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Site and Neighborhood Standards Form

Attachment to HOME Site and Neighborhood Standards Certification

PINE LAKE SENIOR RESIDENCES Attachment to HOME Site and Neighborhood Standards Certification The proposed Villas at Pine Lake is located in Census tract 130890219.09 in Pine Lake, DeKalb County, Georgia. Villas at Pine Lake is located at the intersection of Rockbridge Road and Aberdeen Drive and encompasses 3.055 acres (map attached). The Census Tract is an area of minority concentration with 84.98% of the population belonging to a race other than White and primarily being comprised of African Americans at 78.2%. The percentage of minority concentration was determined by utilizing data from the Census 2010 Summary File that provided the total population of each Census Tract and the population of individuals whose race is defined as White only. Dividing the population of White only by the total population provided the percentage of white individuals. Subtracting this from 100% netted the percentage of minority population (Census Data is attached). The tract income level is “moderate” as defined by the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (Summary Census Income Information is attached). Overriding Housing Need Novogradic & Company, LLP conducted a Market Conditions and Project Evaluation Summary in January of 2014, which is located for review in tab 5 of our application. Pine Lake, Georgia is located approximately 12.4 miles east of downtown Atlanta. In 2013, the PMA’s population was 148,845, and is projected to increase at an annual growth rate of 0.6 percent through 2018. Approximately 87.2 percent of renter households in the MSA have four or fewer total persons, and the percentage is expected to grow through both the market entry date and through 2018. This data indicates that the Subject’s one-, two-, and three-bedroom units will be compatible with the renter household sizes in the MSA. A majority of households in the PMA are renter-occupied 51.4 percent, and this number is expected to remain fairly stable until at least 2018 and is higher than the national average of 36.4 percent. The Executive Summary and Conclusions section of the market study demonstrates the overall demand for the units at Villas at Pine Lake is adequate with an overall capture rate of 3.3%. Villas at Pine Lake will provide housing free from discrimination and will further accommodate individuals with special needs, including the provision of units that are accessible to individuals with mobility, audio and/or visual impairments. This development is an important initiative for meeting the overriding housing needing the Pine Lake market.