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COMPENSATION In DCSD, our compensation programs break the mold in education. While market based pay and pay for performance plans have been in place for many years for our non-licensed employees, DCSD is the first school district to implement market based pay and pay for performance plans for teachers. Market Based Pay All positions are critical to our students’ and organizational success. It is important to recognize that supply and demand factors have an influence on attracting and retaining great employees, including teachers. We have over 70 different types of teaching positions and over 550 non-teaching positions. By using applicant-to-posting ratio data, we are able to see some positions can receive hundreds of qualified applicants where others may receive just one application. Where there are fewer applications (hard to fill positions), we can now more effectively provide incentive to attract more applicants. This will improve our ability to attract more qualified teacher candidates in our higher pay bands. Pay for Performance DCSD believes that performance should be rewarded. We do this by tying pay to the position description and providing increases based on how well you perform in your role. Our performance evaluations classify employee performance into the following performance categories: highly effective, effective, partially effective, and Ineffective. These performance categories then correlate to specific pay increases that are determined after we know our funding for the following year. Final evaluations and performance ratings are typically conducted toward the end of the school year (or fiscal year) and the respective pay increase takes effect the following school year (or fiscal year). See our Compensation Guide on our HR for Employees intranet site. (coming soon)

“[DCSD] is using a combination of performance and market data to determine pay adjustments moving forward. Pay increases are based on performance instead of years of service and educational attainment.”

Employee Guide


Effective July 1, 2016


DCSD 2016-17 Employee Guide