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Chaser Eight   Location   West  Haven,  CT  

Genre   Rock,  Alternative,  Pop  

Comparison   The  Killers,  The  Wallflowers,  Blondie,  Fleetwood  Mac,  Lana  Del  Rey  

Quotes “A   hard   outfit   to   pinpoint,   while   this   EP   leads   off   in   ’80s   synth   territory   and   expertly   combines   electro-­‐pop   with   pop   rock,   it   moves   swiftly   into   acoustic   singer/songwriter   waters.   In   the   middle   is   a   warm,   breezy,   alt-­‐country,   dual   gender  surprise  –  the  best  offering  of  the  bunch.  This  is  unexpectedly  met  by  a   punkish,  guitar  driven  rock  song  before  exiting  on  yet  another  eyebrow  raiser,  a   club   friendly   remix.   Literally   something   for   everyone   here,   and   the   high   points   are  marvelous.”     -­‐  Tom  Haugen,  In  Forty       “At  the  426  is  what  happens  when  an  artist  is  honestly  thankful  and  grateful  for   their  fans.  What  Audra,  Pat,  Billy,  Pete  and  Aaron  have  given  us  is  nothing  short   of  their  very  souls.  They  have  a  unique  sound  that  never  wavers  for  the  sake  of   conformity.   Whatever   happens,   I   know   this   much:   I'll   be   a   #Crazy8   for   life   and   support  them  no  matter  what  path  their  careers  end  up  going  down.”     -­‐  Carlos  Gnipp,  Support  Unsigned  Artists       “This  is  a  group  that  I  would  like  to  see  in  concert,  I  imagine  their  shows  would   be  just  great  music,  and  being  a  good  time.    If  you  don’t  have  these  two  EP’s  in   your  collection  or  on  your  iPod,  you  are  missing  out  on  some  good  music.”     -­‐  Tim,  FrontRangeScribbles       “These  guys  sound  like  a  combination  of  The  Wallflowers  and  The  Killers  led  by   Blondie   or   possibly   Bonnie   Raitt.   In   other   words,  Chaser   Eight  kicks   some   rock   and  roll  ass.”     -­‐  Joshua  Smotherman,  Middle  Tennessee  Music          

“With these   five   songs   on   At   the   426,   the   quintet   Chaser   Eight   takes   one   more   step  toward  receiving  the  recognition  they  richly  deserve.  Making  the  best  use  of   their   shared   experiences,   love   of   the   craft,   and   passion   for   creativity,   Chaser   Eight  is  clearly  a  band  to  watch.”     -­‐  Andrew  Greenhalgh,  Along  the  Journey       “Chaser   Eight,   a   Connecticut-­‐based   band,   follows   up   with   a   new   EP   that   continues   to   explore   honest,   wholesome,   and   meaningful   vocals   and   catchy   melodies.  The  earthy  sounds  are  genuine  and  very  moving.  Nothing  is  off-­‐key  or   off-­‐kilter  here.”   -­‐    Matthew  Forss,  Inside  World  Music    


About Chaser  Eight   You   can’t   fake   it   because   the   music   never   lies.   The   creative   connections   musicians   have   always  surface  in  their  artistry—if  the  bonds  are  authentic,  the  music  rings  true.     North  Haven,  Connecticut  rock  quintet  Chaser  Eight  write  lifestyle  music—a  soundtrack  for   ups   and   downs—because   the   group’s   members   live,   and   have   lived,   through   its   songs.   Chaser   Eight’s   songwriting   nucleus   has   a   telepathic   bond   forged   from   having   grown   up   together.   Since   they   were   10   years   old,   Chaser   Eight   vocalist/songwriter   *AUDRA*,   and   guitarist/songwriter   Pat   Walsh,   have   nurtured   an   astonishingly   sympathetic   artistic   partnership.   The   group’s   latest   EP,   At   the   426,   is   its   most   assured   and   distinct   recorded   effort  to  date.  It’s  a  powerful  calling  card  for  an  up-­‐and-­‐coming  group.     “We   explored   music   together   from   such   a   young   age,”   says   *AUDRA*.   “Pat   lived   two   minutes   away.   It   was   an   easy   connection,   but   we   were   also   willing   to   put   the   effort   in   to   develop  our  music.”     Chaser   Eight   crafts   epic   and   moody   rock   that   recalls   the   grandeur   of   David   Bowie,   Fleetwood   Mac,   The   Doors,   The   Beatles,   Pink   Floyd,   Led   Zeppelin,   The   Killers,   and   even   Lana   Del   Rey.   *AUDRA*’s   bluesy   and   richly   expressive   vocals,   and   Pat’s   textured   guitar   playing,   create   a   unique   classic-­‐contemporary   union.   The   notable   indie   blog   Support   Unsigned  Artists  reviews  the  At  the  426  EP  thusly:  “At  the  426  is  what  happens  when  an   artist  is  honestly  thankful  and  grateful  for  their  fans.  What  Audra,  Pat,  Billy,  Pete  and  Aaron   have   given   us   is   nothing   short   of   their   very   souls.   They   have   a   unique   sound   that   never   wavers  for  the  sake  of  conformity.”     The   band   has   opened   for   The   London   Souls   and   The   Radiators.   The   quintet’s   music   has   been   played   on   Connecticut   radio   stations   99.1   WPLR   and   Radio   104.1.   Currently,   the   group   is   featured   in   the   pitching   catalog   of   an   esteemed   film   and   TV   synch-­‐licensing   publishing  house.  The  band  recently  made  its  TV  debut,  performing  two  songs  on  WTNH's   Connecticut  Style  Stage  8,  has  headlined  shows  at  both  Connecticut  casinos,  and  continues  

to sell   out   venues   in   Connecticut   and   New   York   City.   In   addition,   *AUDRA*   has   the   distinction  of  having  worked  with  The  Rolling  Stones’  iconic  former  manager,  Andrew  Loog   Oldham.     The  results  of  Chaser  Eight’s  creative  journey  are  complimentary  writing  styles  that  woven   together   form   a   unique   sonic   tapestry.   *AUDRA*   pens   darkly   cathartic   tunes   exploring   heartbreak,   and   Pat   compliments   her   style   with   transcendent   and   uplifting   pop-­‐rock.   Though  Chaser  Eight’s  songwriting  is  the  work  of  two  people,  the  band’s  sonic  identity  is   the   result   of   five   sympathetic   musical   souls   in   creative   synchronicity.   Bassist   Billy   Wang   has   collaborated   with   Pat   and   *AUDRA*   in   various   creative   guises   since   the   three   were   young   teens.   He   enriches   Chaser   Eight   compositions   with   a   refined   sense   of   melodic   counterpoint.  Drummer  Pete  Giannini’s  imaginative  beats  bring  out  the  sweeping  dynamics   in   the   band’s   songs   with   quiet   fire   restraint.   Aaron   Tagliamonte’s   diversely   accomplished   musicality  on  keyboards  and  guitar  enhances  Chaser  Eight’s  tonal  paintbrush,  fortifying  the   music  with  sublime  guitar  melodies  and  dreamy  keyboard  ambience.     The   band’s   nuanced   artistic   chemistry   is   the   result   of   a   deep   familial   bond   within   its   ranks.   “I   have   known   and   collaborated   with   Pat   and   *AUDRA*   since   we   were   about   13   and   we   officially   formed   our   first   band   when   we   were   18,”   bassist   Billy   Wang   explains.   Although   drummer   Pete   Giannini   doesn’t   share   in   the   high   school   connection,   he   has   a   profound   spiritual   relationship   to   Chaser   Eight   and   to   keyboardist/guitarist   Aaron   Tagliamonte.   A   few   years   prior   to   joining   the   band   he   was   in   the   throes   of   a   dismal   addiction.   The   support   of  his  bandmates,  and  in  particular  band  mate  Aaron,  and  the  emotional  release  inherent  in   Chaser  Eight’s  music,  have  kept  him  on  a  healthy  course.  “In  this  band,  I  have  the  freedom   to  be  creative  and  express  myself.  That  keeps  my  mind  occupied  with  positive  thoughts,”  he   says.   Aaron   Tagliamonte   was   a   trusted   friend,   musical   collaborator,   and   sponsor   of   Pete   during  his  darkest  times.  His  joining  the  band  was  a  natural  evolution  of  the  already  fluid   and  kinetic  artistry  and  has  now  completed  the  brotherhood-­‐like  bond  between  members.     Chaser  Eight’s  two  2013  EP  releases:  At  the  426  and  Up  and  Up,  are  proving  to  be  career-­‐ making  releases.  What  began  as  a  childhood  dream  is  quickly  becoming  a  reality  for  Chaser  

Eight. The   band’s   unpretentious   artfulness   has   garnered   them   an   impressive   show   of   support  from  its  fan  base  to  continue  ahead  as  professional  musicians.  “I  remember  when   we   met   with   an   investor   and   he   handed   us   $1,000.   I   was   so   overjoyed   I   had   to   excuse   myself  from  the  table.  I  went  into  another  room,  looked  in  the  mirror,  and  said  ‘This  is  so   awesome,   someone   really   believes   in   us!’   It   has   been   one   of   the   most   profound   and   inspiring  moments  of  my  life.”       Currently,  Chaser  Eight  is  writing  songs  for  its  fourth  EP  due  out  in  late  Spring  2014.      



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