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Seriously great reading for the silly season from Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, J.D. Robb, Stephen King, Nora Roberts Plus, all the best cookbooks, craft and kids’ books are within



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Eve Dallas is fast and very furious

“Eve Dallas – tough as nails and still as sexy as hell” – Stephen King

Thrill kills and murderers with a taste for the finer things in life are enraging NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas in this action-packed instalment in J.D. Robb’s addictive In Death series.


In her J.D. Robb guise, bestselling author Nora Roberts opens Indulgence In Death with Eve investigating a series of seemingly random murders. First, it was a limo driver shot with a crossbow. Then, it was a high-priced escort found stabbed with a bayonet. After another innocent victim is killed, Eve is shocked to find herself looking for clues in the exclusive circle that her wealthy husband, Roarke, travels in – and into the perverted heart of madness ... This is an exciting follow-up to Creation In Death. Softcover • 373 pages •

14227 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


“Martina Cole explores the shady criminal underworld, a setting she is fast making her own.” – Sunday Express

He loves his wife to death Once you’re part of this family, it’s impossible to escape … In this stand-alone follow-up to Martina Cole’s bestselling titles, Hard Girls and The Business, Christine Booth thinks she has found the man of her dreams in Phillip Murphy, but her dreams quickly turn into nightmares. The Murphys are a dangerous crowd, and soon she sees Phillip for what he really is – brutal, manipulative and utterly ruthless. Bound to the Murphy family by violence, addiction, murder and betrayal, Christine can’t bear to watch her young sons follow in their father’s footsteps. But how can she leave when ‘the family’ won’t let her go. The Family is guaranteed to be shocking, compelling and utterly unputdownable. Softcover • 496 pages •


11558 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.99


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Face to face with Alex Cross’ deadliest nemesis


In this James Patterson thriller, The Mastermind is back, and he’s about to destroy everything – and everyone – Detective Alex Cross loves. Alex’s wedding plans are put on hold after he’s called to the scene of the assassination of two of Washington D.C.’s most hated public figures: a corrupt congressman and an underhanded lobbyist. As more crooked politicians are murdered with similar long-range shots, Alex realises a sniper, or snipers, are on a lethal mission. And if things couldn’t get worse, Alex receives a call from his deadliest adversary – The Mastermind is in D.C. and will not relent until Cross and his family are dead. Cross Fire is a supercharged blend of action, deception and suspense. Softcover • 384 pages •

12176 PRICE $28.95


RRP $32.95





when you take both 17299 PRICE $53.90

The master is back to his deadly darkest The Master of Horror Stephen King is back to his blackest best with these darkly riveting and intimate stories.

4 1 stories in

Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of four stories, each as chilling and thrilling as the next, as they travel the various dark paths to retribution. 1992: A gruesome series of murders and mayhem is set in motion when the “stranger within” awakens. Big Driver: Violated and left for dead, Tess plots a sinister revenge that stirs up an evil from deep inside. Fair Extension: What will making a deal with the devil amount to for cancer-ridden Harry Streeter? A Good Marriage: While her husband of 20 years is away, Darcy looks in his shed, and finds something disturbing ... 4-in-1 paperback • 340 pages •

13187 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.99

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A funny tale of life on the mend

Her past is not a pretty picture

Bestselling author Jilly Cooper gets back in the saddle with Jump!. It revolves around Etta, who puts her own life back together when she takes in a hurt mare. Paperback • 739 pages

From the bestselling author of Breaking The Rules, comes this epic novel about a successful London art dealer whose scandalous past may sabotage her future happiness. Softcover •

12007 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4



440 pages •

10010 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


Smouldering good looks don’t always get the girl The devilishly handsome MacKade brothers are used to having their pick of women, but in this two-in-one book, they’ll find two women who won’t surrender to them.

21 in



If seduction fails, try Plan B ... No-one writes about love as well as Nora Roberts. These two classics – The Perfect Neighbour and Untamed – contain her trademarks of romance, humour and seduction. 2-in-1 paperback • 383 pages •

03456 PRICE $19.95


Old secrets, new love ... Romance is the last thing on Fiona Bristow’s mind – until Simon Doyle arrives in town, that is! Now she must decide whether she’ll let her dark past get in the way of new love. Softcover • 488 pages •

02354 PRICE $16.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $16


2 1 books in

Surrender To Me features two classic stories from bestselling romance author Nora Roberts. The Return Of Rafe MacKade: Females can’t resist Rafe MacKade – and he can’t resist trouble – but when the prim and proper Regan Bishop catches his eye, he’s going to need more than good looks to win her over. The Pride Of Jared MacKade: Jared MacKade likes to get his way, so when he gets nowhere with Savannah Morningstar, it’s fair to say he doesn’t like it. And when a MacKade man’s pride is stepped on, there’s bound to be drama. 2-in-1 paperback •

13398 PRICE $19.95

Secrets and scandals in the outback

Unconventional family, unhappy ending?

Fans of Di Morrissey and Rachael Treasure, there’s a new name to add to your reading list: Fleur McDonald.

In her first new novel since Heart And Soul in 2008, blockbuster author Maeve Binchy charms us with a story about unconventional families and relationships that aren’t quite what they seem.

In this engrossing Australian saga, she transports us into the outback where, following the tragic death of her husband, Gemma Sinclair decides to run their cattle station Billbinya. But her husband had his secrets. And it seems that his death may have been no accident ... Paperback • 350 pages •

10543 PRICE $23.95

Noel and Lisa love Frankie. This child is like a life-line for them. However, if it became known that Noel was an alcoholic and Lisa a serious fantasist, Frankie would be taken away by social workers ... Softcover • 425 pages •

10436 PRICE $29.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $5



This type of love lasts forever


It started with a letter. A letter that had been lost for a long time, buried for half a century, in an attic … This letter, with a return address of Millderhurst Castle, holds the key to a mystery that will captivate fans of Kate Morton’s previous bestsellers, The Shifting Fog and The Forgotten Garden. This atmospheric story features unforgettable characters haunted by bad memories. Hardback • 500 pages •

12159 PRICE $34.95

A seductive tale of self-discovery and secrets


17171 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4 6

449 pages •

11017 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

Meet the mother of the Tudor dynasty The bestselling author of The Other Boleyn Girl and The White Queen continues her tumultuous Cousins War trilogy with the story of Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII.

Glasgow, 1929. Beattie Blaxland had big dreams. But everything changed when she found herself pregnant to her married lover, just before her 19th birthday ...

Separated by decades, both Beattie and Emma must find the strength to rebuild their lives. A legacy from one to the other will lead to Wildflower Hill, a place where shattered dreams can’t be repaired, but they can be reshaped. Softcover •


Set in 1850s London, The Dressmaker is a romantic odyssey that follows society dressmaker Ellen Gowan, a woman who’s posing as a widow to hide her shocking past. Softcover •



Wildflower Hill is an enthralling story of passion, love, secrets and loss by Australian favourite, Kimberley Freeman, the author of Gold Dust and Duet.

London, 2009. Emma Blaxland-Hunter was living her dream. A prima ballerina with the London Ballet, she had everything … until the moment she lost it all.

RRP $39.99

She is an enigma

Margaret was a clever, calculating woman – she was able to infiltrate the House of York, undermine the support for Richard III, and ultimately ensure her only son, Henry Tudor, triumphed as the King of England. Hardback • 392 pages •

07345 PRICE $24.95

RRP $36.00

SAVE $11

Forbidden love during the Japanese revolution From the author of the popular Tales Of The Otori series comes a standalone novel set in 19th-century Japan. It revolves around a rebellious young female doctor. Softcover • 467 pages •

09206 PRICE $29.95 RRP $34.99 SAVE $5


Middle-aged madness, or a NEW second chance at love?

What is a life well lived? Delving into the subjects of death, grief and motherhood with the tenderness only Cathy Kelly can evoke, Homecoming is a stunning title that poses the question “what are the ingredients of a life well lived?”

Maggie Alderson, the ‘haute couture of comedy’, has created her most unforgettable character to date in this tale about resisting the ageing process and trying to keep well groomed while your life is falling apart.

Eleanor left Ireland for New York 70 years ago, with only a handful of things, including her mother’s handwritten recipe book. Now she’s returning to Dublin with a lifetime of wisdom ... Softcover • 422 pages •

A wonderful follow-up to How To Break Your Own Heart, Shall We Dance? centres around Loulou Landers, who is London’s undisputed Queen of Vintage Fashion. Loulou met a man on the eve of her dreaded 49th birthday. He’s kind and handsome. Unfortunately, he’s barely half her age, and she’s not ready to ‘go cougar’. And that’s not the worst of her problems. There’s also her spoiled 21-year-old daughter, who hasn’t said a civil word to her for years. LouLou’s about to go more than loopy … Softcover •

07853 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

17162 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.95


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Charmed by a handsome cowboy

New Age or nonsense?

There’s a bundle of love, laughs – and a free knitted jumper pattern – in this novel about a cowboy and the knitting-obsessed city girl who drives him to distraction. Softcover •




319 pages •

92996 PRICE $19.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $13





Truth be told

Follow The Fortunes Of Ruby White as she gets sucked into a New Age vortex of pyramidselling prophets and merchandising mumbo jumbo, with hilarious results!

Everybody wants to know the truth ... until they find out. So is the case in Louise Candlish’s “clever, engrossing and unputdownable” (Jill Mansell) Other People’s Secrets.

Softcover • 371 pages •

Softcover • 374 pages •

02991 PRICE $19.95 RRP $29.99 SAVE $10




07461 PRICE $19.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $13



The book everyone is raving about!


One last chance to say goodbye

Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom has been hailed as the greatest American novel ever written. It’s also the latest Oprah Book Club selection. A brilliant follow-up to The Corrections, which won multiple awards and continues to enjoy international acclaim, Freedom is “an excavation of the cracks in the nuclear family’s facade against a backdrop of all-American faults and fissures” (Publishers Weekly). It centres upon Patty and Walter Berglund, an American couple who used to be the perfect neighbours, parents and citizens. But now, in the new millennium, they have become a mystery, and the neighbours – who always wanted to ‘keep up with the Berglunds’ – can’t stop wondering what happened …? Softcover •

17233 PRICE 28.95 $

RRP $32.99



A collision of innocence and reality


$ 8 8


Honey Brown, author of the acclaimed Red Queen, returns with this dark coming-of-age story about kids living and learning to survive in a very adult world. Softcover • 292 pages •

04194 PRICE $19.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $13




When Simone’s father dies, her mother succumbs to sorrow, and Simone and her brothers are left floundering in their own unhappiness and loss. But then Simone hears her father calling to her from the poinciana tree outside her window, and she climbs the tree to listen. Despite not believing her initially, her mother agrees to climb and listen too, and she quickly becomes obsessed with the tree. But this ‘miracle’ can’t last forever, the tree’s roots are growing under the house, threatening to send it crashing down ... Softcover •


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Australian author Judy Pascoe’s haunting debut, Our Father Who Art In The Tree, has been transformed into a film, The Tree, which received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.




17221 PRICE $22.95

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For fans of Tim Winton

He has a death wish ...

Evie Wyld’s awardwinning debut – which has been compared to novels by Tim Winton – chronicles the stories of two Australian men haunted by their traumatic pasts.

Described as a “fast and furious satire on contemporary decadence” (The Guardian), this is the third novel by the Booker Prize-winning author of Vernon God Little.

Softcover • 296 pages •

Softcover • 315 pages •

09619 PRICE $19.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $13

14417 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


When staying is the hardest thing This is the powerful second novel from the bestselling author of Ghost Child.

She can’t handle the truth ... In this reissued book by the author of Gypsy and Charlie, Rosie is a young woman who runs away from home after she unearths a terrible truth about her family. Paperback • 629 pages •

08199 PRICE $19.95 RRP $24.95 SAVE $ 5

the story. Softcover • 299 pages •

09966 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.95


Other people’s families aren’t as perfect as they seem After the international success of Those Faraday Girls, topselling novelist Monica McInerney pens another entertaining and emotive story about the perils and pleasures of love, friendship and family.




Fortune favours the brave The bestselling author of The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans, explores the devastating effects of family secrets in this powerful drama that spans 50 years. Softcover • 353 pages •

08922 PRICE $22.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $10


A woman enters the Sydney Children’s Hospital. It is 4am. Walking past the nurses’ station and into the nursery, she picks up a newborn girl and places her in the bottom of a shopping bag. The baby does not stir. The woman then walks back to her car with the baby and drives away. But this is only the beginning of

Nina Donovan finds her neighbours, the Templeton Family, a little strange. But as the years pass, the two families become entwined in unexpected ways – until a tragedy tears them apart. Softcover • 600 pages •

08026 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.95


A glorious historical adventure From Australian historical fiction maestro Peter Yeldham, author of Barbed Wire And Roses, comes this highly entertaining adventure-romance about two aviators on the flying adventure of a lifetime.

London, 1927. Former wartime ace James Harrington wants to be the first person to fly from Britain to Australia in a light aircraft. Feisty Australian Sarah Carson can help make his dreams a reality, but only if he takes her with him. Disaster strikes however, when halfway across the world, their plane disappears ... leaving Sarah’s boyfriend, journalist Daniel Anderson, to uncover the truth. Glory Girl is an unforgettable story. It’s also a Guaranteed Great Read, with a money back guarantee. Softcover •

17212 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4 9

paranormal romance

Forbidden love can have deadly consequences


Who will be the Last Sacrifice? Will it be the man Rose loves, her best friend, or Rose herself?


Bewitched by a paranormal love

These heart-stopping questions will be answered in the sixth and final book in Richelle Mead’s internationally bestselling Vampire Academy series. You’ll also learn whether Lissa takes her rightful place in the Royal Council.

From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this scorching story of a demon warrior, and the young witch he vows to protect – even from himself. Tormented by his sordid past and racked by unrelenting vampiric hungers, Malkom Slaine never thought he’d fall in love, but he’s caught off guard by Carrow Graie, a green-eyed beauty, in this book in the Immortals After Dark series. Paperback •

Promising to leave fans breathless with suspense until they turn the final page, the Last Sacrifice could see Rose and Dimitri finally overcome the dark forces that have kept them apart. Or will this seemingly doomed romance have a savage end? Essential reading for fans of Stephenie Meyer, Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris, the Vampire Academy saga is haunting. Paperback • 496 pages •

09388 PRICE $19.95

17195 PRICE $22.95

Young love moves in mysterious ways Set of 3

True love will wait for these Paladin warriors Alexis Morgan’s erotically-charged paranormal Paladin warriors continue to fight true love in Defeat The Darkness, Darkness Unknown and Redeemed In Darkness. Set of 3 softcovers •


05873 PRICE $36.95 RRP $42.90 SAVE $5

In Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side, an average teenager’s world is turned upside down when a handsome vampire arrives at her school, looking for her. Paperback • 354 pages •

98878 PRICE $14.95 RRP $19.95 SAVE $5

Falling in love can be dangerous ... V.C. Andrews, who’s bestknown for Flowers In The Attic, enters the world of vampires for the first time in this dramatic novel. Seventeen-year-old Lorelei is the adopted daughter of a 200-year-old vampire. Due to her beauty, Lorelei is forced to help her father by attracting men to the house so he can feed on their blood. But when she falls in love, she fights to keep her man safe. Softcover • 394 pages •

11029 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


An explosive thriller

Bestselling author David Baldacci delivers another edge-of-your seat thriller starring Oliver Stone and Harry Finn from The Whole Truth and The Camel Club.


When the British Prime Minister is targeted by a bomb, Oliver and his fellow Camel Club members are charged with the task of investigating. But what the team discover is not what they had expected – and it could be catastrophic.

A complex tale of murder and deceit An autoerotic death … and a brutal serial killer. Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan may have bitten off more than she can chew in Mortal Remains. Softcover • 306 pages •

09921 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4

Oliver soon realises that he is no longer safe. Suspecting he could be sacrificed in order to protect the operation, he finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder. In Hell’s Corner, Baldacci ups the game – and the action – with the highest ranked officials of the US and UK Agencies getting involved. Softcover •

12701 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.99


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This criminal has the police running scared You’ll learn to expect the unexpected as you become immersed in this stand-alone suspense by the author of The Bodies Left Behind.

Has DI Thorne made a lethal blunder? When Donna sees a recent photo of her ex-husband, she receives the shock of her life. Because she’s just spent ten years in prison for organising his murder ... Softcover • 361 pages •

10274 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

Detective Kessler is a Washington D.C. cop who has been targeted by a dangerous criminal. The task of protecting Kessler and his family faIls to security expert Corte, leading to a battle of wits ... and a conclusion that even Deaver fans won’t see coming. Softcover • 424 pages •

From outcasts to super-humans Fans of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series will love Virals, the first book in a young adult series by the bestselling author of Mortal Remains. After Tory and her three teenage friends rescue a sick puppy that was locked in a secret cage in a research laboratory, they contract a mysterious illness. It seems impossible, but the group develop canine powers, and are now in extreme danger. Softcover •

13199 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

320 pages •

10837 PRICE $26.95 1111





A desperate fight for survival In this thriller from the author of Neuropath, a private investigator finds himself fighting for survival as he investigates a young woman’s disappearance from a religious cult.

Heading into the dark heart of the cult, PI Disciple Manning encounters its beguiling leader. However, It’s not long before Manning’s investigation clashes with the cult’s unsettling beliefs, and chaos results … Softcover •

17154 PRICE $28.95

For years, Jack and his colleagues at the Campus have waged an unofficial campaign against the terrorists who threaten the western world. The most dangerous of these is the Emir. This merciless killer masterminded the most vicious attacks and has eluded capture by the world’s law enforcement agencies. Now the Campus is on his trail. Joined by new recruits, Clark and Chavez, Jack is determined to catch the Emir and bring him in ... dead or alive. Hardback • 848 pages •

09350 PRICE 43.95 RRP $49.95 SAVE $ 6 $



In this James Patterson thriller, NYPD detective Jacob Kanon is travelling across Europe hunting for his daughter’s killer, who sends a postcard before every kill. Softcover • 420 pages •

07767 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4

Horseracing can be deadly ...

The hunt for the world’s most deadly terrorist

For the first time ever, acclaimed author Tom Clancy (The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games) brings together 26 years of unforgettable characters, including Jack Ryan Jr., John Clark, Ding Chavez and Mary Pat Foley in a stand-alone thriller.

RRP $32.99

Postcards from a predator



When Captain Thomas Forsyth is badly wounded in Afghanistan, he reluctantly returns to his childhood home to recuperate. But that doesn’t mean he’s out of harms way ...

When Tom discovers his mother, a top racehorse trainer, is being blackmailed into sabotaging her own animals, Tom sets out to pin the extortionist. Suddenly, he’s in the middle of a very different, but just as deadly, battlefield ... Hardback • 326 pages •

07485 PRICE $43.95

RRP $49.95

SAVE $ 6

Trouble is his middle name ... “Jack Reacher is the best buttkicker in thriller-lit.” (Kirkus Reviews). In Worth Dying For, he’s going up against three brothers with criminal connections. Softcover • 411 pages •

16326 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4


She’s gone again Dennis Lehane – the celebrated author of Shutter Island and Gone Baby Gone, which were transformed into blockbuster films – presents this explosive tale of vengeance and redemption.

Boxed Has Kay Scarpetta set of 4 accidentally A romantic killed someone? In this gripping Kay suspense quartet Scarpetta crime thriller, Scarpetta is horrified to discover that a young man may have been alive when he was locked in the morgue’s freezer. Softcover • 512 pages •

12180 PRICE $29.95 RRP $34.99 SAVE $5

This value pack contains four romantic suspenses from the queen of medical thrillers; Never Say Die, Call After Midnight, Under The Knife and In Their Footsteps. Boxed set of 4 paperbacks •

12055 PRICE $26.95

The brilliant sequel to Gone Baby Gone, Moonlight Mile heralds the return of much-loved characters Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro, an unforgettable private investigator duo. Amanda McCready was four years old when she vanished from a Boston neighborhood 12 years ago. Kenzie and Gennaro risked everything to find her – only to orchestrate her return to a neglectful, drugaddicted mother. Now, Amanda has vanished again … and investigating her disappearance will be a deadly minefield for Kenzie and Gennaro. Softcover •

17183 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

Super-speedy Courier Delivery – just $9.95 extra! An unwinnable case? If LAPD detective Harry Bosch is sure of anything, it’s that child murderer Jason Jessup plans to kill again … In this exhilarating follow-up to Michael Connelly’s Nine Dragons, Bosch must investigate Jessup’s murder conviction. After 24 years in prison, Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence, but both Bosch and veteran defense attorney Mickey Haller believe he’s guilty. Softcover • 389 pages •

12168 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


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Their magic powers are growing ... In this second instalment in the bestselling Witch And Wizard series, brother and sister Whit and Wisty Allgood have begun to hone the magical gifts that nearly got them killed in the first book. Whit and Wisty’s magical powers are growing every day as they lead the Resistance against the New Order. They have been prophesied to overthrow the ruling regime, and have become enemy number one ... Softcover • 340 pages •

14895 PRICE $24.95

13 13


A thought-provoking award-winner


The winner of the Man Booker Prize in 2010, The Finkler Question is an extraordinary novel from ‘a giant of literature’, Howard Jacobson. Funny, furious and unflinching, this is a compelling story of exclusion and belonging, justice and love, ageing, wisdom and humanity. As the novel opens, old school friends Julian Treslove, a disillusioned BBC worker, and Sam Finkler, a popular Jewish philosopher and TV personality, have met their former teacher, Libor Sevick, for dinner. The night becomes an evening of bittersweet reminiscence for all three men. And it’s that very evening, at exactly 11:30pm, that Treslove is attacked. After this, his whole life will slowly and inevitably change ... Paperback • 307 pages •

16991 PRICE $28.95

RRP $32.99


“The Finkler Question is full of wit, warmth, intellig ence, human feeling and understanding. It is also beautifully written with that sophisticated and near invisible skill of the authen tic writer.” – Observer

Man Booker Prize winner

Deadly secrets The search to expose the ancient – and deadly – secrets of Christianity continues in Raymond Khoury’s The Templar Salvation, a suspenseful, long-awaited follow-up to The Last Templar.





Softcover • 405 pages •

14210 PRICE 26.95 14

The unrivalled master of spy fiction, author of The Constant Gardener and A Most Wanted Man, returns with a suspenseful tale of dirty money and dirtier politics. Softcover • 305 pages •

08112 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4

Time is ticking loudly on death row

FBI agent Sean Reilly has infiltrated the Pope’s massive Vatican Secret Archives. His love, archaeologist Tess Chaykin, has been kidnapped and the key to her freedom lays in this underground tomb … $

Wrong place, really wrong time

15336 PRICE $30.95 Pub.Ed. $49.95 SAVE $19

In this legal thriller from bestselling novelist John Grisham (The Firm, The Pelican Brief), time is running out for an innocent man on death row – only The Confession can save him. Donte Drumm, a young black athlete, has been on death row for nearly a decade. His execution date is in less than a week. His only hope is a convicted felon, whose murder confession could clear his name. Softcover • 384 pages •

Travel the world in 15 tales Witty, intriguing and always entertaining, Jeffrey Archer’s sixth collection of short stories demonstrates exactly why he’s considered one of the best storytellers today. Hardback • 274 pages •

00833 PRICE $39.95 RRP $44.99 SAVE $5


The horrible NEW realities of human trafficking The nightmare began when 14-year-old Radhika took a small sip of soft drink. Hours later, the drugged teenager found that one of her kidneys had been stolen … and sold to the highest bidder.


And Radhika’s story gets even worse, years later after her marriage failed, she was sold into sexual slavery and forced to have sex with up to 25 men a day. Desperate to save herself and be reunited with her young son, she summoned the courage to escape and find her way back home.

Book & DVD

A great gift for true crime fanatics Fans of Criminal Minds and Law & Order will enjoy this boxed set with a book and DVD that profile some of the world’s worst serial killers.

Here, in this inspiring book, journalist Sharon Hendry helped Radhika to retell her horrifying experiences. The proceeds of this book will go to Maiti, the charity that helped Radhika and other victims of human trafficking. Softcover •

The Serial Killers DVD discusses the murders committed by Dennis Nilsen and Fred and Rose West. The full-colour Serial Killers book highlights the horrors committed by Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, the Suffolk Strangler and the Yorkshire Ripper. Boxed set of 96-softcover & Discovery Channel DVD •

14636 PRICE $24.95

16953 PRICE 26.95 $

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A day in the life of defending the guilty

12093 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4

Alex McBride is a criminal barrister, whose job it is to defend a varied range of innocent, and some not so, clientele. His behind the scenes look, which takes us into the courtroom, to the barrister’s chambers and even the cells, offers an interesting, unique and at times funny perspective – plus a few hair-raising tales – of life inside the criminal justice system. Compelling reading. Paperback • 272 pages •



Buy two books & get one free


A secret agency of crime fighters In this gripping true story, Cameron Addicott shares how he and a few others secretly fought some of the worst crims on the front line of the war against crime. Paperback • 310 pages •

12105 PRICE 22.95 $

*see page 4 for details

The one killer he can’t walk away from ... This is the memoir of true-crime writer Philip Carlo, who has interviewed serial killers like Richard Ramirez, and is now battling a terminal musclewasting illness. Softcover • 287 pages •

04793 PRICE $26.95 RRP $34.95 SAVE $ 8






Despite everything, he never stopped smiling The Happiest Refugee is the laugh-out-loud, reach -for-your-hanky story of one of Australia’s bestloved comedians and actors, Anh Do. Anh nearly didn’t make it to Australia. He came close to losing his life on the sea as he escaped from war-torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat. His life in Australia also started off badly, but he never stopped smiling and went on to achieve his dreams. Softcover • 232 pages •

16412 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4


Based on Andrew Denton’s TV series of the same name, Elders features inspiring interviews with prominent ‘elders’ in the global community, including actor Alan Alda. Softcover • 259 pages •

09379 PRICE $30.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $ 4

Discover the spirit of giving @

Judi Dench shares her inspiring life story

Stephen Fry first let us into his private world in his autobiographical work and bestseller, Moab Is My Washpot. Now, he returns with a new erudite and entertaining offering: The Fry Chronicles.

This is the long-awaited autobiography of Judi Dench, one of Britain’s best-loved actresses.

17423 PRICE 34.95 RRP $39.95 SAVE $5 $

And Furthermore is the story of Judi’s rise to fame from a teenager who appeared in the York Mystery Plays to the Oscar-winning star of films like Ladies In Lavender, Notes On A Scandal and the last six James Bond movies. This is the first time that Judi has told her story in her own words. Hardback • 268 pages •

11533 PRICE $43.95 RRP $49.99 SAVE $ 6

Now a blockbuster film starring Julia Roberts, this international bestseller is Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiring and engaging journey of the senses, spirit and soul. Softcover • 376 pages •

07874 PRICE $24.95

Entertainment in its purest form

In his bold, irreverent and verbally brilliant style, Fry provides a frank and amusing account of his ventures into the media and his penchant for sweets, cars and conspicuous consumption. Softcover • 438 pages •


Respect your elders – with Andrew In search of Denton’s help happiness





Reporting from Middle Eastern war zones


This is a shattering account of war and disillusionment by a young American woman who reported from the front lines of the War on Terror. Megan Stack is a Los Angeles Times foreign correspondent and Pulitzer Prize finalist. She was 24 when the attacks of September 11 occurred and she was sent to chronicle the war in Afghanistan. She spent the next decade in the Middle East. This is her story. Softcover •

16602 PRICE $29.95

RRP $35.00


The true story of bringing lost children home The Retriever tells the true story of Australia’s longest serving child retrieval specialist, on the dangerous business of bringing abducted children back home. Paperback • 291 pages •

10712 PRICE $29.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $5

A remarkable, awe-inspiring tale

A rare glimpse of war-torn Afghanistan This powerful story will have you gripping your chair as you travel with Kay Danes though Taliban strongholds and the remote Afghani wastelands occupied by Al-Qaeda terrorists. In November 2008, Kay embarked on a humanitarian aid mission to deliver lifechanging opportunities to people in war-torn Afghanistan. Beneath The Pale Blue Burqa contains photos of this amazing journey. Colour photos • Softcover • 347 pages •

10472 PRICE 29.95 $

RRP $34.95

SAVE 5 $

In the tradition of Schindler’s List, this is the epic true story of how Raoul Wallenberg saved more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the death camps during WWII.

Held captive for eight years Kidnapped when she was ten, Natascha Kampusch spent eight years imprisoned in a cellar in Austria. Now, the “girl in the cellar” speaks out for the first time. Softcover • 240 pages •

10179 PRICE 24.95 $

As a Holocaust survivor said, “Schindler saved hundreds. Wallenberg saved tens of thousands.” This is the story of how he achieved this, and of his personal duel with Adolf Eichmann, the SS colonel charged with obliterating Hungarian Jewry, who sent half a million Jews to their deaths in Auschwitz. Written by New York Times bestselling author Alex Kershaw, To Save A People is the first full biography of Wallenberg. It’s an inspiring story that moves at the pace of a masterful thriller, but the truth behind it is heartbreaking. Softcover •

12941 PRICE $30.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $ 4



EDITOR’s choice


NEW Cooking lessons with Poh


Master chefs share their secrets In Your Place Or Mine, MasterChef’s George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan trade kitchen skills, share cooking secrets and inspire readers with 86 mouthwatering recipes.

Oozing with all the colour and charm one would expect from MasterChef graduate Poh Ling Yeow, this cookbook will give you the confidence to tackle all manner of dishes.

Hardback •

With the help of some of the culinary world’s most exciting chefs, including Neil Perry and Ragini Dey, Poh guides you through over 80 yummy recipes from her TV show, like Chicken And Pistachio Korma, plus many of her own new dishes. Colour

11661 PRICE $43.95 RRP $49.95 SAVE $ 6

An essential ingredient for every home Margaret Fulton brings together her favourite “everyday cooking” dishes for you to create and enjoy, including French Roast Chicken Dinner and Rolled Pavlova. Colour photos •

photos • Softcover •

stop press

Images from: Poh’s Kitchen

fab title fast, your hands on this form So that you can get -date on your order y-by repl ier earl the please note

13285 PRICE $34.95

RRP $39.95


Softcover • 254 pages •

11723 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.95 SAVE $5 Thai Fried Rice

Beetroot Borscht With Pirozhki

Lamb Shank Ragout With Fettuccine

Sticky Marbles

Half an hour ’til dinnertime! Master the art of pantry to plate in just 30 minutes with the help of much-loved chef, Jamie Oliver. All it takes is some preparation, focus and a few simple tricks.

Take your pick from Gordon’s faves This book features Gordon Ramsay’s favourite international cuisines, presented in 52 three-course menus. You’ll love creating your own menus using the sliced-page format. Colour photos • Wiro-bound hardback with sliced pages • Great slic ed page form at

The 50 meal ideas in this book are fresh, exciting and delicious, and range from sides to mains and desserts. Both practical and pretty, Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals will have you producing quick and tasty dishes in a 30-minute snap. Hardback • 287 pages •




11673 PRICE $43.95

RRP $49.95

SAVE $ 6

08047 PRICE $29.95 RRP $34.95 SAVE $5


Delicious recipes by the season From Australia’s best-selling food magazine, Delicious: More Please is a collection of 120 beautifully photographed recipes inspired by the seasons.


Passionfruit Peach Jam

From Barbecued Prawn Cocktails in the Summer, to Autumn Rosti With Hot Smoked Salmon, Chicken Pesto Pies in winter, to Spring’s Sausage Saltimbocca, and many delectable desserts in between. This is seasonal cooking at its delicious best.! Colour photos • Softcover • 252 pages •

15100 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5

Images from: Delicious. More Please


Fiery Chilli Relish

Quince Paste

Deconstructed Lasagne Images from: The Biscuiteers Book Of Iced Biscuits

Duck & Pineapple Red Curry

Cakes for all tastes Create a special cake your child will remember with this book of 50 original and easy-to-make cakes for children of all ages. It’s brimming with helpful hints. Hardback • 144 pages •

97644 PRICE $24.95 RRP $29.95 SAVE $5

Lamb Cutlets With Spiced Vegetable

Learn from the experts Offering a diversity of simple-to-make recipes from the kitchens of the country’s favourite cooks, Country Women’s Association Preserves is an essential ingredient to your kitchen shelf. With more than 90 recipes in total, your tastebuds will soon be dancing over the traditional, tempting, tried-and true taste of relishes, chutneys, pickles, jams, conserves and more that feature within. Softcover •

Love You Madly

14177 PRICE $24.95 Chocolate Recipe

Also available

A sweet treat Learn the delicious yet simple art of biscuit making and decorating, from The Biscuiteers themselves, in this full-colour book. Say I Love You with an iced biscuit! Colour photos • Hardback • 160 pages

07143 PRICE $26.95

Colour photos • Wiro-bound hardback • 392 pages •

58599 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4

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NEW Over 400 recipes!

Serve with a dash of love ... With close to 100 recipes from the notebook of 95-year-old Dulcie May Booker, the beautifullyillustrated Gran’s Kitchen is what good, old-fashioned food is all about.

Entertaining is easy with the Everyday Kitchen Library!

Images from: Everyday Kitchen Library

Comprising four great titles – Everyday Pasta, Everyday Potatoes, Everyday Vegetarian and Everyday Chicken – and more than 400 exciting recipes in total, this brilliant foursome will ensure you’ll never run short of ideas when cooking for friends and family. From Pepperoni Pasta to Bean Burgers, there are dishes for every occasion. Set of 4 hardbacks •

14768 PRICE $26.95 Set of 4

Thai Red Chicken Curry

French Country Casserole

Colour photos • Hardback • 193 pages

07452 PRICE $39.95 RRP $45.00 SAVE $5

Free from gluten, full of flavour Wondering if you can be intolerant and inventive in the kitchen? Gluten Free Bible says yes, with more than 130 flavoursome recipes, from burgers to baked treats. Colour

Stuffed Red Peppers With Basil

photos • Paperback • 257 pages •

Gifts for devouring Share your love of food and discover the true pleasure of giving home-cooked treasures that are as easy to make as they are to buy. From piquant mango chutney, to a box of delicate friands, or a tray of gooey brownies – enjoy delicious savoury and sweet recipes for all festive occasions. Plus, there are plenty of creative packaging suggestions to make your gift as individual as you. Colour photos • Hardback • 176 pages

83371 PRICE $19.95

Sloooooow yummy! Take time to enjoy good food, without taking forever to cook it! This book steers time spent into simmering, not slaving, with a feast of recipes for all seasons. Colour photos • Softcover • 257 pages •

07081 PRICE 34.95 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5 $


73908 PRICE $19.95 Images from: Gifts From The Kitchen. From left to right, Lollipops & Easter Nest Cupcakes


A hand in the garden Gardening Australia’s Angus Stewart has worked for decades on making Australian plants more gardener-friendly. Covering over 450 native varieties, this step-by-step guide clearly lays out Stewart’s knowledge, so that you can create the Aussie garden of your dreams. There are tips on: • planning a garden from scratch • water-saving methods • adapting an existing garden • plant selection • and more. Colour photos • Hardback •

15431 PRICE $43.95

RRP $49.99




SAVE $ 6

Images from: Creating An Austraian Garden

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EDITOR’s choice Have you met herb?

Includes DVD


Save money by being self-sufficient Join the edible garden revolution with this wonderfully presented gift-set, which includes a pocket-sized gardening manual and DVD entitled How To Grow Vegetables. Colour photos • Mini softcover & DVD •

12333 PRICE 26.95 $


Images from: Creating Your Garden Farm

Simple steps to self-sufficiency

Guiding you through every stage of organic herbgrowing, as well as medicinal, culinary and household uses, Jekka McVicar showcases more than 100 of her favourite herbs. Colour photos • Hardback • 256 pages •

With the move towards self-sufficiency in full swing, this handbook is perfectly timed to show you how you can grow vegies and fruit, rear hens, keep bees and more. Colour photos • Hardback • 192 pages •

91419 PRICE $43.95 RRP $49.95 SAVE $ 6

$ 14016 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.95 SAVE 5



Vintage with va-va voom! Bring the look of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s into your home with these 30 one-of-a-kind designs from the Coats & Clark archives. There’s something for every room! From the Café-au-Lait Pot Holder to the Pineapple Hot Plate Mat and Granny’s Favourite Afghan, these projects are unique yet simple, with each one rewrittten for the modern crocheter. There’s even a basics section for beginners. Colour illustrations & photos • Softcover •


Kitchen Aids

12304 PRICE $26.95


Images from: Vintage Crochet For your Home Pillow

EDITOR’s choice



Get the needlecraft know-how


Whether you’re just starting out in the needlecrafting world or looking to advance your skills, this illustrated guide will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know. Colour photos • Hardback • 400 pages •



A little help from a bygone era My Mother’s Ways is filled with handy household tips and practical wisdom, collected from a generation of women who lived in a time when “making do” was a way of life. Sepia photos & illustrations • Hardback • 152 pages •

14693 PRICE 43.95 $


RRP $49.95

SAVE 6 $

06839 PRICE 19.95 $

Bead your way to beauty! Whether you are a beginner or experienced beader, the author of Creative Beading can teach you a thing or two about beading. She covers tools, materials and techniques. Colour photos, illustrations & beader’s graph paper • Hardback •

04327 PRICE $34.95 RRP $45.00 SAVE $10


Patchwork pups and crafty cats


Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog adorer, one thing’s for sure – you’ll find Lynette Anderson’s It’s Quilting Cats & Dogs irresistible! Combining simple yet striking stitching with traditional patchwork and quilting techniques, the 17 fabulous projects featured in this title will warm your heart. Projects include the Cat Lover Wall Quilt, Puppy Dog Sewing Collection and Purrfect Pincushion Colour images • Softcover • 127 pages •

16222 PRICE $26.95

Friends Hand Bag

40 projects

12295 PRICE $24.95

Lettering the write way If your handwriting isn’t up to scratch, don’t despair as The Scrapbooker’s Handwriting Workshop will teach you how to write using unique and funky fonts. Colour photos & diagrams • Spiral-bound softcover with protective folder • 64 pages •

77877 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5

Make treasures from your trash From cute jewellery to pretty adornments, this guide is filled with chic, quirky and original ideas that will finally have you emptying your bulging fabric scrap bag. Colour photos •

Oh me, oh my, it’s origami time! With over 40 fun projects and 100-plus pull-out patterned papers to get you started, Ready Steady Origami will have you perfecting the art of paper folding in a snap. Softcover with 100+ pull-out patterned papers •

Softcover • 128 pages •

97268 PRICE $26.95

Images from: Ready Steady Origami!



Think outside the (enveloped) square


Why should what’s inside the envelope get all of the love? With Pushing The Envelope, all attention is on crafting stunning packaging for your letters and cards that no one will ever want to throw away. Celebrating the creative potential of this overlooked but oh-so essential item, Marthe Le Van shows you how to create 36 inspired envelopes in all shapes and sizes. Go on, push the envelope ... Colour photos • Softcover • 128 pages •

13237 PRICE $24.95

Images from: Pushing The Envelope




Feeling sketchy?

Never forget a birthday or special event ever again, thanks to this card organiser and monthly diary. It features card storage pockets and space to record events.

Delving into all manner of drawing mediums, together with a host of techniques for using them, The Sketching And Drawing Bible is the perfect guide for practising artists.

Colour photos & illustrations • Clothbound hardback with 12 pockets •

Colour images • Wirobound hardback • 192 pages •

05704 PRICE 34.95 RRP $45.00 SAVE $10 $

09396 PRICE $26.95 Images from: The Scetching And Drawing Bible

Create treasured Christmas memories Images from: Tree Top Decorations

Everyone needs one of these!

Create treasured Christmas memories as you create adorable Tree Top Decorations. These step-by-step projects are easy to follow and require no specialist equipment. Colour photos & illustrations • Hardback • 96 pages •


82621 PRICE $24.95


Spread the word about this amazing French diet Discover the real reason why France has the slimmest citizens in the world …

Become a hot mama! Based upon the latest research on women’s health, YSM Body Bible features expert-approved nutritional and exercise training programs devised especially for busy mums. Colour photos • Softcover •

End the destructive diet cycle In this common sense guide to a common problem, nutritional expert Ian Marber addresses the key diet pitfalls that prevent a healthy relationship with food. Colour illustrations • Softcover • 176 pages

12684 PRICE $29.95 RRP $34.99 SAVE $5

Devised by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French doctor with 35 years experience in weight loss success, The Dukan Diet has grown into a huge phenomenon in France and internationally. The secret behind this four-step program are simple guidelines, menu planners and delicious recipes engineered to create long-term weight loss. Softcover • 364 pages •

03031 PRICE $26.95

08976 PRICE $24.95

Failure is not a dirty word

Transform the way you think

We have all experienced failure in our life, and we will almost all experience it again. But the “f” word need not be feared. Instead, it should be embraced and seen as an opportunity to reflect, reassess and learn.

From the bestselling author of Choosing Happiness comes this thoughtprovoking, accessible and unbiased exploration of God, faith, spirituality and the nature of belief in the 21st century.

Filled with a range of insights, tips and interviews, Terry Robson’s Failure Is An Option is the ultimate guide to getting back on the horse and achieving your true potential.

The foundations of this fascinating discussion are built upon the idea that “the sacred” becomes meaningful through the ways we treat each other, and ourselves. This is practical, enlightening and hugely hopeful. Softcover •

Softcover • 260 pages •

10721 PRICE $29.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $5

15393 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4




How to impress and enjoy success


After redefining the idea of the diet in her bestselling book French Women Don’t Get Fat, Mireille Guiliano serves up a feast of engaging stories, practical advice, handy hints, helpful recipes and more to show businessswomen how they can enjoy the good life – even if it is at work! Warm, witty and full of wisdom, this book delves into everything from aceing a job interview to balancing work and life. Softcover •

16354 PRICE $24.95

Change your look – change your life! In this fully revised edition of the successful Colour Me Confident, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect clothing for your colouring, shape and personality. 100 colour photos & 500 illustrations • Softcover • 208 pages •

91125 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.99 SAVE $ 4

16297 PRICE



RRP $35.00



The cream of classic couture When Charlotte Smith inherited her godmother’s priceless vintage couture collection, she instantly fell in love. Featuring more than 3000 originals by the likes of Dior and Chanel, dating from 1790 to 1995, this is a wardrobe every woman would love to own, and Dreaming Of Chanel reveals the stories behind each item. Stunningly illustrated, this is the follow-up to Dreaming Of Dior. Colour illustrations • Hardback with felted cover • 292 pages •

Gorgeous makeup in a flash We all want to look great, right? But many of us just don’t have enough time to create the beautiful makeup looks we desire. In Express Makeup, Australia’s leading makeup artist, Rae Morris, provides a range of easy-to-achieve looks for women who want to look gorgeous fast.

Also available

Featuring hundreds of tips and techniques, plus step-by-step pics and how-to instructions, this is the makeup book for every busy woman. Colour photos • Softcover •

15405 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5 Images from: Express Makeup Paperback • 90 pages •


87827 PRICE $19.95


Talk to the animals Margrit Coates, a world-renowned animal communicator, reveals what our pets are thinking and the ways in which they talk to us, and shares their incredible stories. Softcover •

12064 PRICE $21.95

The moon and magic Specifically written for the Southern Hemisphere by witch Stacey Demarco, the 2011 Lunar Diary is your must-have guide to understanding the power of the moon and its impact on you. This book offers daily explanations of the moon, original spells for specific purposes, such as increasing wealth and improving relationships, practical suggestions to get the most from the energies of the season, and more. Softcover •

You have psychic potential ...

12143 PRICE $24.95

Expand your extrasensory perceptions, like telepathy, with training from one of the UK’s leading TV psychics and founder of the world-famous Thought Workshop.

Proof of life after death

Line drawings • Paperback •

02834 PRICE $24.95

A direct line to the Other Side In Signs From The Afterlife, celebrity psychic TJ Higgs reveals the wisdom and psychic insights that have helped make her the huge success she is today. Softcover •

12072 PRICE $21.95

Hello From Heaven! is a unique and uplifting title in which authors Bill and Judy Guggenheim reveal the After-Death Communication experiences of more than 350 people, detailing the messages that were received and the incredible impact it had upon their lives. This is a groundbreaking study based on seven years of research. It will offer certain hope, love and comfort to many. Softcover •

13054 PRICE $24.95




EDITOR’s choice

Lessons with the Disney gang All children will love these 12 Disney delights, each mini boardbook designed to entertain, engage and educate. Kids will learn about numbers, colours, sealife, opposites, weather, senses and more.

2-4 yrs Set of 3

Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio, Simba, Buzz, Cinderella and Lightning McQueen are just a few of the colourful cast that littlies will recognise and learn from in this set! Set of

Set of 12

12 mini boardbooks •

1-4 yrs



Get your hands on these! Richard Scarry classics Entertain and educate your little one with the help of Richard Scarry’s muchloved Busytown tales and characters. Featuring the Fire Engine Box Set, which contains eight fun-filled boardbooks, Welcome To Busy Town Sticker And Poster Book and the Best-Ever Colours, Shapes And Numbers Sticker And Poster Book, this set will bring joy to every youngster, while teaching them basic learning concepts. Set of 8 boardbooks & 2 softcovers with stickers & poster •

16280 PRICE $34.95

RRP $40.85


Nursery rhymes with Trace Moroney Set of 3

Filled with Trace Moroney’s enchanting illustrations, this great set will have kids singing with delight. It features ten nursery rhyme boardbooks and two floor puzzles. Set of 2 boxed sets with boardbook & puzzle & 1 boxed set of 8 boardbooks •


2-4 yrs

08398 PRICE $39.95 RRP $45.85 SAVE $5

15773 PRICE $36.95 RRP $59.88 SAVE $22



Set of 2

There are lots of friendly animals to see and pet in these fun-totouch boardbooks, That’s Not My Tiger and That’s Not My Polar Bear.

Patches of different textures and bright illustrations are combined with very simple text to help develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching ears that are ‘too fluffy” and teeth that are “too bumpy”. Colour illustrations • Set of 2 touch-and-feel boardbooks •

15823 PRICE $26.95

1-2 yrs

A quacking good set! Join Little Quack and his sisters as they explore the world around them and make basic learning concepts, like colours, counting, opposites and the alphabet, fun! Colour illustrations • Set of 4 padded boardbooks •

07675 PRICE $30.95 RRP $35.96 SAVE $5

1-4 yrs

Set of 4



EDITOR’s choice Set of 4

NEW 5-8 yrs

Rhyming fun

3-6 yrs

These classic P.D. Eastman rhyming tales will spark your memory, and ignite your child’s imagination. Filled with engaging text, these are the ideal books for new readers. In the four tales, kids will see a baby bird’s journey to find his mum, two birds in search of the perfect nest, be introduced to numbers, colours and opposites and discover just how easy it is to learn to read – even for a dog! Colour illustrations • Set of 4 softcovers •

16024 PRICE $34.95

RRP $39.96


Set of 2

The eyes have it! With rhyming text, bold illustrations and moveable eyes, these two animal tales will enchant every young reader! Mia the monkey is looking for adventure, and kids will love moving her eyes around to help her find some in Mia’s Jolly Jungle Jive. Then it’s Otto the octopus who is on the hunt for fun in Otto’s Ocean Adventure. Watch kids delight in moving his eyes and helping him explore the sea floor. Colour illustrations • Set of 2 hardbacks with moveable eyes •

16318 PRICE $26.95

15 Hurry! Orders must be received by 15 December to be despatched in time for Christmas DECE MBE R

Sticker up! Set of 4

Set imaginations to zany and prepare for fun with this Dr Seuss Sticker Story Collection set of four. Each pack has six sheets of reusable stickers and a sticker album. Set of 4 boxed sets with stickers & album •

5+ yrs

08475 PRICE 34.95 RRP $39.80 SAVE $ 4

Enjoy the magic of Alison Lester

Includes wall frieze

2-5 yrs


12915 PRICE $19.95

It’s time to celebrate at Magic Beach and enjoy more adventures with this special 20th Anniversary edition of Alison Lester’s all-time classic, with bonus wall frieze. Colour illustrations • Hardback with wall frieze •


Laugh your pants off

2-5 yrs Set of 2

Underpants are a much sought after item in Claire Freedman’s hilarious Aliens Love Underpants, here available in a boxed set with boardbook and cute alien soft toy! Boxed set of boardbook & plush toy •

11694 PRICE 26.95 $

Includes plush toy




Enter the Tron universe

Set of 3


5+ yrs

Set of 4

Tron Legacy is the awesome follow-up to the 1982 Tron film, and this set of three is a must-have for all new fans.

5+ yrs

Let down your hair with Rapunzel This magical Disney Tangled tie-in set is sure to be treasured by your little one. Watch kids delight in the fun of Rapunzel’s Sticker Scene, Rapunzel Dress-up And Play book, and the Rapunzel Activity Bag, with colouring book, pencils and activity pad. And they’ll love reading the Rapunzel story, before learning her secrets and recording their own in Rapunzel’s Book Of Secrets, with lock and key. Set of diary with lock, stickerbook, paperback with removable paper dolls & outfits, colouring book, activity pad & pencils • $ $

16164 PRICE 28.95

RRP $33.96


Hiccup Haddock Horrendous III was a truly extraordinary Viking Hero, known throughout Vikingdom as the “Dragon Whisperer”. But that wasn’t always the case.

7+ yrs

In Hiccup: How To Train Your Dragon, Hiccup reveals in his own words the whole story behind his rise to fame, and his amazing dragon-training exploits. This stunningly-presented gift edition is a rollicking read filled with adventure and laughs. Hardback •

16888 PRICE $24.95

16155 PRICE $26.95 RRP $30.97 SAVE $ 4


The story of the Dragon Whisperer



Magical Dragon Tales


RATED PG 108 mins

In this “magnificently entertaining” (The Age) adventure comedy, scrawny teenager Hiccup befriends an injured Night Fury dragon, who turns his world upside down. DVD

paperback, 3D posterbook with stickers & glasses & model book •

Mermaid fun with Barbie

NEW DVD 12767 $39.95 BLU-RAY 12779 $49.95

Kids will love reading about Sam Flynn’s journey through cyberspace in the Book Of The Film, before turning their room into a Tron universe with the 3D Poster Book, with 3D glasses, posters and stickers. And Construct And Play has four DIY models, game ideas and cool character facts. Set of

Based on Barbie’s Mermaid’s Tale movie, this set features a carryalong book and CD, a yrs colouring and puzzle Includes book, and a CD sticker book, with storybook, stickers Set of 3 and playboard. Set

of 1 carry-along book & CD, 1 softcover & 1 softcover with stickers •

08542 PRICE $21.95



6 1

Beware of the dragons

books in

NEW 7+ yrs

16090 PRICE


With five spectacular colour popups, Dragon World takes readers on a thrilling exploration of the many dragons that once lived and breathed throughout the world.



Walk like an Ancient Egyptian Kids, unearth all the secrets of Ancient Egypt that you’ve always wanted to know! With six marvellous books in one, Everything Egypt reveals the rich history of this incredible culture, covering The Land Of Ancient Egypt, Hieroglyphs, People, Daily Life And Customs, Architecture And Monuments, Mummies, Tombs And Burials, and Gods, Goddesses And Religion. There are lots of exciting activity ideas too! 6-in-1 wiro-bound hardback •

For a long time scientists believed dragons never existed. But recent fossil finds have changed their minds, and this extensively-researched and stunningly illustrated title reveals all about these fascinating ancient beasts. Colour

7+ yrs

illustrations • Hardback with pop-ups •

16259 PRICE $19.95

A Roald Dahl triple treat Set of 3

5+ yrs

06082 PRICE $44.95 RRP $50.85 SAVE $5

Watch kids squeal with delight (and disgust!) over these three Roald Dahl classics! Revolting Rhymes gives hilarious new life to six wellknown fairy tales! Then, it’s time to meet The Enormous Crocodile, who likes to eat little kids. But the other animals are tired of his tricks – will their plan to stop him work? And all readers beware – there’s some very odd things going on with the Dirty Beasts! Set of 3 softcovers •

Create your own ballet This Sleeping Beauty Ballet Theatre set is the perfect gift Includes for all little 5+ yrs ballerinas. CD Simply open the curtains, unfold the stage, turn on the music and let the show begin. Boxed set with 3D stage, figurines, CD & paperback •

12114 PRICE $29.95 RRP $34.95 SAVE $5

Set of 2

Perfect for your little princess

5+ yrs Includes 2 necklaces

Make your child feel like a princess with these two Disney Princess titles, Beauty & The Beast and The Little Mermaid, each with a beautiful and unique gold necklace. Colour illustrations • Set of 2 hardbacks with gold necklace •

11685 PRICE $24.95





9+ yrs

We are not alone This is an urgent warning to all members of the human race. You are not alone!

Open the covers and begin your journey of discovery ...

Colour illustrations • Hardback with lift-the-flaps •

16276 PRICE $26.95


when you take both 18488 PRICE $47.90

They are the blood drinkers ... Featuring gems, booklets, photographs and more, Vampireology is a thrilling title not to be missed. But be warned – this is not folklore or fantasy; this is the true history of vampires, the nightmare to which humankind must wake. Hardback with novelties •


Go globetrotting!

Alienology provides the written proof that extraterrestrials aren’t just a thing from the movies. They’re real and they live among us. With chapters on Alien Communication, Identifying Aliens On Earth, A Guide To Alien Species and more, this fully-illustrated title with lift-the-flaps and pull-outs reveals all.


08484 PRICE $26.95

EDITOR’s choice

9+ yrs

TV-free zone!

9+ yrs

15752 PRICE $29.95

illustrations, photos & maps • Hardback •

Hit the floor for fun!

jigsaw with carry-case •

08596 PRICE $19.95



Also available 200-piece jigsaw with carry-case •

8-in-1 hardback •

15761 PRICE $24.95


when you take both 08600 PRICE $34.95

Filled with all types of active games and mind-bending pursuits, for both outside and in, this eight-in-one book offers innovative and creative ideas that will exercise your children’s brain and body, and won’t break the bank. Wiro-bound

books in

5-8 yrs

Toys, toys, toys, Wally, toys! That’s exactly what you’ll be seeing when you piece together this fantastic 200-piece toythemed Where’s Wally? floor puzzle. 200-piece

If your kids are using the remote or mouse more than their imaginations, 501 TV-Free Activities For Kids is the must-have book for your household.

8 1

Combining more than 100 spectacular maps with over 1000 vibrant illustrations, photos and fun, accessible and informative text, The Children’s Visual World Atlas gives kids the ultimate view of our amazing and constantly changing world. This is an incomparable reference that would make a worthwhile edition to every child’s library. Colour

5-8 yrs

08588 PRICE $19.95


Roary The Racing Car: Roary Goes Back To School Head to the start line at Silver Hatch race track and get set for eight more exciting adventures! Kids will be revved up and racing to get their hands on Roary The Racing Car: Roary Goes Back To School, another action-packed instalment in the much-loved series about a bright and cheeky red race car named Roary and DVD 09780 $19.95 his friends. RATED G

Roary The Racing Car Bumper To Bumper Collection

(Roary’s First Day/Roary Takes Off)

2 DVDs

This 12-episode Roary The Racing Car DVD is bumper-to-bumper with excitement! It follows the adventures of a bright red, cheeky and energetic young racing car called Roary, who lives at Silver Hatch Racetrack. Episodes include: Roary’s First Day Big, Flash Flips Out, Roary Takes Off, Easy On The Fuel, Big Chris’s Big Workout, DVD 09797 $19.95 Roary’s Day At The Seaside RATED G

Chuggington: It’s Training Time

2 DVDs

Join trainee chuggers Wilson, Koko and Harrison as they learn to ride the rails, discovering important lessons and values about the world along the way. In this adventure Harrison wants to pull the royal carriage, Wilson will do anything to avoid the dreaded automatic Chugwash, Koko is off exploring again and the Chuggers DVD 14111 $19.95 just might discover the Old Town Mystery Chugger. RATED G

Hairy Maclary From Lynley Dodd’s popular children’s stories, the scruffy but much-loved Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, finally takes his adventures off the page and onto the screen. Children will love watching one of their favourite characters come to life as Hairy’s playful antics, and mischievous adventures with neighbourhood friends, are captured on this fun-filled DVD. DVD 12882 $16.95 RATED G 50 mins

Free Willy Adventures He’s three and a half tonnes of best friend and is a whale of a good time! The Free Willy 4 DVDs Adventures features all four of these muchloved films, including the latest Free Willy: Escape From Pirate’s Cove starring Australia’s own wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin. The whole family will enjoy the magic and beauty of these timeless tales of friendship. DVD 14198 $59.95 RATED PG 380 mins

The Wind In The Willows: Four Seasons

4 DVDs Join Mole, Badger, Rat and Toad, as they journey through Edwardian England, facing the terror-filled Wild Wood, the rascally Weasels, and various other obstacles, on their journey towards the peaceful English Countryside. Based on the classic novels by Kenneth Grahame, these delightful characters continue to capture children’ imaginations. Includes all DVD 13344 $49.95 four seasons. RATED G

Ice Age Trilogy (With Activity DVD Rom) These animals are licensed to chill! Join Manny, Sid, Diego and the rest of the totally cool Ice Age gang for some action-packed adventures of mammoth proportions! Ice Age Collector’s Pack contains both the original Ice Age film and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, plus a bonus activity DVD Rom of four fun interactive games. DVD 14503 $39.95 RATED PG 284 mins

Care Bears Adventure Pack:

Grizzle-ly Adventures/Oopsy Does It!/ Ups And Downs

The Care Bears are committed to teaching people to work together and care for each other. This greatvalue set includes three popular Care Bear DVDs: the hit movie Oopsy Does It!, Grizzle-ly Adventures and Ups And Downs. There’s more than 100 minutes of colourful entertainment DVD 09826 $19.95 direct from Care-A-Lot, the RATED G 160 mins magical cloud land the bears call

3 DVDs 33


NEW NEW NEW Legendary encounters with the man who has met everyone Show biz legends, modern day icons and sporting greats – chat show king Michael ‘Parky’ Parkinson has met them all. In Parky’s People, Parky gives revealing accounts of some of his most unforgettable encounters and the moments that made TV history. Some of the celebrities he discusses include John Lennon, Clint Eastwood, George Michael and Barry Humphries. This is a witty and compulsive read! Hardback • 352 pages •

18479 PRICE 43.95 RRP $49.99 SAVE $ 6 $

Leaders of the Aussie pack

Advertising is everywhere, and The Gruen Transfer is the proof!

Australian Prime Ministers is a revealing and authoritative examination of the people who have lead the country since Federation, and the forces that shaped them.

Written by Jon Casimir, the producer of the hit TV show The Gruen Transfer, this fascinating book lifts the shiny lid on the often shady business of persuasion and behaviour manipulation, exposing the tactics and techniques used, how and why they work, and revealing who the game’s best players have been throughout history. Colour

Researched and written by a team of historians, biographers and political analysts, and edited by esteemed journalist Michelle Grattan, this fully-updated title is not only a profile of Australia’s PMs – it is also the story of a nation. Hardback •

14578 PRICE 34.95 RRP $39.95 SAVE $5 $

photos • Softcover • 287 pages •

12560 PRICE $34.95 RRP $39.99 SAVE $5

What is “civilisation”?

Going tribal

This book explores 25 of the most important milestones in humanity’s history, including the domestication of animals, writing and the scientific revolution. Colour photos • Hardback • 192 pages •

Charting 15 tribes, and one man’s incredible journey, this is an eyeopening trip to the world’s most remote regions. A companion piece to the BBC TV series. Paperback •



Buy this book!


368 pages •

14862 PRICE $43.95 RRP $49.95 SAVE $ 6

Last Chance! Offer must end soon


30341 PRICE $23.95



Buy two books & get one


* *see page 4 for details



NEW NEW Set of 6

For lovers of poetry Embrace the beauty and experience the power of literature’s most influential and inspiring poets with this set of six elegantlypresented books. Order this set and you will be swept away by the magnificent works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, William Blake and William Shakespeare. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys classic poetry. Set of 6 softcovers •

13674 PRICE $26.95

Monkeys, madness and the human race Where do we come from? Why are we here? They’re questions we all want to know, and Earth (The Book) is here to try and answer them. Written by Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, along with The Daily Show team, this hilarious follow-up to America (The Book) takes you on a witty trip through time and existence, as it attempts to work out exactly how we got here, and why the world is so messed up. Hardback •

16309 PRICE $29.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $5

Play straight away! Includes DVD

Your fingers will be dancing across the keys with this book and DVD set. Covering everything from choosing a piano to reading music, as well as interactive lessons. Colour photos • Hardback & DVD in sliding tray •

05745 PRICE $19.95

Into the wild you walk ... Dare to stray from the beaten track and discover the most spectacular natural places on Earth. Written by an expert team of travel writers, 501 Must-Visit Wild Places leads you away from the crowded tourist traps to reveal the wilderness in all its glory. From Western Australia’s Kalbarri National Park to the White Desert of Egypt, this book will stir the adventurous spirit in all who read it. Colour photos • Hardback •

13323 PRICE $30.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $4

Take a hard look at this humorous book! In the fourth volume in The World According To Clarkson series, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson continues to drive us into a fit of giggles with his observations. Softcover • 304 pages •

08121 PRICE $28.95 RRP $32.95 SAVE $ 4 35






Images from: Cooking For Christmas

Creamy Spinach

Apricot Crumble Tart

Eat, drink and be merry Guests will be singing your praises this festive season when you serve up the scrumptious offerings in Cooking For Christmas. With foolproof instructions and enticing photos, these 130 traditional dishes with a contemporary twist will appeal to both lovers of classic Christmas feasts and more adventurous cooks looking for inspiration. And each recipe has been triple-tested for guaranteed success! Colour photos • Softcover •

16929 PRICE $43.95 RRP $49.95 SAVE $ 6

Recipes that rock!

Mad about Metallica

Calling all heavy metal fans! Mosh Potatoes is jam-packed with more than 100 awesome recipes from the heavyweights of rock, including Judas Priest, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Anthrax and Pantera.

After the success of his Led Zeppelin biography, When Giants Walked The Earth, Mick Wall profiles Metallica, a group he has known since their formation in 1981.

Your guests will be screaming for an encore after you serve up dishes like Ozzy Osbourne’s Iron Quiche, Motley Crüe’s Jack Daniel’s Pepper Steak and Motörhead’s burning, brandy-soaked Krakatoa Surprise. Softcover •

15215 PRICE 26.95 $

Life-changing gospel Neale Donald Walsch hated his life. So he complained to God – and the miraculous response became this book. Here, the global bestseller is offered in a stunning gift edition. Hardback •

Metallica came to prominence in the 80s as one of the ‘big four’ of thrash metal, alongside contemporaries Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax. Nearly 30 years on, their tale is one of alcohol, rule breaking and tragically early death. Softcover •

16611 PRICE $29.95 RRP $35.00 SAVE $5

For more great gift ideas go to

384 pages •

15278 PRICE $24.95 8AB5

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