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THE BEAUTIFUL MEME Union Jack Redesign

When the ‘Union Jack’ was first introduced in 1606, it was known simply as

The world is very different to how it was in 1606, so it is important to bring

‘the British flag’ or ‘the flag of Britain’, and was ordered to be flown at the

the flag up to date. I personally think that the UK has some quite negative

main masthead of all ships, warships and merchant ships, of both England

connotations, we have built our kingdom up using power and fear and it is

and Scotland. With this in mind the Union Jack has strong connotations of

time to revolutionize the UK and the flag and create a peaceful, modern

war, I want to get rid of this association with world domination and fear.

identity. We need a new image which represents the 21st Century, equality and forward thinking.

Josh Douglas


The Union Jack has been created by linking the flags of each countries

so many diverse cultures. I think using the existing colour scheme will help

patron saints, but I think in this day and age, using flags with religious

to keep some of the flags heritage and give reference to countries history.

connotations isn’t really that appropriate, especially in a country with

I definitely think that the flag needs to be revolutionized.

Josh Douglas


I want to give the UK a new image. I am using circular imagery to

Colour Scheme : For this redesign I wanted to try include the green

represent unity and equality. We are now a multi cultural society

from the welsh flag as I think it is important to incorporate and

living as one and this is the message I want to convey. Because

acknowledge all the countries involved in the UK. The blue signifies

many people in the UK have a strong attachment to the Union Jack,

that we are part of Europe, one giant united community. The

so I have tried to keep elements of the design. This design trys to

following boards show development and variations of this concept

emphasizes unity and also references the current flags composition.

in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Josh Douglas


Hints of welsh dragons tail, shamrock and union jack

I decided that If I were to incorporate the European element to the flag, it would be better to have a blue background rather than being a piece of the ‘UK pie’ so to speak. I think these designs have a strong presence, they are simple but eye-catching and represent a modern forward thinking United Kingdom whilst also referencing the existing flags heraldic cross composition.


The message is the same again and emphasizes unity represented

The emblem has different connotations depending on which way it

as the circular form, in an attempt to give the United Kingdom a

is rotated, the one on the left points forward representing change

new positive image. The 3 sections represent, England, Northern

and moving ahead, where as the one on the right references the

Ireland and Wales. The circle is broken up into 3 equal sections to

peace symbol. Both versions have positive messages.

represent equality.

Josh Douglas


Knowledge is something which has got the UK to where it is today and is a positive message to promote.

These signify peace, unity and moving forward.

I have produced several designs which explore the use of the emblem in different ways. The emblem depicts a few connotations. The top row looks like an abstract picture of someone reading a book, emphasizing that knowledge is power. The other versions represent peace, equality and moving forward/up.


I think these style of flags work well on others. I will have to see how the flag works in more contexts as the flag appears on countless objects, souvenirs and sports kits.

Josh Douglas

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Union Jack Redesign

Concept boards tbm  

Union Jack Redesign