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Gerard Grisey Le Noir de l’Etoile Residency in Putney, Vermont Residency Dates: May 19-26, 2012 Performance: May 25, 2012 Yellow Barn invites four percussionists to join Eduardo Leandro and Douglas Perkins, along with astronomer Tom Geballé of the Gemini Observatory in Hilo, Hawaii, to participate in a week-long workshop dedicated to Gerard Grisey’s Le Noir de l’Etoile. The workshop culminates in an outdoor performance at sunset, on Yellow Barn’s summer campus at the Greenwood School. Yellow Barn Residencies take place in Putney, a historic village in southeastern Vermont. Rehearsal facilities are located on Yellow Barn’s summer campus at the Greenwood School. Yellow Barn will provide housing within the local community, and some meals that will take place on the Greenwood School campus or with local hosts. Audition Requirements (1) Iannis Xenakis’ Rebonds B for solo percussion (1989); and (2) a work of your own choosing Application Instructions: To apply, please visit and fill out the Yellow Barn application. Percussionists applying for the Grisey residency may also choose to audition for the summer festival at Yellow Barn. Only live auditions will be considered for the Grisey Residency. Send all application materials via e-mail, mail, or fax by January 23, 2012, along with a $20 non-refundable application fee ($65 if you are also auditioning for the summer program at Yellow Barn) to: Lisa Kang, Production Manager | PO Box 1721 Baltimore, MD 21203 | Fax: (802) 387-4726 | Tel: (818) 923-8783 Audition Dates and Locations Jan. 27: New Haven, CT | Jan. 28: New York, NY | Feb. 10: Los Angeles, CA | Feb. 17: Baltimore, MD About Grisey’s Le Noir de l’Etoile In 1967, a young astronomer detected in the heavens a rapidly varying radio signal, in the form of periodic impulses 1.3 seconds apart. The discovery caused a sensation. The impulses were so regular that for a while they were taken to be signals coming from extraterrestrial civilizations. Then astrophysicists revealed a truth that was just as surprising: the signals were being emitted by a pulsar, the fantastic compact residue created by the supernova explosions that long ago disintegrated the massive stars. – Jean-Pierre Luminet, Astrophysicist at the Paris-Meudon Observatory More than twenty years later, inspired by this discovery and those sounds, composer Gérard Grisey wrote Le Noir de l’Etoile. His work transports us to a distant part of the universe as the signals emanating from two pulsars are integrated into a fantastical world of sound created by the six percussionists surrounding their audience.

YB Grisey w/ dates  

HERE IS A GREAT PERCUSSION OPPORTUNITY! Wanna come to Vermont and play Grisey's Le Noire de l'Etoile with Eduardo Leandro and me as part of...

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