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We haven’t seen your name

Entered for the CIAO show at the Prairie Center By Doug and Eileen Leunig

It's really no surprise actually. You are in the majority. Sixty six percent of CIAO has not signed up to be a part of the wonderful opportunity. So we had to ask ourselves “why” and we came up with an answer. We need to be clearer about the opportunity, and define what it really is. If you can spare 15 minutes we would like to rectify our lack of clarity about Sparks, but it’s going to require some readin’. By the end of this article if you are still not interested in being a part of this show at least maybe attend the opening to see what you missed and see how closely it matched your expectations.

Sparks exhibition Oct 15-Nov. 18


What in the heck is Sparks? Sparks is an exhibition of CIAO artists at the Prairie Center for the Arts October 15 – November 18.

What's the theme of the show? Sparks theme is an expression of appreciation for the women in our lives who have nurtured creative expression, given encouragement, or fanned a spark of inspiration.

We crafted a complimentary theme to dovetail with her prevailing theme. She loved our idea and offered 6,000 sq. ft. of gallery space to exhibit works of art.

Why is it limited to only a woman's influence? Sparks is part of the Citywide Celebration of Women Artist organized by Channy Lyons. She chose the overall theme now shared by 17 participating venues. Channy has organized all the logistics and promotions and is doing all the work. She has the most say-so.

My art doesn’t fit the show theme. Why should I care? You’re wrong. If you make art and are a CIAO member, you can participate in this show. The only thing you have to do additionally is to provide us with 200 words or less about a woman who has influenced you OR your art. Everybody know at least one women who has changed them.

Why are CIAO men and women both invited to participate? When Channy offered us the opportunity to be a part of the event, we told her CIAO was inclusive and could only support a venue of our full membership.

You don’t have to have a direct connection to the work hanging on the wall. It would be great if there is one, and we hope to receive many, but ultimately a written acknowledgement or appreciation of a woman will suffice. For example...

What do I have to do to be able to participate in CIAO Sparks exhibition?

Jerry McNeil has told the story that he had a woman as a teacher who introduced him to ceramics. While this piece shown to the left is not the one he will place in the Sparks exhibit, this art exists Email Janet Keturi to let us know you want to be in the show. We also will need your artist because of his teacher. statement or “story” about the woman you want to acknowledge when you drop off your art. It will help us if you send it electronically to Janet so we don’t have to input it into the computer. Give us up to 200 words and we will output it to look good and hang it next to your art.

Next, you need to drop off your art at the Prairie Center for the Arts, 1506 SW Washington Street on Saturday October 5 or Sunday October 6 from 12pm - 4pm.

Craig Stocks is still considering which piece he will submit for the show, but this is one possibility. “In 2006, for my anniversary present, my wife secretly signed me up for a landscape photography workshop in Jekyll Island. It turns out that this photo is one of my alltime favorites. The photo is obviously in honor of my wife, Deb. I couldn't be doing what I'm doing without her support. I don't know what I'd do without her.” Eileen's Leunig’s appreciation of a woman’s influence in her life might come from her grandmother teaching her at an early age that books can open a universe of possibilities she would never have by herself. Her art may have absolutely nothing to do with her grandmother or books. However, a universe of possibilities is what she is now living as an artist.


Opening reception F r i d a y, O c t o b e r 1 8 6pm - 8pm The opening reception is open to the public. You can bring as many guests as you wish to share in the experience. It’s going to be a great time for everybody to enjoy the things we are passionate about.

This page was intentionally left with little substance.

Here’s more information about the Citywide Celebration of Women Artists, Sample works from CCWA artists, Channy Lyons, ArtsPartners image campaign, and information from Arts Alliance Illinois on the economic impact of the arts.

A Citywide Celebration of Women Artists at seventeen community art galleries, studios, colleges and societies in Peoria, Peoria Heights, Dunlap and Morton. Works by and about contemporary and historical women artists from the Peoria area and around the county will be featured. The works of Notre Dame and Peoria high school students who use their creativity to represent a woman who is important in their lives will be shown online and digitally at the Peoria Heights Library and the Prairie Center of the Arts. Maps and podcasts will guide community members and

visitors to the exhibitions. Event calendars will highlight events about women writers and actors as well as visual artists. For more information please contact the participating galleries and look at the Celebration facebook page at Citywide.Celebration.Of.Wome n.Artists/timeline

This was an early map, there are now 17 venues.

Why I make art… I make art because making art is less painful than not making art. For me it is like oxygen, I can’t live without it. It is what and who I am. Steph Van Doren About the painting… Icarae represents the feminine of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. However, this strong woman has touched the sun and is returning with it to Earth. Steph Van Doren Icarae Acrylic on canvas, 48x36 in. “Sparks*CIAO Closes the Gap” October 15-November 15 Prairie Center of the Arts 1506 SW Washington St, Peoria 309-657-6767

Did we mention that we are promoting heavily? Right now Channy has been doing all the heavy lifting, but going forward Chris Tobin is being enlisted to help. He is the one who does all of the Leunig’s design business. And don’t think for a second that we aren’t going to turn over backwards to GET THE WORD OUT. We will do our best.

Check for the full article.

October is National Arts and Humanities Month. ArtsPartners has chosen to build awareness about the value and economic impact of the arts.

AND NOW a word from our Sponsors! The 2014 October image campaign by ArtsPartners has produced another series of eye-catching, thought provoking, attention getting, images and statements in support of the arts. The 36 civic leaders applied their signatures to furthering the arts in central Illinois. The campaign will run during National Arts and Humanities Month of October on WTVP, WEEK, and facebook.

These 36 are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many successful people in Peoria who support the arts, it would take a decade of Octobers to acknowledge them all.

Carl G. Cannon

Thirty six business and civic leaders who endorsed the ArtsPartners campaign were proclaiming their support of the arts. They know arts value with certainty and stand up for good reason. The arts make things happen and that’s what we mean when we say “The arts mean business!” The campaign will be broadcast over WTVP, WEEK and blogcast on sites and social media. At the heart of the campaign is Illinois' nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $2.75 billion industry according to Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, a new study from Arts Alliance Illinois and Americans for the Arts. This study unequivocally demonstrates the value of investments in the arts and cultural sector. Despite the recession, arts and cultural organizations were major contributors to Illinois’ economy. The arts sector puts people to work in Illinois and is a magnet for attracting talent, tourists, and investment to the region. – Ra Joy, Executive Director, Arts Alliance Illinois

Get all the information from the study at Arts Alliance Illinois http:// research/artseconomicprosperity

Final Word There’s a lot of art happening in Peoria and CIAO has been at the heart of it all. Let’s continue providing the sparks and fanning the flames of passion. Support the things you love. Spread the word.

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