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Number Design Workshop


In the Spring of 2011, a group of students were given the opportunity to work under Christian Schwartz for one week, designing a system of unique numbers.

Students were tasked with drawing a set of numbers that were independant of an existing typeface. They then constructed calendars with their unique set of numbers.

This set was inspired by sign painting, graffiti, and Garage rock posters of the 1960’s.


The numbers went through a series


of revisions until they came to a place where they could be usable for a calendar system


This set of numbers under went a total of six major stages of revision.


Final Set


Varying ideas were explored mixing the numbers with photography. It was then discovered that a purely typographic solution was best.

April 2010

May 2011

October 2012

July 2013

Numbers Workshop  

Completed as an assignment for the Graphic Design Department of the University of the Arts 2010

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