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In This Mar/Apr 2014 Issue Rheem Gas and Electric Water Heaters Amtrol’s Hot Water Maker® Warranty Caleffi Flow Rates Just the Facts Safety Recall Flushmate® III AHR EXPO 2014 Energy Savings for your Customers Samsung’s Whisper Energy Star line of mini splits New Rheem R series furnaces Are you selling Hybrid systems Lenox Blades Bright Finish Alum Diamond Plate QO Plug-on Neutral Load Centers Yaun Co “History and Heritage” New Service: Email Broadcast


by Douglas Yaun

With the recent passing of the Casino Bill, our region is at a crossroads. Will we benefit from a renewed interest in the resort traditions or will we be subjected to development that has little affect on the community? Those who are unfamiliar with the Catskill’s identity will see only a blank canvas but if we are diligent about our vision we could enhance the quality effects that this new attention will have on our local economy. All of you who shop with us know the power of local loyalties. A developer will have to make hundreds of seemingly arbitrary decisions about product and labor source, character, style and symbiosis with our existing community services but they all add up to having real impacts. How much of that work calls upon local business owners will greatly affect both the health of our community and the success of a project. Day-to-day we each wield great power when we make choices about how to invest our resources. As harmless as it seems to occasionally divert business to big box retailers, that action adds up. For instance, an Iowa State University study found that with the opening of a new Walmart in any community 84% of sales simply shifted dollars away from existing local merchants. The most frustrating part is the perception of convenience is inaccurate. Better service, and therefore, better value can be found in local businesses. This is evident in two areas: 1. You'll ensure choice and diversity of product because local businesses are better equipped to adapt to your needs. 2. You'll help maintain community character because local businesses reinvest in other local services and charities, keep neighbors employed and build meaningful partnerships with shared reputations Mar/Apr 14

Volume 14 No 2

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Larry Richardson, Plumbing Manager Why Buy Rheem Residential Gas and Electric Water Heaters ? 1. Best FVIR Solution for gas heaters * 2. Exclusive resistor anode rod and resistor electric elements ** 3. High flow brass drain valves. 4. Warranty extension kits extend warranty for 4 additional years on the tank. **** 5. Classic Models 6 yr warranty tank/6 yr Parts Upgradable to 10 yr tank warranty Classic Plus Models 8 yr warranty tank/ 8 yr Parts Upgradable to 12 yr tank warranty 6. Classic Electric models have standard a lower stainless steel element! No Equal! 7. Classic Plus Electric models have standard two stainless steel elements! No Equal! 8. Exclusive Marathon Lifetime Warranty Electric Heater. No anode No smelly water! 9. Larger BTU gas models have side taps. 10. Larger BTU and Tanks (Classic Plus) have standard 8 year warranty! No Equal!

11. All gas heaters approved for heating and hot water applications (NYS Excluded) 12. Complete offering with Power Vent, Direct Vent and Power Direct Vent models 13. Energy Star Rated models available *(1) Best FVIR Solution: Rheem systems use standard parts and do not wire safeties through the millivolt system. As a result the slightest voltage drop using a millivolt system does not result in a lockout. Some competitors require filters to be cleaned on a regular basis. The Rheem system in designed with air intake above the floor level. This area is large and as such provides a low velocity of air flow which further helps to eliminate pulling dust and debris towards the water heater. **( 2) Resistors help by eliminating stray electrolysis. This adds life expectancy to the water heater. ****(4) Warranty extension Kits add an additional anode rod. Rheem can have over 130% more cathodic protection in our products. Many consumers view their water heater as a long -term investment; make it the best, Think Rheem.

Imagine never running out of hot water again ! The Rheem new gas tankless water heaters provide continuous supply of hot water from an energy-efficient and space-saving design.. Why should you get a tankless gas water heater from Rheem? • All the hot water you'll ever need • Energy-Efficient Design - Low cost operation • Compact Size - About the size of a medicine cabinet • Precise Temperature Control Simple to set the water temperature • Self Diagnostic - Inbuilt system will display easy to read maintenance codes • EZ-Link Cable - Connect two or more units for high demand applications • Rheem Quality - Committed to providing you the highest quality product • Lowest Activation Rate Page 2

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Peerless® PUREFIRE®

High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler Up to 97.3% AFUE ENERGY STAR Efficient Gas-fired for Natural or LP 6 sizes available— residential and commercial Direct –vent, sealed combustion Fully modulating burner for maximum efficiency Mar/Apr 14

AMTROL’s New Direct to Homeowner Hot Water Maker® Warranty Procedure Option Effective January 1, 2014, AMTROL® began offering a Hot Water Maker warranty replacement option in addition to the current procedure. If the homeowner or contractor so chooses, he/she may call AMTROL® at 800-426-8765 and arrange for verification and replacement of the defective tank without working through the distributor. Installation of the new unit and disposal of the old is the responsibility of the homeowner. There will be a $120.00 shipping charge. The replacement will ship direct. One should remember, that the new water heater will carry the balance of the warranty from the original unit. For more details, contact Larry in the Liberty office (845) 292-6400 or call AMTROL®’s 800# above.

Try the New Biasi B10 Low Mass Flex Fuel Boiler Advantages: • Outputs from 67,000 BTU to 257,000 BTU • Gas or oil burner compatible • Easy access swing door • No flue required; can be direct vented outdoors • Low water content boiler heats up faster with less fuel • Efficient 3-pass heat exchanger boiler design • GG20 cast-iron construction for superior heat retention and durability • ASME and ULC listed • 58 psi cast-iron construction

Mar/Apr 14

Just the Facts If you are installing high efficiency heating equipment and using PVC pipe for the flue gas venting, it is important to consider expansion and contraction. PVC pipe will expand and contract in relation to temperature changes. According to an article in Indoor Comfort Marketing Magazine, one should allow 3/8” length variation for every 100’ of pipe per 10°F temperature change. It also notes that “the maximum recommended operating temperature for pvc pressure pipe is 140°F”.

Flow Rates As many of you probably are aware, Caleffi™ not only offers a wide range of products for the hydronic industry, but freely makes important information available to the heating trade. In a idronics™ Journal I read their section on Flow Velocity. Contractors often worry that the heat distribution pipe size may not be adequate or high flow rates through pipe that is too small will result in excessive noise. Good, but we sometimes forget that a large pipe with a small flow rate (below 2 ft/ sec (gpm) will make it very difficult to move air bubbles to a purger. Neither under-sizing or oversizing heat pipe is a good idea. Caleffi can provide a formula for proper sizing your distribution system or you can take a look at the handy chart they provide. On the Web: idronics_8_us.pdf

Homeowners Popular Choice The number one reason consumers choose HeatLink hydronic radiant floor heating is COMFORT. The system eliminates chilly drafts. There’s no need for fans to move air around and no dust. HeatLink pumps warm water through the pex tubing and provides consistent warmth on tile, vinyl, wood, stone and other floor coverings.

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Safety Recall Notice Flushmate®III Pressure-Assisted Flushing System The affected Flushmate III Series 503 units can burst at or near the vessel weld seam releasing stored pressure. This pressure can lift the tank lid and shatter the tank, posing impact or laceration hazards to consumers and property damage. This recall includes Flushmate III units manufactured from October 14, 1997 to June 30, 2009. the first six numerals of the serial number are the date code. The date code range for this recall begins with 101497 ( October 14, 1997) and continues through 063009 (June 30, 2009). For a free repair kit visit Or call Flushmate toll-free at (800) 303-5123 Between 8:00a.m. and 10:00p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, and between 8:00a.m. and 6:30 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Despite the weather rearing its ugly head on Tuesday, 1/21, some Yaun Company employees and contractors headed out on Wednesday, 1/22 in a bus to the AHR Expo at the Javits Convention Center. Everyone received a “Welcome Aboard” gift package. We thank all of our listed sponsors for offering coupons with a total over $1,000 in savings, per contractor! (Was worth making the trip!): QHT Inc., supplier of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly boilers (Biasi B10, Riva and Firebird) also sponsored our Avery bus in honor of their 31st and our 91st anniversary! SUNTEMP; RHEEM Heating & Cooling; Caleffi; AMTROL; Peerless Boilers; Hydrolevel; ZONEFIRST; RHEEM Water Heaters; VIEGA PureFlow; Selkirk Metalbestos; Nordyne Miller; WilliamsonThermoflo; Samsung/Quietside; Grundfos Pumps; CELLO Copper; MARKEL Products. We thank all of these preferred vendors whose support made this trip possible! After supper and dessert at the Paramus Diner we all got a scratch off raffle ticket. We had winners for $20, $2 and even our bus driver, Joe, won $5! The Expo was excellent, crowded yet very organized making this a perfect visit. Thank you again to our sponsors and to our customers for sharing our celebration

AutoFill Valve — Backflow Preventer Precise and Reliable The leader in Zero Lead compliance, Viega has offered products that exceed these new standards for more than 20 years. Viega provides simple, quality solutions to meet the new low-lead requirements federal and state governments have been enacting .

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Pre-calibra on—Before charging the system, use a screwdriver to turn dial to intended system pressure. Downstream pressure gauge is not required. Fast-filling—Fast fills the system to set pressure then automa cally shuts off the water feed. No levers to flip or valves to close. Up to 5.5 GPM filling rate. An -ScaleMaterials—Minimizes scaling on internal sliding parts for long opera ng life. Large Diaphragm-seat seal working surface—Guarantees greater precision and sensi vity to maintain its opera ng characteris cs unchanged over me. Removable inlet filter cartridge—Easy and quick inspec ons, internal cleaning and cartridge replacement. Maintains stable pressure in a system at a preset value—Fill the system to a set pressure and maintain that pressure se ng

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Mar/Apr 14

Sheet Metal

Burt Robertson, Manager

Make 2014 the energy savings year for your customers! We are very excited with a great lineup of new products which will do just that. Ask Larry Richardson about his new Firebird oil condensing boiler 91.5% AFUE recognized on Energy Star 2013 most efficient list. Take a look at the AET and Viessmann solar hot water heating systems and ask your tax consultant about tax credits. The HVAC industry has also seen some changes. Samsung introduced its new Whisper line of mini split A/C heat pumps which are all Energy Star with 20+ SEER ratings. Rheem’s new R series multi position gas furnace line with AFUE ratings as high as 96%, and they tell us we will soon see 98% AFUE models! Learn about and offer your customers a HYBRID heating system. A HYBRID system operates on more than one fuel source and can switch back and forth automatically to offer savings while using lower cost energy sources. Nordyne / Miller offers two 95% condensing gas furnace which are direct replacements for the CMF and the MI series. Our Electric Department is seeing energy saving products also. Ask Douglas Yaun about his new LED conversion kits to upgrade old florescent fixtures to LED. Stop by our Liberty location to see the conversion unit on display over our counter. Take a look at the full line of LED products we have to offer. For years Yaun Co. has been striving to introduce more efficient products for the contractor to offer their customers to help them save money. Many of the more savvy contractors jumped on right away

and have been successful selling the higher end products which save the end user fuel. I’m sad to say this same message has fallen on many deaf ears. Nothing makes me cringe more then hearing someone ask for a boiler with a tank less coil. With all the changes our government has mandated in our industry in the last 10 years, why would you think of it? We saw the SEER rating rise to 13 SEER, R22 to R410A change, and the one still on the fence splitting the north and south at the Mason Dixon line! This makes everyone above the line must sell gas furnaces over 90% and below the line must sell a higher than 13 SEER cooling unit. Why hasn’t the Government scrutinized the boilers with a tank less coil?! With all the newer products coming down the pike why would anyone want to have their boiler maintain temperature all day every day 365 days a year? Take a look at the Biasi B10 triple pass boiler or a Viessmann boiler connected to an indirect water. The indirect water heater stores hot water produced by the boiler and only turns the boiler on when the tank temperature drops. The boiler now no longer has to maintain temperature. It may turn on just once a day depending on the hot water usage, and no more wasted heat just going up the chimney. So where is this going? My point is don’t assume that someone can’t afford the better system. Your job should be to offer them both types of systems. Yes, quote them the plain old fuel guzzler boiler with a tank less coil and also offer them an upgrade to fuel saving with a triple pass boiler and the indirect water heater. Take a little time and educate them on these new products and how spending a little extra now will save them everyday down in the future.

No Matter what your Insulation requirements

The HVAC Source For All Your Sheet Metal Needs

CertainTeed Keeps You Covered Save on energy and insulation cost with CertainTeed’s value packed line of Fiberglass insulation for Air handling

Duct Board

Mar/Apr 14

Duct Wrap

• • • • • •

Flexible duct connector & Vane Rail Air Regulation Hardware Fasteners Pin spotters Air quality control systems Climate Control Systems

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New Rheem R series furnaces

Are you selling Hybrid systems?

We received great response from installers who installed the new Rheem R series furnaces. This new all in one furnace will fit all your needs. The R series is an out of the box set up for vertical installations. By selecting the correct vent conversion kit you can convert this furnace into a counter flow or a horizontal LH or RH discharge. Unlike other brands there is no need to reposition the inducer. Only the drain and drain lines may need to be repositioned. Everyone who has seen the new R series furnace line has liked the improvements. Easy access door knobs with index pins make putting the doors on and off a snap. The metal cabinet edges on the inside of the furnace have been bent back which now protect the contractor from cuts and add rigidity to the furnace cabinet. Controls have been upgraded. No more counting flashes: you will see a digital code. These are only a few of the improvements. The previous Rheem furnace line were considered real work horses and we expect this new generation of Rheem R series gas furnaces to be way ahead of the pack. Ask for more information and a quote on your next furnace job. Take a look at our reduced Closeout Prices on the discontinued Rheem gas furnaces. If you have not seen it, ask for a copy today.

A few issues ago I did an article about selling a Hybrid heating system. In case you missed it or need to be reminded, this may help you increase your sales. We think nothing of selling a heating and cooling system, gas or oil furnace with an A/C coil. Now you can keep up with today’s trends by offering a Hybrid heating system. On your next heating and cooling job offer a Good, Better, and Best. The Good will be with the Rheem Value line; the Better will be the standard Rheem units; and the Best will be the Rheem Heat pump system. It’s simple. Ask us to quote both A/C and heat pump on your next job and let your customer decide. The good news is the Rheem A/C coil we stock is good for both cooling and heat pumps. Emphasize the savings they can expect from using the heat pump which will automatically switch over to second-stage be it gas, electric or oil. Remember with a heat pump you are not burning or using a fuel source to generate heat. You are simply transferring heat from the outdoors to the indoors using the same process as the A/C by simply reversing the flow of the Freon. Keep in mind when you are explaining the Hybrid system they have a full output at 47°F which is the temperature we are at most of the winter. Elucidate

Affordable and Efficient M1 Series Oil or Gas Furnace • designed for all sizes of manufactured and modular homes • insulated cabinet ensures minimized heat loss and quiet operation can be installed in a utilty room, enclosed closed or alcove • can be connected with a heat pump coil to create a Hybrid system which will be even more energy efficient

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Complete Chimney Product Lines To Meet Your Market Needs! FEATURES:

Snap together non-positional lock system

Die formed ends

LockTab® - an alternative method to secure pipe when required by local code

Lifetime Warranty

YaunCo Report

Mar./Apr 14

Hybrid Systems Cont. from page 6

the COP; Coefficient of performance. The coefficient of performance or COP of a heat pump is a ratio of heating or cooling provided to electrical energy consumed. Higher COPs equate to lower operating costs. Think of it this way with electric strip heat: for every dollar worth of electric you put in, you get one dollar of heat out. The heat pump which only transfers energy from one place to another and does not burn fuel is able to get you more heat for your money through the use of the compressor. Remember, consumers talk every day about the price of gas and very little about the price of heating fuel as they may only purchase it one or two times a year. You need to educate them on these new, higher efficient products. They will cut their fuel costs and offset the added cost to upgrade to more efficient heating and cooling products.

Lenox Blades You asked for them and we have them! This line of tough high quality sawzall blades and hole saws has been well liked in the industry. Give them a try on your next job. Check them out next time you are at our counter.

NEW Oil Furnaces PMP Low Profile Packaged Multi-position • AFUE's to 84.3% • Multi-position installation - Up flow (High Boy) Horizontal - left or right

Heat exchanger - Front flue, Heavy gauge stainless steel primary heat exchanger, Tube style aluminized steel secondary heat exchanger with removable baffles. Large front access clean-out secured with studs and nuts, Springloaded observation port with test port

Blower - Multi-speed direct drive, Slide-out blower/motor – easily removed for service

Cabinet - Appliance finish powder coat paint, Heavy gauge with construction, Foil-faced insulation for hand-cool surface


• Burner and controls - Factory-wired, PSC motor, Solid state igniter PLB Low Profile Packaged Low boy • AFUE's to 86.5% • Heat exchanger - Rear flue, Heavy gauge stainless steel primary • Blower - PLB-210 - Multi-speed direct drive, PLB-350 - Belt drive • Cabinet - Appliance finish powder coat paint, Heavy gauge with “Seal-Tite” construction, Foil-faced insulation for hand-cool surface burner and controls

Mar/Apr 14

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Bright Finish Aluminum Diamond Plate Did you know we have been offering this product for years and we are seeing more and more uses? Got a customer who needs a new floor in a walk in cooler or freezer? No problem, send us a sketch of the floor and we can quote you on pre cut sheets that you can take on the job and install with ease. Got a service truck which is starting to rust? Dress it up with aluminum diamond plate. Make it look good while covering up nasty rust. We have a local tow truck company who loves to put diamond plate all over his trucks. We even had a job where someone wanted a macho bath room and we provided aluminum diamond plate wall panels. Don’t need a full sheet? No problem, we have some drops in the shop. Give us a call with what size plates you need and we can fix you up. We can also bend this into shapes to fit your projects. We can also provide flat steel plates and shapes so you can make repairs with it. Your trucks are your calling cards. Good looking trucks draw attention to your business.

Get comfortable with an innovative HVAC solution from UNICO • QUIET PREFORMANCE: enjoy the comfort but you won’t hear it. • CONSISTANT TEMPERATURES: eliminating drafts and removing 30% more relative humidity • LITTLE OR NO REMODELING: fits where other cooling and heating systems can’t. Easily installed into attics, crawlspaces, ceilings and closets. • MATCHES ANY DECOR: even without existing ductwork and can retain the current architectural style

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Samsung Whisper Energy Star Line of Mini Splits

More Air Out Wider Outlet SAMSUNG Conventional

COOLS FASTER, FARTHER AND WIDER Samsung introduced at the 2014 AHR EXPO their Wider The improved width and angle of its outlet also ensure that air is new Whisper line of Heat pump high wall mini splits. expelled wider, minimizing blind spots. These new units are now all Energy Star rated with seers as high as 23 with 10.5 HSPF. Check with your Electric utility in your area for rebates on these units so you can offer your customers savings. Here are a few of the new features. The Whisper mini split has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its unique triangular design has a wider inlet, so more air can be drawn in. The improved width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades and a bigger fan also ensure that air is cooled and delivered faster and further. So fresh cool air reaches every corner of your room without any blind spots.

Rheem Classic ® Series Highboy/ Horizontal Low Profile Oil Furnace with PSC/Direct Drive Motor

More Air In Wider Outlet SAMSUNG Conventional

ROCB- Series Input Ratio from 70 to 105 kBTU

More Air Inflow Bigger Fan

• SAMSUNG Conventional

The Triangle

Ultimate Cooling Design Cools Faster, Farther & Wider • • • • • • • •

2-step cooling 26% faster Fast cooling/heating Comfort cooling/heating Inverter technology Easy Filter Good Sleep mode Smart install, unit self checks if properly installed Easy installation

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• • • • • • • • • • •

Available with Front and Rear Flue (ROCB07204M) or with Front Flue Only (ROCB07204P) Highboy, Horizontal, Left or Right Discharge Low Profile 44-1/2" Efficiencies up to 86.5% 3 Firing rates 2-4 Tons A/C 2 Large Accessible Clean Out Posts 3 Pass Heat Exchange Can be installed with Beckett AFG, Carlin E2 or Riello F3 and BF3 Burners Quick Disconnects on Burner Harness Control Board works with PSC and EC Limited Lifetime Warranty This unit can be direct vented with the Riello BF3 Burner. Direct vent kits available.

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Mar/Apr 14


Douglas Yaun

QO Plug-On Neutral Load Centers Square D looks at saving you time and increasing functionality with the new QO Plug-On Neutrals. Boasting fewer connections for faster installation, no pigtails to free up gutter space, diagnostics for advanced trip indication, strengthened connector specifically designed for reliability and ease of installation. Simply put the QO Load Center interior is engineered for a quick and reliable Plug-on Neutral connection on every circuit. Square D™ CAFI Circuit Breakers now feature TIME SAVER diagnostics to help you find circuit issues.


The QO Plug-on Neutral Advantage:

LED FLOOD: Versatility and power in a compact package. Use for building facade lighting, sign lighting, LED landscape lighting and instant-on security lighting. • • • • • • •

78 watt high-performance LED Replaces 250W MH floodlights 100,000 hour life based on LM-80 tests Air-flow technology heatsink NEMA type - 6H x 5V Slipfitter and trunnion mounting available 5-year warranty

Mar/Apr 14

• Fewer connec ons — Faster installa on • No pigtails — Frees gu er space • TIME SAVER diagnos cs — Advanced trip indica on technology saves me • QO Plug-on Neutral CAFI Circuit Breaker neutral connector — Designed for reliability and ease of installa on • QO Load Center interior — Engineered for a quick Plug-on Neutral connec on on every circuit

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New service offered: Email broadcasts By Douglas Yaun

The round up of email addresses has been effective, and it is an integral part of being able to serve you better. An initial email broadcast you will be receiving this month is a pioneer of things to come. VIA email we will stay connected to you, our customers, in order to offer you the growing service you need. Expect to receive industry news like new products, product catalogs (for special ordering), temporary outages, price changes, specials, delivery schedules, and more to better link you to the information we regularly receive from our manufactures, partners and suppliers. This email is being utilized as an important tool and will be catered to your specific business. That means we won’t waste your time by sending you Plumbing information if you deal in Electric, or information on our Sheet Metal Fabrication if you’re not in that market either.

notification by location and truck route, we believe this is the best way we can get product to you; so you can complete your job faster or to get you out of that time pinch. P = Platinum. To qualify you must maintain annual spending of just $7,000 and keep current with your finances (about $585/month). The Platinum 10 benefits are: 1. No truck delivery charges. 2. No UPS charges on ground delivery. 3. Free access to FastWeb (our online order entry service) 4. No layout design fees 5. Reduced tuition to Yaun Co. sponsored tech classes. 6. Free technical support 7. Special consideration during emergency situations 8. Volume pricing & Personal use discounts 9. Shared leads on projects to bid. 10. Truck route information to your

If you are a ‘P’ customer we can keep you up to pace with our trucks by offering you email

“GO GREEN” with RECESSED LED’s Open Recessed Lighting 500K color temperature. Smooth open trim with integral flange. • Light output and distribution comparable to a 65W BR30 but at only 12W of power. • Requires 9 12w LED bulbs • New construction or remodel • •

P8071-28/35KS TR 6 inch

Page 10

Offers the widest variety of ventilation fans in the industry For the latest high-performance, ENERGY STAR® qualified solution to today’s green building requirements, or ultra quiet operation for a comfortable environment, BROAN offers stylish options to fit any situation from a retrofit to a new build out. QTXE Ultra Silent Bath Fan 110 CFM and early silent operation 0.7 Sones

QTXE Ultra Silent Bath/Light Fan 36 Watt GU24 fluorescent light (2-18 watt bulbs included) and 4 watt nightlight (bulb not included) • 6-Inch ducting for superior performance • Motor engineered for continuous operation • UL Listed for use over tub/shower with GFCI circuit

YaunCo Report

Mar/Apr 14

YaunCo: History and Heritage By Nicole Scholet, Scholet Solutions

2014 marked the 91st year of business for Yaun Company. Even after nine decades, the Yaun family continues to run the company, now in its fourth generation of leadership. Through the years, Yaun Co. has persevered and adapted through market changes, economic downturns and supply shortages, wars, and new technology. How has this family-run company lasted all of these years? It is because of its commitment to all aspects of the wholesale business for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC industries. It is also because of Yaun Co.’s continued commitment to its customers, employees, and the community. This was true during the company’s founding in 1923 and is still true today. Origins of Yaun Company: Throughout the years, the origins of Yaun Co have been summarized into one sentence: “Yaun Company was started in 1923 as a one-man retail plumbing and heating business by R.D. Yaun, who would travel job to job in his Model T Ford Pickup.” While this is all true, it does not capture the rich history of a 91-year-old family-run business, nor does it summarize its longstanding presence in the wholesaling field.

Through his foresight, determination, and hard work, founder R.D. Yaun was able to take a one-man traveling retail plumbing and heating business, transform it into a retail hardware business, and then into a wholesale business with additional sheet metal and electrical departments. In 1971 under the tutelage of R.H.Yaun the business grew into one of the 100 leading wholesalers in the nation for the industry. The principles that guided Yaun Company are still guiding it today. As Yaun Co. heads into its 91st year, the YaunCo Report will be publishing a series of “History and Heritage” articles reflecting on Yaun Co.’s commitment to the various aspects of the business. Next report’s article: “History and Heritage: Yaun Co.’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation. Yaun Company is committed to the business and committed to you. “Serving You is our Business.” 1. Quality and Innovation 2. Education/Information 3. Environment 4. Employees/Family 5. Community 6. Customers Energy Saver Occupancy Sensor

Connect Your HVAC System to the Internet.

Decora wall switch passive infrared

Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Services give you access to remotely monitor and manage your heating and cooling system – at anytime, from anywhere – through your PC, smart phone or tablet device

RedLINK Internet Gateway · Allows users to remotely monitor and control their heating and cooling systems, including whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers – at anytime, from anywhere · View/change system settings and access multiple systems/zones · Provides over 90 alerts through the Total Connect website · No monthly fee, free app download · Works with any Prestige IAQ / Prestige, Wireless FocusPRO and EConnect™ wireless thermostats

Mar/Apr 14

(PIR) occupancy sensor is used to provide automatic lighting control for energy savings and convenience in a variety of commercial applications, including: "Class Room" "Conference Room" - offices multimedia rooms - day care centers - lounges. The ODS0D- ID provides automatic switching of two separate incandescent lamps and fluorescent and lowvoltage lighting with electronic or magnetic ballasts. The unit also features a manual override switch that can be used to keep lights off while an area is occupied "Conference Room" and other areas during slide or film presentations. * Convenient push-button provides manual on/off light switching at any time * 180° field-of-view provides approximately 2100 square feet of coverage * Segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance * Horizontal field of view may be adjusted between 180° and 32° of arc

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14 march yco report  

Volume 114, No. II

14 march yco report  

Volume 114, No. II