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DOUGLAS D. VIVIANI Attorney, Advocates Mentoring Young People

■Douglas D. Viviani, PC, is under no illusions that the most rewarding experience that he has so far experienced has been working with the Youth Directions and Alternatives (YDA) organization. As he discloses, “The YDA is a private, nonprofit community and youth agency dedicated to serving young people and their families in the school districts of Elwood, Harborfields, and Northport/East Northport.

■ The YDA is geared to youths from every walk of life, and designed to provide them with every opportunity to succeed in life. One of the most vital services it performs is to provide an adult to stand alongside these young people, offering support and mentorship during disputes, either in the home, at court, or in schools.” As Douglas D.Viviani points out, “Imagine what it must be like when a child has nowhere to turn, no one to support or believe in them. It must be a truly horrible feeling, and one YDA aims to eradicate.”

■ “Indeed, childhood has the most profound and far-reaching impact on the rest of our lives. As a social community – and as an organization – we have a commitment to help children grow up in a positive and stimulating environment. YDA works with schools, libraries, churches, the police, and other community groups, to create programs for youth development, educational programs, recreational activities and more.

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Douglas d viviani, attorney, advocates mentoring young people  

Douglas Viviani admits to always having had a soft spot for children.

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