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Factsheet ABC C Workshop Facilitator Online ’70 – 80% of ITSM improvement initiatives fail to deliver value. 52% fail because of resistance. IT is becoming too important, we can no longer afford to fail to successfully apply best practice frameworks such as ITIL. Why do these initiatives continue to fail? It is because of Attitude, Behavior and Culture issues. Unless these ABC issues are resolved organizations will continue to struggle.’ In a survey 94% of respondents said current ITIL training and certification doesn’t help address ABC issues. Something Somet new is needed!’ With this Web Based Training you’ll learn about ABC, what it is and why it is important. You will also learn from the authors and developers of the ABC of ICT™ books and cards how to facilitate your own ABC workshops. It is based on state tate of the art knowledge and experience about learning, and will help 1 you on your road to becoming an internationally recognized ‘accredited workshop facilitator’.

Why ABC Workshops?

ABC Workshops are a powerful way to identify and address Attitude, Behavior and Culture issues within organizations. itSMF organizations around the world have been conducting ABC workshops using the ABC of ICT card set and publishing articles about ABC of ICT. As a result many training and consulting companies as well as customer organizations want do these workshops themselves. The ABC exercises you’ll learn create awareness and the urgency about which behavior leads to unacceptable business risk, waste time, effort and costs. costs Identifying shared needs and desired attitude and behavior, behavior helps to empower organizations from within.

This online training offers an answer to the following questions: What is ABC of ICT™ & why and how was it developed? What are Attitude, Behavior & Culture ulture and how do they relate to each other? What are the most common ABC worst practices according to IT professionals Worldwide? What ABC worst practices do you recognize in YOUR organization? How to assess your own ABC? How to deal with these according to the experts? How to engage people in resolving ABC worst practices? How to recognize and deal with resistance? When and How to use the ABC Exercises? How to facilitate ABC Workshops? Suggestions for follow-up actions.


See EXIN for the International certification of ABC of ICT Workshop Facilitator programme

Factsheet ABC Workshop Facilitator Online


Target audience Team eam leaders, managers, HRD, trainers and consultants that want to address ABC and offer Workshops.

How are you prepared by this online training? training Whitepapers extracts xtracts and Multimedia presentations explain the theory You do the ABC exercises yourself Multiple-choice questions test your understanding of the theory Quick results and feedback on your answers help clarify the theory Incorrect answers are cross referenced to the material to aid your studies Contact support through emailil on issues relating to ABC of ICT Workshop facilitation The Online training tool will remain available for 12 months after initial login. During this period content will periodically be updated with new materials like white papers, results of worldwide surveys surveys or feedback from experts in the field. You can start and follow discussions with other delegates and our ABC trainers. Note: The intelligence behind the questions is based on the MemoTrainer™ engine.

Workload About 6 to 12 hours of work.

training Why participants recommend this training? ‘Allows Allows organization to identify their ‘worst practices’’ practices’ ‘Powerful, Powerful, reflective, provoking open communication’ communication ‘Only ABC makes ITIL work’ ‘Very useful in any customer – user relation’ relation ‘ABC is a part of management of change, ange, which is important for Service Managers’

More about ABC of ICT™ ABC@WORK is working together with EXIN to develop an accreditation program for Workshop facilitators. For more information For further information about ABC@WORK: ABC@WORK

Factsheet ABC Workshop Facilitator Online



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