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2009 Annual Report

Forward Focused



National Award Winning Real World Results Chevron Award

We provide students and alumni with exceptional academic and professional employment services. VISION: To become a national leader in our field by developing and providing exceptional academically and professionally related employment services for students, alumni and employers.

The Career Management Center (CMC) was honored by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) by awarding CMC the 2009 Chevron Award for innovative ground breaking programs in the career center field. This is the highest national award a career center can receive. CMC was honored for developing an online booth selection capability for employers enabling them to electronically preselect their exact booth location in multiple venues for CMC events, similar to selecting a seat on an airliner.

CHEVRON AWARD WINNERS 2000 TO PRESENT 2009 Old Dominion University and University of Kansas 2008 San Jose State University 2007 Old Dominion University 2006 University of North Carolina and New York University (NYU) 2005 University of Central Florida and College of DuPage 2004 University of Michigan 2003 Iowa State 2002 Purdue

From The Real World To The Virtual World


This is the second Chevron Award for CMC , having won in 2007 for our Cyber Career Center Concept. Only three other career centers have won two Chevron Awards in the 26 year history of the award. The other three are Cornell, William and Mary, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

2001 University of California Berkeley 2000 Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles

CMC - Your Link To Your Future!

Advantage For Everyone Tom Wunderlich - Assistant Dean World Wide Career Advantage 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year from career exploration to evaluating a job offer, our virtual career center provides resources to meet individual needs anytime, anywhere. Our interactive resources are customized, online, and on demand to a world wide audience 24/7/365! Guaranteed Career Advantage The Career Advantage Program incorporates a wide variety of career related activities and guarantees all undergraduate students credit bearing, practical work experience related to their major. Graduate Advantage Program The Graduate Advantage Program helps prepare current and future graduate students for graduate study and entry into their careers. Alumni Advantage Program While the majority of our activity with alumni is electronic, the Alumni/Employer Panels bring alumni, graduating seniors, and employers together to network and share information. CMC continues to be an invaluable resource for our graduates, our services are free for life. Recruiting Advantage Program The Recruiting Advantage Program provides a variety of programs, communication tools, and services to our employer partners including, job posting services, career fairs, on-campus recruiting, individualized recruitment action plans, special promotional opportunities, and our CMC corporate VIP sponsorship programs.

Table of Contents National Award Winning Real World Results........................... 1 Advantage For Everyone................. 2 Cyber Career Center........................ 3 Focus on Technology...................


Student and Alumni Programs....................................... 7-8 Experiential Education Programs.......................................... 9 International Experiential Education Programs....................... 10 Employer Programs.................. 11-12 Student Employment................ 13-14 College of Engineering and Technology......................... 15-16 College of Arts and Letters...... 17-18 College of Sciences.................. 19-20 College of Business and Public Administration..................... 21 College of Health Sciences and Education................................. 22 CMC 2009-2010............................... 23 Bottom Line..................................... 24

In 2009 the “Bad News” was the economy, which negatively impacted CMC operations and reduced opportunities for our students and alumni across the board. The “Good News” was that there were still significant opportunities for employment provided by CMC for our students and alumni and once again CMC was recognized nationally for it’s innovate programs with it’s second Chevron Award in three years! Locally CMC was awarded a Faculty Innovator Grant to develop the protocol to take students into the virtual world of Second Life to interact with employers that they could not interact with otherwise, while learning a new collaborative skill being developed in industry. Our three tiered approach extends to all programs and services so students and alumni can receive personalized assistance in person and at a distance. The web site traffic comes from over 90 countries and every time zone on earth. Of more than 144,000 unique visits, 75% find what they need in just one click. Cyber Career Coaches reach beyond the limits of on-campus marketing and communication through the use of CMC’s MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. The bottom line section of this report shows that CMC provided a world wide service to over 79,000 individuals, hosted 404 events locally attracting 24,000 students and alumni, posted over 2112 jobs and internships while generating over $9 million in economic support for students and the university. The following pages of this annual report highlight the dedicated work of the CMC staff in the face of continuous bad economic news that caused many students to preempt themselves and many employers to cancel or reduce their on campus activities.


Cyber Career Center Hanna Wichmann Cyber Coach

Pierce Coughter Cyber Coach

The Cyber Career Center continues to provide centralized walk in services in support of all college Liaisons with 1125 in person contacts, and 2702 electronic contacts conducted by the Cyber Career Coaches this year.

CCC INDIVIDUAL CONTACTS Distance 1,656 Cyber Center 1,125 Resume Approval 880 Instant Messaging 166 Total 3,827 CMC was awarded a Faculty Innovator Grant to develop the protocol to take CMC Career Classes to the Virtual World of Second Life to interact with employers that they could not normally interact with and visit employer locations they could not normally reach.


One section from UNIV 200 and UNIV 400 section participated in Second Life, Fall 2009 and their Avatars visited with an IBM representative’s Avatar in IBM’s Second Life “Sandbox”. The trip and process proved to be successful and student evaluations were favorable. Student feedback was utilized to enhance the process of avatar development and the procedures used. “After participating in second life, I realized what a great tool this would be to use in the future for interviews, networking, etc. I look forward to seeing what CMC does with the program in the future and hope that one day it will be open for students to use to explore potential employers.” - Michelle Schrenk, UNIV 400 student Two sections of UNIV 200 and the UNIV 400 section will participate in Spring of 2010.

Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology

Big BluePrint Action Plan As technology compounds the world of work, we go back to the basics. By identifying fundamental needs with a call to action, our collaborative intranet builds on what we need to know, do, and improve.

Applications With Just One Click Over 3,400 new resumes uploaded and almost 10,500 applications were submitted through eRecruiting (eR) for part-time, internship, and professional employment. Technology reliance and federal compliance (EEO, OFCCP) seem to contribute to the steady increase in offline applications, resumes tracked and submitted directly to employer sites are up 36% over 2008. “I was fortunate to have used eRecruiting through the Career Management Center to find my first job after graduation...

Presented as a national webinar to “Get Everyone on the Same Page!”, the Career Services Online Conference resulted in multiple follow up requests, for information about our intranet capabilities.

The eRecruiting website was very helpful and easy to navigate. This website was an important part of finding a successful job in my field because the companies that use the website target Old Dominion University Alumni...” - Brandon Jordan, BS Electrical Engineering Technology

CMC’s Worldwide REACH into over 90 Countries

Great Presentation! Old Dominion University’s Career Management Center is definitely something to aspire to! Thank you for this session!


Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology What’s New, What’s Now, What’s Next While the majority of our web site traffic comes from typed or bookmarked requests, several referring pages link to the CMC, pointing significant student traffic to our site. Top Referring Web Sites: • My Future Portal • College of Business and Public Administration (Various) • College of Sciences • College of Education Sports Management • Constant Center Spring Career Fair Calendar • University College Family Connection • Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center • Alumni Association • Distance Learning Service Affiliations • College of Engineering (BCET) Student News • College of Arts & Letters Department of History After just a few months going live, the, My Future portal tab tops the list:


Two major Career Fairs drive unique visitors to our web site each spring and fall. Framed in the context of knowledge, skills, and abilities, our new approach will personalize the process. By targeting what students are already doing, we are developing processes that build professional profiles, porfolios, and presentations. • • •

Your Profile - building your brand Your Portfolio - documenting your success Your Presenation - targeting your audience

Online, and on-demand resources and presentations continue to be popular forms of career assistance with 2,976 viewings.

The most popular search and landing pages point to the need for jobs. Students look for opportunities and then prepare for them. Our new approach will help simplify the process. Most Popular Pages • eRecruting • Part-time Jobs • Career Advantage Program (CAP) • Full-time Jobs • Cover Letter Writing • Resume Writing • Prepare for the Fair • Career Fairs • Contacts • Intern/Co-op

Focus On Technology Laura Czerniak - Director of Technology Career tools of the trade Applications that assist students with career exploration, preparation, and experience remain our most popular resource. Career exploration and selfassessment tools are well utilized across the curriculum through courses and services of the University College. By far the most popular need is for career experience, including opportunities for part-time, internship, and professional employment. 10,420 Unique

Contacts Contact with students starts earlier with the University College and courses. Alumni contacts have almost doubled while seniors decreased from a third to less than one quarter of our population.

While information on resume and cover letter preparation tops the list, the use of the Optimal tutorial for the creation of these documents lags behind. Coming in 2010! NaceLink Career Services Manager (CSM) will integrate existing capabilities while providing students and staff with the tools they need to succeed. • Integrates Capabilities - Jobs, Opportunities, Events, Contacts, Correspondence, Live Help, Evaluations, Multi-Media Library, with Consistent Branding. • Addresses Needs - Appointment Scheduling, Automatic Email/Text Reminders, Campaign Manager, Salary Survey Collection, Social Media Integration. • University Benefits - Single Sign-on, Banner Integration, Outlook Synchronization, E-Commerice, Web Services, Customizable Web Kiosks.


Student And Alumni Programs Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs Budget for Your Future Week A special week of programs included CashThis past year the CMC offered 404 programs Course to help students learn how to create a and classes. These programs were designed to budget, manage credit cards, student loans, and increase networking relationships and provide more. Programs were co-sponsored by the resources and services pertaining to career Office of Financial Aid and Charles Schwab planning, internships, practica, cooperative Services. A grant provided $315 in funds to supeducation and graduate placement functions with particular emphasis on giving individuals everything port this program’s marketing and promotion. needed to gain a Career Advantage. 10,420 Careers for the Common Good students and alumni attended these events. A Non Profit Panel and Careers for the Common Good Networking events were offered during the Contacts spring and fall semesters. The events focused Student contact is up, most notably individual on introducing students to career options in the walk-ins and appoinments including participation government and non-profit sectors, as well as using indivdualized and on-demand methods. promoting our Community Service Internship • 24,481 Total Contacts program. Employer partners participating in these events included:


EVENT CONTACTS Career Fairs Seminar On-Demand Classes Orientations/Seminars Employer Events Student Event Workshops Special Event Total

4,528 2,976 1,707 1,500 1,117 503 496 95 12,922

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast HER Shelter Newport News CASA Operation Smile Project Light Virginia Aquarium Opportunity Inc Southside Coalition Virginia Beach Department of Human Services The Governor’s School Response Sexual Assault Services of the YWCA The Up Center Susan G. Komen for the Cure Assisi House For Kids

Upward Bound Presentation CMC made several presentations to over 50 students involved with the Upward Bound program about career options and opportunities as part of their summer program. The CMC also hosted two students providing them opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience working in the office. Get Your Head in the Game The CMC was ready to Kick Off the 2009 football season and help students “Kick Off Their Job Search” with Career Management Center Events. From information tables at the university’s Main Street Event continuing through the semester, to our seminars and other special events our aim was to help students focus on getting a head start on their job search process, while enjoying the fun and excitement of ODU’s first season of football in 60 years.

Student And Alumni Programs Credit and Coursework: UNIV 120 Major and Career Exploration builds a sound foundation for career decision-making through inventories, research, and personal reflection. This Year University 120 introduced 99 students in 5 sections to career and major exploration with guided opportunities to identify academic and occupational interests. UNIV 200 Career Implementation and UNIV 400/500 Career Engagement provided 61 students in 4 sections internships and cooperative education information while emphasizing the job search process. Working with Alumni There were a number of collaborative programming efforts with the Alumni Office, including Dinner and Discussion Programs (4 Programs) focused on careers in the fields of Communication, Law, Accounting, and Sports Management. Attendance at all events combined exceeded 100. Another collaborative effort included the 5 under 25/30 Program - focusing on recent alumni sharing feedback and information with freshmen. The CMC supported these programming efforts by assisting with promoting events to students in classes and seminars.

Alice Jones - Director, Student & Alumni Programs Helping Students Be Their Best CMC staff participated in congratulatng to over 300 graduating seniors at the Senior Brunch, prior to graduation during both the fall and the spring semesters. Graduates were extended personal invitations to attend our Graduation Scramble event to help prepare them for their job search, and were reminded that alumni receive CMC services free for life. Graduation Activities CMC staff members participated in May 2009 and December 2009 graduations by assisting graduates with their commencement robes and regalia, following training which was offered by the Center for Service and Civic Engagement. While waiting for commencement to begin, graduates were invited to complete a short survey about post-graduation plans, which was then entered into a raffle for a diploma frame. The May 2009 winner was Jessica Gloss, an Art History graduate from the College of Arts and Letters. The December 2009 winner was Scott Kommer, a Mechanaical Engineering Technology graduate from the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology.

Building an Alumni Mentoring Program CMC and Alumni Office staff participated in a joint Webcast focused on building an alumni mentoring program. “Just wanted to let you know that after the Job Search Seminar that you and the other employees from the CMC held in January, I had a series of interviews and have been hired at LifeNet Health. Last Monday was my first day. Without attending your workshop, I would not have had the opportunity to meet Sonny Butler. Thank you so much!” - Lindsay Robert Scrambling to find a job? In the worst job market since the Great Depression, the Career Management Center offered two very special programs this year for our graduating seniors. Our January 2009 Graduation Scramble attracted May and December 2008 graduates and our August 2009 Job Search Sink or Swim targeted December 2008, May and August 2009 graduates. The 4-hour events each offered a “crash course” in job search skills taught by professionals from the community. Six to eight professional recruiters were present at each event to teach job searching, interviewing strategies, and to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of resume and cover letter writing. Feedback from our professional recruiters indicated that these events resulted in an average of 4 interviews for ODU alumni per event!


Experiential Education Programs Beverly Forbes - Director Experiential Education Students Receiving Bachelor Degrees in the Calender Year of 2009 Experiential Education Programs Experiential Education continues to be an important part of the student experience at Old Dominion University. During 2009, 478 intern/coop positions were posted in the eRecruiting system. CAP experiences, including internships and cooperative education experiences as well as research and class practical experiences, have gradually increased each year during the past 9 years. Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair


The Coop/Intern/Career Exploration Fair, formerly called the Coop/Intern/Major Exploration Fair, was held on January 29, 2009. In collaboration with the Center for Major Exploration, 32 employers were on hand to recruit interns and cooperative education students, as well as sharing information regarding majors and careers. Representatives from each of the colleges were also on hand to assist the 700+ students who attended, an increase of more than 100% over the 2008 event. Employers were treated to an employer brunch immediately before the C/I/CE Fair. Sandra Waters, Assistant Dean for Advising and Transfer Programs, and Beverly Forbes, Director of Experiential Education made a presentation which included an overview of ODU as well as information regarding characteristics of ODU students.

Presentations Staff from the CMC had an opportunity to make presentations to the interns in the NASA-LARSS Program (Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars ). The presentation, “Why Go to Graduate School” was included in the NASA-LRC Career and Graduate Seminar held in April, June, and October, reaching more than 200 program participants from colleges and universities across the country. Presentations were made by Erin Mills and Bev Forbes. Erin Mills and Bev Forbes also provided a presentation on “Professional Communication” to interns as part of the City of Norfolk Municipal Internship Program in July 2009.

International Experiential Education Programs Erin Mills - ICAP Coordinator Preparing Students For Global Communities The International Career Advantage Program (ICAP) assists students interested in working as interns inside and outside of the United States. Erin Mills, with the help of graduate student intern Julie Sexton, held an ICAP orientation every semester. Four students participated in experiences across the globe including locations in Australia, South Africa, China and Belgium.

Two American Work Culture presentations were conducted in the Fall where international students found out more information regarding American Work Culture and employer expectations here in the U.S. Work culture workshops will continue to be offered every semester as part of a transition to world of work series.

Additionally ICAP has begun offering more detailed Curricular Practical Training (CPT) workshops for international students interested in internships here in the United States. Workshops were offered every three weeks throughout the semester.

Learn about American Work Culture and tips for applying, interviewing, and becoming a successful employee in the United States. Open to all international students. Erin Miller, is a recent graduate of ODU who participated in an international internship Summer 2009 in Melbourne Australia New resources have been added to the ICAP where she worked in the Student Mobility Office website to increase student’s opportunities abroad at Deakin University. There she create a global including the Charles B. Rengel International Affairs certificate program for Australian students who Summer Program with the US studied abroad. Erin Miller’s advice to any Department of State, which offers student interested in an international internship is students the opportunity to study to: “DO IT!- an international experience is foreign policy, economics and rewarding and sets you apart from other writing as well as a chance to meet candidates in the job market.” individuals from the Pentagon, U.S. Congress, World Bank and Foreign Embassies.

Golden Key International Honor Society Golden Key had a very successful year, welcoming 562 members in 2009. Two programs of interest included the first GK Prospective Member meeting with 54 participants, and a graduate panel with 6 panelists and 40 attendees. Co-Advisors Bev Forbes and Erin Mills, along with two Golden Key Chapter members, attended the 2009 International GK Conference in Orlando, FL. Community service opportunities were provided at the conference, and the ODU attendees crafted books and materials for a local preschool. Bev also attended the Golden Key Regional Conference at the University of Richmond, along with three members. GK President Lori Gelinas won the Office of Student Leadership Graduate Student Leader of the Year award, and Bev was nominated for the Faculty Advisor of the Year award.


Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs Employer Programs CMC hosted 14 Career Fairs and Special Events with over 425 employers and organizations registered and 4,500 plus students, alumni and special guests in attendance. Included in these were the Spring and Fall Career Fairs, which due to the economy were opened up to all ODU students, alumni and their invited family members.

On-Campus Recruiting 45 companies/organizations used our six interview rooms and facilities to interview nearly 300+ students. We hosted two day interviews for our annual participation with the Workforce Recruitment Program, presenting federal internship opportunities to our ODU students and alumni with disabilities. We also partnered with the Physical Therapy program in our College of Health Sciences to set up mock interviews for students and alumni.


Target Case Study Contest CMC once again partnered with Target Corporation’s $4,000 grant funded Target Case Study Contest. Four person student teams prepared a case study on the business related issue “Surfing the Digital Wave”. 10 teams participated and 6 teams were selected to present their final case study to a panel of Target Representatives. This partnership provided a great opportunity for Target, CMC, and students to make an academic and professional connection.

Employer Symposium CMC hosted its 3rd Annual Employer Symposium in August 2009 with over 25 employers and organization representatives in attendance. The symposium theme for the event was focused on working with Federal Agencies in recruiting and hiring our ODU students/alumni. There was an added benefit of a guest speaker and a panel of federal government agencies to speak to and answer questions from the attendees. This symposium has resulted in fostering a stronger partnership with federal agencies and will lead to future federal employment opportunities for our students/alumni. Attendee Feeback Comments; • Successful “experiment” Randy. The variety was excellent and intelligent and insightful. • This was a great idea. Look forward to following up to discuss further opportunities. Sponsorships CMC was proud to grow its ranks of Corporate VIP Sponsors in 2009 with the welcome addition of WSKY- 4 and WTVZ- 33 as Silver Level Sponsors.

Employer Programs Randy Shabro - Director Employer Programs

Appreciation Employer Appreciation in 2009 surrounded our inaugural ODU Football Season. At each home game 2 employer representatives were invited to attend the game as guests of the Career Management Center, were invited to enjoy a pre-game “tailgate buffet” and also given special stadium seats with our CMC logo. Fourteen of our employer partners participated and we were able to establish new partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships. NACE Webinar: CMC hosted it’s first NACE (National Associate of Colleges and Employers) webinar focused on employer programs. The webinar, was entitled “The Employer Recruiting Advantage-Are you giving your on campus recruiters an advantage-really?” This webinar, which gave participants an overview of the unique way in which CMC provides an “advantage” to our employers through our amenities, customer service and technologies was received with positive feedback from the 20 plus webinar participants. Many of the participants followed up with requests to learn more about our services we provide to employers, especially our Individualized Recruitment Action Plan (IRAP) that offers our employers an opportunity to work with us to create an annual on-campus recruiting strategy.

“Hello Tom and Randy, Thank you very much for an informative NACE presentation. I appreciate you sharing your service philosophy and providing examples, ie. Hilton and Homewood. I definitely see opportunities for us to improve the employer experience at the university. If possible, I’d like to receive a copy of your IRAP and your agenda for the Employer Symposium.”

Linda R. Lawton Associate Director Temple University Career Center

“Mr. Wunderlich, Thanks for presenting during today’s NACE webinar. I thought your office did a fabulous job discussing innovative recruiting concepts in a concise format. Could you please email me a sample Individualized Recruiting Action Plan (IRAP) that your office uses with employers? We are interested in possibly adapting the form for our small, liberal arts institution.”

Laura A. Garland Assistant Director The Career Center Muhlenberg College


Student Employment Pamela Cornell - Assistant Director Student Employment

Student Employment... Motivated Students Today, Hardworking Workforce Tomorrow 2009 was a year of transition for the Student Employment Team. We bid a fond farewell to Andrea Harrell and welcomed Pamela Cornell, our new Assistant Director, Student Employment. Pamela is excited to join the Student Employment Team and looks forward to her future with the CMC. Our Job Posting Unit posted 478 Co-ops/Internships, and 1,483 jobs totaling 2,112 employment postings. These experiences have provided exciting opportunities for our students that allowed them to not only earn a paycheck, but to gain valuable experiences for their future. Student Employment hosted the 2009 Summer Jobs Fest with 12 employers and 222 registered attendees and the Back To School Fair with 15 employers and 291 registered attendees which gave our students the opportunity to gain part-time, summer, and full-time on and near campus jobs.

Student Employment Appreciation

Two CMC Students were recognized as the University Student Employees of the Year at the 2009 Appreciation Ceremony. Lewis Woodruff was awarded first place and Lucy Twimasi was awarded second place. They were nominated by their supervisors for excellent service in a university wide competition.


Student Employment Pamela Cornell - Assistant Director Student Employment Student Temporary Assist Team (STAT) STAT provides free short term assistance to on campus departments. They are able to maintain a flexible work schedule while filling a variety of services such as: feeding fish in biology, rolling diplomas for graduation, and directing students during the International Festival. 128 STAT students provided 10,797 hours of temporary assistance and earned $71,863!

The Community Service Internship Program (CSI) provides solid documentation of community service expenditure that assists the university in meeting the federally required 7% of Federal Work Study Funding being applied to community service. CSI placed 61 students in local non-profit agencies contributing 4,370 hours of community service and earned $37,324.

Employer: “Dear Christina, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that Amber Carson and Shante Edmonds did an excellent job on Tuesday, October 27th fielding calls and helping out our office before and during the Deeds/Obama rally. They made our lives so much easier that day.” - Nicole Miller, Assistant to the Vice President Institutional Advancement Old Dominion University

Student: This position has shown me to be empathic and nonjudgmental. It has shown me how to find and provide resources for people, be compassionate, remain neutral, and use discretion when working with clients.” - Almeta Phipps.

Student: “You would not believe the amazing people and connections I have made through this program. STAT is both rewarding and helpful in guiding me to my future goals.” - Amber Carson

The America Reads (AR) program is a federally required program that enhances the literacy of our local community children. 49 dedicated tutors were placed in 7 Hampton Roads Elementary Schools. They provided 3,074 hours of community service. Their hard work earned $34,865 in Federal Work Study funds. Employer: “Absolutely! How many people can we have? The program worked out really well on this end. This is a great program!” - Kelly Zink, W. H. Taylor Elementary School, Norfolk Student: “I love the radiating innocence from the children, watching them in beginning stages of their quest for knowledge! I appreciate their creative stories and their sincere efforts to become better literate students.” - Natasha Jeter


College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology traditional 18-22 year old. Sponsored by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, the program was awarded $12,000, the largest grant since its 2001 beginning. The grant included partial funding for a graduate student to serve as a mentor to the EEAP freshmen. Students completed projects under engineering supervision at the VMASC facility in Suffolk and participated in on-campus orientation events with female faculty, administrators, and previous EEAP participants. Program highlights included: • Meeting with Dr. Carol Simpson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, • A luncheon with Dr. Oktay Baysal, Dean of the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology. • Field trips to the VMASC East CAVE on the ODU campus, the Lockheed Martin Lighthouse Facility in Suffolk, VA and to Each semester Beverly Forbes provides live career the Applied Research Center in seminars on resumes, job search strategies, and Newport News, VA. interviewing for Electrical and Computer The program culminated with an oral Engineering and Mechanical Engineering seniors. presentation provided for VMASC and ODU During 2009, 95 students participated in this faculty and administrators. For the first time, 3-seminar series. She also presented one family members of Teletechnet career lecture to 191 Engineering several participants Technology seniors and presented to 21 attended presentation Corporate Circle Day members of the National Society of Black The Frank Batten College of Engineering and as well. Engineers. Technology held Engineering Corporate Circle Day events during the fall and spring semesters, in Engineering Early Advantage Program conjunction with the College Development Officer. This year the Engineering Early Advantage Program Six employers and over 115 students attended welcomed 15 incoming female freshmen each of the Engineering Corporate Circle Days. engineering students. For the first time, one of the participants was classified as a non-traditional freshman, defined as a student older than the The College of Engineering and Technology The College of Engineering and Technology continues to prepare its students for the work place. Starting with freshmen, 465 students participated in classroom coop/internship seminars as part of ENGR 110/111. Additionally, 70 upper classmen attended face-to-face Engineering CAP orientations for preliminary internship information, with additional students obtaining information through an online seminar. During 2009, approximately 60 students participated in a 3-seminar training series which prepares potential applicants for CAP experiences and helps to facilitate the application process through the eRecruiting system. In addition, 32 students attended a CAP orientation/training refresher session during the spring semester.


College of Engineering and Technology Beverly Forbes - Liaison, College of Engineering and Technology

Hello Mrs. Forbes, I spoke with you during the morning ceremony on yesterday. I was fortunate to have used E-Recruiting There were eight individual networking events for through the Career Management Center to find my engineering and engineering technology students, first job after graduation. I received a Bachelor of with a total attendance of 200. As an alternative Science in Electrical Engineering Technology in to a traditional information session, Booz Allen August 2009. The E-Recruiting website was very Hamilton held an Open House event with two helpful and easy to navigate. This website was sessions on October 1. Representatives from BAH important to me finding a successful job in my field provided high-tech displays and a reception for the because the companies that use the website target 50+ students who attended the session. Old Dominion University Alumni. After applying to the position on November 16, I was contacted a week or Bev was invited to a Career Summit at so later for an interview. As of December 14th I was Schlumberger in Houston in August 2009. As employed by the Federal IT & Professional Services a part of this summit, she met with engineering company Truestone LLC. My title is Computer technology faculty and career professionals from Systems Technician I-Junior Tempest Engineer. colleges and universities including Purdue Thank you E-Recruiting for making this job posting University and Penn State University. She toured the Schlumberger campus, as well as Weiss Energy available to me. - Brandon Jordan Hall within the Houston Museum of Natural Science. A highlight was her climb to the top of a test oil rig! Employer Activities


College of Arts and Letters Alice Jones - Liaison, College of Arts and Letters

Arts & Letters 1st Tuesdays 1st Tuesdays, is an information table event set up each month to help students become familiar with the College of Arts & Letters satellite office. Our many programs and services were introduced to students and faculty during this time. An average of 20-25 students stopped by the table each month to hear details about resume help, interviewing skills, internships, and co-ops. The 1st Tuesday information tables were key in helping to spark student interest in beginning work on their job search with the help of CMC staff.

You’re Graduating … Now What? A special series developed and presented by the Arts & Letters practicum student from Regent University hosted during the Spring semester. The series spanned 7 weeks and focused on all of the key elements soon to be graduates would need in launching a successful job search. The series was coordinated by Arts & Letters, but open to all students.

Mock Interviews Exposing students to real life situations is critical for their success. This year we Arts and Letters Finals Week Open House Offers collaborated with the Virginia Beach Police Department to offer Criminal Justice students Tips for Success Our Open House was a collaborative effort with the opportunities to practice their interview skills with AL Advising Triad targeted at welcoming students staff from the Virginia Beach Police Department’s to our offices, while offering snacks, study tips, and Law Enforcement Training Academy. summer job search tips for those who stopped by, “ODU has always been an excellent resource for as well as answering other academic and career us and I would like the opportunity to work more related questions. closely in the future. “ - E.L. Taitt, Master Police Officer, Recruiting Coordinator-Virginia Beach Police Department We also continue to work with the graduating students in the Masters level Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) program to provide mock interviews each semester – fall, spring and summer.


Criminal Justice & Sociology Internship Review Approximately 30 students attended and participated in a collaborative Criminal Justice/ Sociology Internship Review program supported by the CMC and the academic department. Students had the opportunity to learn about different types of criminal justice and sociology internships and the steps to obtain them. The internship review included a variety of employers from around the area. Employers in attendance were: • Chesapeake Probation and Parole • Community Service Internship • Federal Bureau of Investigation • Mediation Center of Hampton Roads • Ocean City Police Department.

“I want to start by saying thank you for your continued support and thank you for assisting me in applying to law school. I have some good news to share with you. With your help, I was able to get offers from 6 schools, and I was placed on the waiting lists for 3 more schools! I accepted the offer to attend The College of William & Mary Law School! I will keep you posted on my progress but I would not have had this opportunity if it were not for your support - THANK YOU!” - Kevin Jules BS Criminal Justice 12/2005

College of Arts and Letters Alice Jones - Liaison, College of Arts and Letters Collaboration with various departments continues to be a key factor. Working with faculty in the departments of Communication, Criminal Justice/Sociology, and English to coordinate career fairs, alumni/employer panels and mock interview sessions helps our students better prepare to market their skills and get their “career advantage” This year, staff in the Arts and Letters Satellite office provided individual career and job search assistance to approximately 450 graduate, undergraduate students and alumni. Staff members worked as part of a collaborative team with the Arts & Letters Advising Triad and presented information to over 766 parents, new and transfer students during orientation sessions. In addition, staff presented information for 9 classes, 10 seminars/workshops and special requests, 6 events involving employers, alumni and the local community.

Keith Phillips, Director of Media Relations Norfolk Admirals (ODU alumnus with a BS Communication in December 2005)

“I’m writing today to solicit your help in finding interns for the upcoming hockey season. I am looking to bring one or two interns on board to work specifically with me in the communications/ media relations department. The internship will deal heavily in writing, working with the media and public relations. It will provide valuable experience along with opportunities to build a portfolio and network with executives in the sports field.

I know that without my internship with the Admirals, I would not have the position I do today or the opportunities to advance within the sports industry. I hope to repay the opportunity my internship gave me to other students who are interested in the sports/ media relations field. I would love if those interns could come from my alma mater!”

Key Observations from 2008 to 2009 for AL Satellite Office: • Increase in course related presentations by 39% • Increase in appointments focused on resume assistance by 2.5% • Decrease in appointments for Job Search Assistance 38% • Decrease in Internship/Co-op appointments by 23.5%


College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences Comment made on post-event Pre-Health Seminar evaluation:

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Fair

“This information session really gave me a confidence boost, after I left the session I felt even more prepared and armed with information and techniques to help me in pursuing my dreams of becoming a doctor.” Internship Numbers Increased Internship numbers increased over 2008 totals, with over 180 students participating in experiential education opportunities this past year. Outreach efforts were expanded in the satellite office. The staff sponsored 59 events for science students, including 12 classroom presentations, 6 seminars, 3 employer events, and 19 PREVIEW presentations. Classroom presentations were given to: • Psychology 371 • Computer Science 110 • Science 101 • The Chemistry Student Organization As a member of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, Erin revised and implemented a new seminar series and preparation tools for Pre-Health Students. Students interested in continuing their studies in a medical field not only participated in one-on-one mock interviews, but were able to attend numerous sessions throughout the semester on how to prepare for a professional school interview, tips for dressing for success and ways to market themselves as a successful college student.


Students pictured above participated in hands on internship experiences this past semester. For the first time this Fall, the Computer Science and Biology Department utilized Blackboard for tracking and grading internship reports and feedback. This online application helped streamline the process for students and faculty alike!

The Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Fair was held on September 29th. This fair allowed students who were interested in Osteopathic Medicine to interact with recruiters from various schools across the nation. In addition Gina Moses, Associate Director of Application Services, with American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) conducted a seminar on the DO application process. Students found this seminar helpful as the application for DO school can be lengthy! This successful event was attended by a wide variety of Science related majors and the CMC was able to assist in tracking student participant demographics through the use of C3M. “The new Blackboard system for coordinating the internship report and communication with the students has been a resounding success. I get far fewer e-mails from students asking for information about their internship requirements and paperwork now, and my conversations with the students tell me that they find this method easy and convenient. Great improvement!” – Kerry Kilburn, CDA, Biology Department

College of Sciences Erin Mills - Liaison to the College of Sciences Volunteer Fair The College of Science Satellite offered a new event this year. The Sciences Volunteer Fair, held in November was a huge success! Employers came to recruit various science majors for volunteer employment opportunities and 107 students came through to pick up materials and find out how to apply for the various positions. Of the 9 recruiters in attendance, all of them rated their interaction with the CMC as Exceptional/Excellent.

The Student Conservation Association was among the employers present. SCA not only came to the fair, but additionally conducted an information session the night before in order to maximize their interaction with students. SCA’s expense paid internships as well as their volunteer opportunities around the nation are highly sought after by ODU students!

UNIV/SCI 495 The CMC established a collaborative course with the College of Sciences. The Intersection of Science and Business gives students an understanding of the role science plays in business or industry and career paths available to them, a general background in business essentials, and the communication skills necessary to successfully work in a business setting. Students receive exposure to guest lecturers including employers and business faculty, and learn practical applications of job search strategies. The course was offered in Spring 2009 and 11 students enrolled. The course will be offered again next spring.

This internship has given me the opportunity to take on a leadership role. This experience has helped me to grow and become more of a leader. I have become more vocal and understanding of others and their needs. - Jennel Harris “I appreciate the CMC staff for providing great services to students. Knowing there are people willing to help us through the application process makes life so much easier.” High Number of Attendance and Participation at Science Events Event


Employer Events Orientations Classroom Presentations and Seminars

157 146 363

“...After taking the assessments on FOCUS, I discovered three different things that I value in a career: family, income and job stability, and independence… The FOCUS website is a very useful tool for people like me who are undecided about their career goals.” - Chloe Dickenson, UNIV 495 student, Spring 2009


College of Business and Public Administration Penny Craig-Pickel - Liaison, College of Business and Public Administration The staff in the College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA) Satellite Office saw 347 students individually over the course of the year. There was no decrease in student contacts despite the reduction in staffing in the satellite from January to August. In addition, the Satellite Office conducted 9 Information Sessions with approximately 44 attendees. Fourteen Internship Orientations were conducted with approximately 60 attendees, and the staff also conducted 7 club presentations to 291 students. The staff conducted 16 class presentations to approximately 633 students.

CBPA Resume Approval During this year, the CMC staff approved 433 business student resumes for undergraduate applications to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. These resumes are received through Optimal Resume, via email, and also in paper form. Many of those 433 approved resumes were critiqued and returned for revisions before they could be approved. The number of resumes critiqued by the center is more than the number of resumes actually approved. MBA student speaks to Zack Mansell (MBA ’08) of Farmer’s Insurance

Accounting Job Fair In the Fall Semester, the CBPA Satellite hosted the Accounting Job Fair with a total of 23 employer representatives, over 176 students attended this fair and at least 10 obtained internships as a direct or indirect result of this event.

Constant Hall Partners Reception In March, the Satellite office collaborated with the Dean’s Office to prepare and host 74 honors students and 10 recruiters for the Annual CBPA Constant Hall Partner’s Reception. This program is coordinated by the Dean’s Office and supported by CMC. Our primary role was to present preparation information to 74 Honor’s Students before the event, use the C3M Registration Module at the event, and provide mentoring and support to students at the event. MBA Networking Event This fall, the CBPA Satellite held the second annual event exclusively for MBA students and alums. This event was held at the Alumni Center in November. It was attended by 12 professional recruiters and 19 MBA students and alums.

Melkia Ames of the Internal Revenue Service, speaks to an accounting student about careers in government accounting.


College of Health Sciences and College of Education Randy Shabro - Liaison, College of Health Sciences and College of Education College of Health Science

College of Education

CMC was proud to co-sponsor with the College of Health Sciences the 3rd Annual Health Sciences Career Fair with over 16 health care employers and 175 students in attendance in October, 2009.

CMC continued our positive relationship with the College of Education and worked specifically with Teacher Education Services, hosting 38 school districts in the Teacher Recruitment Fair. 130 plus students attended this event in February 2009.

CMC continued staffing its Health Sciences Satellite Office for the majority of 2009 but had to relocate back to main CMC Webb in December, 2009 due to space constraints at the Health Sciences Building. This past year the CMC Satellite Office continued it’s partnership with the College of Health Sciences in presenting workshops and coordinating mock interviews with the Physical Therapy Department and supporting their annual business project open house.

CMC established a new partnership with the Sports Management Department by coordinating the Sports Management Internship (SMGT 368) Orientation workshops in Fall 2009. CMC’s Internship/Co-op Coordinator for College of Education and the Graduate Assistant for Sports Management collaborated in scheduling over 35 prospective Sports Management Interns to attend three (3) SMGT 368 Internship Orientation workshops over a 3 month period. These workshops included students learning about CMC services, completing 3 on-demand CMC seminars and having the students create a resume/cover letter. This initiative was considered so successful that is being continued into future semesters. In addition CMC continued our positive and productive relationship with the College of Education and the Teacher Education Services by co-hosting the School District HR Appreciation Reception for over 20 school districts.


CMC Staff 2009 Tom Wunderlich

DIRECTORS Laura Czerniak

Focused Think d r a w ing For

Director of Technology

Beverly Forbes Director of Experiential Education Programs / College of Engineering & Technology Liaison


Alice Jones Director of Student & Alumni Programs / Arts and Letters Liaison

Randy Shabro Director of Employer Programs / Education & Health Sciences Liaison ASSISTANT DIRECTORS

Pamela Cornell Assistant Director of Student Employment


Erin Mills Assistant Director, ICAP Cordinator and College of Sciences Liaison

Penny Craig-Pickel Assistant Director, College of Business and Public Administration Liaison


Assistant Dean Career Management University College


ts l u al Awar inning Res dW

STAFF Gary Bibik Susan Craig Doug Gray Lynn Merrill Kim Miller Stephanie Outlaw

GA COORDINATORS Bryan Brittle Christina Brooks Dan Hennelly Antoine Hineshey Grace Mahin William (Will) Miller Lauren Waters Lashay Wyatt

GA CYBERCOACHES Pierce Coughter Rachel Miller Hanna Wichmann

Twaela Austin Amber Carson Tamika Clark Ebonie Couther Alyssa Eley Sarena Harper Monique Henderson Skye Jaundoo Lydia Kidane Jamal Lewis Derek Newsome Raqwon Perryman Megan Quain Tameika Thurman Lewis Woodruff Marcus Woody

STUDENT ASSISTANTS/SATELLITES Courtney Cary Danielle Day Codie Hogbin Shiaira Jackson Kingsley Pryor Lucy Twimasi

Bottom Line

CMC Income from Grants, Events, & Sponsorships $151,802

CMC Total Clients Served

CMC Total Fiscal Impact


$9,504,693 24

S even Th i n g s You S h o u l d R em em b er A b ou t th e C MC :

1 5

Old Dominion University is the only doctoral degree granting institution in the country to “guarantee” all undergraduates a practical work experience for credit in their major.


CMC is the only career center in the country providing around the clock live services through our unique Cyber Career Center Concept.

CMC provides the capability for employers to not only register for events electronically but to electronically select their booth location at multiple venues, the only career center in the country with such capability.



CMC serves over 13,000 active employers representing over 7,000 companies.

Winner of the prestigious Chevron Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2007 and 2009, the CMC is recognized as one of the most innovative centers in the country.



CMC serves a world wide audience of over 79,000 unique vistors a year.

CMC provides the America Reads and Community Service Internship programs that ensure the university meets it’s federal requirements to continue to recieve federal work study funding.


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