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Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services

2011 Annual Report

Forward Focused



National Award Winning Real World Results Chevron Award

We provide students and alumni with exceptional academic and professional employment services. VISION: To become a national leader in our field by developing and providing exceptional academically and professionally related employment services for students, alumni and employers.

From The Real World To The Virtual World



Texas Christian University (Finalist Old Dominion University,

The Career Management Center (CMC) continues to be a national leader in our field with staff members serving on national and regional committees and our innovative programming receiving national recognition by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). This year our “Trip to the Virtual Career World” in which we utilize avatars in the virtual world of second life to take students in our career classes to places they could not ordinarily visit and interact with professionals they could not normally meet, was a finalist for the Chevron Award, NACE’s highest honor. CMC has been consistently recognized by NACE as one of the most innovative career centers in the country as evidenced by the list of award winners provided on this page.

Cal State Fullerton)


San Jose State University


Old Dominion University and

University of Kansas


San Jose State University


Old Dominion University


University of North Carolina and

New York University (NYU)


University of Central Florida and

College of DuPage


University of Michigan


Iowa State




University of California Berkeley


Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles

CMC - Your Link To Your Future!

Advantage For Everyone Tom Wunderlich - Assistant Dean Executive Summary 2011 was a year of uncertainty for CMC. Adding to the uncertainty of the slow recovery of the national and regional economy, CMC transferred to the newly formed Student Engagement and Enrollment Services Division (SEES). However, as the following pages of this annual report show, rather than hesitate, CMC continued to move forward and” SEES the Day” by providing our services to record numbers of students and alumni and receiving national recognition for our innovative approach to services. During calendar year 2011 CMC seamlessly provided meaningful career and employment related information and services through our nationally recognized three levels of delivery, live face to face, live via distance and on demand via distance to 179,756 individuals from 97 countries around the world. Nationally, CMC’s “Trip to the Virtual Career World” was a finalist for the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Chevron Award, along with eventual award recipient Texas Christian University, and Cal State Fullerton. While not winning we received national recognition in NACE national electronic marketing and during the course of the national conference as well.

Regionally, Alice Jones and Saranette Williams were selected to provide training for new professionals at the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Employers conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Laura Czerniak as the Director of Marketing and Membership for the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers played an influential role in transitioning the organization from a dated Web site to an integrated Web application for membership management, event registration, and social community.

Locally, Alice Jones was selected to participate in this year’s prestigious LEAD Hampton Roads class. Erin Mills and Doug Gray, in partnership with faculty in the college of Sciences, held the National Career Development Poetry and Poster contest and all three of our winners also placed at the state level and have been entered into national competition.

The Learn and Earn Advantage Program was successfully initiated in full mode with 5 sections of LEAP 195 being taught fall semester and over 180 freshmen students being employed in 68 offices across the campus. Both student and supervisor evaluations were extremely positive about both the course and the work experience and the students will have earned over $200,000 by spring semester’s end.


Advantage For Everyone Tom Wunderlich - Assistant Dean

During the year CMC added satellite office space in the Tri-Cities Regional Center and was included in the new spaces in the College of Education’s Career and Academic Resource Center (CARC) bringing our total number of satellite offices to 7.

In new technology we added ODU CareerLink Mobile which will allow students and alumni to access ODU CareerLink from their mobile devices and enhanced our ability to make job postings available on the web by adding a public job board widget capability. We added Going Global with 10,000 pages of dynamic content on international employment, careers and international corporate cultural issues. We continue to reach out to our distance learning population by developing and delivering a 4 part Career Readiness Series including audio/video, podcasts and interactive chat capabilities with delivery capability through blackboard, YouTube and direct link as part of a live presentation.


CMC continued to partner with our academic colleges providing comprehensive events and services from before students arrive, such as the Engineering Early Advantage Program and Open House, to the Tru-Life Series in multiple colleges, twelve Career fairs ranging from part time jobs to academic specific fairs to major university wide career fairs which filled the main floor of the Ted Constant Center. These events provided real employer interaction for every level of employment, part time, coop/Intern, and fulltime for hundreds of our students and alumni.

Table of Contents National Award Winning Real World Results..................................... 01 Advantage For Everyone........................... 02 Focus On Technology................................. 04 Marketing................................................... 07 Cyber Career Center................................... 10 Student and Alumni Programs.................................................... 13 Experiential Education Programs.................................................... 17

As indicated by the “bottom line” page CMC through the combined efforts of its’ staff produced $3,261,542 in income for our students, $1,923,034 for the university representing better than a 5 to 1 rate of return on investment for the Division and the University.

International Experiential Education Programs.................................. 19

CMC looks forward to fully participating in the continuing development of the SEES Division and providing our services to all segments of the university and employer community through a seamless, meaningful array of programs and services delivered at just the right time, for just the right person, by just the right means of communication.

College of Arts and Letters........................ 26

Employer Programs................................... 20 Student Employment................................ 22 College of Engineering and Technology.......................................... 24 College of Sciences.................................... 27 College of Business and Public Administration............................... 29 College of Health Sciences and Education............................................ 32 CMC 2010-2011.......................................... 33 Bottom Line................................................ 34

Focus On Technology The CMC has more than doubled our annual unique visitors over the past decade with 179,756 individual web site visitors in 2011.

Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology Nearly 70,000 visitors frequently return to the CMC web site within one to two weeks and over 40% return within one day. Our site generally reports traffic at every hour of the day with this year’s top month in September recording 18,702 unique visitors. Number 1 Resource - ODU CareerLink

Most popular pages remain consistent over the past few years with a predictable top ten while internships and cooperative education continue to increase in popularity. 1. ODU CareerLink 2. Career Advantage Program 3. Part-time Jobs 4. Student Employment 5. Internships/Co-ops 6. Cover Letter Writing 7. Full-time Jobs 8. Contact Directory 9. Resume Writing 10. Career Fairs Our Fall and Spring Career Fairs are traditionally the peak of activity but over the last year we have seen an increase in both preparation and follow up traffic likely attributed to our specialized fairs and student employment initiatives leading each recruiting season.

All active degree seeking students have instant access to ODU CareerLink through the their MIDAS single signon as well as graduating alumni and past alumni in need of career services. More than 18,700 users logged into ODU CareerLink, increasing from 20% in 2010 to 36% of all active students and alumni by the end of 2011. Access ranged from one to as many as 784 logins for a single student with top months during Spring and Fall Career Fair recording well over 8000 unique visitors logging in each month.

”54% of students registered for classes login to ODU CareerLink.” Students are not required to login to ODU CareerLink to receive services, many career activities are recorded by attending events or appointments. Students logged a total of 21,340 unique kiosk swipes in addition to 20,095 appointments with more than 4,500 resume reviews. More than 66 counselors from 10 different ODU departments also utilize ODU CareerLink.

CareerLink serves over 16,440 documents with more than 10,500 resumes representing about 40% of participants submitting 23,400 applications this year. Registered employers more than doubled in 2011 to well over 2000 including almost 90 ODU departments.


Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology

With more than 5000 jobs postings, 900 represented internship and co-op opportunities and close to 300 openings for on-campus positions:

Top Majors sought for all position types:

Top 10 Employer Industries for 2011: 1. Education 2. Health Care 3.Engineering 4. Marketing 5. Non-Profit/Philanthropy 6. Consulting 7. Retail/Wholesale 8. Computers 9. Construction 10. High Tech/Information Technology What best describes employment status at graduation?

2011 Graduation Surveys were a mix of both low tech and high tech. CMC staff attended spring graduation ceremonies as usual handing out paper surveys, those missed were captured with the same two question survey required at CareerLink login. For fall we moved to CareerLink kiosks using iPads triggered by student ID delivering a streamlined one question survey posted directly to ODU CareerLink. This method saved time and improved accuracy. To better gauge this information in the future we have implemented a profile field which captures employment needs to appropriately target students at all levels.


Also new is ODU CareeLink Mobile allowing students and alumni to apply for jobs, register for events, update their profiles, sign up for interviews, find employers, and submit surveys and evaluations from any mobile device.

Just in time for the launch of the new University web site ODU CareerLink delivers a public job board widget to publish or embed dynamic, targeted job postings anywhere on the web!

Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology

Focus Career and Education Planning served 823 users with over 2500 logins and close to 4000 assessments completed in 2011. Top modules include the work interest inventory based on the Holland Code and the personality assessment based on MyersBriggs.

CareerSearch underwent a major upgrade to streamline this gift-in-kind database founded by an ODU alum. CareerSearch aggregates millions of records providing a dynamic set of company, people, career, research, and personal account tools. New menus track recent updates, common searches, and news features. Video tutorials help students take advantage of this robust search T’Nora Green, 2011 engine for research by industry, location, company size, ODU B.S.B.A Information Systems and Technology Major zip code, and keyword with a single login. Next phase will International Business Minor expand reporting features to give us a better indicator of IT Consultant, CGI Group ongoing student needs and usage. Don’t be discouraged because the job search takes time. Your perfect job is right around the corner! Plus the CMC is there to help! “I had two interviews a week after graduation and received two job offers three weeks later. I decided to take the job in Fairfax at CGI, which is a job I found while searching on CareerLink! I hope to be in graduate school by the summer, so that I can begin my next journey... I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and giving me useful experience as your intern.”


Marketing Doug Gray - Marketing and Social Media Consultant Our mission is to increase awareness of ODU Career management Center services to students, Alumni and employers while enhancing and expanding our services integrating rich media, relationship based marketing, mobile marketing, Social Media and Virtual Worlds. We have expanded our marketing efforts to cover more channels with a focus on inbound marketing. This year we have realigned our branding with the university’s new branding. With approval by The University Publications & Graphics Office, we created a new logo to associate with the ODU Career Management Center and our services which conforms with ODU University standards.

We created and incorporated QR-codes into our marketing to facilitate easier access to our information via mobile phones and tablets.


Darius James Graduate Assistant We implemented & updated systems to further automate our processes and monitor progress and effectiveness. .

Systems in place: • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Processing marketing requests, project management and internal evaluations • Hootsuite – Automation, monitoring, and analysis of social media posting • ODU CareerLink & Aweber - Permission based HTML email marketing • Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and custom reporting – Monitoring of social media and Web site activity and engagement

In addition to traditional print marketing and using our Web site we have enhanced our presence on Social Media channels Facebook and Twitter and are using automation to more quickly circulate posts to Twitter at the same time that they are posted to Facebook.

We partnered with ODU Athletics and ODU Sports Properties to create marketing campaigns coinciding with both the ODU men’s basketball games and the ODU football games including print marketing, Web banners, and promotional items.

Marketing Doug Gray - Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Darius James Graduate Assistant

Filmed various events, conducted interviews and broadcasted “live.” Events included: -ODU Employer Symposium -ODU Fall Career Fair -Mock Interviews -ODU Recruitment Day with Enterprise Holdings

With Nakia Madry and Ashley Garret our team wrote, produced, and recorded a “live” broadcast series of presentations for the ODU Distance Learning population.

With our Employer Team and our UNIV 195 instructors we wrote, produced, and recorded a video Training Series for the ODU LEAP Employment Program.

Filmed various presentations including: -Toykea Jones, Johnson & Johnson -Careers in the Classroom (UNIV195) -Promo for Tru-Life Series Initiated pre-production and interviews for our upcoming video series involving ODU athletes and their paths to career success beyond ODU and being an athlete. This series will be broadcast on the new ODU Athletics digital cable channel as well as through our other media channels.


Marketing Doug Gray - Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Darius James Graduate Assistant

We are documenting students’ journeys through ODU academics, athletic programs, internships, job placements, promotions, and demonstrating how beneficial the ODU Career Management Center and internships have been in this process. Interviewed Colby Owen, Account Executive, Client Services, ODU Sports Properties, as part of our ODU Career Success video series.

We interviewed Christine Battcock, who has moved on from her ODU internship & graduate assistant position to work for the USA Field Hockey team as a team manager.

We have enhanced our presence online with virtual worlds where clients may interact and transact virtually in real time at any time of the day or night. We are in process of creating a Virtual CMC.

Data points: Interviewed Shawn McIntosh of the Norfolk Admirals as part of our ODU Career Success video series.


Cyber Career Center Ashley Jarrettt

Kim Bellamy

Cyber Career Coach

The Cyber Career Center provides centralized and virtual services in support of all college Liaisons with 859 in person contacts and 879 virtual contacts including phone, email, IM, Web Chat, and daily updates via Social Media; providing career related content to over 814 Facebook Fans. The Cyber Career Coaches also presented workshops, information sessions, and orientations to the CMC’s services and provided 1176 Resume Reviews and other career services to ODU students and alumni.

Cyber Career Coach

Nakia Madry

Asst Director/Cyber Center Supervisor The CMC received a grant to provide follow-up services to a population of youth ranging in ages from 12-21 who participated in various need-based, Workforce Investment Act programs.

Totals: 1265 Calls 3244 minutes Avg. Call Length: 2.6 min. The CMC strives to continually provide 24/7 services to its students, alumni, and employer partners. Map Communications; functioning as a Virtual Career Assistant to the CMC, provided services to 1265 student, alumni, and employer callers during evening hours, weekends, and University closings. Callers were assisted with information on registering for ODU CareerLink, Career Fairs, scheduling appointments, Career Advising, posting jobs, internship & co-op opportunities, finding jobs, and other career-related resources

Call Log Sample: 1) ODU, Sunday “11/27/2011”, ”07:07 PM”, ”Call For Alice Jones”, ”Employer”, ”Call Not Transferred Return Call Needed”, ”Carla Harold “, ”N/A“, ”757-6833837”, ”charold@edu.odu“, ”Need To Reschedule To Tomorrow Meeting” The Career Management Center has further developed its virtual presence through the development of a Virtual Career Center in conjunction with Opportunity Inc, through the 3DXplorer platform.

122 students; represented as avatars in Second Life, took 11 trips to 3 employer locations including the Stockholm School of Economics, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. The goal is to “take CMC Career Classes to the Virtual World of Second Life to interact with employers that they could not normally interact with and visit employer location they could not normally reach.”


Cyber Career Center Kim Bellamy

Cyber Career Coach

In order to provide the CMC’s services to all students; Nakia Madry innovative strides have been made to develop more Asst Director/Cyber Center effective modes of communication via physical, Supervisor Web 2.0, and Virtual platforms. The CMC began staffing a Cyber Center in the VBHEC in 2010 and Distance Learner Career Readiness Series: This has plans to expand their presence to the Tri-Cities year, the Career Management Center partnered with center in the Spring of 2012. the Center for Learning Technologies to produce, record, and broadcast a 4-Part Career Readiness Series created to serve ODU’s Distance Learner populations. The series, which included an orientation to the CMC and ODU CareerLink, Resume & Cover Letter writing, Interviewing tips, and Job Search Strategies was broadcast to each of the (3) Higher Education Centers via teletechnet classroom and on the web via CONNECT technology. 26 students attended the presentations virtually at the time of broadcast. The series has since been viewed on-demand 362 times. “On behalf of the ODU-VB campus I would like to applaud you and your team for the tremendous efforts promoting academic and career success through the Career Management Center and Cyber Center.” - Daniela Cigularova, Enrollment & Student Services Assistant Dir., VBHEC


Ashley Jarrettt

Cyber Career Coach Job Search SOS: March 10, 2011 and August 16, 2011 Job Search SOS is offered twice per year and is a program designed to help soon to be and recent graduate a job search a jump start. Participants have an opportunity to hear firsthand information from our employer partners about a variety of job search topics, including using social media in your job search, interview skills, networking tips as well as participate in a valuable Q&A session and an opportunity to do some fast paced “speed networking” with select presenters and other employer partners. Participant Feedback: 21 Student and alumni provided feedback about the event, and 90% of the respondents rated their overall experience as excellent to Exceptional. Alumni felt that the most helpful topics were Social Media, Interviewing, the Panel Discussion, and networking while students in attendance rated as their most helpful topics, Interviewing, Networking , and Social media. Alumni Quotes: • “A most enjoyable experience and this seminar has helped to lower my anxiety about job searching.” • “This was a great event. It was very informative and helpful. I am glad I took advantage of this opportunity.” • “Very informative and enjoyable.” Student Quotes: • “Very informative!”

Cyber Career Center Ashley Jarrettt

Kim Bellamy

Cyber Career Coach

Cyber Career Coach

Nakia Madry

Asst Director/Cyber Center Supervisor March 2011: 12 Employer Participants, 28 Student & Alumni Attendees August 2011: 7 Employer Partners, 21 Student & Alumni Attendees Total: 19 Employer Partners 49 Student & Alumni Attendees

The Rural Economic and Agricultural Development Agency (READA): Based in Cambodia, this small organization helps rural, uneducated farmers learn new methods for sustainable farming, sourcing clean water, and learning new skills. The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA): Since the 1970’s this grouped has worked to help women gain independence and education, and fight against human rights violations.

Virtual Internship ODU administered its first virtual internship during the fall of 2011. Steve Mahaley supervised two interns, Tim Norton and Gregory Selden and their work with Peace Train Charitable Trust, an organization that helps to raise money for non-profit organizations. The interns worked using blogs, wikis, Skype, various social media platforms, and Second Life to market and promote the organization, culminating in an “in world” event called IMAGINE Peace Fest. Through this event, money was raised for the following organizations:

The One Laptop Per Child initiative: Provides laptops and education to communities in developing countries to help them overcome the digital and educational divide. Throughout the internship, all contact was virtual. The students worked both off-site and in the ODU Cyber Career Center, while interacting electronically with their supervisor who was physically located in Europe and the Netherlands. Gregory, who is majoring in marketing and Tim, who is majoring in English-creative writing, were very pleased with their internship experience, and both agreed that this experience enhanced their academic background and major.


Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs

Programs this past year were designed to help students learn as they Explored, Experienced and Engaged in the process of becoming well rounded, Monarch Citizens. Through collaborative and independent efforts students were able to engage in a variety of programs and events guiding then through a developmental process increasing their awareness of self and their relationship to the world of work while developing the skills necessary to be successful leaders on campus and in larger global community.


University Courses UNIV 120 Sections - Career and Major Exploration Spring - 4 sections 47 students registered Fall - 4 sections - 66 Students registered Students feedback on the general impact of this class on their personal career development at ODU. • “Even though I already knew what I wanted to do, all the exercises seemed to confirm my choice. They helped me realize what I am good at, which made me decide my major in Human services. This class was helpful.” • “The final exam as a personal interview is very useful for my future career. It helped me with information and tools that will improve my chances of being successful in the future.” • “After years of battling this decision, I have finally made a consideration for a major! Thank You! This class helped me put my career goals in perspective.” • “This is a great class for first year students!”

UNIV 195 – Workplace Readiness 1 section - 14 Student registered (Spring 2011) The purpose of this course was to engage students in self-reflection and work place skill enhancement, including budget management, workplace ethics, working with teams, academic success, and leadership development. UNIV 195 was intended to help students develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, project development and reporting, and conflict management skills by working independently and with teams to solve everyday workplace issues. UNIV 195 - LEAP Fall 2011 Coordinated Courses to supplement the Learn and Earn Advantage Program for first time freshmen without federal workstudy funds in their financial aid packages. The purpose of this course is to engage students in self-reflection and work place skill enhancement, applicable to experiences encountered as part of the LEAP, as well as in the world of work. UNIV 195 will help students to develop and be able to apply skills in the areas of self-presentation, work ethic, team membership, professional communication, independence and initiative, and seeing the “Big Picture” in relation to everyday workplace issues. This fall there were 5 sections and a approximately 80 students registered into the courses.

Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs

Get Geared for Graduate School The CMC coordinated Get Geared for Grad School events during the fall and spring semester to help students get a head start on their planning for graduate and professional school. Approximately 200 students and alumni participated in the Get Geared for Grad School events. Several of the workshops were presented in partnership with Kaplan Test Prep. Approximately 39 Colleges and Universities including ones from across the country as well as Old Dominion University College Departments were in attendance at our Annual Graduate and Professional School Fair.

Workshops and other events included: o 9/30/11: Graduate and Professional School Fair o 10/4/11: 10 Things to Know When Applying to Graduate and Professional School with Kaplan o 2/25/11 & 10/14/11: Graduate CV & Job Search Workshop o 2/12/11 & 10/4/11: Free Practice Entrance Exams with Kaplan o 2/24/11 & 10/27/11: Writing Personal Statements with Kaplan

Budget for you Future: Before You sign on the Dotted Line 2/16/11: This program provided and opportunity for students to learn what they need to know as they transition from school to FT employment., and gain a better understanding of some of the financial lingo (IRA, options, 401(k) plans and 403(b) that will be important to in their future before they sign on the dotted line. Presented by Ryan Ingram, ODU Alumni, Charles Schwabb.

Budget for Your Future A series of programs designed to assist student in developing a stronger sense of financial literacy. The programs were all presented by guest speakers from campus and local businesses. Budget for Your Future: Paying for College 2/15/11: A Presentation in conjunction with our partners in the Financial Aid Office, sharing information that will help students understand how to navigate the financial ins and outs of a college education.

Budget for your Future: No More Ramen 2/17/11: This program attempted to help students find strategies to dispel the image of the starving college student that is still alive and well, despite the fact that most students arrive on campus with iPods, cell phones, and laptops. This workshop was designed to help students learn what they can do to break the stereotype and throw out the ramen. Presented by Christina Brooks, ODU alumni, Opportunity Inc.

Budget for your Future: Credit Savvy and your Job Search 2/22/11: This program was designed to help students learn how their credit can impact their job search, and what they can do about it now. Presented by a Kim Garrett, Wachovia.


Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs

Toykea Jones, ODU Alumna and Senior Supply Chain Planner for the Neutrogena Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Company, was on hand during the week of the Fall Career Fair to provide workshops and seminars for our students. She presented two workshops on each of the following topics related to managing your career: The Pre-Interview The Interview The Post Interview Once You Have the Job In addition to the workshops, Toykea made a presentation on Professional Dress and Interviewing in the College of Business and Administration, presented to three classes in Operations Management and Maritime Supply Chain Management, and she met with members of the student chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. A graduate of Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Jones earned scholarships to pay for her undergraduate chemistry degree at Old Dominion University. She paid for her master’s degree in environmental engineering with a combination of the 2004-05 Hampton Roads Sanitation District Scholarship and student loans. She recently created the Toykea S. Jones Endowed Scholarship in Engineering at ODU, which will be awarded annually to a sophomore engineering student with good grades, from one of the area’s local public high schools.


Odu Tru-Life Series (collaborative programming) Each college Career Management satellite team participated in a collaborative series of programs in partnership with During the fall and spring semester students received Academic Enhancement, and the Academic Advising team training and participated in a number of supporting to present ODU TruLife: I majored in…a series of programs events. During the spring 2011 semester Tamara designed to promote students success while highlighting Leonard served as an intern and worked with the peers your individual colleges, majors, career paths, and/or to coordinate efforts and help monitor activities. student successes and what it takes to make it. Programs Peer Educators presented workshops and presentations were scheduled throughout the semester and presented on a variety of topics including: • “Degree works How to” workshops to assist Advising in the new Learning Commons. Sept: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Arts & Letters and transfer Services • Interview skills Sept: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Business • CMC orientation – programs and services Nov: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Education • Resume Presentations for UNIV 195 class on workplace Nov: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Engineering Dec: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Health Sciences skills and at the December: ODU TruLife Series: I majored in the Sciences • VBHEC to aid CMC graduate assistant in a resume review presentations Peer Educators also: Peer Educator Program A CMC Peer Educator program was initiated in the fall of • Hosted five activity hour information tables and 2010 that carried through the spring of 2011. The focus promoted CMC programs and events of the program was to provide support for students’ • Assisted with special events including the seeking career assistance, by providing a communication • Spring Career Fair and Practice Room link between students, and the Career Management • Etiquette Dinner Center. Peer Educators will work in areas of Marketing and • Spring Business Fair Outreach, Special Events, and Career Coaching. Peers will • Summer Job Fest assist with presenting programs, supporting CMC events, During the spring semester Peer Educators focused on assisting in coaching students and various other CMC a more interactive style of marketing and outreaching to students about CMC services. They were able to related activities. provide a reliable source of programming support for Peer Educators: after hour’s programs, career cyber center, and satellite T’Nora Green - CBPA offices. Peer Educators also assisted with the staffing of Michelle Tisch - AL special events. Kelsey Leo - HS Perry King - ED

Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs

Collaboration on Campus: Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Participated in the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development by presenting a workshop on Women’s career development Monday, March 21, 2011. 20 participants from across the university representing all majors and class levels from freshman to graduate students shared the following Feedback from participants: • “Very informative, I needed this information. It was right on time for the job fair tomorrow.” • “I learned a lot from this session. Very informative.” • “Great information!” • “Great information that will enhance my resume.” • “Great handouts!” • “The speaker provided a lot of information and stuff we could take and analyze. This was very informative and vital.”

Leadership Lab Career Management Center staff presented as part of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership’s Leadership Lab on Friday, September 30, 2011. The session was entitled Translating Leadership to Success at 2pm. Alice Jones, Director, Student & Alumni Programs/ Liaison College of Arts & Letters was the facilitator for the workshop. Student Leaders in attendance were able to learn more about how they could use their leadership experiences on campus to get an advantage with potential employers. This workshop focused on helping participants identify and translate campus leadership skills and experiences into a language that employers understand. Participants were also able to bring their resumes for quick review and feedback. New Student and Parent Programs

Preview Counselor training. An information session on transferable skills and how to use the Preview Counselor position on future resumes and interviews was conducted by Alice Jones on Thursday, June 16th from 10am-11am. Student Success Series Various CMC staff members participated in presenting information to students in the residence halls as part of the student success series during the fall semester. CMC presentations were targeted to students in specific residence halls, and highlighted the Career Advantage Program (CAP), the CMC website, ODU CareerLink, resume and cover letter writing, and job search strategies for on and off campuse. Programs were intended to address the particular residence hall populations, introducing programs and services, and encourating students to connect early with their college liaisons, and coordinators.

Collaboration means participating not only in the New Student Orientation sessions, but also being involved in the process from beginning to end. Career Management Center staff assisted with Preview Counselor group and individual interviews, as well as


Experiential Education Programs Beverly Forbes - Director Experiential Education

Experiential Education continues to be an important part of the student experience at Old Dominion University. During 2011, 896 intern/coop positions were posted in the ODU Careerlink system, an increase of more than 300 over last year. Overall, CAP experiences, including internships and cooperative education experiences and research and class practical experiences, increased slightly during the past year, with a total of 5754 Career Advantage Program experiences during 2011.


Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair: The Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair was held on February 3, 2011. In collaboration with the Center for Major Exploration, 34 employers were on hand to recruit interns and cooperative education students, as well as to share information regarding majors and careers. Over 300 students from all colleges attended the fair. Employers were treated to an employer brunch immediately before the C/I/CE Fair. Sandra Waters, Assistant Dean for Advising and Transfer Programs, Penny Pickel, CMC Liaison to the College of Business and Public Administration, and Beverly Forbes, Director of Experiential Education, made a presentation which included an overview of ODU as well as information regarding characteristics of ODU students. In addition, the CMC served as a host for students from the Oyster Point Academy, an alternative school for children with special needs. Seven students and their teacher, Sarah Finley, were treated to a tour of the Coop/Intern Fair and of the CMC by Grace Mahin and Julie Balderston. The following is an excerpt from a note received from Sarah Finley following their visit:

“On behalf of Oyster Point Academy I would like to give a huge round of applause to Mr. Wunderlich, Mrs. Beverly Forbes, and our outstanding guides, Ms. Julie and Ms. Grace! Our students enjoyed the experience so much it was hard to get them to leave. Coming to the college fair inspired both hope and curiosity in each child’s future. I have been astounded at the amount of interest the children have. Not to mention the increase of questions about creating a resume. The Career Management Staff at Old Dominion University has once again answered the call and provided our school with amazing opportunities!”

Presentations: Staff from the CMC had an opportunity to make presentations to the interns in the NASA-LARSS Program (Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars ). The presentation, “Why Go to Graduate School” was included in the NASA-LRC Career and Graduate Seminar held in April, June, and October, reaching more that 154 program participants from colleges and universities across the country. Presentations were made by Erin Mills and Bev Forbes.

Experiential Education Programs Beverly Forbes - Director Experiential Education


International Experiential Education Erin Mills - ICAP Coordinator Programs Preparing Students For Global Communities The International Career Advantage Program (ICAP) assists students interested in working as interns inside and outside of the United States. Student’s internships abroad spanned the globe including China, Germany and Argentina. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) workshops for international students interested in internships in the United States were offered every three weeks throughout the semester. Erin Mills guest presented in collaboration with the Office of Intercultural Relations on several programs. The International Etiquette Luncheon, and the Writing Resumes American Style were two of the presentations offered to international students on campus. Additionally CMC participated in the study abroad fair each semester.


Going Global career and employment resources are a new addition with more than 10,000 pages of dynamic content on topics such as resume/job search, work permit/visa regulations, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, and cultural/interviewing advice. Going Global and the USA Career Guides are directly available to students from myODU and ODU CareerLink.

Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs 2011 Employer Programs/Events: In an effort to enhance employer interactions to increase employment opportunities in a challenging economy, the CMC co-hosted two events at the Tri-Cities Regional Center as a service to the Hampton Roads community. We hosted the March Chamber of Commerce meeting for the Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Norfolk area. In addition, we co-presented with the Hampton Roads Employment Commission office in April to help employers connect with candidates more effectively at the Virginia Association of Colleges and Employers conference in April, 2011. The CMC had representation at 30 plus events hosted by the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce to increase visibility of our ODU students and alumni. These events include but were not limited to Chamber “Business Before Hours”, Business After Hours, Morning Smooze, Connect meetings that span the Hampton, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk areas. CMC partnered once again with Target Corporation for the Target Case Study Contest program with 5 teams of 3-4 students across all majors competed for $3,000.00 in scholarship prize money. Students prepared and presented a case study involving Target’s involvement in sustainability (going green) efforts/opportunities. CMC also collaborated with ODU’s Honor’s College Undergraduate Research Team in reviewing and determining finalists for the team competition.

Individualized Recruitment Action Plans (IRAP’s): CMC hosted 11 employers for IRAP (Individualized Recruitment Action Plan) discussions to help employers connect better with our students. Employers included Dominion Enterprises, City of Chesapeake, Amiergroup. Xtuple, Dollar Tree, Sentarar, PlanIt, Bauer, Target, TerkSystem, Teach for America and many others. CMC VIP Sponsors Partnership-Recruitment Day: CMC partnered with its VIP Corporate Sponsor, Enterprise Holdings, in hosting its first ever Enterprise Recruitment Day in which the entire staff and resources of the CMC came together in April 2011 to promote and produce a video, information sessions and interviewing opportunites for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and it’s National/Alamo holdings. This event was extremely successful resulting in 24 candidates interviewed in 1 day and numerous hires for Enterprise management training programs.

Employer Symposium: CMC was proud to collaboarate with ODU Business Gateway and ODU Innovation Research Park in hosting its 5th Annual Employer Symposium. 75 individuals attended the symposium as we hosted a cross section of businesses local, state and federal government’s attendees, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations were also in attendance. The attendees rated the event overall Exceptional and excellent. The event was viewed as a great way to know how to connect with ODU students and alumni and the candidates desires and highlighted how the ODU and provide employers/businesses a diverse services and opportunities. Attendee Feedback Quote: “I wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to the 5th annual ODU CMC Employer Symposium. Once again you all did a great job putting together an informative program. I was especially impressed with the Business Gateway program and came away with an even greater sense of pride from not only being an alumnus but also being able to partner with ODU via the outstanding CMC staff.” -Blake Wingfield, Talent Aquisition Manager, Enterprise Holdings.”


Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs

Career/Job Fairs: CMC hosted 12 career/job fairs with 392 employers and 3,474 attendees/special guests in 2011. The number of employers attending was similar to 2010. Even with a challenging economy and leaner college recruitment budgets for employers, they are still making an impact on campus recruitment.


On-Campus Recruiting (OCR): 21 companies/organizations used our six interview rooms and facilities to interview 412 students during 2011. We also hosted 2 day information sessions for the Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) for students with disabilities with 25 students interviewing. Additionally, the interview rooms were made available to campus offices such as OCCS and the Office of Educational Accessibility for interviewing candidates for their position vacancies. Finally, the interview rooms were used for Mock Interviews. 176 students were interviewed for 6 Mock Interview sessions for psychology, engineering , business and physical therapy during 2011.

Student Employment

Job Posting (ODU CareerLink) January, 2011 through December 2011 we have posted 1,940 jobs (575 were active on 12/31/11) broken down as follows: • 341 Internships and Co-ops • 433 entry level postings • 386 experienced positions • 15 on campus hourly jobs • 18 federal work study jobs • 508 off campus part time jobs • 188 off campus full time jobs • 6 Scholarship/Fellowship • 45 Undergraduate Research Opportunities

“Jessica’s positive attitude! She is a fast learner and always eager to help!” -Sandy Breeden, Director Advising, College of Health Sciences. STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS LEAP (Learn and Earn Advantage Program): This ODU Presidential funded initiative was a demonstration project in Spring 2011 and piloted for Fall 2011/Spring 2012. The LEAP program allows first year year freshman (non Federal Work Study) students to be placed/work in on-campus jobs for 10-15 hours per week in oneof four categories of positions (administrative assistance, event assistant, services assistant or academic assistant). Additionally, beginning in the September, 2011 semester, the LEAP student workers were required to attend a UNIV 195 1 hour credit or non-credit course focused on 21st Centry workplace readiness skills. LEAP Employers/ Site Supervisors also attended an orientation session then observed, monitored, and provided feedback on the students performance in exhibiting the workplace readiness skill sets taught in the LEAP classes. 184 student workers and 97 LEAP employers/supervisors participated in the program in Spring 2011 and Fall 2011. The feedback by the LEAP employers/supervisors has been extremely positive as evidenced by the following quotes:

“I believe Jamaal has done a remarkable job during the fall semester. Jamaal has been able to restore my faith our ability as a higher education organization to reach out across all backgrounds and experiences to better our future as a community.” -Karen Cobb, Office Manager, Alumni Relations. “Kiersten is an exceptional (LEAP) student worker, and she displays a positive and professional attitude whenever she comes to work. She is prompt and efficient and she has become a valued member of our student staff.” -Jennifer Barksdale, Communication and Theatre Department. The LEAP Program will continue into the Spring 2012 semester with an additional 60 LEAP student workers and 53 new LEAP employer/site supervisors. Since its inception in January 2011, the LEAP student workers have earned approximately $184,000.00 in wages from the ODU Presidential funded LEAP Program.


Student Employment

STAT (Student Temporary Assistance Team) Program: STAT, our CMC “temp agency” allows FWS students to accept positions all over campus for as brief a period as one to two hours or as extensive as 4 weeks (30 days) or as many as 80 hours. It provides a great opportunity for students to become familiar with the campus and to adjust their work schedule to their academic schedule. In addition we provide much needed support to campus departments as diverse as from the President’s Office to the Parking Services. We had 90 students participate in the program in 2011 earning $39,550.96.

America Reads Program: We refined our program, increasing the availability of schools within walking distance of main campus so that students could tutor even if they did not have private transportation. We have placed 69 students in 10 conveniently located public schools. These students earned $62,996.12.


CSI (Community Service Internship) Program: In this popular program students can work in nonprofit agencies/organizatons off campus. We had 63 students in 41 different sites participating in 2011. Students are awakened to the myriad of ways that they can contribute to non-profit organizations and to the improvement of the lives of others while earning their Federal Work and Study Awards. This year the 63 students earned $72,732.90. Our Summer Jobs Fest in April 2011 included 16 employers and 201 registered attendees looking for summer jobs. The Back to School Job Fair was held in September, 2011 and had 16 employers/campus departments with 150 registered attendees.

Student employment appreciation week was celebrated in April with a student employee of the year luncheon honoring the outstanding student employees nominated by their supervisors. At the luncheon a slide show presentation was held with kind and encouraging words from the nominees’ supervisors. The top winners were given gifts of framed certificates as well as other gifts. All students that were nominated were awarded certificates for their accomplishments. We ended the student appreciation week with cake and ice cream and welcomed all student employees on campus to join us in the celebration. Top Three Winners for Student Employee of the Year were: 1st place- Tessa Darrow

3rd place: Whitney Black

2nd place: Heidi Delacruz

College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology

Freshman Class Presentations The College of Engineering continues to prepare its students for the work place. Beginning with freshmen, 342 students participated in spring 2011 and 335 students participated in fall 2011 classroom coop/ internship seminars as part of ENGR 110/111. Co-Op/Intern Program 147 upper classmen attended face-to-face Engineering CAP orientations for introductory internship information during spring 2011 and 134 during fall 2011, with additional students obtaining information through an online seminar. During 2011, approximately 128 students participated in a 2-seminar training series during the spring 2011 semester, and 117 participated in fall 2011. This training series prepares potential applicants for CAP experiences and helps to facilitate the application process through our online system, ODU CareerLink. In addition to the seminars, students met with our Intern/ Coop Coordinators, Julie Balderston (Spring 2011) and Whitney Hall (Fall 2011) for one-on-one assistance with resumes and ODU CareerLink navigation. During 2011, 122 students became CAP authorized.

Presentations Each semester Beverly Forbes provides live career seminars on resumes, job search strategies, and interviewing for Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering seniors. During 2011, 117 students participated in this 3-seminar series. She also presented one teletechnet career lecture each semester to a total of 188 Engineering Technology seniors. In addition to classes, Beverly made presentations to the Society of Women Engineers and to the Sigma Nu fraternity. In addition, a new collaborative event took place during the fall 2011 semester. Each college presented a “TruLife” event, and Beverly Forbes and Bonita Anthony collaborated on “Tru-life: I Majored in Engineering”. More than 40 students were on hand to hear from a panel of ODU engineering alumni, students and administrators about career paths open to engineering and engineering technology majors.

Corporate Circle Day The Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology held Engineering Corporate Circle Day events during the fall and spring semesters, in conjunction with the College Development Officer. Eight employers attended each Corporate Circle Day, and each event attracted over 100 students.


College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology

Employer Activities There were eleven individual networking events for engineering and engineering technology students. In addition, the CMC conducts a Spring Career Fair, Fall Career Fair, and a Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair every year. In each of these fairs, a substantial number of employers seek students from the Batten College of Engineering and Technology.

Fall 2011 Career Fair Total Employers: 91 Engineering Employers: 46 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 50% Spring 2011 Career Fair Total Employers: 77 Engineering Employers: 30 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 39% 2011 Co-Op/Intern/Career Exploration Fair Total Employers: 34 Engineering Employers: 12 Percent Seeking Engineering Students: 35% Engineering Open House As a kickoff to Engineers’ Week activities, the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology offers a 2-day Engineering Open House event. Each year, the CMC Engineering Satellite staff administers an Engineering Lab Tour event on the Friday of Engineering Open House week. This year, we welcomed approximately 289 students with 40 chaperones from 10 secondary schools and another 18 parents and potential ODU engineering students. Engineering student tour guides directed participants through 19 laboratories with 32 student volunteers.


Engineering Early Advantage Program Once again, the Engineering Early Advantage Program provided an interesting and exciting opportunity for incoming female freshman engineering students. Sponsored by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, the program was awarded $12,000, which provided funding for 15 participants and 1 graduate student. Students completed projects under engineering supervision at the VMASC facility in Suffolk, received an orientation and hands-on projects through the new Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering Department, and participated in on-campus orientation events with female faculty, administrators, and previous EEAP participants.

Program activities included meetings with Provost Carol Simpson, Dean Oktay Baysal and Professors Stella Bondi and Stacy Ringleb. In addition, participants took a virtual field trip through Second Life to the Lockheed Martin Center for Innovation Lighthouse Facility, as well as live field trips to NASA-Langley Research Center and WR Systems, an Engineering Corporate Circle Partner.

College of Arts and Letters In keeping with the University and College mission and commitment to engaging students in the community, and helping them be better able to apply their skills, the Arts and Letters Career Management Center Satellite office has been an active participant in contributing to fulfilling that mission. This year our efforts focused on introducing students to possibilities through collaborative efforts with our partners on and off campus. This fall we partnered with Academic Enhancement and advising to produce the “TruLife Series: My Life as an Arts & Letters Major”, we also included a number of alumni, in various programs, who shared their success stories, and offered guidance on strategies for moving forward. Students had the opportunity to explore through internships and specialized career fairs, while making use of individual and group sessions to help in their preparation for the 21st Century workplace. Jan 2011-Dec 2011 Counseling Appointments Mark/Lashay: 414, Alice: 422 Total: 836 (including scheduled appointments, virtual walk in, and resume approvals)

Alice Jones - Liaison, College of Arts and Letters AL Programs • Career Fairs- Criminal Justice and Sociology Fair 2/4/2011- coordinated in partnership with the Criminal Justice and Sociology Department- 27 employers and over 150 students and alumni attended. • Class Presentations- 7 • Orientations (intro to CMC, Internship and Transfer and New Student Orientations)- 23 • Seminars/workshops- Preperation workshops for internships and Co-ops were done in collaboration with the College of Business and Public Administration. AL Special Events • New Graduate Student Program in International Studies Orientation- Fall 2011 • Graduate Program in International Studies Workshop on CV/Resume Writing- Fall 2011 • Teaching English as a Second Language Mock Interviews (TESOL) Spring/Summer/Fall 2011 • Communication Alumni Panel- Spring/Fall 2011 Lewis and Lisa Warren Endowed Student Internship Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to students in the College of Arts and Letters or College of Science. the award was established to assist deserving students as they pursue their academic goals at Old Dominion University. We were able to award $1036 in scholarship monies to 3 students in the College

of Arts and Letters and Science from JanuaryDecember 2011. the students receiving awards were: Yvonne De los Santos- College of Arts and Letters- Communication, Carly Merriam- College of Arts and Letters- Communication, Krystal CooperCollege of Science- Psychology

ODU TruLife Series: I majored in Arts & Letters September 2011 For students interested in an Arts & Letters major this was an opportunity to meet and listen to successful alumni/faculty speak on the field, tips for success, what they would do differently, and /or how their major applies to their current career.


College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences

Internship Placements Spring – 42 Summer- 30 Fall- 48 Collaboration College of Science Advising and CMC joint programming included participation at Preview, Biology Major Declaration Sessions and Graduation Group Advising, in addition to Pre Health Mock Interview Workshops and the Student Success Series. Classroom presentations were also made in biology, psychology, computer science and during freshman orientation. New to that list of programs this year CMC provided administration and served as panelists at the TruLife Series where current Science students and faculty gave testimonies and tips for succeeding in the Sciences majors. It was well attended.

Picture from the TruLife Workshop - I majored in Sciences


Interview Success Pre Health and Psychology students in the College of Science participated in CMC’s mock interview workshops and one on one practice sessions – CMC’s assistance proved to be an integral part in ensuring that students were prepared for their interviews:

Hello Ms. Erin, I just wanted to share my success story! I did a mock interview with you a couple of weeks ago. I had applied for the Regent University Master of Divinity program. In our interview you were acting if you were interviewing me for that program. A couple of days after my mock interview with you, I had a phone interview with Regent! They asked me some of the same questions. During the interview I felt very confident and the answers to the questions were fluent because after my mock interview I thought about how to answer the questions better. After the interview with Regent I felt like I had done a great job! Within another week I received my acceptance letter! I start in January! Thank you! Respectfully, Shonta Prince

Helping students succeed in and out of the classroom As part of a collaborative effort to assist freshman and transfer students, Erin Mills and Adrienne Giles gave joint presentations on a wide variety of topics. CMC was able to talk to students about the benefits of doing an internship, and ways that students could utilize the CMC resources in their job search. Some students who decided to put career advice into practice and become Teaching Assistant Interns the following semester.

Students pictured above are organizing their thoughts for a group project under Jennifer Flores - Biology TA Intern.

College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences

Students Participate as Interns: Animals, Medicine, Research, IT, and Environmental Conservation to Name a Few “Internship- experience, credit, and connections… What else can provide you with all of that?” – Nicholas MacLeod, Liberty Tax Service Intern Poetry Competition on My Career Dreams All ODU students (undergraduate and graduate) were invited to enter the National Career Development Association contest with either an original poster or poem. This year’s theme was “MY CAREER DREAMS.” Dr. Debra Major, Department of Psychology, asked CMC to participate as judges in a competition to promote student poetry and mixed media artwork. All of our ODU winners placed in the state competition and have a chance to be considered as National winners in February 2012.

Name: Jennifer Moore Semester: Fall 2011 Internship Title: Virginia Zoo Veterinary Internship Position Information: Dealt with animal care throughout the park Quote: “This is a picture taken while we were getting ready to take a radiograph of a rhinoceros’ leg. The vet, Dr. John, stays with the digital radiograph machine.”

Name: John Fetherolf Semester: Fall 2011 Position Information: IT Specialist for JamestownYorktown Foundation. Supported the foundation by making sure the technology was working correctly. Quote: “The most valuable thing that I remember during this experience is teamwork. Collaborating with coworkers is an important component for a successful career in any computer Science field. I have always worked well with others, but this job has enabled me to apply those skills in a professional environment. Great things can happen when people work together to achieve a common goal. Gaining this insight will help me approach future jobs with others in mind. I will be more willing to collaborate with coworkers to accomplish tasks because I have seen the positive impact it can have on productivity in the workplace.”

Name: Alexandra Tellinger Semester: Fall 2011 Position Information: Elizabeth River Project “Learning Barge’s” Deckhand Educator


College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Co-Liaison

Co-Liaison - Saranette Williams

The Career Management Center Satellite Office in College of Business and Public Administration is fully integrated into the college as evidenced by our participation in many college activites including New Student Programs, Freshman Advising, WalkIn Advising, student organization activities, college departmental recruiting efforts and teaching. Career Counseling, Coaching and Presentations CMC staff provided career services during more than 85 hours of walk-in advising in Spring and Fall semesters. We conducted 1395 individual student counseling appointments last year. Since one of the first steps in the job search process is to develop a resume, it is no surprise that more than half of our appointments were for resume reviews. A total of 41% of our student appointments dealt with other issues surrounding the job search. The college has nurtured a strong following in the Finance Club, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity, and in the newly formed Marketing Club. CMC is routinely invited to present at these club meetings each semester to promote CMC use. In addition to these regular presentations, our coordinators conducted 20 group presentations to 362 students in 2011.


I have an IT internship with Newport News Shipbuilding (Huntington Ingalls) that begins in January (2012). I have already talked with Professor Carraway and signed up for the internship class (IT 368). I know you often ask how we heard about the internships. I first heard about this opportunity from Dr. Cao, one of my professors who sent out an email and contact for someone inside. I contacted him and he kept me updated about upcoming opportunities. I then applied. I waited for a while and my application was still in consideration. I went to the Fall ODU Career Fair and talked with an HR person there. He instructed me to do a cover letter and use his name. I still remained in consideration. Then, finally, representatives came from Newport News Shipbuilding. I gave them my resume and I received a call the next day for an interview. Thank you, Renee L. Nettles Vice President of Programs Beta Alpha Psi-Zeta Pi Chapter President- Managerial Accounting and Auditing Club Old Dominion University

ODU’s Career Management Center gave me the tools and confidence I needed to prepare myself for my job search. As a returning student, it had been a while since I’d written a resume or interviewed for a job. CMC staff met with me as many times as I asked and provided thoughtful, constructive feedback. They also have an outstanding website that walked me through the job search process. It was a great experience and I can’t imagine not using this excellent resource! Lynanne Gornto Coordinator, Regional Task Force To End Homelessness The Planning Council 5365 Robin Hood Road, Suite 700 Norfolk, VA 23513

Lynanne Gornto (right), Master of Public Administration, December 2010, staffs a table during an Old Dominion University SEES event.

College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Co-Liaison Our CMC staff members send out hundreds of targeted emails each week, like the one demonstrated below, to encourage our business students to respond to job opportunities. Our efforts often are met with great results. CMC Staff Member: Dear Rochelle, You have been identified as a possible candidate for the position listed below. Please log into your ODU CareerLink account and review this position. If you are interested in applying, use your CareerLink account to submit your resume to the employer contact. Thank you and good luck! Penny Pickel Liaison, College of Business and Public Administration Position: Associate Agent, Job Number: 2905 State Farm ODU CareerLink: Response: Hi Mrs. Pickle, Thank you for informing me about this job position. I’m actually doing an internship now with a different insurance company, Northwestern Mutual. It is going great. If any other jobs open up, particularly in commercial real estate, please do let me know. I am very open to jobs for after the summer and I’ll be sure to look at the CMC as well. Thanks again. Sincerely, Rochelle Henderson

Co-Liaison - Saranette Williams

Resume Reviews: A unique requirement. Our staff supervises a critical entrance requirement for students seeking to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Any new admit is required to have a resume reviewed and approved by a member of the CMC team prior to formal admission. No other college at the university currently uses this requirement in the admission process. We utilize graduate students in a para-professional capacity to assist in this process. One of the greatest benefits of this requirement is that business students are introduced to CMC services at a very early stage of their academic careers. Further, utilizing ODU CareerLink is considered one of the earliest steps in the job search readiness process. Our data suggests that about 30 percent of those students who have resumes reviewed, actually upload the resume to CareerLink within one semester after their first CMC contact. Once the resume is uploaded, the student is ready to begin a full scale search for an internship or full time post graduate job placement.

Making the Most of Resources The CBPA CMC Satellite office worked closely with the Department of Urban Services and Public Administration to place and supervise two interns this year within the CMC Satellite Office. The summer intern worked closely with the CBPA-CMC liaisons and was successful at creating new reporting strategies for the “Resume Approval” requirement within the college. The data he reported his findings in a special meeting of the Associate and Assistant Dean of the College and the Assistant Dean of the CMC in early October. The second intern successfully developed new training materials for students seeking employment in the federal employment arena. Her information was used in multiple presentations in the Fall, 2011 semester and contents are being posted on the CMC web site.

Rikke Nielson Patrick Edmunds Student Student Both Master’s of Public Administration


College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Co-Liaison Employer Relations The staff in the CMC satellite maintains strong relationships with professionals and recruiters in the local business community. We send out thousands of email notices to students each month promoting information sessions and job vacancies. Our satellite marketed and hosted a total of 9 information sessions throughout the year with a total of 277 students in attendance.

Our efforts with the annual Accounting Career Fair yielded a total of 19 accounting recruiters in September with approximately 100 students in attendance. Our MBA recruiting event hosted 6 corporate representatives and 21 MBA students. Our satellite collaborated with the Public Administration faculty this year to present the second annual Public Service Career Explorium. A total of 30 professionals attended to network with 89 students.


Co-Liaison - Saranette Williams

The Business Fair Each Spring the CMC satellite staff collaborate with faculty to host the Business Fair. CMC provides all registration resources and hosts one table while faculty from each of the undergraduate Business majors talk to students in the lobby of Constant Hall. The fair in Spring 2011 attracted over 150 students.

College of Health Sciences and College of Education Randy Shabro - Liaison, College of Health Sciences and College of Education

College of Health Sciences CMC was proud to continue it’s partnership with the College of Health Sciences in hosting the 5th Annual Health Sciences Career Fair with 20 health care related employers and 102 students in attendance in November, 2011. This past year the CMC Office continued it’s partnership with the College of Health Sciences in presenting a variety of job search, resume and cover letter writing, and CMC overview related workshops and coordinating mock interviews with the Physical Therapy Department and supporting their annual business project open house. In addition, the CMC partnered with the Physical Therapy Department in conducting mock interviews for 42 Graduate Level Physical Therapy students. The CMC’s Internship/Coop Coordinator also assisted 50 Health Sciences 101 students with resume and cover letter revisions.

College of Education CMC continued our positive relationship with the College of Education and worked specifically with Teacher Education Services, hosting 35 school districts in the annual Teacher Recruitment Fair with 163 student teacher candidates who attended this annual event in February 2011. The CMC’s Liason and Internship/Co-op for the College of Education had the opportunity to colloborate with the Chesapeake Schoool District in organizing and scheduling interview candidates for their available positions in their Early Committment Program. The CMC used its interview rooms to host 28 teacher candidate interviews in the Fall of 2011. CMC strengthened it’s partnership with the Sports Management Department by coordinating the Sports Management Internship (SMGT 368) Orientation workshops in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2011. CMC’s Internship/Co-op Coordinator for College of Education marketed to, and registered over 63 prospective Sports Management Interns in the Spring and Fall semesters to attend four (4) SMGT 368 Internship Orientation workshops during a 4 month period each semester. These workshops presented students with information and resources regarding CMC services, resume writing, cover

letter writing, and interviewing techniques. The CMC Internship/Co-op Cooridnator also setup guest speakers from ODU Sport Properties and Norfolk Admirals to discuss interviewing, networking, and career advice to the prospective interns. This initiative was extremely successful and will be continued into future semesters. In addition, the CMC has reached out to the Human Movement Science Department as well by providing 150 Exercise Science students presentations on CMC services, resume and cover letter writing, how to prepare for graduate school, and how to look for internships. Overall, the CMC has connected with over 400 students in the College of Education through ourvarious services. CMC also partnered with the Career Academic and Resources Center (CARC) in conducting workshops and one-on-one appointments in the CARC office for College of Education student seeking guidance.


Career Management Center Staff DIRECTORS Laura Czerniak Director of Technology

cused Think o F d r a i ng Forw

Assistant Dean Career Management University College

Beverly Forbes

Director of Experiential Education Programs / College of Engineering & Technology Liaison

Alice Jones


Director of Student & Alumni Programs / Arts and Letters Liaison

Ashley Jarrett Kimberly Bellamy

Randy Shabro

Director of Employer Programs / Education & Health Sciences Liaison


Assistant Director Supervisor of Cyber Center

Erin Mills

Assistant Director, ICAP Coordinator and College of Sciences Liaison


Tom Wunderlich


ts l u ional s Award Winning Re

Penny Craig-Pickel


Saranette Williams

Susan Craig Doug Gray Joslyn McElvy Lynn Merrill Kim Miller Stephanie Outlaw

Assistant Director, College of Business and Public Administration Co-Liaison Employee Recruiting Consultant /College of Business and Public Administration Co-Liaison


GRADUATE ASSISTANT COORDINATORS Rishelle Anthony Margaret Bell Michael Gibbs Whitney Hall Mark Lawrence Erin Waugh Steven Young Chuqian Yuan Verlaine Quinney

GRADUATE INTERNS Rikke Nielsen Noura Allen

Bottom Line

CMC Income from Grants, Events, & Sponsorships $148,596.00

CMC Total Clients Served


CMC Total Fiscal Impact

$5,333,172.69 34

1 5

S eve n Th i n g s You Should Rememb er Ab out the CMC:

Old Dominion University is the only doctoral degree granting institution in the country to “guarantee” all undergraduates a practical work experience for credit in their major.


CMC is the only career center in the country providing around the clock live services through our unique Cyber Career Center Concept.

CMC provides the capability for employers to not only register for events electronically but to electronically select their booth location at multiple venues, the only career center in the country with such capability.



CMC serves over 2,800 active employers representing over 2,100 companies.

Winner of the prestigious Chevron Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 and 2009, and Finalist in 2011, the CMC is recognized as one of the most innovative centers in the country.


Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services


CMC serves a world wide audience of over 179,000 unique vistors a year.

CMC provides the America Reads and Community Service Internship programs that ensure the university meets it’s federal requirements to continue to recieve federal work study funding.

ODU CMC 2011 Annual Report  

ODU CMC 2011 Annual Report

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