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I Want to carry out an experiment, testing the The idea behind the smile all seeing digital you’re on camera project Panopticon that is CAVE, and video the outcome in is to test the power of order to produce a short CCTV clip showing the panoptic and to what extent it works on people. Usually techniques and methods outlined in my essay. when someone knows they Are under the watch of CAVE they automatically correct their behaviour and conform to the rules, in fear of being punished by the eye on the other side of the lens. I hope to test if this fear of being watched is true.


I plan to carry out this experiment with similar items which will look like valuable consumer products. But in fact what actually lies within the objects is anti consumerist propaganda.

I need to use items which that similar to a wallet which people can see worth in, I could use: Ring Box, Jewellery Box, Bags from expensive stores/jewellers, Electronic Items etc.


e l i sm e on 'r u a o r y e m ca

I would like to recreate a Daren Brown experiment where he left a wallet stuffed full of cash in a busy street in London. He simply drew a yellow circle round it, and then left it for the day, more than a 1,000 people walked by but nobody picked it up, from the fear of being seen, this shows the power that panopticism has on the majority of the UK’s population.

I will make small flyers to go inside the products with anti consumerism propaganda letting people know the damage that is caused all over the world from buying unnecessary goods that our society is tricked into buying.

I want to create pop out information following the LIVE BUY CONSUME DIE Concept, this is hard hitting, blunt and to the point. The flyer will be linked to Buy Nothing Day which happens every year on the 24th of November.

BUY NOTHING DAY I will publicise “Buy Nothing Day� within the products. Unknown - Be a good citizen If there is enough time I will produce posters to go with the products.

The designers republic - work buy consume die

Trinity Shopping center

Merrion Center


St Johns Square

The Market


I would like to try the experiment in different loccations and see how this effects the time it takes for somebody to pick up the items.

I think the busier the area or the posher the place the less likely it will be for somobody interact with it.

I will film the items within the circle, with smile you’re on camera written on the floor. In hope that people resist picking up the items with fear of being caught. I will keep filming until someone finally picks up the item. This will show how much of an effect panopticism has to a certain extent.

Valuable Items with Hidden Propaganda Expensive Shops Bags Jewellery Box’s Electronic’s Wallet/Purse etc...

DVD , CASE & BOOKLET The video will be put on a DVD Disk, to reference the digital age we are living in and that each of us has a digital self that is been constantly monitored across many different media. There will be a booklet briefly explaining about some panoptic aspects of modern society, whilst also promoting Buy Nothing Day.


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