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initial logos This brief entailed designing both a badge logo and type based logo for a web developing company called inizio design, meaning beginning in latin. I decided trying portray the meaning in the logo was not the best option and instead I wanted to try create an iconic logo that can be easily but subtly recognised as a web design company.

So I experimented with both aspects. I wanted to go with a more rounded lower case font, which is much more friendly and current compared to a serif upper case font. For the badge logo I played with the letters I&D trying to display them within the logo. It slowly progressed from a 2D shape to 3D. I decided to edit the paradox triangle as this is a memorable design as it makes you think twice. I added the cursor in the negative space to give reference to the computer aspect of the business

inizio design initial sketches

inizio design

inizio design logo development

The badge logo links in nicely with the text, its memorable clever and also looks like a web company. I edited the ‘o’ to an on button as another reference and to show they’re on and ready for fork.

In the end I went with neon 80’s as the font, the curved rounded text gives the impression of creativity, its not too formal either, and suits this line of work. The letters are playful which also represents the creative design side of the company.


inizio design branding

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