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Creative People : A Complex Personality Part of webinar: Creative People: Personality and Mental Health


Personality • High Sensitivity • Self concept / esteem ... Mental Health • Anxiety • Depression • Trauma


Presenter: Douglas Eby M.A. / Psychology

Creator of the Talent Development Resources series of sites


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Creativity researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Book: "Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention"

"If there is one word that makes creative people different from others, it is the word complexity."


Writer Juliet Bruce, PhD summarizes his article "The Creative Personality: Ten paradoxical traits of the creative personality": A great deal of physical energy alternating with a great need for quiet and rest. Highly sexual, yet often celibate, especially when working. Smart and na誰ve at the same time. A mix of wisdom and childishness.


Convergent (rational, left brain, sound judgment) and divergent (intuitive, right brain, visionary) thinking‌ Both extroverted and introverted, needing people and solitude equally. Humble and proud, both painfully self-doubting and wildly self-confident. May defy gender stereotypes, and are likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other as well.


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Creative People: A Complex Personality