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Cana Family Bible Camp is a ministry of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Bucksport, Maine (207) 469-7121. Dates: August 1st – 6th (first meal is supper on the 1st) Directions: We rent Camp Winniaugwamauk, a campground owned by the Reorganized Latter Day Saints. The camp is 24 miles from Bucksport. Take Routes 1&15 South out of Bucksport (past Hannaford shopping plaza) Continue for several miles until Big Apple gas station and store. Turn right, follow signs for Route 15 Drive 12 miles to stop sign in Blue Hill Turn right onto Routes 176&15 towards Sedgwick, 4.8 miles to next stop sign Turn left onto Route15, 2.9 miles to Jct. 175 Turn right towards Brooksville. Route 175 runs into Route 176 – keep straight 1.2 miles to brow of hill (look for camp sign) Camp road turns off to the left Cost: Pre July 1, 2011: $100 for the week per person ages 15-adult ($50 registration, $50 on arrival) Pre July 1, 2011: $75 for the week per person ages 2-14 ($40 registration, $35 on arrival) New in 2011: Any registrations received on or after July 1, 2011 will incur a late fee of $10 per person New in 2011: Cancellations received after July 25, 2011 will incur a cancellation fee of $10 per person No charge for those under the age of 2 This cost includes room and board and all expenses What to Bring: Bible Bedding and pillow Towels Soap Toilet articles Sports equipment Musical instruments Modest swim and play clothes and appropriate attire for evening meetings Bermudas are permitted, but NO SHORT SHORTS –BOTH MALES AND FEMALES TAKE NOTE OF THIS. Also, NO TWO PIECE BATHING SUITS and NO SHORT SKIRTS will be permitted, although ladies may wear modest tankinis. Boys and men are expected to wear shirts while on the campground away from the beach and when going to and from the beach. Girls and ladies are expected to cover the upper part of their swimsuit with a shirt, towel or robe between beach and cabins as well. Note: Use of radios restricted to cabins.

Rules: Acceptance and participation are the same for everyone without regard to race, color or national origin. All will be expected to cheerfully abide by camp rules which will be announced at mealtime. Check in at the registration desk when you arrive All who are able are expected to help with chores when it is your turn because there is no paid staff Parents are responsible to look after their own children except when provision have been made There will be supervised swim and play periods, and those with small children can arrange a mutual program for caring for them during certain periods High-school age young people will be permitted to come under supervision of a responsible adult All are expected to attend classes and meetings unless duties forbid No practical jokes, please – they always tend to get out of hand NO PETS ALLOWED, PER ORDER OF THE CAMPGROUND Phone policy: If you plan to make phone calls from camp, please make sure you bring a calling card. When calling from Brooksville, it is long distance to just about everywhere. The church will be billed for any long distance calls you make if you don’t use a calling card, so please help us out. Accommodations: The camp has facilities that are very adequate, but luxury is left at home. Cabins for 4 or 8 have comfortable bunks and screens on windows and doors. These are fully enclosed, but have no heat. You may bring electric heaters or blankets as there are electrical outlets in the cabins. Rest rooms and showers are centrally located and have hot water. Eating is done family-style in a comfortable dining hall. There is an excellent beach for swimming, a ball field and ample space for other outdoor activities. You will find the meals to be ample and appetizing. Purpose: To study, play and work together as a family, learning the lessons of the cross. This is an excellent opportunity to learn to put into practice the love, patience, humility and other virtues while studying and praying together daily. There is much opportunity for discussion and fellowship with each other as we all work together. You will find the emphasis on the Word, prayer and the spirit of yieldedness, balanced with clean, wholesome recreation to be spiritually rewarding. Together, let us learn Christ and His cross. Camp speaker: Pastor Mitch Martin, pastor of Wiscasset Bible Baptist Church, was reared in Highland, Indiana and met his wife, Ruth, while they were students at Maranatha Baptist Bible College where he earned his BA. Degree in Bible and Pastoral Studies. He has earned a Masters degree in Theology and Biblical Counseling and is in pursuit of his Doctorate in the same field. He has served on the staff of Maranatha Baptist Bible College as well as senior pastor in Tennessee and Michigan. They have one daughter, Trina. Pastor Martin is committed to passionate expository preaching and gives himself to the ministry of the Word as the pastor/teacher at Bible Baptist. CAMPGROUND REGISTRATION ON THE 1st IS AT 1:00 P.M. You may arrive earlier if you wish but you must provide your own lunch (you will not be able to use the kitchen facilities), and you must supervise your own children. No children will be allowed in the water without parental supervision. Remember, there is much work to be done on Monday morning. If you are available and can help, please contact the following Camp director – Mike Trumble (207) 469-0972 Assistant camp director – Doug Merrill (207) 469-1951

Family Camp Info Sheet 2011  

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