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SDAEDSO I GUN S PA C E Modern teahouse chandelier

The challenge:

The approach:

A unique chandelier lighting

Sadou is a chandelier inspired

d e s i g n e d f o r a special occasion

by the simple nature and sedate

or environment.

atmosphere of a traditional Japanese tea house with a modern approach.

CDhEaSnI d [ sC ha GeNl i eSrPA En - d i l l - e e r ] Analysis and components


Scrolls & chains



Pendalogue Reverse dish

Bottom ball

6 CHANDELIERS Comparison of existing chandelier products

Antler Chandelier Organic, Natural

the Artichoke Modern, Professional

Meurice Mature, Luxury

Ikea Kallt Simple, Lively

Princess chandelier Playful, Lovely

Metal ball chandelier Floral, Mature, Romantic

$400 - 1000

$5000 - 7000





- Cast material or real animal

- 72 copper leaves to reflect

- 30 light bulbs attached to

- Light bulbs sealed inside of

- Designed for young

- Candle chandelier, no

antlers. Price varies with

and redirect light

bamboo detailed rod matrix

plastic bubbles, perfect for

children’s room

electronic power required

material used

- 12 steel arches with 6

- 12 steel arches with 6

outdoor usage

- Fabric material for light

- For both indoor and outdoor

- Earthy tone

leaves in each row

leaves in each row

- Acrylic structure that makes

shades provides soft light to

- Customer could decorate it

- Exotic shape and cast

- Copper or stainless steel

- Contemporary yet classy

the product lighter and less

the environment

anyway they want

shadows from light

leaves often brush finished

glow to the environment


- Hand-made and customiz-

- Scented candles can be

- Wiring constructed within

- Soft light bleeding out from

- Gold finish with warm light - LED light bulbs


another feature

the antler body.

the leaves

- Modern chandelier with a

- Soft color, fluffy material

traditional silhouette

accented with crystals

OPEN VIEW TEA HUT Environmental observation and analysis

Key takeaways: Balance with natural elements Open air Te a d r i n k i n g r i t u a l Wa r m a t m o s p h e r e Wood texture Seasonal changes


Tree branches

Ceramic pieces

Wind charm or

Objects from nature might be hard to

paper umbrellas

gather or manufacture Difference in sizes and shapes


Inspired by the patter n of falling leaves and the golden sunset of autumn. Emphasizing on the randomness of nature


O v e r c o m p l i c a t e d f o r m n e e d s t o b e s i m p l i fi e d Proportion needs to be re-evaluated Week structure can be improved by applying acrylic interior


The symbol of falling leaves

The use of wood material

Three column structure for

T h e s i m p l i fi e d r e p r e s e n t a t i o n o f

better composition in multi-

w a t e r, s t o n e a n d t r e e . T h e t h r e e

ple view points

key elements of Japanese tea garden


Sadou Chandelier