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• APPLAUSE • ed FORMan’s

AARon tRIgg

As long as I have

Faith in my talents

things usually

Work out ...

• It’s tough hAvIng the ConCePts You CReAte ACtuAllY CoMe ACRoss lIve on stAge eACh weeK. IF You thInK oF soMethIng wIth A televIsIon MIndset It MIght not tRAnslAte to the lIve stAge And soMetIMes It too lAte to ChAnge ConCePt.

• the show tAKes the teMPlAte oF the lAte-nIght tAlK show. we thRow In A lIttle oPRAh, A lIttle ellen. we MIX thAt togetheR wIth CAYenne PePPeR And A lIttle eXtRA tAste oF ed, And thAt bouIllAbAIsse, thAt guMbo, thAt MAshugAnA … the IngRedIents vARY but the Result Is the sAMe. I dIdn’t Invent the wheel, but I MAde It RoundeR.

• ed CAMe FRoM A one-MAn show I dId CAlled “Al goRe MeMoRIAl hIgh sChool,” An InteRACtIve sKetCh-IMPRov show. ed wAs the FReshMAn oRIentAtIon sPeAKeR. I deCIded to tAKe hIM And stARt “the ed FoRMAn show.” thIs Is ouR thRee hundRedth show.

• theRe’s no bIo, no one PAge thAt ed-CAPsulAtes Me; It’s the whole ed-sPeRIenCe. RAIsed In A buRlesQue house, I wAs PeRFoRMIng on the RoAd At the Age oF 5. I dId MY FIlM, “CAnnonbAll Run II,” It wAs A bloCKbusteR buRt ReYnolds And I Co-wRote, dIReCted, stARRed In. MotIvAtIonAl sPeAKIng Is MY gAMe, I hAve A MIllIon booKs thAt I’ve wRItten — bY A MIllIon, I MeAn 78. I dId A booK on dRug Abuse CAlled “FlYIng hIgh wIthout the use oF nARCotICs unless theY’Re FRee.”

I wouldn’t be doing this

If it wasn’t for them,

The audience.

• the euPhoRIA Is dIFFeRent eACh nIght dePendIng on how well the show went, how good I thought It wAs, And how tIRed I AM. theRe Is A hIgh thAt I CoMe down FRoM, thAt’s whY the soCIAlIZIng Is so IMPoRtAnt And the booZe CAn be so PRevAlent...not Just FoR Me but In geneRAl FoR AnY lIve PeRFoRMeR.



Ed Forman's Applause  

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