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No Solicitation


Employees are not permitted to solicit during working time. An employee may not solicit another employee during the latter’s working time.

DCSD may question employees and other persons entering and leaving our premises. Entry onto DCSD’s premises constitutes consent to searches or inspections. Inspections may be conducted at any time at the discretion of DCSD.

Employees are not permitted to distribute literature during working time or in working areas. Off-duty employees are not permitted to be on DCSD premises, including arriving at work early or staying after work late, unless they are actively working, have a reasonable purpose, preparing for work or cleaning up after work.

Working time does not include meal, break or rest periods or other specified times during the work shift when employees properly are not engaged in performing their work tasks. Working areas are defined as areas of the premises where employees perform their work tasks, but do not include break rooms, rest rooms, parking lots or other non-work areas.





Non-employees are not permitted to solicit or distribute literature on DCSD’s premises.

This process includes the inspection of items such as packages, parcels, purses, handbags, briefcases, lunch boxes or other possessions or articles carried to and from DCSD property. In addition, DCSD reserves the right to search DCSD property that is used by the employees, such as an employee’s locker, office, desk, files, computer, e-mail, voice mail and Internet files. If you have personal items that you would not like subjected to such inspection, these items should not be brought onto DCSD premises. A DCSD-initiated search does not necessarily imply an accusation of theft or that an employee has broken a rule. Cooperation in the conduct of inspections is required as a condition of employment. Employees refusing to cooperate with or submit to a search will be subject to termination.

Employee Guide


Effective July 1, 2016


DCSD 2016-17 Employee Guide