even drizzle into drinks or add to salad dressings. 3 packets of each flavor, 2 reusable mixing bottles

#3295D 18 $

Baking Bits Just try not to snack on these! Our signature dark chocolate morsels have a creamy, minty center. Our Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Baking Bits turn ordinary into extraordinary. mint-filled dark chocolate 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3266D $12 peanut butter milk chocolate 2 x 8 oz. bags

#3269D $12

Cocoa Powder with Shaker Keep your cocoa handy! Sprinkle cocoa on frosting, martinis, you name it! Dishwasher-safe stainless steel shaker with plastic lid and unsweetened cocoa powder. Cocoa Powder w/shaker, 5 oz.

#1040D $19 5 oz. cocoa refill

#3220D $9

... Is all in the sweet finishes ... all add up to bright smiles, oohs and ahhs!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

chardonnay caramel sauce* Makes everything delicious! Slow-cooked to caramelized perfection, laced with cream, vanilla and real Chardonnay wine. Drizzle on fruit, ice cream, mousse. Makes any dessert a special treat. 9 oz.

#3299D $20

merlot fudge sauce* A twist on a classic! Deliciously creamy chocolate blended with Merlot wine. Drizzle on brownies, cake or mousse. Makes a perfect host gift. 9 oz.

#3296D $20

* Note: These products contain alcohol in excess of 4% by weight but not more than 5% by weight. Use of or sale of this product to persons under 21 years of age is unlawful. As with any products containing alcohol, pregnant women should consult their physician. In addition, consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

Petite Chocolate Dessert Cups Perfect for finger foods!

Dark Chocolate Leaves Add a touch of elegance!

Simple, elegant, versatile, deliciously edible chocolate cups! Fill with mousse, fruit, ice cream and your imagination. Dark or milk.

Embellish a cupcake or brownie with these 1Âź-inch leaf-sized bites of chocolate. Float one on a martini, dress up a cake, embellish your mousse.

milk: box of 20

#3112D $28 dark: box of 20

#3113D $28

28 pieces

#3095D $15 25

HAnd-made Candies... CANDY CREATIVITY

... made easy with the right supplies!

Great Gift!

Great Gift!

Chef-Series Chocolate

milk chocolate: 4 bars

Everything starts with our delicious, rich and uniquely creamy, ultra-premium ChefSeries Chocolate. The meltin-your-mouth texture is truly one of a kind. Individually wrapped in 2 oz. bars to maintain freshness and segmented into ½ oz. pieces for easy measuring.

milk chocolate: 12 bars


#3010D $8

#3015D $18

dark chocolate: 4 bars

#3000D $8

dark chocolate: 12 bars

#3005D $18 white chocolate: 4 bars

#3012D $13

PRO-SERIES TEMPERING UNIT Tempering made simple!

Classic Chocolate Fondue Set Easy and elegant!

This machine lets you know exactly when the chocolate is perfectly tempered. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have candy with professional gloss and snap. The unit comes with removable stainless steel bowl, scrapers, dipping tool and mixing blade.

Made by Chantal®, our white ceramic fondue pot holds up to 3 cups. Melt your favorite DCD™ chocolate, and serve with fruit, brownies, or cookies. Set includes 4 stainless steel forks and tea light candle. All are dishwasher-safe. Fondue pot oven- and microwave-safe.

#1000D $349*

#1031D $30

*Available as an option for 50% off if you host a party over $350. Host dollars and ½ price choices do not apply to this offer.

Set Your creativity free... ... and make your own professional-style candies!

Set of 3 Textured Transfer Sheets Your candies at the next level!

Set of 3 Design Transfer Sheets Works with our candy molds!

These modern, sophisticated and easy-to- use textured transfer sheets add the perfect touch. Our set includes artistic textures like curls, cushions and geometric patterns. They’re re-usable and hand-washable. Each sheet is 10 x 16 in.

Decorate handmade chocolates with unique transfer sheet designs. Made with cocoa butter, they’re easy to fit into our magnetic chocolate molds. Each comes with three designs, polka dots, stripes and flowers.

#1020D $49

set of three patterns

set of three sheets

square mold

#3027D $24

#3033D $24

Chocolate Dippers Dunk, don’t drop!

CHOCOLATE MOLDS Make candy like a pro!

Dip it. Stab it. Lift it. Whether it’s a marshmallow, delicate fruit or tiny nut, these dippers grab that morsel and won’t let it go until it’s drenched in yumminess! There are three long-handled dippers in a single box.

These magnetic twopart molds let you create chocolate candy in contemporary square and classic heart shapes. Just pour in tempered chocolate, refrigerate, and pop out. Each mold makes 15 candies.

pack of 3

heart mold

#1080D 15 $

#1021D 49 $


Cooking Accessories

Let’s Eat In! Host your own DCD Chocolate party, and qualify to get this amazing package at half-price! Start with a crisp salad and our Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, then move on to a delicious cheese fondue made with our Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Cocoa Rub. Finish the meal by dipping our Truffle Fudge Brownies into warm milk chocolate while sipping chocolate martinis and nibbling on our Sea-Salted Caramels.

Kit Includes: • Chocolate Martini Mix • 4 martini glasses • Our DCD shaker • Classic Chocolate Fondue Set • 1 LB Chef-Series Milk Chocolate

• Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette • Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Cocoa Rub • Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix • Sea Salted Caramels (24 pc)

#5110D $174* *Available as an option for 50% off if you host a party over $350. Host dollars and ½ price choices do not apply to this offer.


my Tea m g n i d il u B Greta Sa m a r a T Eva pa rties/mo If they do 4 ies, that’s & I do 6 pa rt onth!! $1020 a m oa ble! D y ll a t o T

Buy any 3 martinis and get the shaker free!*

Tools of the Trade

So you can create like a real pro!

*Host dollars and host ½ price choices do not apply to this offer

COCKTAIL SHAKER Shake it like a pro!

Offset Spatula A real multi-tasker!

Professional Scraper Baker’s favorite tool!

Pastry Bag Piping at its best!

There’s something so sophisticated and elegant about mixing up some Chocolate Martinis in this retro-styled stainless steel shaker. Just add a little black dress!

Our spatula makes frosting cupcakes a breeze! With its comfy soft-grip handle and stainless steel blade, it’s a master at maneuvering cookies or brownies from tight corners. Dishwashersafe. Boxed.

Perfect for scraping up dough or frosting, chopping fruits and nuts, and cutting brownies. Makes a great gift for bakers, dishwasher-safe. Boxed.

Put the squeeze on our exclusive 15-inch chef-style pastry bag and see how easy it is to up your dessert-making skills. Just wash, rinse, create, repeat. Includes professionalgrade star tip. Dishwashersafe.

3½ x 9 in., 700 mL

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#1102D $20


Host a party* HOST WITH THE MOST

Share the fun and excitement of DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES Earn Host dollars based on your party* sales. The higher the sales, the more Host dollars you earn.

When party* sales are $350 or more, you can buy items at half price. Hosts also receive FREE SHIPPING on everything they order when guest sales are $200+ with three or more buying guests. What could be better than getting together with friends and family to taste the latest in chocolate? DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIESTM makes picking up those Host gifts and finding great new entertaining ideas easy, convenient and FUN! No more running out at the last minute for a gift to take when you get an unexpected invitation to dinner. And DCD parties make getting gifts for teachers and special people in your life a breeze! Even better, when you host a party you can get some of the delicious goodies you want at a significant discount, or even FREE! †

And there’s more...

Host your own DCD party over $350 in guest sale and qualify for your choice of one special purchase available at 50% off – exclusively for our DCD Hosts! Choose either the Pro-Series Tempering Unit (p. 26) or the “Let’s Eat In!” Special (p. 28) and save 50% on your purchase – an amazing value! Host a party with 10 buying guests and $350 in sales and you can choose any full-priced $20 catalog item AND receive our best-selling Chocolate Martini Mix FREE – a $40 value!


Party Sales

Host Dollars %

½ priced items †

Eligible for 50% off Host Exclusive





















Host dollars may not be used to purchase half-priced items. Host-exclusive is already discounted for the Host and cannot be purchased with Host dollars or as half-priced items. Pro-Series Tempering Unit and Let’s Eat In special may not be purchased with Host dollars or as half-priced item. VitalizeTM and Martini specials may not be combined with any other offer, and may not be purchased with host dollars or as ½ price items. * A party is a minimum of $200 in party sales and 3 buying guests. † Regular priced catalog items only. Discounted items and bundles are not eligible.



Reap the Rewards Check out these goodies!

for Success

at Dove Chocolate DiscoveriesTM

VIP Signature Mars Product Box:

When two of your friends book and hold their own parties, you’ll receive our exclusive Mars signature product gift box, a treat reserved for valuable business partners.‡

1. Take one incredible company backed by a world

leader in chocolate

2. Add one person with a dream 3. Mix in delicious products and eager customers 4. Top with flexible hours, no bosses, and great income 5. Add personal & professional growth to taste

Save 50%

When your party sales are $350 + you can purchase this Host Exclusive and save 50%!

Let’s Eat In! A Host Exclusive! Start with a crisp salad and our Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, then move on to a delicious cheese fondue made with our Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Cocoa Rub. Finish the meal by dipping our Truffle Fudge Brownies into warm milk chocolate while sipping chocolate martinis and nibbling on our Sea-Salted Caramels. A perfect evening for you and your friends! See everything that’s

6. And sprinkle with friendship, travel and tons of fun

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? To find out more about how you can be a part of our growing business, just speak to your Chocolatier! You can find contact information on the back of this catalog.

Symbol Key e! Fav

A fan favorite!

included in the kit on page 28!

Great Gift!

Makes a great gift!

‡ Offer good from February 1, 2013 through August 31, 2013. Parties must be entered and submitted with the original party order and be completed by October 31, 2013 to be eligible. DCD will ship your gift box to you once the orders from your friends’ parties are submitted. Gift subject to change without notice.

GrKosher eat Gift!

Parve: No Meat or Dairy

Contains Dairy


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