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Lake City Greenways August 2012

Streets are not pipelines for cars‌. Streets are for people!

Greenways are not pipelines for bicycles‌. Greenways are safer, healthier streets for all

What makes a good Greenway route? • Where are people walking now? • Stay off arterials • Optimally, under 1,000 vehicle trips per day • Good topography

BOTTOM LINE A pedestrian struck at 30 MPH has a 60 percent chance of survival

A pedestrian struck at 20 MPH has a 95 percent chance of survival

Portland’s Greenways come from PBOT

Seattle’s Greenways come from the wisdom of the community

Lake City Greenways—newest group— gets core support

39th Avenue Greenway NE 50th to NE 80th Bryant/View Ridge

Curb extensions and ramps with plantings

More trees!

Streets are for people-- some are special

Street Art!

Our “Creatives” can stretch their wings

Safe, healthy, calm, green, fun streets for all

27th Ave Greenway proposal presentation  

A slideshow presented to 27th Ave residents and others in Lake City on a possible Neighborhood Greenway on 27th Ave NE

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