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Apr i l2011 “House of Design where Fashion has no Limit”

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NORTH EAST JAMAICA FIELD (876) 996-8306 for more information April 24, 2010 Education Day May 30, 2010 Children’s Convention May 21-24 Couple’s Retreat Contact Pastor Grant for more information (876) 447-6374 May 23, 2010 Food safety seminar Dover DCA Church


GIFTE Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation, & Enlightenment Foundation of abundance The Awakening Education - Workshop Montego Bay Civic Center Saturday, April 24 at 9:00am Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 9:00am Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 9:00pm Mona Visitor’s Lodge The University of the West Indies Kingston, Jamaica Prosperity 1 Thursday, April 29, 2010 Saturday, May 15, 2010 9:00am - 8:00pm Mona Visitor’s Lodge The University of the West Indies Prosperity 2 – Building The Empire Education - Workshop Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 9:00am Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 8:00pm Page 4 -

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contents april 2010 Life & Christianity The Gospel for Shame Cultures What do you hold as your truth? By: Bruce Thomas

30 Could the Bible be a Fairytale? By: Cathy Coals

Fashion & Beauty The Ultimate Butt Without the Chicken Pill By: Stacie Cole

48 The Truth about Skin Care Brands By: Laurel Lavine

50 April Thrills 60 First Kiss Stories

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Cover Story 24 The Other Woman Syndrome The 4 Sided Triangle

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The Complete You Coming Soon

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M De M r . P ar W i n ri m h i Ja at ster e is , m D ai th re ca e am n ?


By: Georgette Grant

Youth Focus

22 Young People Excelling

John Barrett


14 Editor’s Letter 17 This Month we Love 19 A Picture to make You Think Haitti

21 10 Questions for? The Question Game

Family & Relationships

52 Why do Men Change after Sex

By: Margaret Paul Ph.D.



60 Hilarious Stories 59 Poems 4 Event Calendar 56 Cartoons & Games 61 April’s Mugshot

41 Genital Warts

By: Dr. Simone Bailey-Brown

55 Subliminal Messages 42 This Mad Woman from Your Adorable Salesman By: Steve Gillman

By: Cathi-Anne Woodburn


38 Shortchanging our Students

By: Dr. Burnie A. Hines Ed.D.

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Northern Fur Fashion

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editor’s On my mind


I remember when I was a child. I loved Jesus and church and all the good things that my parents said I should love. But seriously, I loved Jesus. I joke about it to my friends all the time when I tell them that I used to bargain with Jesus, I had no fear of death, I just knew that I would go to heaven and I wanted to be at a cool age so I could live forever at that age…. “Ok Jesus” I would say, “I am five years old now, but I want to live until seven, so don’t let me die until I am seven.” Then seven came around and I said, “No Jesus, eight is now my favorite number, so don’t let me die until I am eight!.” Then eight came and I cancelled until twelve, twelve to sixteen. By the time eighteen came around I was begging God.. “Oh Lord please spare me, don’t let me die yet, I am not ready!” And I have been begging the Lord to spare me ever since. Many of us grew up in the church and it was just expected of us to ‘know’ God and love him. Many adults find it strange that a child so involved in church at an early age could grow up and say “I don’t know God” But seriously… do we really know God? We have come a long way from children who believed in fairytales, and were filled with joy because we knew unequivocally, that Jesus loved us. Something happened along the way and we have forgotten this fact. (Isn’t that why adults constantly beg for ‘a childlike faith’? or we sigh and say “oh to be a child again, free from all the cares of this world. But who told us to take up the cares of this world on our shoulder?…) Larnell Harris sings “Give me a childlike faith, a heart that is pure, and a love that is faithful and true.” What blinds us to that faith that we once had? In my opinion…we grew up and grew into a false interpretation of God. We went from ‘God is love, He loves me, I believe in what I can’t see, I am in awe of a greater beyond’ to ‘God is gonna punish me because I did something bad, I can’t face Him anymore because He won’t forgive me, I have to acquire all the material things of this world because…, I have to try to be perfect before talking to God’ and worst of all, we associate God with the actions and the words of the adults and the actions of the churches we grew up in. Many times the church punishes and turns their back on us when our sins are visible, so we equate the response of the church to that of God. How often have I heard the sermon “God loves you but…” Sometimes it feels like a lose lose situation. Are you wondering just who God is? Do you wonder about the real nature of God? Will the real God please stand up? Join us monthly as we delve into the intricacies of God, life, spirituality, relationships, money, family, and fashion. As we defy the odds, defy the traditions, defy the stigmas associated with Christianity and the church. Do you have a REASON to DOUBT? Do you DOUBT to REASON? Are you told to just accept without questioning why? As we step out of this mold of robotic living, we invite you to join us on this fascinating adventure.

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we likeee!

This month we love...

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We were doing a photo shoot at a makeup I like this because it’s all natural, no synthetic artist’s studio, I kept chewing on my lips Great moisturizer for dry skin. Very light and product (parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, or natural. because they felt dry and flaky. I was artificial colouring) It’s light creamy, it’s not Cathi-Anne Woodburn, Managing Editor offered this gloss to try. I went home and oily, & great for natural hair. When I am took pictures of my lips they were so wearing my hair pulled back, it keeps my hair kissable. And the gloss didn’t dry out my nice & smooth, & flat with no fly aways. And it lips. Love it! smells great! Carla-Gay Woodburn, Editor-I-C Joy-Anne Mitchell, Contributor - Beauty

$17.99 Dear John movie

$54.00 Men’s low rise, boot cut Jeans

$9.97, culporters, or abc book store

Dear John was an awsome movie. We all love happy endings... when you’ve got something good, hold on to it. Jervelyn Lockhart, Contributor

I saw these at the mall and they were on sale. I hardly find boot cuts in California, they are all straight cut, so I got them. Ryan Wiggan Marketing & PR Contributor - Education

The struggles and triumphs of Esmie G. Branner, a young Christian woman who escaped Saudi Arabia and an abusive situation. Simone Bailey-Brown, Contributor - Health

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Where is God? A

7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti’s capital on January 12, 2010 and an 8.8 magnitude quake hit Chile on February 27, 2010. The suddenness and horror of an earthquake usually make us quake with fear. It strikes without warning and literally takes the ground out from under us. We look at the images and shudder. But if we are honest with ourselves, most of us look on, pray, send money, food, and clothes to the affected parties, but none of us would give up our position to be in their shoes. We all are secretly glad it wasn’t us. It brought tears to my eyes to see. When I say see, I don’t mean looking on the fallen buildings, and rubbled streets. When I say SEE, I refer to pictures of dead people lying in the streets, laying in the backs of pick-up trucks, or being scraped up in backhoe and dumped in a garbage truck for mass burial. Many look at these things and cry “where is God, why would He let all these things happen to us if He loved us?” I look and think, “God I have faith that there is be something better. I can’t live for this world, because this can’t be it.” Are you living today in hopes of a greater TOMORROW?

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10 Questions for our Church 1. Does God really love us? 2. What does love mean? 3. How far can I go with my boy/girl friend? 4. What is forgiveness and does the church practice it? 5. Have the adults in church made mistakes like the youth, or are they perfect? 6. What is an idol? 7. What is faith? 8. Who can I trust in church to talk to about my problems 9. I’ve sinned. Do I have to be publicly punished before I can be forgiven? 10. Can I be a happy Christian?

Please send your answers as well as questions that you wish to ask to

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John Lucas Barrett.

Nationality: Jamaican Date of Birth: August 10, 1979 John began performing at the age of 5 in children’s musical performance group, where he honed his skills in drama, singing, and dance. He studied vocal performance during his college years. Before coming to Japan, he performed for various types of events in his home country Jamaica, giving him a wide range of experience. He came to Japan in July 2000 on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program as an Assistant Language Teacher. In 2004 he started J’s Choir - his core group, and also joined the Hallelujah Gospel Family circuit of choirs as guest soloist.

In December of 2007, he hosted his first solo concert, and is presently performing as a professional gospel singer with Tokyo and Sendai as his bases. He continues to create waves in the Japanese professional music scene as he strives for excellence. In December of 2008, he released his first single, My Song For You. In January of 2010, he released his first album SURRENDER. For details kindly see: Official Site: http://www.john lucas BLOG:

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ルナョシナータンイーロハ) S T N E S E R P

Kellman, Zetts & Associates, LLC a Subsidiary of OKW, LLC

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Corporate Affairs 。中動活に的力精 for our clients. Public Relations 。売発ルグンシルナジリオはに月21年8002 Grant Proposals Procurement 。スーリリ” S“ムバルア初月1年0102 moc.tterrab­sacul­nhoj.www//:ptth :ETIS LAICIFFO sacul-nhoj/pj.abema.eliforp//:ptth :GOLB

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The ‘other woman’. Usually when one hears that word, many descriptions come to mind,.. tramp, home wrecker, hussy,…and those are the milder of the descriptions. No one wants to go through the pain of a relationship where one cheats. It’s the ultimate deception, and a major killer of trust.

Yes, just as women are drawn to the ‘bad boy’ type, men are drawn to women who seem very experimentative, go lucky, and wild. Problem is they are not ready to settle down and you know it. 8. Self esteem

Many men feel that chivalry end when marriage begins. Women love to hear We, like many others are programmed all the cute things you used to tell her to blame the ‘other’ person. Many times back in the honey moon stage. Just the cheatee feels like their partner was because you said ‘I love you’ five days coerced into this forbidden relationship ago, doesn’t make it less important and that as long as they can get this for you to say it today. Yes we should third wheel out of their lives, things will not be dependent on other for our self be fine. Many people who have been esteem, but it doesn’t hurt to get our cheated on try to find someone else to egos stroked often. blame so that they can preserve their 7. Revenge/payback for past wrongs relationship. Blaming the other man/ other woman keeps us from having to Men lie because they don’t want their take responsibility for the problems in spouse to be angry or disappointed the marriage and our own feelings, so in them. They don’t want to explain we like to pretend that if it hadn’t been their actions or have a long discussion for that other person there would have about ‘how it made me feel’. When never been an affair. women find out they are being lied to, sometimes they seek revenge in extreme What many should realize is, there ways. would have been, it just would have been a different other man/other 6. Lack of intimacy woman. The circumstance is more Now take note men: It’s not just sex important than the person your spouse that makes women feel connected in is involved with. Spend your time and a relationship; it’s touching, kissing, energy focused on the problems in cuddling, and communicating. Women the marriage that led to an affair and crave it, and she could seek it elsewhere finding a solution for those problems. if she’s not getting it at home. To So in this case, the ‘other person’ has no improve intimacy, spend quality time bearing on the progression or lack of together, give her a foot massage, make thereof, of your present relation. Their a romantic dinner for two -- anything story will be for another article. that will give her a sense of unity and How you handle the fact that there is closeness. another man or woman has a great deal 5. Feeling neglected/ignored or to do with whether or not you end up underappreciated going the route of getting a divorce or, Women wear many hats in a are able to save your marriage. relationship -- housekeeper, errandAccording to here are ten runner, grocery shopper, babysitter, etc. reasons why women cheat: When she feels more like a maid than 10. Not enough sex a girlfriend/wife, that’s when she could stray. No, you can’t quit your job, but Once upon a time, you wanted sex all the time, then responsibility kicked in, you can thank her for all her selfless you were tired all the time, sleep became deeds -- and do your share around the more important, and you wife stopped house. feeling loved and wanted. 4. Your emotional withdrawal 9. Being the bad girl Women are emotional beings. Not only Page 26 -

do they need physical support, but they also need emotional support. Once you retreat from the relationship, she sees it as a sign that things are through – she either panics, and starts trying to pull you out of your shell, which makes things worse, or she retreats as well. 3. Bedroom boredom Men are taught to take control of intimacy, they lead, and the women follow. However a lot of times men don’t take time to find out if their wives are being fulfilled as well. 2. Exit strategy Yes, women try to take the easy way out. Instead of having to explain why she doesn’t want to be with you anymore, and suffer through long uncomfortable talks, she gets you angry enough to walk away from the relationship. 1. Revenge for your cheating Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Because you cheated, she wants to get back at you and give you a dose of your own medicine. So onto the men. Yes men are more likely to cheat than are women. Let’s explore 10 reasons why men cheat. So why do some men cheat in relationships? Almost all men know that cheating is wrong, yet many they still do it. Men will blame their reasons for cheating on their genes and their necessity to reproduce. However, aren’t we suppose to be further evolved than a chimp? Shouldn’t we be able to control our bodies through our minds and conscious decisions? Apparently, not always. According to Infidelity Expert Stephany Alexander: 1. Because they had the option. The old saying “men are only as faithful as their options” can sometimes ring true. Men don’t get offered sex as often as women so when the opportunity does arise, it can be very difficult for them to turn it down. 2. It boosts their ego. Sometimes men no longer feel like they are attractive to the opposite sex and

when a woman shows some interest, not only does a man react, he may allow her to stroke his ego and more. There is nothing like the thrill of the chase to men on the hunt. When they are finally rewarded for their efforts, their egos swell even larger. 3. You grow apart. Maybe the two of you didn’t have as much in common as you thought. He’s met a woman who has more in common with him who loves football or plays golf. He may check out if he is compatible with her under the sheets also. 4. You argue a lot. Men will sometimes cheat to get away from an overly critical or argumentative partner. Who wants to be around someone who is constantly on them about something.

Some men get tired of having steak for dinner every night and want to try a hamburger. The same goes for sex with a woman. That’s why men don’t necessarily always cheat with women who are more attractive than their partners.

husband/wife is a Christian so that would never happen to me. In the past few years, divorce has gone from taboo, to a common process in life. The life of the modern day family has gone through so much that many children don’t know what a joyous childhood means, and they grow up repeating this 9. To see if they can get away with it. messed up cycle. Many of us marry for If a man has the attitude of “what she the wrong reasons, rebelliousness, panic doesn’t know, won’t hurt her,” he may because we are getting older, pressure cheat to see if he is sneaky and smart from friends and family, feeling that we enough to get away with it. However, are already stuck in a relationship, the with all the advancement in surveillance need to be with someone, etc. That’s spy ware, getting caught has now why it is very important to be counseled become easier than ever. before getting married. We think that being unequally yoked just means 10. Because you have allowed it in the marrying out of the church, but you past. If you have forgiven a cheating can be unequally yoked in the church man a couple of times, they are more than likely going to cheat again because as well. they already know if they plead enough, We need to put God first in our lives, you will forgive them. and then ask Him to guide our choices

Reasons why men cheat can be more complex than the above list or even Sometimes men become so comfortable be a combination of a few in a relationship, they don’t know how different reasons. to get out. They may be staying in the Nevertheless, relationship because of children or no reason is financial reasons. However, they feel like good enough they are missing out on love and may reason to seek it out elsewhere. In their mind, this lie and be is as close to win-win as they can get. dishonest. 6. Your sex life stinks. The thing is, 5. They have fallen out of love.

If a man has a disinterested partner or isn’t getting enough sex to fulfill him, there is a good chance he will have an affair. Just because you have a husband or boyfriend, does not mean you can stop trying. It takes a little bit of effort to keep your sex life from becoming boring and non-existent. Some men cheat because they want to try new sexual things that their current partner will not try.

in a mate. If we find a mate that loves God first, respect God, then He in turn will respect you enough to talk through situations that would have the power if left untreated to push him/her out of the marital home/bed. We need to include God in our marriage and in our families because without Him there, we open up channels for anything else to materialize.

you can’t puff your chest and say, well my

7. To get revenge. A man will sometimes cheat if he finds out his partner was cheating on him. How else is he supposed to heal those hurt feelings of his but through good old-fashioned sex? 8. It’s new, different and exciting.

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Take a Stand Against Animal Cruelty.

Page 29 -

The Gospel for Shame Cultures A Paradigm Shift

by: Bruce Thomas

my Muslim friends and neighbors do not worry much about “little sins” like I have discovered that one of the most difficult aspects of evangelizing Muslims lying and cheating, their daily lives and is getting them to appreciate their need religious rituals seem to revolve around something which I would consider to for a savior. I have found the Islamic be even less significant, namely their doctrine of God and Man to be such ceremonial purity. The intensity of this that Muslims tend to be unaware of insecurity has caused me to consider their sinfulness and inability to save that defilement might be a basic human themselves.1 As a result, convincing a problem as serious to some as sin is to Muslim to embrace Jesus as the blood others. sacrifice for his sins usually requires One day our helper told us that when considerable time and pre-evangelistic she was a little girl she had a friend effort. who used to feel her mother’s hair in In observing one particular culture, I the morning to see if it was damp. Her have noticed a curious thing. While Observations

Page 30 -

friend did this so that she could tell if her mother, who was divorced, had been messing around. According to Islam, you are unclean after you have had sex and must take a complete bath, to include washing your hair, in order to be clean again. When asked why her friend’s mother would bother to take the bath if she was already committing adultery, our helper responded that no one would dare think of not taking the ritual bath after having had sex. Such a person would be a curse and the ground they walked on would be cursed. In other words, a prolonged state of ritual uncleanness following sexual intercourse was more unthinkable than adultery! Interpretations Suddenly a lot of things made sense. It had always puzzled me why Muslims

make such a big thing out of not eating pork, not getting licked by dogs, and keeping the fast, when sins like lying, cheating, and stealing are treated so superficially. Few Christians seem to comprehend, for instance, the seriousness of eating pork. Dwell for a moment on the revulsion you feel when you think about a stone age tribe eating human flesh, and you will begin to understand something of the degree of disgust most Muslims have for the idea of eating pork. It is probably not a sin issue but an issue of ceremonial cleanness. Thus, because eating pork is the worst possible state of defilement and more attention is given to ceremonial purity than moral purity, the pork eater (George Bush) is worse off than a murderer (Saddam Hussein). In the light of this new perspective, I began to consider that perhaps the greatest need felt by these Muslim people is not for assurance of salvation from sin but for deliverance from the tyranny of being in a near constant state of defilement. Every element of their daily lives is ordered by this insecurity; the direction to face when falling asleep, the Arabic words uttered when beginning a task, speech, or greeting, and even the way to blow your nose or wipe your bottom. Defilements come in various levels and for each level there is an appropriately matched cleansing. Burping and passing gas is one level of defilement. Touching your private parts is another. Touching semen, urine, feces, or menstrual flow is getting pretty serious; serious enough that a woman’s prayers will not be heard during her period. I wonder if there is a more relevant way to present the gospel under these circumstances. Perhaps we could communicate more effectively with a gospel message addressing man’s defilement as well as, or as part of, his depravity. An Application Before furlough, a year ago, a friend asked me quite sincerely why we Christians insist that Jesus is God and that He was crucified. My answer

moved him visibly. Instead of beginning by saying all have sinned and that the wages of sin is death, I waxed eloquent on what he knew better than me, that all flesh is defiled. He nodded knowingly as I affirmed that from the day we are born we continually carry inside us the very substances from which we need to be cleansed. He squirmed as I illustrated the futility of ceremonial rituals for such internal cleansing, and concluded that human flesh cannot cleanse itself for either God or heaven any better than darkness can make itself light. He was still and attentive when I climaxed by saying that just as a candle drives the darkness from a room by entering it, God drives defilement from human flesh by becoming it. In other words, the very thing that Muslims object to most in Christianity, syirik – the identification of God with his creation, is the solution to man’s most basic problem as perceived by these Muslims. If I’d thought of it at the time I would have gone on to show how the nature of Jesus’ miracles – healing blindness with His spit and leprosy with His touch – proves who He is. I didn’t forget to answer the second part of his question by pointing out that Jesus touched and destroyed the most serious consequence of our defilement, death. Finally, I concluded by saying that our only hope lay in appropriating the once and for all cleansing from defilement and victory over death that Jesus offers to those who repent and live in Him, and by saying that baptism was the symbol of this appropriation. Foundations It took months and considerable reflection for me to realize the possible implications of what I had stumbled into. Do general and specific revelation teach something about the defilement of man? Is man’s defilement an integral part of his sinfulness? Is shame related to defilement the way guilt is related to sin? Does Christ’s death atone for man’s defilement as well as his sin? Is the apparent lack of attention to this area related to Christianity’s

predominance in the West which is more guilt and performance oriented as opposed to the East which is more shame and being oriented? Have we missed some important concepts in our commentaries and in our English translations of the original languages? In cultures where defilement is a bigger issue than depravity, have our converts been discipled into a healthy maturity or are they still wrestling with unaddressed and misunderstood insecurities? I believe the answer to the above questions may be “yes.” When Adam and Eve sinned, the first thing they felt was shame, not guilt. Before the fall “The man and his wife were both naked [arowm is the Hebrew word] and they felt no shame” (Genesis 2:25, NIV). After the fall, “The eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked [now the word is eyrom]; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves” (Genesis 3:7, NIV). But with the coverings they were still naked?! “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid” (Genesis 3:10, NIV). Interestingly and perhaps symbolically, it is God who suitably provides for Adam’s nakedness. “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them” (Genesis 3:21, NIV). The consequence of Adam’s sin was death. “But you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die” (Genesis 2:17, NIV). The concept of death includes spiritual separation from God, but I wonder if it includes something more. That the resultant awareness in chapter three is of nakedness and not separation and that the word for naked takes different forms before and after the fall may indicate a situation of defilement as well. The progression in Genesis three is also interesting. Adam and Eve hid after they sinned because they were afraid, and were afraid because they felt naked. Interestingly, shame over Page 31 -

nakedness, which preceded feelings of fear, alienation, and separation, appears stronger than shame over the sin of disobedience. No wonder the Old Testament is full of images showing man’s defilement as integral to his depravity. As a lasting ordinance for the generations to come, Aaron and his sons were to wash their hands and feet whenever they entered the tent of meeting or approached the altar, otherwise they would die (Exodus 30:17-21). Blemished or defective animals were not permitted to be used for sacrifices. Items used for worship had to be anointed or consecrated. Unclean animals could not be eaten, and even circumcision probably had some connection to ceremonial cleanness as the illustration in Colossians 2:11-13 indicates by relating the foreskin with the “sinful nature.” Finally, Jesus himself, when He challenged the Pharisees in their use and understanding of cleansing and dietary laws, affirmed that man is unclean (Mark 7:20-23). The concept of original defilement makes total depravity more sensible. “There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10) and “all our righteous acts are like filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6), because we are defiled. Sin is not inherited but stems from our being. We are unclean and everything we touch or do, even with good intent, becomes contaminated. The Muslim who understands that the ground is cursed wherever he steps if he has not bathed after having had sex is showing an understanding of how bondage to unrighteousness stems from defilement. It is this defilement that may form the basis for shame, insecurity, and a felt need for the gospel in shame cultures. A New Paradigm Page 32 -

Niels Mulder 2 says, “Shame is the feeling of anxiety about one’s presentation, about being criticized or laughed at, for short, a feeling of embarrassment and fear for the eyes, ears, and opinions of others.” Gailyn Van Rheenen 3 quotes Jacob A. Loewen saying, “While shame is ‘the response to disapproval of one’s own peers,’ guilt is the ’self-condemnation resulting from the violation of internalized convictions of right and wrong.’” To all that has been written on guilt and shame I would like to add that guilt is a feeling and/or a condition occurring when one has broken or not kept a divine

or human law, while shame is a feeling and/or a condition stemming from a shortcoming in one’s state of being either before God or peers. This definition creates for shame the same real and imagined distinctions that exist for guilt. Just as there is legal guilt whether it is felt or not, and there can be felt guilt whether there is an infraction or not, so there is a tangible condition of shame whether it is felt or not, and there is a felt condition of shame whether it has an objective basis or not. Both Paul (Romans 9:33) and Peter quote Isaiah on the subject. “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never4 be put to shame” (1 Peter 2:6, NIV). If shame is limited to

a subjective feeling in the face of one’s peers without any objective condition, then how could this promise be true? What about all the saints and prophets who got ridiculed? If, on the other hand, “shame” in this verse refers to an objective condition, then the one who trusts in the cornerstone laid in Zion ( Jesus) has the objective basis for feeling shame permanently removed, whether he gets ridiculed or not. We talk about how sacrifice for forgiveness of sins is no longer necessary because Christ has provided the ultimate sacrifice, but what is our excuse for setting aside the levitical dietary and cleansing laws? When Jesus “declared all foods ‘clean’” (Mark 7:18-23) he was not setting these laws aside but challenging added traditions by pointing out that the issue of cleanness was in man’s basic condition and not in the food. Could it be that the purpose of these laws was to draw attention to man’s defiled condition in the same way that the sacrifices drew attention to his sinful condition? Could it be that these laws are no longer adhered to because Jesus’ work on the cross once and for all removes our defilement like the way it removes our sin? “The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so they are outwardly clean. How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God” (Hebrews 9:13-14, NIV)! Implications I have never heard a presentation of the gospel which addresses man’s defilement and shame as well as his guilt and

sin. I wonder what kind of gospel we have been taking to the Muslim world when we neglect the issue of man’s “nakedness?” Jesus not only bore our sins; he bore our shame. As the “author and perfecter of our faith” He “endured the cross, scorning its shame” (Hebrews 12:2). What did it mean for “Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21, NIV)? Did he become depraved, or defiled? Could he have conquered our defilement by assuming it? Christ was not only “pierced for our transgressions” and “crushed for our iniquities;” he “took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows” (Isaiah 53:4-5). The atonement is not just the simple matter of someone taking our punishment, a concept which Muslims find extremely distasteful. There seems to have been an assumption of our defiled state resulting in the destruction of our contamination which was the foundation of our depravity. If this is so, there would be no need for an assumption of our depravity, so that

some theological constructs involving imputed sin and imputed righteousness may have to be reevaluated. Has there been something missing in our understanding and preaching of the gospel so that we fail to reach the Muslim at his point of deepest insecurity? Does the Muslim’s preoccupation with endless cycles of ritualistic cleansing point to another human problem as basic as sin? Do we need an approach to evangelism, discipleship, and contextualization which will meet people at this other point of need? Could such an approach revolutionize outreach and church planting in some of the most resistant parts of the world? Someday, I hope we have answers to these questions. ENDNOTES 1. Samuel P. Schlorff, ed., Discipleship in Islamic Society, North Africa Mission, Ecole Radio Biblique, Marseille, France, 1981, p. 24.

2. Niels Mulder, Individual and Society in Java: a Cultural Analysis, Gadjah Mada University Press: Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 1989. p. 26. 3. Gailyn Van Rheenen, Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts, Baker Book House: Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1991. p. 282. 4. “never” translated from ou me, “the most decisive way of negativing something in the future” (William F. Arndt and F. Wilbur Gingrich, A Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, The Univ. of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1957, p. 519). Other future indicative uses include: Mt. 16:22; 26:35; Jn. 4:14; 6:35; 10:5; and Heb. 10:17. “shame” translated from kataischuno, “as in the OT, of the shame and disappointment that come to one whose faith or hope is shown to be vain” (Ibid. p. 411). © Bruce Thomas. Used by permission

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Could the Bible be a Fairy-tale?

by: Cathy Coals

Think about it, streets of gold, and rivers of honey, jeweled gates and angels- thoughts and creatures of fancy. I believe that one day the sky is going to open and Jesus is going to take me up along with my long dead grandmamma and yours. What whimsical thinking… what truth.

with thousands of particles expanding. So, essentially, something blew up and formed the world, every molecule, each plant, each land mass, and each body of water. Oh, yeah, and then we kept evolving from monkeys. Well, let me tell you something, my forefather wasn’t a monkey!

If one can believe in the big bang, why is it so hard to believe the Bible? You want to tell me that, instead of a master plan, somewhere, at some (unknown) time, an (unknown) atom began to expand formed the galaxies and the universe is still expanding. The big bang is filled

So, we choose.

You were created by chance; I was created by choice and design I want my fairytale. I will believe in the accurate, historical facts of the Bible, than fallible man. “I’m gonna walk those streets of glory by and by…”

You are an Ape’s heir; I am an heir of God You live only by probability; I am cared for Page 35 -

I Love New York!

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Visit Your Local Travel Agent or

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Shortchanging our Students by: Dr. Burnie A. Kines, Ed.D.

If Johnny, who can’t read, has a teacher whose main goal is to convince him that he is smart, there is no telling what the positive impact of this approach would be upon Johnny. We, as educators, seldom think that all our students are intelligent. To think that they are all as intelligent as we, their teachers are, is unthinkable. Up until 1983, no one seriously mounted a challenge to the possibility that IQ did not effectively measure a person’s intelligence. If someone did, nobody was taking that person too seriously. It is widely known that the creation of Mr. Binet’s IQ test was seriously flawed, at best, and was specifically geared to protect and facilitate traditional schooling. Alfred Binet and his colleague (Binet & Simon, 1905), were asked by the Paris city fathers to devise a test that could be used to determine which students would succeed, and which ones would fail in the schools of Paris. On this test based in discrimination, most of our current academic tests are fashioned, including standardized tests, and many entrance tests such as the SAT, (Gardner, 1983).

book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, who challenged the notion of IQ, and led the charge against Alfred Binet’s widely accepted IQ theory and practice. Not only did Gardner propose a new theory, he also had the research to support it. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, (MI), suggests that all learners are intelligent. In fact, there are “multiple intelligences” beyond Linguistics and Mathematics, upon which Binet’s IQ tests, and traditional schooling are based. From the early beginnings of Gardner’s work, called Project Zero (Gardner, 1979), and Project Spectrum, (Feldman & Gardner, 1989; Malkus, et al, 1988; and Remus-Ford, et al, 1988), the aim was to assess learners’ “Intelligences” by the administration of a battery of tests involving fifteen or more activities. For example, the standard IQ test uses a linguistics/Mathematics approach involving pencil and paper. The Multiple Intelligences approach is a demonstration model that engages the learner in showing the outcomes of competencies, including writing and figuring.

It was Howard Gardner, (1983), in the

Armstrong (1998), in a video on

Page 38 -

Multiple Intelligences, juxtaposed the effects of IQ testing and MI theory and practice. He stated that IQ had a monumental impact on education, by tracking, labeling, and separating learners into intellectual “haves’ and “have-nots.” Armstrong claimed, however, that the more advanced theory of Multiple Intelligences is one in which the human intellect is valued for its many ways of being “smart.” It invites society to embrace the notion that all students can learn effectively, and that giftedness rests in every child, giftedness that can be expressed in many ways. It is appalling that after more than twenty years of research in MI theory and practice, traditional education has clung tenaciously to the age-old notion of IQ, while myriad students are subjected to outmoded and outdated processes and methodologies in most schools. School systems, such as that of Gloucester, Massachusetts, that have accepted MI as a better approach to teaching all children, are few and far between. There are many other systems that have never even heard of the MI theory and philosophy, although it takes not much more than the click of

a computer mouse to open the door to this body of research. Students, in general, love to demonstrate that they know, and can do, but many educators continue to use coercive methodologies that result in frustration on the part of both students and teachers. Our systems continue to be test-driven. The large majority of these tests are variants of Binet’s IQ tests, drawing from only two of Gardner’s eight intelligences, those of Linguistics and Mathematics.

center of the list. Inasmuch as this has no significance to any discussion of the theory, at least, not that I have heard, it is quite significant to this educator.

If we look at the progression of human development, as a child begins to react to, and learn his environment, Bodily/ Kinesthetic Intelligence is of prime importance. A child uses his body as his first school, and if bodily sensations and movement are retarded, the child will be handicapped. As the child grows, reacting with its surroundings as well We continue to pursue archaic as with others methodologies that mainly involve is of utmost teacher talk, ditto paper, student response to teacher-generated questions, importance. Effective and boring routines. Gardner, (1983), mothering of identified eight Intelligences in his an infant will be MI theory, although he suggests that exemplified in how this is by no means a complete list of that child interacts all the Intelligences that may exist. with others. When The following are Gardner’s eight the child enters the Intelligences: Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, formal schooling environment, interacting with others, classmates, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Linguistic Intelligence, Mathematical Intelligence, teachers, is not optional. On the other side of Linguistic and Mathematical Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence, the Intelligence comes Musical/Rhythmic Naturalist Intelligence, and Spatial/ Intelligence. We need not try to justify Artistic Intelligence. It is interesting the importance of this Intelligence. to note that the alpha listing of One would think that a baby, lying on Gardner’s eight Intelligences has three its back, would kick its legs and smile of the newly identified Intelligences coming before the two that traditional broadly when it hears music. If that did not happen, mommy would be thinking schooling is based upon, and three that something was wrong with her coming after. Linguistic Intelligence and Mathematical Intelligence are at the baby.

Of the eight intelligences that Gardner identified, initially, only two of them are acquired. The others come naturally. Linguistics and Mathematics are learned or acquired, while the others come built into the construct of the human organism. It is little wonder that most kids are suspicious of traditional schooling, to put it mildly. I have, long ago, come to the conclusion that the majority of issues and problems that we face in the education of youngsters are adult issues and problems. Even if I had said all the issues and problems, I would challenge anyone to refute this notion. I think that I am in a good position to make this statement. I have occupied every significant position in developmental schooling, throughout my life, and have spent more than thirty-five years as a professional educator. I have been a student, a parent, a teacher, and administrator. I have tried to keep a straight face as I observe a Kindergarten teacher try to sell her brand of education to twenty-five or more youngsters that as many parents have dropped off at school on the first day. Lets go back to “Johnny” with whom we started this discussion. The teacher is standing at the classroom door, faking a smile, as mommy finally gets Johnny up to the classroom door. His shoes are all scuffed up, because he has assumed all positions, on his way to the classroom. Mother is also scratched up, but she returns the teacher’s fake smile, and wishes her well. After five, or more minutes, both adults have gotten Johnny to remain

with the teacher, mainly because Johnny sees about twenty more little people looking as uncomfortable as he is. Some of them were even laughing at him, and that is probably why Mommy and the teacher succeeded in getting him to stay, his pride is hurt. Johnny has decided that he doesn’t like “Teacher.” He wouldn’t mind fighting every last one of those kids, beginning with the ones who were laughing at him, earlier on. Johnny begins to plot his war strategy.

the outside.

His brain kicks into “fight or flight” mode. Flight is usually the first option. There is less chance of being hurt. That option is of no use to Johnny, however, and he has at least two good reasons for that decision. Number one, this bunch of twenty-five miserable people who are with him in this predicament, are not going to cooperate like when they are on the play ground. They may even laugh at him if he attempts to bust through the door. Number two; There is a body of material called Brain Research, which Teacher has not Johnny does not even know how he got to school. It wouldn’t make sense bothered to take a look at. If she had, she would have been better prepared to to start running. Where would he go? The choice of “flight” is no good. handle Johnny, and his cohorts. There is something called the “fight or flight” Option number two is “fight.” Johnny can fight, but the only person he has response. Johnny has resorted to that, any reason to fight would be Teacher. even though he has never heard of it. Johnny, not having been in school This could be called a predicament, if Johnny only knew the word. Johnny’s before, is not in control of his brain brain is also in trouble. It has something just yet. As a matter of fact, his brain at stake, Johnny’s protection, and agrees is in control of him. His brain, being with Johnny that the choice of fight is “unschooled”, is serving its original not an attractive option. That kind of purpose, which is to protect Johnny. So, Johnny is held hostage, by his brain active resistance would only put Johnny from the inside, and by his teacher, from in a whole mess of trouble. Johnny’s

Page 40 -

brain begins to smile. It doesn’t have “active resistance” in its memory bank but, somehow, “passive resistance” has shown up, somehow. Johnny is going to fight Teacher, tooth and nail, without laying a finger on her! Teacher is also in a fighting mode. She knows that if she can’t subdue, and control these twenty-five urchins, she could be in for a lot of trouble. It is a pity that Teacher does not know anything about Multiple Intelligences. So, she is going to start out like every other teacher in the school, at least in Kindergarten through Second Grade. “Now, listen to me children. This is my classroom, and I am going to set the rules in here. You have only one seat in here, and you must sit in it at all times, unless I tell you to move. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves. Do not talk without putting up your hands, and wait until I recognize you.” Teacher really does not know anything about Multiple Intelligences!

anus. In a male, that means near or on the penis, scrotum, or anus.

get some protection by properly using a latex condom every time they have any Warts appear as bumps or growths. They form of sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral, or anal sex). Condoms may not give can be flat or raised, single or many, complete protection because the virus small or large. They tend to be whitish can spread from the areas of the genitals or flesh colored. They are not always not covered by the condom. easy to see with the naked eye, and many times a person with genital warts In June 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug doesn’t know that they are there. Administration (FDA) approved the vaccine called Gardasil®, which protects Sometimes, if left untreated, genital girls from getting some of the more warts may grow bigger and multiply. dangerous strains of HPV. This vaccine Often, they go away on their own specifically blocks the two types of without treatment — but this doesn’t HPV that cause 70 percent of cervical mean people can ignore genital cancers— types 16 and 18. In essence, Did Someone Say Vaccine? warts. Some types of genital warts are it stops cervical cancer before even the especially worrisome for girls because by: Dr. S. Bailey, Ph.D. first step can begin. The vaccine also HPV can lead to cervical cancer. blocks HPV types 6 and 11, which are The Inhumane Human papilloma virus There is no cure that will get rid of the not associated with cervical cancer but The Human papillomavirus (HPV) HPV virus completely. But treatments are associated with genital warts and is one of the most common sexually can reduce the number of warts — or mild Pap test abnormalities. transmitted diseases (STDs). HPV help them go away faster. When the The vaccine is recommended for females infections are common in teens and warts disappear, the HPV virus is still young adults. As many as 1 in 2 people there, though it may not spread as easily. ages 9-26. It is best to get vaccinated can have them. The more sexual partners Because HPV lives in the skin, warts can before the first sexual relationship someone has, the more likely it is that come back. So you may need to visit the as this allows the immune system to be activated before a likely HPV the person will get an HPV infection. doctor again. encounter. The vaccine does not protect HPV infection causes genital warts and What about this cancer stuff ? girls who have been infected with HPV can also cause problems with the cervix The cervix is the lower part of the uterus before they’ve been vaccinated and it that may lead to cervical cancer. There also doesn’t protect against all types of are more than 100 types of HPV. Some that opens into the vagina. Cervical HPV, so it’s important for girls who are of them cause the regular kind of warts cancer occurs when abnormal cells on having sex to get routine checkups and the cervix grow out of control. Most you see on people’s hands and feet — Pap smears. Overall, the side effects of these common warts usually are caused cases of cervical cancer are causes by the vaccine are usually mild, but serious HPV; the virus may stay in your body by types of viruses that are different side effects may occur. The HPV vaccine and can lead to cervical cancer years from those that cause genital warts. is not a replacement for using condoms after you were infected. A Pap test can Both girls and guys can get HPV from find changes in cervical cells before they to protect against other STDs when sexual contact, including vaginal, oral, having sex. This vaccine is not approved turn into cancer. and anal sex. Most people infected for males. Abnormal cervical cell changes rarely with HPV don’t know it because they Suppose I already have it? have no symptoms, but it’s still in their cause symptoms. But you may have If you are having sex, think you may system and it could be causing damage. symptoms if those cell changes grow into cervical cancer. Symptoms of have genital warts, or if you have had a With or without obvious signs like cervical cancer may include abnormal partner who may have genital warts, you warts, people with HPV might not vaginal bleeding, pain during sex and a need to see your doctor or gynecologist. know they have it and can pass the blood-tinged vaginal discharge. Cervical If the warts are not obviously visible, infection to others. You cannot catch genital warts from a towel, doorknob, or cancer that is caught early can usually be doctors can detect the presence of HPV cured. If the cancer is caught very early, in girls through a Pap smear. Doctors toilet seat. you still may be able to have children can examine a guy to see if he has warts. What’s the deal with these pesky warts? after treatment. Talk to your doctor or nurse about what Genital warts are warts that are located Ok, got it! How can I prevent it? it means to have HPV and what you near or in the genital areas. In a female, can do. If you have questions about the The only surefire way to prevent genital that means on or near the vulva (the vaccine or are concerned about STDs, warts is abstinence (the decision not to outside genital area), vagina, cervix, or talk to your doctor. have sex). Teens who do have sex can

Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer...

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My lovely island is just emerging from the state of mind of 18th century psychology. Though evolving, the majority of Jamaicans see psychology and psychologists as a profession of mad people. More persons are becoming interested in the field of mental health, but our hospitals are still understaffed, underfunded and underpaid. Many persons would rather allow a mental illness to go untreated than see a psychiatrist. Many persons would rather go crazy than have a little counseling. So, let me take a moment to discuss this issue from my biased point of view. I started university in 2006, my major was Biological Sciences, everyone was happy. I spent one very unhappy semester doing biology and thinking about life and all the reasons medicine would SUCK! (No offence to all the doctors). Then I found joy- psychology. I enjoyed and became really interested in the mechanisms of thought. The mind is a fascinating thing. Little did I know that I would have fallen from the grace of the smart chick to the outcast weird, confused and misguided teen? I guess I did need therapy. A psychologist! Perish the thought. I was suddenly introduced to the reason why persons shy away from anything dealing with mental health. Even the intellectuals are afraid of the notion. Thus, we ignore our mental health; a simple stressor becomes a moment of distress. Mental health does not only involve persons who are already sick, but those who would wish to stay away from that fate. Another factor we deal with as Jamaicans is that we are, however violent, a religious country. Anything that is wrong, go to the pastor. But, did you know, the pastor also trains in counseling? We need to get out of the frame of mind that persons with mental illnesses are possessed by demons. Mental illness is real, it is scientific, it is religious and everyone is susceptible. Persons may seek counseling because of various reasons such as: changes in mood or behavior, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, physical complaints, traumas, life changes/choices etc. Therapy is not only for the “crazy” ones. One tends to scorn, ridicule and fear the persons we term “mad”. They are strewn all about on the roads from St. Thomas to Hanover. A number of these persons are not mad, but homeless. Another set have been abandoned by their families, or have escaped their families, and an additional group, well, they seem to prefer the streets. Who do we blame, the government because there are no facilities in which to place these persons, or the families, who are either uneducated or desperate? Caring for someone who is mentally ill is not an easy task. It is not one that only requires patience. This job requires skill, dedication, knowledge and training. And to top this all off, a certain hospital in Kingston wants to close down, sending the ill patients to ill-equipped families.

A Note from this Madby: Woman Cathi-Anne Woodburn

It always irks me to call “foreign” a land of opportunity, but when it comes to issues such as these, the more open-minded, and dare I say advanced, land across the seas, seems to be the better option. Both the mentally ill, and their care takers are given, if not respect, a bit more understanding, and a lot less reasons to have to explain themselves. We’re just waiting on our mass revolution. P.S. a word to the wise, a lot of those “mad-men” were once highly respected professionals. Mental illness shows no prejudice. Page 42 - “House of Design where Fashion has no Limit”

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister Sir, what is the “Jamaican Dream”? by: Georgette Grant

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream! Rosa Parks had a dream! Malcolm X had a dream! Carl Sandburg said that nothing happens unless first a dream! Dreams are important, because in order for us to achieve, we must first dream! This is probably the same mindset which set the process in motion for the “American Dream”. The whole essence of the “American Dream”, emanated from America’s history. The pursuit evolved from the statement of the founding fathers, which is depicted in the phraseology “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This phrase has been rebranded and it’s now known as “The American Dream”. Embodied in this dream is the freedom to pursue and attain wealth. This is a dream which has fascinated the minds of many people in Jamaica and the Caribbean at large. Many persons run to America in pursuit of this dream. This is the American Dream! The writer wishes to ask a pointed question-What does the word “dream” mean? What is the dream associated Page 44 -

with Jamaica? Isn’t it time that as Jamaicans we have something to call our own? Dear Mr. Prime Minister Sir, tell me what is the Jamaican dream? The writer has found upon research that the word “dream” means something that somebody hopes, longs, or is ambitious for. However it’s usually something difficult to attain or far removed from present circumstances. This is a rather interesting definition. In the case of the “American Dream”, one may say that this definition is not applicable. However in our quest for the “Jamaican Dream”, one may see that this definition so aptly describes the situation. Is the Jamaican dream, a crime free society? Is the dream one where we hope and pray that our children will be able to grow up in a world not fraught with heinous crimes? That may be one such dream, but it’s a dream that will never be achieved. To bring our definition back into perspective, this dream is one far removed from present circumstances. People migrate to America to pursue the wealth that’s

embodied in the “American Dream”. What will people be migrating to Jamaica to pursue? The writer wishes to point out that crime is an essential feature of society. Sociologists tell us that the more developed a society is, the more crime will increase. The presence of crime shows the complexity of any society. But how much crime should be present in order for us to realise our progression? The ending of each year, brings with it more bad news than good. The murder rate continues to rise every year. When the year 2007 ended, we believed that the crime rate could not go up any more, however we were quickly silenced when the year 2008, showed us that hasty judgements are not always best. The year 2009, will produce an even higher crime rate. One wishes to offer commendation to the Government for their efforts in trying to reduce the crime rate. It offers some relief to know that we are no longer known for having the highest crime rate thanks to the twin island

republic. However, let’s not celebrate as it’s believed the present position will not remain that way for long. Crime has reached an unprecedented level in our country, where many people are afraid to leave their doors open. Many people are afraid to even say a disagreeable word without being shot at. Many people have to now fortify their houses to safeguard their belongings, for fear of them being stolen. With all of this taking place, what is the “Jamaican Dream”? If the Jamaican Dream is a crime free society, it’s a laughable concept! Dear Mr. Prime Minister Sir, is the “Jamaican Dream”, a better education? Is the “Jamaican Dream” a better education, when many schools lack the necessary amenities to invoke learning? Is the dream a better education, when only the Ivy League schools get the best resources and the other schools are left out in the dust to grapple for the remaining few? Is the dream a better education, when the best teachers are dispersed to the top schools and the others further down the scale are sent without care and consideration? Is the dream a better education, when the prices of books are so high, that it’s like school fees still exist?

schools may say that the school needs to be taken care of too and that the facilities at the disposal of the children should factor into this development fund. The writer agrees that these things should be maintained, but why should the amount be so exorbitant?

ownership? It’s the dream of almost every Jamaican to have somewhere to call their own. This is evidenced in the many applications Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) may get for home loans. The trick about home loans though is that, when borrowed, the interest that you end up paying back on Mr. Prime Minister, is this the the amount borrowed is ridiculously “Jamaican Dream”? Is the dream one high. Not everybody can afford to own where schools extract tons of dollars their own home, and if the possibility from the pockets of poor struggling parents? Is the dream one where schools was a fleeting one before, it’s a surety now. don’t have enough teachers, because our teachers are going away to greener With the escalation in prices, it’s highly pastures? Is this the Jamaican dream- a unlikely that many Jamaicans will be school lacking the necessary books able to own their own home. Though and tools to provide the children with VMBS’s purpose is to afford each citizen a better education? Please Mr. Prime the dream of home ownership, one Minister, tell me what the Jamaican needs to realise that not everyone will dream is? be able to grasp that dream. Is the Jamaican dream, a society that facilitates better living conditions? Is the dream a society with a good and stable economy? Is the dream a society which allows many Jamaicans the joy of home ownership? Is the dream one that creates job opportunities? Is the “Jamaican Dream”, a society that facilitates better living conditions?

Is the Jamaican dream one that where jobs are in abundance? This particular dream is one that we all hope and long for, however if one is to bring the definition back into perspective, this particular dream will be difficult to attain. Jobs! Jobs! Oh how we wish there were more jobs! For those that Tell me Mr. Prime Minister Sir, what is are seasoned in the job market, they the Jamaican Dream? This area is usually probably have nothing to worry about, a sore point with most Jamaicans. It can or so we think. For those that are just Tell me Mr. Prime Minister Sir, what is be said that the Jamaican Dream is one leaving university, the reality is that they the Jamaican Dream? of a stable economy, but its attainability may or may not be jobs for you. For is questionable. We all see what is those that only possess minimal skills, The criticisms don’t go without happening now. The dollar continues they are easily getting laid off. How can highlighting some of the good that to fall like manna from heaven. Every we cope in a world like this? How can the Government has done. We are all day brings with it more gloom and we cope in a society like this? resting a little easy because school fees doom on the economic sector. Prices are no more. By doing this, they are Individuals that are seasoned in the job get higher; taxes are so much that we are market are getting laid off these days, affording everyone, an opportunity at a point of breakdown. This kind of to go to school. However with what even before they reach retirement age. feeling would not affect so much those People that have given years of untiring some of the schools are doing, it’s like in the upper echelons of society. Those that doesn’t even matter. The schools service are sent home without as much who have riches in abundance may not as a pat on the back. Some may say are extracting more money out of the parents’ pockets by using what is termed be crying as much as those who don’t that the old need to go to make way have. Therefore if one is to estimate, in most schools as the “development for the young. That argument could be one could conclude that the majority of deemed plausible if there was enough fund”. There is one particular school Jamaican would feel this way about cost evidence to show that all the young (whose name the writer will not of living whereas the minority may have people are getting jobs. University mention) whose development fund is over sixteen thousand dollars and more! not a complaint. graduates have no guarantee that leaving They are defeating the very purpose of Is the Jamaican dream one that allows the walls of their noble institution the Governments initiative. Now the many Jamaicans the joy of home with degree in hand will guarantee

Page 45 -

them a job. As a matter of fact, many university graduates sit around at home for months on end unable to find a job and or unable to find one in their career path. In this world these days, educational qualifications though important, are not as important as we make them seem. It’s important to have an education yes, but of what value is it to the individual if they cannot get a job in their chosen career path? We must come to the realisation that there are people that have their educational qualifications and cannot get a job. And why is that? The reason as well as the reality is that it’s not what you have but who you know! We know the saying that “money makes the mill go round”, well in the professional world the applicable saying is that “links run this world”. As long as you know someone who is at the height of the work ladder or somewhere near there, you will get a job.

Whenever someone is at a particular hospital they either end up dying or they are already dead en route there. Is it because the proper equipment isn’t there or better care isn’t taken of the patients? Whatever the case, we need to improve our health care system?

All these things form part of our living conditions. Can we live this way with these living conditions? Is this the Jamaican Dream? If it is, we are in a sad state. Better living conditions are what we long for, hope for and what we are ambitious for, but to bring the definition of the word “dream” back into perspective, it’s something that is far removed from present circumstances.

Is this the Jamaican dream- high health

Up to this point, the writer cannot point out any reason why anyone would want to migrate to Jamaica, to pursue any of the outlined “dreams”. This may become even more difficult when we look at the health care system. Is this our dream- a health care system that caters to only the rich and not the poor? Yes there is Kingston Public Hospital, which is open for everybody. It’s deemed the most affordable of all the hospitals. However we know that many of the hospitals don’t have all the facilities, and what may end up happening is that a patient may have to end up being driven to the University Hospital to use some machine not present at the previous hospital. Page 46 -

We are advised by many of the health insurance companies to have health insurance. While health insurance is good it’s not very affordable for the average Jamaican. Health insurance is a blessing! Health care is less expensive with health insurance. For those of you that wear spectacles, you may agree that spectacles are cheaper with health insurance, dental care, medications and the list goes on. But what happens to the average Jamaican who cannot afford health insurance? How do they manage? They don’t manage! They end up paying exorbitant amounts of money for health care, and this can be very costly on the pockets.

care fees? Hospitals that don’t have the proper equipment? Mr. Prime Minister, what is the Jamaican Dream? Why is it that we cannot have an attainable dream? That’s the difference between the American Dream and the Jamaican Dream, its attainability! We can dream, dreams are good, but they are usually better when put into action! What does the word “dream” mean? It usually means something that somebody hopes, longs, or is ambitious for. However it’s usually something difficult to attain or far removed from present circumstances. When we speak about the Jamaican Dream do we speak about it in this context? Do we long for it, hope for it, are we ambitious for it? The writer believes so. But is our “Jamaican Dream” attainable like the “American Dream” Mr. Prime Minister? Well the writer believes that the attainability is up to us!

Please Sir, What is the dream?


Page 47 -

How to get a great butt fast…

Could This Be the Ultimate Butt Workout?by: Stacie Cole

It’s what we women want to know. How to get a great butt, fast, with what really works, long term, and regardless of our age. Let’s face it; it’s the Holy Grail we endlessly seek. We’ve tried creams, lotions, crash yoyo diets, pills, flaky fad fitness trends, rollers, body wraps, weight lifting, stair steppers, aerobics, spinning classes, kickboxing, and in extreme cases we go into surgery to have liposuction, which is expensive, dangerous, and does not last. Can you identify? Nothing seems to work. In our frustration, we give up and accept that a great behind is something that is, in fact, behind us, left to our teens and twenty-something years. But not anymore… The overwhelming demand of busy women for something that works longterm and fast has finally produced a real, proven solution: Russian Kettlebells. Okay, so what exactly are Russian kettlebells? A ‘kettlebell’ or girya (Russ.) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Its simplicity and ease of use makes the kettlebell the ultimate tool for extreme total body fitness for women of all ages and body types. Thousands of women, and more in droves, are discovering that nothing, bar none, works faster, better, and more completely than Russian Kettlebells for toning hips, thighs, and yes… the butt. Finally! So how and why do kettlebells work to get a great butt fast--when nothing else does? (a tiny bit of science for you)… **Recent studies, such as the one by the American Council on Exercise, (ACE, America’s leading authority on fitness and one of the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the world) reveal that working out with Russian Kettlebells burned about 400 calories during a

Page 48 -

typical 20-minute kettlebell workout. **Researchers say that’s equivalent to running a six-minute mile or crosscountry skiing uphill at a fast pace. All from a handheld piece of iron with a handle! **This rapid calorie burn is due to the interval-training format of kettlebell workouts. **Also, kettlebells provide a more intense workout than standard weight lifting, without the bulky equipment and having to go to a gym.

Oh and, a side benefit… your abs will also become ripped in record time. ( Just look at the photos of the ripped kettlebell goddesses you’ll see on Dragon Door.) All of your girlfriends will be jealous and wonder what your secret is!

too and both of you can increase your confidence and look great in jeans together. Countless couples are experiencing a stronger closeness and bonding by working out with kettlebells together.

But, I’ve had cellulite and flabby thighs and a saggy behind for years and nothing has ever worked.

Go to the site below. Read what the kettlebell women have to say. Decide that you want a great butt now. Then, get yourself some kettlebells and one of their thorough DVDs, and join the community, where you will have full support from women all over the nation and world just like you who used kettlebells to get the butt they’ve always wanted. You deserve it!

You and 90% of all the rest of the women of the world…

So how to get a great butt fast?

That is why the demand for something that really works became so strong **It is the combination of the weight that Dragon Door had to answer with resistance stance, rapid calorie burn, maximum oxygen delivery, and intensity specialized Russian Kettlebell workouts just for women’s specific needs. Take of workout that in 20-minutes, blasts a look at some of the pictures and Sincerely, cellulite, and tones hips, thighs and unsolicited, honest testimonials from the butt faster than anything out there. The Women of Dragon Door and RKC the women on the website. The evidence The results are cumulative and—best speaks for itself. We women like to stick of all--they last! There are many, many to what works. And Russian Kettlebells more scientific sounding reasons why work like nothing else for getting a great they work, but does it really matter? butt workout that defines a woman’s Kettlebells just flat out work! body and creates sleek, sexy behinds Who doesn’t have 20 minutes to get a fast. great body? And men? What types of women can benefit? It’s not just for women either. Ever Now, a concern might be that only salivated over the great body of actor those who are already in shape can Gerard Butler? His secret? He used workout with kettlebells. Nothing could kettlebell workouts to train for his be further from the truth. Women (and role of King Leonidas of Sparta in the men) of all ages and fitness levels are movie 300. So get your man involved transforming their bodies, self-image, quality of life, and indeed, getting great butts fast, with Russian Kettlebells. That’s nice, but what about post-baby weight? Maybe you have just had a baby and are wondering if that stubborn weight can also be blasted off, or if you just have to accept it and suffer. Visit the site below, and you will find women all over the nation who have obliterated their postbaby weight in no time at all--with these convenient, space-saving, brief Russian Kettlebell workouts. And as if that wasn’t enough, these delighted women find they now possess an even sexierlooking butt than they had before they got pregnant!

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not do anything for your skin. About the only thing that they are capable of is causing people to develop nervous system disorders, estrogen imbalances, and various types of cancer. The use of chemical agents in the top skin care brands is something that the major cosmetics companies have been guilty of for quite some time. Despite the fact that loyal consumers bless these corporations with billions of dollars in annual profits the companies do not seem interested in putting any of that cash into the development of a safe, effective skin care line. Thank goodness that all of the companies in the industry are not like the major corporations are. Although they only make up a small percentage of the cosmetics companies in operation there are those that believe in developing effective skin care products. These are the companies whose products you should be using in order to treat your skin.

The Truth about Many Top Skin Care Brands by: Laurel Levine How many of the reputed top skin care brands have you tried without having any success at visibly changing the way that you look? Most people end up going from product to product, brand to brand, throughout their entire lives without finding a formula that treated their skin effectively. I am going to do what I can to help you to not be one of those people. The reason that it is so difficult to be able to find a skin care formula that works is that the majority of the products on the market contain ingredients that will do nothing for you. There should be no reason why a cosmetics product does not perform effectively, because there is certainly no Page 50 -

shortage of ingredients that will have a positive effect on your skin.

Unlike what are commonly thought of as the top skin care brands, these companies put everything that they have into bringing you the products that you need in order to successfully treat your skin. They use only the highest quality all natural ingredients in their formulas, such as plan based oils and extracts. They also utilize proteins and enzymes in order to change the way that your skin looks and feels.

Make no mistake about it. The top skin care brands don’t contain proteins that will cause the formation of the cells that become new collagen and elastin, but these products do. They also contain extracts that will increase your hyaluronic acid. All of this means that finally you have products at your disposal that will erase the lines and wrinkle from your skin, and make your skin softer and healthier. This is what a They can save time and money by simply cosmetics product should do. using chemical agents in their products, If you’d like to learn more about little which require no extra work at all. Of known but clinically tested natural course, as you have probably already ingredients that are used for treating discovered these chemical agents will aging skin, visit my website today. The top skin care brands will seldom if ever contain such ingredients however, because the quality compounds that you need in order to successfully treat your skin cost more, and require more work. Natural compounds require a certain amount of processing in order to render them into effective skin care ingredients, and most companies don’t want to go through the trouble. “House of Design where Fashion has no Limit”

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Why do Men Change After Sex? by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Page 52 -

“Why do men so often change after sex?” asked Shelley in our first phone session.

love and wanting to share love.” “How do I learn to love myself ?”

but all of us can learn to do this. I assure you that you are capable of learning to love yourself. It takes time and practice, but you can learn to do this. And it is the only way that you will eventually create a loving relationship with a man. It has to start with a loving relationship with yourself. People always treat us the way we treat ourselves, so as long as you are abandoning yourself, you will feel abandoned by others.”

“This is what the Inner Bonding process is all about. It is a 6 Step roadmap for learning to love yourself. The first step is “I meet a guy who I like. We are very learning to be aware of your feelings and attracted to each other - lots of great wanting responsibility for them. Instead chemistry. It doesn’t take long before he of looking to a man to take away your is pushing for sex, and I want to have sex aloneness and emptiness, your anxiety too. But most of the time I don’t hear and insecurity, you decide that you want from him again after having sex. Even responsibility for learning how you Shelley decided to learn how to love if I wait a couple of months to have sex, are abandoning yourself that is causing herself. It took time and practice for her this still happens. They seem so into these feelings.” to shift out of self-abandonment and me before sex and then completely lose “I don’t think I can learn to love and into self-love, but she will tell you that interest after sex. I don’t get it.” take care of myself. My parents didn’t it was well worth all the time and effort. “Shelley, what are you looking for in a love me and I have no idea how to do Not only is she happy within herself relationship?” this.” now, but she also has a loving husband with their first child on the way. “What everyone wants - someone to “I understand. Most of us were not love me, to make me feel safe and secure, loved in the way we needed to be loved, someone to make me feel good inside.” “Tell me what you mean by this. What has been your experience?” I asked her.

“Well, this is why men keep leaving you after sex. We attract people at our common level of woundedness. You are needy - looking for someone to love you and make you feel okay. As long as you are needy, you will attract another needy person. Like you, he is also hoping that you will fill him up and make him feel good. He is hoping that sex will do this for him, and when it doesn’t, he moves on. And it never can, since feeling loved and full and good inside comes from loving ourselves - not from being loved or from having sex. “Until you learn to love yourself and take responsibility for making yourself feel good inside, this will continue to happen.” “If I learn to love myself, why would I want a relationship?” “To share love, and to learn and grow with a partner. When you learn to love yourself, you have lots of love to share and you get great joy out of sharing it with a loved one. When you learn to love yourself, you then attract a man who loves himself, and the two of you are able to share love, which is the highest experience in life. There is a huge difference between trying to get Page 53 -

www.SDPMVNewYork. “House of Design where Fashion has no Limit”

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other words, some are more persuaded by what they hear, while for others it is what they see, and still others by what they feel. This shows in our words. A person who is more visually motivated will often say things like “I see,” and “I can see what you mean.” Others may more commonly say, “I hear what you’re saying,” or “I feel like this is a good deal.” A salesperson trained to pick up on these clues will then adjust her language accordingly. She might show you a list of features in writing if your words suggest that you are motivated more by what you see. If you are more motivated by tactile sensations and intuition she can get you to “feel the quality” of a product or suggest that you can “sense” the workmanship in a piece of furniture. Words - Part Two

Subliminal Persuasion Techniques Used on You

by: Steve Gillman

Have you ever wondered whether a salesman is trying to use subliminal persuasion techniques on you? It’s possible, as you’ll see in the examples that follow. Using Your Words One persuasion technique that is taught to those in sales is to use your own words when speaking with you. This means, for example, that if you commonly use the word “worth,” as in “I’m not sure if it’s worth it,” or “I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the price,” the salesman will pick up on that and use it himself. He might find a product you are interested in and say, “You can see that this one is easily worth the price.” The technique is based on a couple facets of human psychology. First, we are more likely to buy or be persuaded

in general when our concerns are addressed in a language that makes the most sense to us - our own. Also, we tend to be persuaded by people we can related to easily, and we feel we can relate more easily to a person if that person speaks in familiar ways.

The well-trained salesperson will use the techniques above (and perhaps ten other subliminal persuasion techniques not covered here), and then wrap up the sale by parroting back exactly what you have said you wanted, assuming he or she has something to suit your needs. For example, if you were looking at vacation packages, the sales person might say something like this: “Now, as I recall, you said you wanted an all-inclusive resort on a beach, for four to five days and for less than $2,400. Fortunately we have two options that fit that. Do you want to book the Cancun package or the one in Puerto Vallarta?

It is difficult to say no at this point if the salesperson has used your exact words and criteria to find what you said you wanted. You might even say that this is just doing a good job of serving you, and perhaps it is to your benefit, but it is still subliminal if you are not aware that the techniques are being used. People don’t notice this approach most of the time, and they feel uncomfortable contradicting what they said, so it’s easier to say yes. Using a person’s own words is powerful, and these simple There is another way our words are used examples are just the tip of the iceberg to persuade us. This technique is based when it comes to subliminal persuasion on the idea that each of us is influenced techniques. more by one or another modality. In More involved forms of this kind of subliminal persuasion target whole phrases that you use repeatedly. If you have said “I can understand,” a few times, for example, the salesman will use that. He might say, “You can understand why this is the best seller, given the features it has.” We respond well to pitches that use our own familiar phrases because we feel that the sales person really “gets” us.

Page 55 -






























54 58











Page 56 -




1. Every ___ that has fruit 5. The greater ___ to govern the day 10. Challenge 14. Acquire through merit 15. Boredom 16. Ebony 17. Nestling 18. Phase 19. Set right 20. Witty remark 21. A person that uses 22. Quote 23. Meddler 25. Asian prince 27. Beetle 28. Highly productive 32. I give every ___ plant for food 35. Ravine 36. Fuss 37. Staffs 38. Cheerful 39. Frozen treats 40. Highest mountain in Crete



46 51





29 36









27 32



DOWN 41. From that time 42. The ___ creatures of the sea 43. Roundworm 45. Bleat of a sheep 46. Intersects 47. Barbecuing fuel block 51. Brief advertisement 54. Small secluded valley 55. Perceive with the eyes 56. Air (prefix) 57. Hawaiian tree 59. Rotate 60. Torn clothing 61. Incident 62. Parched 63. Supplements 64. Molars 65. Stains

1. .... moving thing with which the water ___ 2. Semisynthetic textile 3. Muse of lyric poetry 4. Abstract being 5. The ___ light to govern the night 6. Bury 7. Growl 8. Embrace 9. Bind 10. Third sign of the zodiac 11. Encourage in wrongdoing 12. Departed 13. Finishes 21. Atop 22. Young cow 24. Lyric poems 25. Basic monetary unit of Denmark 26. Shout in derision 28. Gathered to one ___ 29. On the ___ of the whole earth 30. Notion

31. Price paid 32. Broad smile 33. Part of verb to ride 34. Yellow cheese coated with red wax 35. According to their ___ 38. Public disturbance 39. Republic in SW Asia 41. Stump 42. Secure 44. ___ the expanse of the sky 45. The ___ of life 47. Frank 48. Exorbitant rate of interest 49. Strange and mysterious 50. Is inclined 51. Uncover 52. Escaping fluid 53. Exhort 54. Clarified butter 57. Permit 58. Evening 59. Small child

Soduku (moderate) Time Yourself


4 1 6 9 4

6 3 5

5 7 8 4 5 8

3 6

7 1 8

9 2


Sudoku Objective The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three very simple constraints to follow. In a 9 by 9 square Sudoku game:   

Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9


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The Cowboy in Church

One bright, beautiful Sunday morning, everyone in the tiny Midwest town got up early and went to the local church.

One Sunday a cowboy went to church.

Before the services started, the towns people were sitting in their pews.

The preacher asked the cowboy if he wanted him to go ahead and preach.

When he entered, he saw that he and the preacher were the only ones present.

Suddenly, Satan appeared at the front of the church.

The cowboy said, “I’m not too smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I’d feed him.”

Everyone started screaming and running for the entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from an evil incarnate. Soon everyone was evacuated from the church, except for one elderly gentleman who sat calmly in his pew, not moving.....seemingly oblivious to the fact that God’s ultimate enemy was in his presence. Now this confused and irritated the Devil a bit, so he walked up to the man and said, “Don’t you know who I am?” “Yep, sure do,” the elderly man said.

So the minister began his sermon. One hour passed, then two hours, then two-and-a-half hours.

What Fell from the Bible? A little boy opened the big family Bible. He was fascinated as he fingered through the old pages. Suddenly something fell out of the Bible.

The preacher finally finished and came down to ask the cowboy how he liked the sermon. The cowboy answered slowly, “Well, I’m not very smart, but if I went to feed my cattle and only one showed up, I sure wouldn’t feed him all the hay.”

He picked up the object and looked at it closely.

Satan asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

What he saw was an old leaf that had been pressed in between the pages.

This time the man said, “Nope, sure ain’t!”

“Momma, look what I found,” the boy called out.

Satan, a little more perturbed at this, asked, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?”

“What have you got there, dear?” his mother asked.

The man calmly replied, “Been married to your sister for 56 years.”

With astonishment in the young boy’s voice, he answered: “I think it’s Adam’s underwear!”

Do you want your jokes shown here? Send them to

Page 58 -

“The Finger of God A friend of mine recently described a Category 5 hurricane as ‘The Finger of God’. The destructive force of a hurricane is reflected in the eyes of those who’ve lived to see their homes and livelihoods taken away in mere minutes. It’s in the shell-shocked looks of children who’ve seen their parents die before their eyes. It’s in the sight of mountains of water rushing towards you and you are lost as to how to escape. It’s in the eerie silence and rose-tinted skies that precedes its terrible arrival.

and the tinkle of river water to your ears. Destruction and Creation in one. God created life. Molded it into His image and set it amidst its own paradise on earth. Then, He stepped back into the shadows to watch, wait, and guide and protect His perfect creation. Even after that perfect creation became imperfect, God did not abandon it to its own devices. Instead He invested even more time and energy into it. In creating this life He intended to sustain and maintain it.

eyes and wake up to what’s going on around us and in us. It’s the 5am alarm that lets you know it’s time to get up and get ready for work. It’s the sound of the kettle whistling on the stove telling you the water is hot and needs to be removed. It’s the phone call you get from someone you thought you would never hear from again. It’s the sound of a baby’s first cry and the echo of a coffin’s final resting place. The Finger of God is LIFE at its weakest most vulnerable point.:”

“The Finger of God” is simply a reminder of the power of God. A The powerful winds and lashing rains power very few people are aware of. that signify a hurricane can turn an ‘The Finger of God’ is a message that entire country into a pile of debris and He is still in control despite how the rubble and abbreviated lives. And yet circumstances look. ‘The Finger of God’ rain is a source of life. It is the nourisher is a tiny touch on your shoulder making of the parched and sustainer of all you aware of His presence. ‘The Finger things. The wind soothes the heated of God’ is not telling us that He is out flesh from the scorch of the sun and to destroy us, His creation. It’s telling plays hopscotch with nature’s sleeves. It us to become more aware…to open our carries with it the melody of the birds

Lest We Forget – The Sin Dilemna

proved futile.

The paradigm of my thesis for my father’s problem extends to what I Romans 3 v 23; Psalm 51 v 3 reckon the “Sin Dilemma”. A doctor Pastor Donnie McClurkin, world cannot prescribe treatment unless he renowned gospel artiste who recorded formulates a diagnosis. The dilemma the popular song entitled, “We fall of sin in my view exists because we do down,” In an interview revealed how he not understand the pathology of sin. came under criticism from the religious We feel that sin is related to a cause and community regarding the showing of effect scenario, so we criticize the sinner this video on secular television channels when he does not act in accordance like BET, MTV etc.. In response, Pastor with our personal interpretations of McClurkin expressed optimistically the will of God. The bible suggests that his appreciation to know that a song all of us, not a specific group; but all of dedicated to the furtherance of the us have sinned and come short of the gospel would find its place among top glory of God. Those who have repented secular songs, hence reaching those in may now feel as if they are set aside need of its profound message. He also from others who continue to dwell in hopes that we would find a way to reach “sin,” but like your sins are forgiven so these audiences more, expressing the are the sins of all men once they seek forgiving love and divine grace of God. repentance. Therefore, before you All my life I witness my dad struggling condemn, remember Jesus said, “He with the disease alcoholism. For years that is without sin, let him cast the first we tried to show him that he needed stone.” help, but he never admitted to his Ellen G. White, in her spirit-filled problem, therefore efforts for change writings, Steps to Christ says, “That it is

impossible for ourselves to escape from the pit of sin in which we are sunken. Our hearts are evil and we cannot change them. ..There must be a power working from within, a new life from above, before men can change from sin to holiness.” Pastor McClurkin in his mini documentary, “…from Darkness to Light” disclosed his struggle with homosexuality and also his sisters’ struggle with drug addiction. In my opinion it qualifies him to sing of the fact that indeed we fall but we can get back up again. Lest we forget we are here to conquer sin and not to shun its existence. Lest we forget, Christ died for all of us to understand his saving grace and love for all humanity. Lest we forget! “The saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.” Posted by Ryan Wiggan

Page 59 -

Kissy, Kissy We asked Readers about their First Kiss the long version of a peck. No violent tongue movements. AP-Kingston

1. My first kiss was with my cousin...first, second or something… so it was perfectly legal. I was eight, n we were pretending to get married. JP-Kingston 2. He was my first love, Grade 8, we were in the Vice Principals office, n we were just talking n then we just felt good, a little giggle here n there n the first kiss was magical... all tingles. RC-Manchester

7. We were behind school; I was in grade 9 and still shy. My best guy friend, who was his friend, told him that we needed to be more intimate. I turned my head and was greeted full on the lips. Tongue, spit, teeth, everything. The kisses got better after that though. CWKingston 8. After mi a come from church, dis bwoy tip-toe bak a mi, grab mi and suck out me tongue and say !*#?, u know how long me want kiss u! and I ran home and cried an wiped off my mouth with bleach. I was thirteen. KB-St. Andrew

den find out seh she like me 2 well we date and ting for ‘bout 3 months when time come fi di first kiss I was mad nervous, all kinda things was running thru my head yo… like I don’t wanna give her no dry kiss so I should lick my lips before (thinking how they kiss on TV. when they make sounds wit it) I wasn’t sure if I should do french or just regular. I didn’t wanna over do it and being that it was a first you wasn’t sure if u were bad at it or not. Anyways, the time came and when mi kiss di girl, mi close mi eyes, this was at her locker inna school yo, cause mi neva did wah see the look pon har face instantly, whether it was good or bad. When I kiss har just on the lips di first bell ring fi go a class and I backed out of it and run fi go catch my class and tell her she I will talk to her later. Later on that day I wrote her a note that had the question, “Did you like the kiss?”, yes or no check boxes, and, “Am I a good kisser?”, yes or no check boxes. Well, I got it back and both questions had an added check box that said, “I can’t remember and I need more samples to determine.” PC-New York

9. If only all kisses felt like the 3. I had just seen my boyfriend after first kiss... My eyes were closed; months of separation, I saw him my heart was racing, my skin and the world stopped. Everyone in perspiring... Not only because it the crowded airport disappeared; I 11. My first kiss was in my grade 8 was my first kiss, but I knew if I welcomed him with a long n juicy classroom after school with a really ever got caught it probably could kiss. JW-St. James hot 5th former. In my naive state, I have been my last kiss. It lasted for allowed him to lead the way, palms 4. My first kiss was over a goblet of like two minutes. Her lips were sweaty, hands shaky... our lips met, coco mania on a rock in a secluded soft as ever, her saliva was like fresh he deepened the kiss, all the while part of Treasure beach. APwater running from a stream that trying to grope me everywhere Kingston threatened to quench my appetite; ass, breasts, thigh... when I realized 5. I was in Guadeloupe, he couldn’t but all it did was threaten. For after his hands were riding high, I pulled understand English and I couldn’t that 1st kiss I needed her more. away and screamed “I’m ready to speak French, but it was the best CT-Manchester go!” Horrible first kiss!!! Pervert! kiss ever. He was 17 and I was 11. LM-Kingston 10. Mi first kiss was a while ago I tell JL-Dominica u, I have come a long way since 6. We were in the church yard experimenting, we were 10. It was Page 60 -

then. But it was this girl in 7th grade and I liked the girl off and

Less Stress Day at Nothern Caribbean University

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