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View Reports online 24/7

Engineering required? We’ve got that covered too. Need a custom solution? We can help! Online you will find a quote ensuring that your equipment is safe.

Did your equipment not pass inspection? We will explain why with the exact legislation and pictures! Inspections are uploaded daily ensuring you know the status of your equipment!

Repairs required? We show you the deficiency and will provide you with a quote for repair!

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G10 Features and Benefits Learn more about how G10 will not only save you time but money.


Customer Portal Login We identify how to login to the secure customer portal and where to get assistance.


Schedule Tab Learn more about the functionality of this tab and how you can get your schedules.


Quotes Tab Identify and approve your outstanding quotes all with a couple clicks.


Orders Tab View outstanding orders and approve in one convenient screen.


Inspections Tab Advanced functionality enables you to sort quickly for your information.


Maintenance Tab View all maintenance documentation and records with ease.


History Tab A high level overview that identifies all work within a given time frame.


Inventory Tab We provide you with complete Inventory control and authority.


Documents Tab We provide you with the ability to store additional documentation, learn more.


Site Visit Summary Generate a overview report of the work performed and the status of your equipment.

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PARCS Ltd. “G10 is amazing!! Over the years we have worked with a number of various companies for inspections and repairs of our equipment. Having to locate reports is cumbersome, time consuming and not cost effective. Having G10 keep all of our reports, certificates, maintenance forms, and documentation in one location is exactly what we needed. The computer generated certificates and ability to approve quotes online really exceeded our expectations.�

- Regional District School Board

Changing the way you think about inspections. Wireless inspections of your equipment with 24-hour online customer access. Our environmentally friendly system allows you to keep all of your equipment manuals, inspection certificates, repair and maintenance reports in one convenient location. Visit our website to learn more!

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Features • • • • • • •

Full colour computer generated reports Bar scan coded equipment A full picture inventory of your equipment Complete inventory of deficiencies with documented photos Full summary report of all of our inspections of your equipment Full tracking of your equipment Follow up repair quotation for any deficiencies offering a full service solution

Benefits • Full access of inspection and equipment records via our website, allowing you to view your reports anywhere at anytime. • Paperless and seamless reporting leading the industry with environmentally efficient practices. • Comparison graphs are generated from year to year illustrating the change in your equipment. • One company to handle all of your requirements, reducing costs and ensuring your equipment is safe providing complete peace of mind.

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We have created this detailed Customer Portal guide to ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Navigating through the Customer Portal is easier then ever! This Customer Portal guide has been designed to make accessing the information you need quick and efficient.

The Customer Portal can be accessed via our website and for your convenience is linked at the bottom of every web page.

Accessing the Portal It is recommended that you save this link to your favourites as this link allows for quick and easy access to all your reporting, maintenance documentation and inspection information.

Customer Portal

We have made accessing your reports and inspections easier than ever. Our state of the art Customer Portal is designed to give you 24-hour access to your reports, certificates and inspections. This online tool eliminates the need for paper records and contains a detailed inventory of your equipment.

Customer Portal Login

From the drop down menu select the company that pertains to your inspections or repairs. The company you select will highlight in orange. As a PARCS customer you will be directed to the PARCS Login Screen. This Login Screen can only be accessed by authorized representatives and has a secure login and password for your protection. It is recommended that you keep the login and password confidential to ensure your inspection certificates, documents and quotes are kept safe. Your secure login information will be emailed to you automatically from our system. Should you have not received this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like your password resent to you please contact us via one of the following methods.

Toll Free: 1-866-496-6600 Phone: 519-571-0003 ext. 200 Email:

Our Schedule Tab contains information on current and previously completed work based on the date range selected

Date From and Date To - This field can

be adjusted to back date and receive further information on previous work. By clicking on the calendar you will be able to back date ensuring your date range of work is met. It is required that after your date range is selected that you press the refresh button to update. This function allows you to better filter and locate both current and old schedules for your reference. Within this tab you will be able to track who is coming in to perform the work and when they will be at any given location.

Location - The location drop down menu

allows you to access specific information on each location if applicable. To select one specific location, select from the drop down menu the location of interest and click. In order to bring up the pertinent information associated with that location please select refresh. Within the Schedule Tab all headings are clickable and can be sorted for your convenience. Multiple sort functions can be selected at once such as date and technician, ensuring you get the information you need quickly.

Schedule Tab

Schedule Tab

Quotes Tab

Quotes Tab Our Quotes Tab contains your specific order ID, dates, any relevant notes as well as status’. All quotes can be viewed in detail by clicking the select button. A PDF will generate displaying a detailed quote, which can be saved or printed if you require. The quotes tool bar is interactive, all search criteria can be sorted to ensure finding your quotes is easy and efficient. By clicking on any of the following order ID, date, notes or status you can sort based on like fields, dates or statuses.

At the bottom of the Quotes Tab you will see a customer notes section, where you can make any comments or document any questions for us to review before the quote is approved. Two buttons, approve and decline can be found at the bottom of the Quotes Tab. We have made approving your quotes easy and efficient. Upon clicking the approve button an email will be generated to begin scheduling, making the ordering of work simple and efficient. If you have multiple quotes open such as the example above, upon approving any given quote the status will update ensuring all of your pending jobs are organized.

The Orders Tab similar to the Quotes Tab contains all of your sales orders. You will see a unique order ID and can reference based on date. By clicking select, your sales order will be generated in a PDF, which can be printed or saved based on your needs. Here you will be able to view a detailed breakdown of the work and any associated costs. The location drop down menu can be selected to narrow down your search criteria. Please keep in mind if you do not see what you are looking for be sure to adjust the date range accordingly and hit refresh.

The orders tool bar is interactive, all search criteria can be sorted to ensure finding your orders are easy and efficient. By clicking on any of the following order ID, date or status you can sort based on like fields, dates or statuses. To verify if a heading is interactive you can simply scroll over the heading, if interactive a message will appear identifying “click here to sort�. Once are ready to approve you order, simply click approve and the status will update accordingly. An email will be automatically generated letting us know that your order has been approved.

Orders Tab

Orders Tab

Inspections Tab

Inspections Tab The Inspections Tab contains a variety of detailed information pertaining to each item inspected.

Status - This column allows you to quickly

view the status of your items that were inspected. By sorting this you can quickly see which of your equipment requires action or Certificate - All certificates pertaining to your which of your items are safe. inspection can be found under the certificate Type - This column provides you with the heading. Clicking on any of the specific ability to filter based on equipment type. If you certificates will generate a PDF that can be are looking to view all basketball inspections printed or saved. All inspection points are for example click the heading to filter. Ensure documented and contain comments and appropriate statuses based on the inspection. that you date range is selected first for the required time frame with which you are looking for information. Def Photos - Should there be any deficiencies with any of your inspection items, The interactive date, status, type, tag ID and a detailed list with photos will be found here. Once you click on any of the listed deficiencies ship to headings can be clicked to refine your search criteria. a PDF will generate which can be saved or printed.

To verify if a heading is interactive you can simply scroll over the heading, if interactive a message will appear identifying “click here to sort�.

Within a number of tabs you will notice underlined text. Any underlined texted can be clicked on to gather further information via a PDF.

The screen shot above demonstrates the capabilities of this tool. By clicking the status heading you will be able to sort by various statuses such as safe or not safe. Please note it is possible to sort based on multiple criteria such as type and status.

The PDF can be printed or saved based on your needs.

This advanced features allows you to quickly search for relevant information such as basketball inspections that are safe or not safe.

Inspections Tab

Inspections Tab

Maintenance Tab

Maintenance Tab The Maintenance Tab is an exciting new tool that will allow us to house all relevant maintenance records for any particular piece of equipment. This tab will allow us to keep your crucial paper work, such as previous maintenance records to ensure everything you need is conveniently located in one safe place. All of these documents can be accessed year round and can be printed or saved based on your needs.

Click on any of the work order numbers to the left and a PDF will open in a new window. This PDF will detail the work that has been completed, the status of the work and the time with which it took to complete the repairs. This PDF can remain saved here, or printed for your convenience.

To be sure you are getting all of the The History Tab is an exciting new section of G10 that will allow you to access information information you require, check the date range often and hit refresh to update the content. about inspections and maintenance forms all within the same screen. Within this page you are also able to view all In this tab you are able to filter by location and associated PDFs. By clicking the certificate additionally have a variety of filter options such PDF or MF. PDF you will generate a PDF that can be saved or printed depending on your as certificate number, order number, status needs. and equipment type. This tab like the others within G10 allows you to both sort and filter your content ensuring all required documentation can be located with ease.

History Tab

History Tab

History Tab

History Tab The History Tab provides you with the ability to search maintenance and history of a particular piece of equipment over the years. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the TAGID search field. You can search via any given tag and once hitting refresh you will be able to view all associated costs with that particular piece of equipment. All order information will be downloadable via the attached PDF. As one of our more advanced tabs we have created the ability for you to gather as much or little information as you would like.

For example you can search via status for “unsafe” pieces of equipment such as “automotive lifts” in the type field. By back dating a year you will be able to view all unsafe automotive lifts, their certificates and maintenance forms. If you interested in seeing the certificate you can view it view PDF, or if you would like to know the costs associated with repairing that piece of equipment over the years you can simply type the tag in the TAGID field to get a more accurate picture of the associated fees.

PARCS has recognized a need for a one-stop experience in regards to your equipment and inspection needs. The Documents Tab is an exciting new tool that will allow you to house all relevant documents for any particular piece of equipment. This tab will allow you to keep crucial paper work such as warranty information and user guides to ensure everything you need is conveniently located in one safe place. All of these documents can be accessed year round and can be printed or saved based on your needs.

The “new file” button generates a pop up window that can be populated with information that pertains to the document you are uploading. You are able to select a location, description and category. You must select the file from your computer and upload the content for this to take effect. Ensure you save after upload.

To view any of your documents, simply click the “view file” link. This will open up any documents you have saved.

Check back often to ensure you are viewing current uploaded documents.

We will regularly upload files to the documents tab such as engineering documents, tender documents or spreadsheets.

Documents Tab

Documents Tab

Invetory Tab

Inventory Tab The Inventory Tab is an exciting new section of your Customer Portal Account that allows you to view and maintain your own inventory/ equipment. In this section you will be able to quickly see what equipment is past due, view inventory photos, request inspections/repairs, modify inventory levels via email request, and change the specific location. As is standard with all of your Customer Portal Headings we have enabled a sort feature to allow you to quickly narrow your search criteria and gain the information you are looking for with minimal effort.

A relatively new feature in this section is the items drop down menu. This provides you with the ability to filter on past due equipment so you can easily find out which items require immediate attention. This all-new tab provides you with full authority and control of your equipment and is a valuable resource in maintaining due diligence over your inspections, locations and facility.

The Site Visit Summary Tab is an innovative section of the Customer Portal where you are able to get a detailed report of the work performed on any given work order.

Here you will be able to review the work, account for the unsafe equipment and gather all the pertinent information to proceed with the repairs.

Simply select the work order from the orders field, back date to the period in which the work was performed and hit refresh.

As is standard with our software, we have enabled a feature where you can save or print a Visit Summary Page from within our system.

Your Customer Portal Account will populate the Site Visit Summary Screen, where you will be able to get a synopsis of the work that was performed at a specific location.

Site Visit Summary

Site Visit Summary

At PARCS Ltd. we are going the distance to ensure our customers are satisfied and receiving their certificates, documents and reports in a timely, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Our G10 reporting system provides you with the ability to view your reports around the clock with only a few simple clicks. We have designed this system to keep all of your files organized in one convenient location, ensuring that should you need access to certificates quickly that they are available within seconds. With a focus on innovation and environmentally friendly practices, we at PARCS Ltd. are always looking to improve our system and provide you the customer with a proven and reliable service. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our system, we would love to hear it! Thank you for your continued support.

PARCS Ltd. 409 Harmony Road Ayr, Ontario N0B 1EO TF: 1-866-496-6600 T: 519-571-0003