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A11FL Brand Proposal by Doug Houvener

Primary Mark

Primary Mark The primary mark conveys the speed and stealth of a wolf primed for attack, focused on the enemy. Bold, sharp lines give this wolf a sly, poised look, and an infusion of bright red adds an aggressive nature to the mark. The simplicity of the mark also makes black & white and necessary practical applications easy. Wolves Concept | Doug Houvener

Brand Details


The Name


The brand’s colorway is influenced by the wooded areas of the state, as well as the warm gray coats found on wolves. The vibrant red adds an aggressive note to make the color scheme pop.

The Michigan Wolves embody the tenacious unrelenting spirit that many people from the state of Michigan possess. Wolves have long inhabited the Great Lakes region and their intelligence and ferocity make a great mascot for the A11FL’s Michigan franchise.

The wordmark and proposed typeface for the Michigan Wolves is evocative of the bold, aggressive nature brought out in the logo. It also draws influence from both major college programs in the state of Michigan with big serifs and sharp cuts.

Wolves Concept | Doug Houvener

Helmet Application

Wolves Concept | Doug Houvener

Alternate Helmet Application

Wolves Concept | Doug Houvener

Concept by Doug Houvener for the A11FL |

Michigan Wolves — Proposed A11FL Identity  
Michigan Wolves — Proposed A11FL Identity