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How to Write a Résumé Douglas College Career Centre

Highlights of Qualifications ❑ Highlight your most relevant skills and qualifications ❑ Include five to seven bulleted phrases beginning with a strong action verb and provide proof where necessary Example:

▪ Diploma in Hospitality Management ▪ 3 years’ work experience in customer service and warranty claims ▪ Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written developed through course assignments, writing business emails and Toastmasters ▪ Recognized problem-solving in relationship building, project management and strategic planning acquired through volunteer roles and community events ▪ Language skills: fluent in English and Cantonese ▪ Computer skills: Advanced in MS Word, Excel, Adobe Pro, Photoshop

❑ Avoid generalized statements such as “excellent communication skills”

Next Step….. You now need to list your Highlights of Qualifications Tip: you can label this area using Qualifications, Skills or Highlights – it’s up to you

Your goal when listing your Qualifications is to ensure the following: • •

You are matching your skills to the needs of the employers qualifications and when necessary provide supporting evidence – remember the employer does not know you. Employers will list their qualifications generally in order of importance so pay careful attention to this paragraph


3 resume writing slides highlights of qualification  
3 resume writing slides highlights of qualification