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As a way of building my laser cutting skills and also saving some money on Christmas presents, I decided to make some Laser cut presents, for my friends and family. And this also gave me an excuse to get to grips with the laser cutter and also experiment wit different nets. I planned to make around 12 presents, Decorated boxes, candle holders and incense boxes.

I found this project really helpful, I got to grips with the laser cutter and also tried out some new settings that I had not used before like the engrave feature. I made a few mistakes along the way which has lead me to always do test models first rather than going straight to cutting them all out at once!

Something went wrong when creating each of the presents but luckily MDF is cheap so I was able to correct a few of the errors. Overall the project helped me improve my laser cutting skills and also taught me the importance of testing and trial and error. It has been a both fun and beneficial project and I look forward to playing with the cutter some more and whipping out some crazy cut creations.