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Press Release: ABC@Work – Attitude, Behavior & Culture in organizations Research shows that ABC-issues are the biggest success and fail factor for every (organisational) change or performance improvement initiative. Ignoring them leads to higher costs, increased business risk, increased dissatisfaction, more frustration and more severe resistance to change. Existing certification and training in best practices has not resolved these issues in the last 10 – 15 years. The focus was too much on knowledge and frameworks and not enough on engaging and involving people to change their own ways of working, creating increased buy-in, energy and helping to overcome resistance. This is why ABC@Work has been created. The initial solution focus is based on the ABC of ICT principles developed originally by Jan Schilt and Paul Wilkinson from GamingWorks. The aim of ABC@Work is to help employees, team leaders, managers and HRD to address Attitude, Behavior and Culture problems in their work, team and company. We will enable this by developing highly effective solutions (workshops, training, coaching, action learning programs) and facilitate the transfer of the outcomes of these solutions into the working environment to create a better performance of the whole company. Our Approach is based on 3 principles: 1. People (employees, team leaders and managers) are aware of the current ABC issues and the impact on performance. 2. Learning and improvement are part of ‘Normal’ work where everybody plays an important role in identifying issues, working on solutions and improving performance. 3. Actively involving and empowering people to change themselves helps change attitude. That will lead to more effective behavior and ultimately influence and change culture. The products and solutions we offer to support and enable this are: • ABC Books and self awareness and assessment instruments • ABC Workshops and Training • HRD support to HRD and HRM professionals to help scope and develop learning and development programs • ABC Certification and accreditation programs • Action Learning programs for confronting and helping to change specific attitude and behavior.

If you are • a manager who wants to create a high performing team, department or organization by resolving ABC worst practices together with your people • a HRM or HRD manager and you want to change and develop the ABC in your company to align with changing business demands and goals • a trainer/consultant and you want to learn how to address ABC to ensure more successful change and project success Contact us at or visit: