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23/5/2012 Comm Mag ideas

Get involved:    

Encourage people to use Twitter – benefits, why should communication students use Twitter? (Not everyone has smartphones). Event volunteers: i.e. RNV, 2012 – raise awareness, personal images/videos/comments Get involved in the community – not as boring as sounds, can join USU for upcoming events and Auckland based event orgs. Familiarise new students with USU – (approach): it isn’t as lame as many think.

Include:      

Quick eats – vending machines, kitchen provided. – don’t be embarrassed to make something up, your paying fees to learn, at least settle your biological needs. Comm student’s comments: image of student, and their comment. Who to interview? Thomas Benzie / 1 female student – what to interview about? QR Code The teacher ‘open door’ policy – don’t be scared etc if unsure whether to ask or not? Mun’s office has Mac’s. USU events – career experience; create contacts. (link article to USU website)

Additional:   

Gather up a team of IM wiz’s and spread the Unitec word around campus. I.e. The changes in the student loan, winter brings…Fashion? Sicknesses? Top pocket flasks? Keep warm! List the courses/majors available in building 172: Business. Learn how to become a Photoshop wiz, comp tech labs (Windows) / Mun’s office. (Mac)

Teacher I.D. cards were edited by me. Step by step process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Photo of my I.D. was taken by my own cellular phone Emailed to Own I.D. was edited on Paint New I.D’s were created with the information from Moodle. A private picture was also taken.

Inside cover page: Welcome note: Draft …………Oh! Hello there! Sorry, I was side-tracked by a little blue bird; it wouldn’t stop Tweeting @me! Anyways, welcome to ‘King Comm’ magazine…Here is where ‘King Comm’ will carry you to a better understanding of whom to seek career advice from, the ‘ins and outs’ of the communication department and which upcoming events to ‘Get Involved’ in. Other than that, enjoy King Comm’s short journey. Cheers, Doug Surtees

Photos will be collaged together by using Photoshop. All images will be taken using a private camera with the use of the Internet for labelling and advertisements.

Why students use Twitter in the classroom:     

It allows students to tap into an amazing community of people from around the world to find out what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing in different ways. Twitter makes students smarter because among those available in the network who collectively know and can share personal experiences. A group is smarter and more powerful than any single member If students (using Twitter) want to know something they’ll quite often ask followers before searching on Google. Research tools are available on Twitter, like TwitScoop: At any point in time to see what is trending up in the Twitterverse at any point in time. In a sense Twitter becomes a news service with this and you’ll quickly find if there is a breaking story somewhere in the world by watching it. Empowering students who are otherwise less likely to engage with their teachers.

Quick eats: King Comm is hungry, he needs to eat NOW! Waiting till the end of the day is not an option. “Your brain works just like a vehicle. A vehicle requires gas, oil, water, brake fluid and other components to function well. Your brain also requires certain materials to function well: Sugar (glucose), Vitamins & Minerals and other essential chemicals. Our main mental fuel is Glucose that can be found in carbohydrates of all sorts.” From the extract taken from, it clearly expresses the importance of glucose for the brain to fully function. There are various options available to you within the building to snack on. It may not be substantial but it will contribute towards better concentration. If a substantial meal is required, Subway and the kitchen in the foyer are also available. Don’t be embarrassed to make use of the kitchen, no one is judging! After all, you are paying to learn, you may as well settle your biological needs. For further information visit: http:/ / or scan the QR code.

Moodle 2.2 From July 2012, all courses currently using Moodle 1.9 will begin using of the new, upgraded version, Moodle 2.2. All communication students, if not already, should become familiar with Moodle 2.2 because adapting to the changes will prepare you for similar situations in the work field, which ever it may be. Although it may not seem serious now, but as individuals grow older, the more fixed they become in their ways. It will benefit all to become comfortable with the Moodle changes. Event Volunteers: Presently, USU is organising numerous Unitec events. Advertising posters are placed on notice boards throughout the campus. USU events are easy to volunteer for; they are always looking for students to partake. Whether or not you are majoring in event management, it is worth creating contacts and gaining experience from experts who can teach you effective techniques which theory cannot. Students who are unsure on what to major in, volunteering in events will provide great insight on what the field entails. 

Benefit from experience with USU and be a part of the mediated, creative team. (If preferred) – is there?

USU upcoming events: (USU posters) 1. Olympic Games Party (Fri, 27 July) 2. Unitec Civil Engineering Ball 2012 &region_id=1 Underneath events – Remember this, it’s about whom you know, not what you know.

Lecture ‘open-door’ policy: Did you know that the majority of the lectures have an ‘open-door’ policy? This means you can approach lecturers freely without feeling as if you are crossing boundaries. However, Jocelyn Williams (Course coordinator; H.O.D. Communication Studies) and Sara Donaghey (Programme Leader) prefer to book appointments but then again, feel free to approach them and organise a booking time.

Dcomm22 – Nina? Twitter addresses, Office hours, include any other courses


KING COMM is an online magazine, produced by an Unitec student, for Unitec students studying Communication.

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