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Blockhouse Island 1920s

Here is an excellent photograph, taken from the rear of the former Manitonna Hotel, which stood at the south-east corner of King St. E. and East Market St. There are many interesting details in this picture. The Brockville harbour was mostly unorganized, with some dockage only on the shore. A few mature trees were growing on the shoreline. In the river the popular steam ship the “Toronto” is arriving from Gananoque on its regular route from Toronto. It would dock regularly in front of the CPR warehouse in the left side of this shot. In the bottom right corner, you can see it is Market Day in Brockville. On the south edge of the field where the Water St. Parking Lot now exists were four prominent billboards which stood there for many years. Behind them is a row of waterfront buildings. Blockhouse Island itself was still partly taken over by industrial buildings and dockage. This picture shows a new row of trees on the east side and a concrete breakwall on the south and east edge After the removal of the CPR facilities, ownership of much of this land was assumed by the Government of Canada. Brockville now has an opportunity to take over all the property now in government control, when the current lease expires. © copyright - Doug Grant, August 2009

Blockhouse Island - 1920s  

A view of Blockhouse Island off the shore of Brockville, Ontario in the 1920s.