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There is no top. There are alw

ways further heights to reach.


The Big Sky Conference has remained a sturdy athletic organization through years of change and adaptation. With new members joining, a new outlet to national exposure, and a run of success on some of the biggest stages in collegiate athletics, the Big Sky Conference will position itself as the premier FCS conference in the Western United States. Rooted tradition. Bold new horizons. This is the Big Sky.



Institutions throughout the Big Sky Conference are set in adventurous, wide-open terrain. To incorporate the organic, wide-open feel of the topography, a nostalgic color pallete was introduced. This design reflects the liberated feel that accompanies the lifestyles and scenery of the region, while maintaining a bold, modern style.


Primary Mark The primary mark features a Western-styled typeface, set on a shield . The shield represents the strength of the conference as a whole. Inside the shield is the iconic geography of the region: mountains, a stream, cropped land, and a bright sunset. The horizon features a sunburst pattern and a shooting star, representative of the bold new horizons and new heights the Big Sky is moving toward. The cropped field represents the meticulous work that has gone into creating, maintaining, and growing the conference as a whole.



Word Marks

The word mark is designed to be a bold signifier of the conference while remaining relatively simple. The iconic typeface found on the crest of the primary mark makes the boldest statement.

Full Color

Dark Background Reverse

Light Background


Color Palette


The color palette was chosen to reflect the Western region of the United States, and the topography that most Big Sky institutions reside on. Each color gives a bold, yet organic feel.

Coastal Sand PMS 414 C C 0 M 0 Y 10 K 30 Primary Peak Bronze C 0 M 27 Y 36 K 90 Secondary Shooting Star PMS 122 C C 0 M 17 Y 80 K 0 Secondary Cascade Blue PMS 5405 C C 82 M 58 Y 21 K 6 Secondary Forest Moss PMS 5625 C C 41 M 0 Y 78 K 0


School-Specific Marks Each institution will be allowed one variation of the logo for uniforms and branded athletics publications (athletics programs, for example). The allowed variations are displayed here. The darker color must always be used to fill the mountains, crops, outline, and word mark. This keeps the overall appearance consistent, and effectively portrays the brand. The school’s primary and secondary colors are always used, unless they are too similar, in which case, a tertiary is used.

Northern Colorado

Southern Utah

Idaho State

Weber State

Cal Poly

Montana State

North Dakota

Northern Arizona


UC Davis

Eastern Washington

Sacramento State

Portland State




Both typefaces were selected because of their Western influence. Beantown is the primary font, used for titles, headlines, and the main type component of the primary and word marks.


Tertre Extra Bold is the secondary typeface, used for headers (all caps), copy, and the secondary elements in both the primary and word marks.

ABCDEFGHIJKLM N O P Q R S T U VW X Y Z abcdefghijklm n o p q rs t u v w x y z 01234567890

Beantown typeface created by AbdulMakesFonts (2004) Tertre typeface created by Jan Schmoeger (2009)


Doug Houvener

Created 02.01.2012 All logos property of Doug Houvener

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