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Another nail-biter from the Mistress of Suspense Under the watchful eye of Detective Chief Superintendent James Langton, Anna takes charge of an investigation for the first time. But an ominous pool of blood leads Anna on a desperate hunt for a man who has disappeared without a trace. As she becomes obsessed with seemingly irrelevant details, Langton fears that she is cracking under pressure and is losing control of the case ... Lynda La Plante is an award-winning crime fiction novelist. Her books have been transformed into television dramas, including the series Prime Suspect, which starred actress Helen Mirren. Softcover •

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An ancient evil is stirring in Chinatown

In Lynda La Plante’s Blood Line, detective Anna Travis is assigned a missing person’s case that looks a lot like a murder.



In Tess Gerritsen’s latest Rizzoli & Isles thriller, detective Jane Rizzoli finds a severed hand, still clutching a gun, in a Chinatown alley in Boston. After her gruesome discovery, Detective Rizzoli climbs to the adjacent roof-top and sees the hand’s owner: a red-haired woman whose throat has been slashed so deeply that her head is nearly severed. The only clues to her identity are a throwaway mobile phone and the scrawled address of a closed-down restaurant. Pathologist Dr Maura Isles confirms that the murder weapon is a Chinese sword. And due to Rizzoli’s detective work, it becomes clear that an ancient evil is stirring in Chinatown – an evil that has killed before and will kill again … Softcover •

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fiction Editor’s Choice



“Karen Robards is one of the most popular voices in women’s fiction.” – Newsweek









Romance, danger and betrayal

Celebrating life’s milestones

In Karen Robards’ intense romantic thriller, Washington-based lawyer Jessica Ford is under threat again. She’s changed her identity ... but she’s still being hunted.

In this book by superselling author Danielle Steel, three people see life through fresh eyes as they celebrate their birthdays.

Jessica was the only witness to the suspicious death of the First Lady of the United States. After changing her name and dyeing her hair, she tried to keep a low profile. But now, her job has forced her back into the public eye. There’s only one man who can rescue her – the person she hates most in the world – secret agent Mark Ryan. As Jessica hurtles closer to the truth about who is threatening her, and the sexual tension between her and Mark grows hotter than ever, she finds herself in a race against the clock to find the answers. Softcover •

For April, turning 30 is bittersweet. She isn’t married with a family, but she does have a successful career as a restaurateur. After a one night stand with a restaurant critic, she spends the morning of her birthday taking a pregnancy test … Meanwhile, April’s mother, Valerie, is dreading her 60th birthday. As a famous style guru and media personality, she needs to look youthful. She doesn’t feel old enough to be a grandmother. It’s also Jack’s birthday. Jack is a veteran TV sports presenter and a notorious womaniser, who starts feeling his age after he hurts his back. Softcover •











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WAS $65.98 SAVE $




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Battling against corruption and deceit Find out why The Australian newspaper called Aussie author Michael Robotham “one of the best architects of the psychological thriller.” The Wreckage opens in London as ex-cop Vincent Ruiz is robbed after he rescues a woman from her violent boyfriend. When he tracks the thieves, he finds the boyfriend’s tortured body. Meanwhile, a bank in Baghdad has had billions of dollars disappear. Softcover • 437 pages •

25620 PRICE $32.99 4


Looking inside a killer’s mind

Monday can be the lowest point of the week. A day of dark impulses – as psychotherapist Frieda Klein will soon discover. The abduction of five-yearold Matthew Farraday on a Monday provokes national outcry. Frieda is particularly troubled, because one of her patients has been describing dreams in which he has a hunger for a child – a boy who’s the spitting image of Matthew. Detective Chief Inspector Karlsson doesn’t take Frieda’s concerns seriously until a link emerges with an unsolved abduction from 20 years ago. Then, Frieda must help Karlsson to track the kidnapper.


Nicci French (the alias of writers Nicci Gerrard and Sean French) is the author of Complicit and What To Do When Someone Dies. Softcover • 401 pages •

30608 PRICE $29.99

A brilliant Australian thriller The Precipice will appeal to fans of Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters. It asks: what happens when an obsession takes over and there is no one to hold you back? Thea, a reclusive elderly woman, lives with her dog in the Blue Mountains. Her new neighbours – a young couple and their 12-year-old niece – have bought her dream home and Thea believes that something sinister is going on inside ...



Don’t miss this sophisticated psychological thriller After she runs into a burning building to rescue her teenage daughter, Grace realises that an arsonist is intent on destroying her family.

Rosamund Lupton is the author of Sister, an acclaimed book that was the fastestselling debut by a British author in 2010. The Daily Mail said Sister was “written with the power and panache of a young Daphne du Maurier, it’s devastatingly good, and announces the arrival of a truly original new talent.” Softcover • 472 pages •

30723 PRICE $32.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $ 0

She has a menacing secret SAVE $


In this compelling thriller from Mo Hayder, a woman – whose sister is a police officer – is forced into a criminal underworld filled with drugs and pornography. Softcover • 428 pages •

Softcover • 284 pages •

25892 PRICE $25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7


It’s a summer day when Grace sees smoke coming from a local school. She knows her daughter, Jenny, is inside ... Afterwards, as Grace and Jenny lie prone in the hospital, Grace will witness unspeakable evil, and discover the selfless nature of motherly love.

27864 PRICE $25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7

Brutal murder, or an overactive SAVE imagination? $


In this climactic followup to A Room Swept White and The Other Half Lives, Connie is the only person who saw a woman lying face down in a pool of blood. Softcover •

21383 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10 5

romantic stories

There’s a sexy, new cowboy in town ...

41 in

In the first book in her new Montana Creeds trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller presents a love story that’ll lasso your heart. When big-city attorney Steven Creed becomes the guardian of Matt, an orphaned five-yearold boy, he moves to a ranch in the close-knit community of Stone Creek, Arizona. After he takes on the pro bono defense of a local teenager, he meets his match in the opposing counsel – beautiful prosecutor Melissa O’Ballivan. It’ll take one grieving little boy, an adopted dog and a feisty woman to make him realise he’s truly found a home. Linda Lael Miller is a celebrated novelist. She “tugs at the heartstrings as few authors can.” (Publishers Weekly.) Softcover • 378 pages •

29808 PRICE $32.99


At times shockingly sexy, Ruthless is a historical romance set in Paris in 1768. It follows an innocent woman who’s targeted by the Viscount Rohan, a sexual deviant. Softcover • 376 pages •

Now a major

motion picture

Held captive by a ruthless man

31254 PRICE 32.99 $

A modern-day fairytale

Four romantic interludes Four red-hot Mills & Boon romances: Too Proud To Be Bought, Dante’s Honour-Bound Husband, Angel Of Smoky Hollow and Rebellious Rake Innocent Governess. 4-in1 paperback • 277 pages •

27790 PRICE $22.99

Now a film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, this cult bestseller by David Nicholls was described as “the best weird love story since The Time Traveler’s Wife.” (author Tony Parsons).

NEW “I finished it last night and I’m still quite wobbly and affected by it. It was BRILLIANT.” – author Marian Keyes

One Day tells the unforgettable story of Emma and Dexter, who met at university. It follows their lives, together and apart, for the next 20 years. The striking thing about this novel is that their story unfolds over the same day – 15 July, St. Swithin’s Day – from 1988 to 2007. “Clever, funny and poignant” (Daily Express), One Day is a book that you simply must read. It was David Nicholls’ third novel. His second novel, Starter For Ten, was also made into a movie starring James McAvoy and Dominic Cooper. Paperback •

28016 PRICE 25.99 $


Set of 3

Ready for some seductive romps?

great value

Three bestselling historical romances: Highland Scandal by Julia London, A Gentleman Always Remembers, by Candace Camp and Tempted All Night, by Liz Carlyle. Set of 3 paperbacks •

31247 PRICE $27.99

fiction Now a major motion picture

A good girl gone bad Now a film starring Kate Hudson, Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed reveals what happens when a “good girl” ends up in bed with her best friend’s fiancé. Paperback • 418 pages •

27914 PRICE $27.99

2 great reads

Set of 2

Two entertaining reads This set of two chick lit novels contains Ann Pearlman’s The Cookie Club, which centres upon a social club, and New York-based The Sister Diaries by Karen Quinn. Set of softcover & paperback •

28586 PRICE $27.99


Most women dream of receiving something from Tiffany’s. But what happens when two shopping bags are swapped and one woman accidentally receives an engagement ring instead of a bracelet?


It’s Christmas Eve in New York, Gary is buying his girlfriend, Rachel, a silver charm bracelet. He doesn’t want to spend too much, despite the fact that she paid for their entire overseas trip. At the same time, Ethan is spending a lot of money on a ring for his girlfriend, Vanessa. When Gary and Ethan’s bags are swapped, chaos results ... Expect the unexpected with this book. Chick Lit Reviews said, “As always with Melissa Hill books, there are twists and turns along the way that you don’t see coming.” Softcover •

31081 PRICE $29.99

SAVE $12 31941 PRICE 39.99 $

when you take both

A cheeky, crazy love story

Quirky and humorous, All I Ever Wanted is a romance novel with substance. It’s perfect for fans of Maggie Alderson’s novels.



When a romantic gift backfires

Living in the limelight In the dramatic second novel from the bestselling author of Players, you’ll meet a Brazilian prima ballerina whose outrageous love life always takes centre stage. Softcover • 566 pages •

22527 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10

Thirty-year-old Callie Grey is in love with her boss, Mark, who’s engaged. And if that isn’t bad enough, her mother decides to hold Callie’s birthday party in the family’s funeral house.


To make Mark jealous, Callie flirts with Ian, a veterinarian who’s more comfortable with animals than humans. Ian is formal, orderly and a little bit tense, but Callie wants to give him a personality makeover … All I Ever Wanted is a finalist in the Favourite Contemporary Romance category of the Australian Romance Readers Awards. Romantic Times called it “fun, charming and heartfelt.” Paperback •

29820 PRICE $22.99 7


Two creepy crime thrillers


These two crime thrillers make the perfect pair. One is by Neil Cross, who has been dubbed the ‘master of the modern nightmare.’ The other is by John Sandford, “who has what it takes when it comes to guts and gunplay” (Publishers Weekly).

Set of 2

Wicked Prey: Lucas Davenport from the Minneapolis Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is being targeted by a pimp, who blames him for the fact he’s in a wheelchair. Only it’s not Davenport he’s going after, it’s his daughter, Letty. Burial: Every day for 15 years, Nathan wishes that he’d never made a pact with his mate, Bob, to dispose of a dead body in the woods. But empty regrets won’t stop the body from being found by the police, nor will they keep Bob silent ... Set of 2 paperbacks •

top thrillers

34618 PRICE $25.99


Journey to the darkest corners of Glasgow





Author Val McDermid called this book, “a strident blast of the trumpet to wake up crime fiction readers everywhere.” Where The Bodies Are Buried is the first novel in a new series. It opens as Detective Catherine McLeod recognises that the discovery of a dead drug-dealer in an alley in Glasgow is a portent of further deaths to come. Elsewhere in the city, aspiring actress Jasmine Sharp is working for her uncle Jim’s private investigation business. When Jim goes missing, Jasmine stumbles into a web of corruption that could tear apart the entire police force … The author of Quite Ugly One Morning and A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away, Chris Brookmyre is an award-winning Scottish crime fiction writer. Softcover •


28111 PRICE 32.99 $

This mystery has Lindsay stumped

Inspector Pekkala is on the case

Gangsters will make him pay

Don’t miss the tenth novel in James Patterson’s bestselling Women’s Murder Club series in which Detective Lindsay Boxer is on the hunt for a missing newborn baby.

A stand-alone sequel to Eye Of The Red Tsar, The Red Coffin is a Soviet-era thriller. Set in 1939, it sees Stalin’s most trusted investigator hunting a murderer.

In this race-against-the-clock thriller by Robert Goddard, surgeon Edward Hammond is blackmailed by a Serbian gangster after saving his life 13 years earlier. Softcover •

Softcover • 354 pages •

328 pages •

Softcover • 395 pages •

22584 PRICE 32.99 $

25652 PRICE 25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7 $

20811 PRICE $18.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $14


Married to the mob Written by Roberta Kray – the widow of infamous London gangster Reggie Kray – Broken Home centres upon two sisters, their murdered father … and a lifetime of lies. Hope Randall was living a quiet life until she discovered that she has a half-sister, Connie. To find her sister, Hope will have to return to London and enter the dark underworld of the East End. And, it’s not just the notoriously savage Street family she’ll have to worry about, there’s also a psychopath on the loose, who’s attacking working girls.


Broken Home is perfect for fans of author Martina Cole. It offers a realistic portrayal of the London gangland scene as Roberta used her insight as a gangster’s wife to write this story. Softcover •

Three murders in a quiet Amish community Breaking Silence, the third in Linda Castillo’s thrilling Kate Burkholder series, sees Chief of Police Kate Burkholder find three Amish people drowned in a hog pit.


The accident in the hog pit claimed the lives of Solly and Rachel Slabaugh and Solly’s brother, Abel, leaving four children as orphans. As Kate’s investigation progresses, she realises that the deaths were not an accident, and the case becomes a murder enquiry. As the case deepens, Kate develops a bond with the children, particularly the 15-year-old daughter, Solome. There’s something about this case that stirs up personal memories for Kate. Then, as more information comes to light, she discovers something far more shocking ... Softcover • 295 pages •

28123 PRICE $32.99

31197 PRICE $32.99

Choose from our full selection of books, CDs and DVDs at A mind-bending story of murder In this psychological thriller, a family has been murdered in Stockholm and Erik Maria Bark, a retired hypnotist, must interview the sole survivor: a 15-year-old. Softcover • 503 pages •

27285 PRICE 25.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $ 4 $

Two cases of cold-blooded murder

Set of 2

great value

Don’t miss these two crime thrillers: P.J. Parrish’s The Little Death, starring P.I. Louis Kincaid, and John Sandford’s Dark Of The Moon, featuring Virgil Flowers. Set of 2 paperbacks •

28636 PRICE $22.99

Every answer leads to more questions ... It looks like a police officer has killed her abusive husband. It should be an openand-shut case for detective D.D. Warren. Except where is their six-year-old child? Softcover • 356 pages •

23152 PRICE $32.99 9


The recipe for a fresh start A treat worth sharing with the women in your life, Friendship Bread reveals what happens when an anonymous chain letter encourages a grieving mother to bake bread. Softcover • 559 pages •

Set of 2

26449 PRICE $22.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $5




A high-flying drama Set during World War II, The Beauty Chorus is an enthralling drama that revolves around the lives and loves of three female pilots from the Air Transport Auxiliary. Softcover • 434 pages •

The truth hurts ...

The New York Times bestselling author Diane Chamberlain has two surprises for you – her new book The Midwife’s Confession, plus a classic bestseller Before The Storm for free! The Midwife’s Confession: Before Noelle commits suicide, this respected midwife begins to write a letter. It says, “I don’t know how to tell you what I did …” What Noelle is confessing to is a terrible secret, one that’s part of a much larger history of lies and betrayals. Before The Storm: When Laurel Lockwood’s mentally-disabled teenager, Andy, goes from community hero to alleged arsonist, she begins to question how well she really knows her son ... and how far she’ll go to keep her promise to protect him forever. Set of softcover & paperback •

29816 PRICE $32.99

Meet England’s most ruthless queen In this historical novel, Anne O’Brien dramatises the story of Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, who was married to French King Louis VII and English King Henry II. Softcover • 512 pages •

26007 PRICE $32.99 10


“Diane Chamberlain is a marvelously gifted author! Every book she writes is a real gem.” – Literary Times



24338 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10

Waltzing through the darkest hours of life Written by Australian author Rosalie Ham, There Should Be More Dancing contains Margery Blandon’s reckonings on loyalty, grief and love. Margery is a principled woman who regularly seeks inspiration from desktop calendars. She has just turned 80 and – as she sits on the roof of a hotel, contemplating suicide – she ponders a terrible betrayal. She also relays recent events to her twin sister, Cecily, who died when they were 15. Sound like a farce? Well, it is, but it’s also funny, wise and contemporary.

NEW “Rosalie Ham’s eye for the absurd, the comical and the poignant are highly tuned.” – The Age

Rosalie’s first book, The Dressmaker, is being transformed into a film. Her second book, Summer At Mount Hope, was also praised. The Sun Herald called it “fresh, unusual and entertaining.” Softcover •

30483 PRICE $32.99


Life must go on ... In Pictures Of You, two women are running away from their marriages when their cars collide. The survivor of the crash then befriends the dead woman’s husband and son. Softcover • 458 pages •

29369 PRICE 27.99 $

Emotional stakes have never been higher ... Reminiscent of Anne Tyler novels, Good To A Fault reveals what happens a guilt-ridden woman invites a down-on-their-luck family with three children to live with her. Softcover •

A heart-warming coming-of-age story


“In her second novel, Christine Stinson does an excellent job … This is Australian life in the 1950s when everyone knew who lived in all the houses in the street.” – The Age newspaper.

Eight-year-old Sophie lives in a world of secrets and whispers. She has just been told that she’s a “bastard,” and her father’s identity is unknown. With only her reclusive grandfather to raise her, and her neighbours expecting her to be a delinquent like her mother, she struggles to find her place in the world. She “A warm and enjoyable read soon learns that life is rarely simple, love is with an air of authenticity.” always complicated, and sometimes it takes – The Courier Mail more than blood ties to make a family. Christine Stinson is the Australian author of Getting Even With Fran. Softcover • 323 pages •

32653 PRICE $32.99

439 pages •

26143 PRICE $22.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $5

Two sisters with very different destinies SAVE $


Appealing to readers of Kate Morton, Catching The Tide centres around two sisters who experience forbidden love, adventure and danger. It’s set from 1933 to the 60s. Softcover • 506 pages •

24469 PRICE $25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7

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An innocent woman in a foreign land

Spanning decades and moving from Wales to India, The Kashmir Shawl is a story of love and courage. In the 1930s, newlywed Nerys Ellis leaves rural Wales to accompany her husband on a missionary posting to India. After World War II breaks out, her husband leaves for the frontline and she forms a scandalous friendship with Rainer Stamm, a handsome, enigmatic mountaineer. Many years later, Mair Ellis finds a hidden antique shawl. Wrapped inside it is a lock of child’s hair and a photograph. This discovery inspires her to visit India and find out what happened to her grandparents when they were missionaries. “Rosie Thomas writes with This is another sweeping saga by beautiful, effortless prose, and Rosie Thomas, the award-winning shows a rare compassion and a author of Iris And Ruby. Softcover • real understanding of the nature $ of love.” – The Times 30462 PRICE


NEW 11


An explosive secret mission

fantastic fiction

Written by Gerald Seymour, who authored Harry’s Game, which became a TV mini-series, A Deniable Death is an epic novel about a British intelligence plot. Covert Rural Observation Posts are places where men like Danny ‘Badger’ Baxter hide for endless hours, secretly recording criminal or terrorist activity. But now Badger has a more important job to do.


British intelligence agency MI6 plan to assassinate a bomb-maker when he leaves his house in Iran to visit Europe. But first, they need to know when he is leaving, and where he is going. So this is why Badger finds himself on the wrong side of the Iranian border, knowing that if he is caught, the government will “One of the modern deny all knowledge of him. Softcover •

masters of the craft.” – The Daily Mail

Set of 2

28619 PRICE

These two mesmerising psychological thrillers – Shira Nayman’s The Listener and Alice Lichtenstein’s Lost – explore how past tragedies can leave lasting legacies. Set of softcover & paperback •

Two futuristic whodunits

31131 PRICE 29.99

21 in

This great-value double-pack contains books five and six in Patricia Cornwell’s renowned Dr Kay Scarpetta crime fiction series.

22696 PRICE $22.99

Enter at your own risk

From Potter’s Field: It’s Christmas time and a body has been discovered in New York’s Central Park. All signs point to Dr Scarpetta’s old nemesis, Temple Brooks Gault, as the killer. Scarpetta’s colleagues, Marino and Wesley, provide support as this murder case becomes dangerously out of control. 2-in-1 paperback •

2 1 books in


Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a kick-ass cop with attitude to burn. This J.D. Robb omnibus contains two of her best adventures: Creation In Death and Strangers In Death. 2-in-1 paperback •

The Body Farm: After an 11-year-old girl is found murdered in the small town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, Dr Scarpetta uses her forensic skills to track the killer. The Body Farm, a research institute that tests the decomposition of corpses, proves to be an enlightening place ….

22717 PRICE $22.99


Two mesmerising thrillers


Two Kay Scarpetta mysteries


Set in France, this thrilling novel from the awardwinning author of The Road Home centres on disputed territory, sibling rivalry and a shocking violent crime. Softcover • 253 pages •




93262 PRICE $16.99 WAS $34.99 SAVE $18


A conspiracy thriller set NEW in the heart of Rome

Dragged into a deadly conspiracy

Jon Trace, the bestselling author of The Venice Conspiracy, takes us to the streets of Rome, where a bizarre mystery is unfolding …


Tom Clancy, the internationally bestselling author of The Hunt For Red October and Dead Or Alive, introduces a new hero – ex-Navy SEAL Max Moore – who must infiltrate and destroy a drug cartel.

A woman has been arrested in Rome. She’s young, beautiful, and covered in blood. She claims to be on the run from an ancient cult that brought the city to its knees centuries ago. To discover the truth, ex-priest Tom Shaman teams up with a headstrong policewoman. But within Rome’s corridors of power, enemies are conspiring against them. And someone is re-enacting sinister legends from the city’s bloody past.

After a terrorist bombing in Pakistan wipes out Max’s entire CIA team, he plunges deeper into treacherous tribal lands to find the terrorist cell. But what he discovers in Pakistan leads him to a much darker conspiracy in an unexpected part of the globe – the American/ Mexican border. Here, a drug war rages between the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels. Drawn into this deadly battleground, Max and his team of specially selected agents uncover an unholy plan – a strike against the very heart of America.

Loaded with action that rockets from majestic cathedrals to vast underground vaults, The Rome Prophecy will dazzle fans of authors Dan Brown and James Rollins. Softcover •

Hardback •

30620 PRICE $51.99

30711 PRICE $29.99

This discovery will change the world ... Sanctus is an apocalyptic conspiracy thriller like no other. It begins in Turkey, where a group of dangerous fanatics will kill to conceal a 3000-year-old secret.




Softcover • 488 pages •

24507 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10

Deadly secrets The search to expose the ancient – and deadly – secrets of Christianity continues in The Templar Salvation, a suspenseful followup to The Last Templar. Softcover • 405 pages •

14210 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

great value

Set of 2

28628 PRICE



Fast-paced tales of espionage For John le Carré fans comes these riveting spy thrillers, Free Agent and Free Country. They are the first books in Jeremy Duns’ fast-paced Agent Paul Dark trilogy. Set of paperback & softcover •





great author

Set of 3

Set of 3

Three addictive reads

Classic crime at an unbeatable price

You’ll have your hands full with this set of three classics by Sophie Kinsella, the author of the Shopaholic series.

This value pack contains three crime thrillers from Lynda La Plante. They all feature ex-lieutenant Lorraine Page.

Remember Me?: When Lexi wakes up in a hospital, she think it’s 2004, but instead it’s 2007 and she doesn’t recognise her husband. The Undomestic Goddess: A workaholic attorney becomes a housekeeper. Shopaholic & Sister: Shopaholic Becky Bloomwood learns that she has a sister. Set of 3 paperbacks •

Cold Shoulder: Lorraine Page is attacked by a serial killer while living on Skid Row. Cold Blood: During her first case as a private detective, Lorraine investigates the disappearance of a movie star’s daughter. Cold Heart: Lorraine has to find out what happened to a movie mogul.

29505 PRICE 33.99 WAS $39.95 SAVE 5 $


Guaranteed thrills at a great price excellent value

Set of 4

A crime thriller quartet! Captured, by Neil Cross, revolves around a dying man, who’s searching for his missing friend. Cold Kiss, by John Rector, sees a couple rescue a sick hitchhiker. In Chris Carter’s The Executioner, Detective Hunter is on the trail of a sadistic killer. The Genesis Plague, by Michael Byrnes, is a pacy thriller about an ancient curse and an archaeological mystery. Set of 4 paperbacks •

27406 PRICE $39.99 14

Set of 3 softcovers •

27356 PRICE $33.99

Two engrossing stories You’ll be enthralled by these dramatic, thought-provoking novels: Chris Bohjalian’s Midwives, an Oprah’s Book Club selection, and Lisa Tucker’s The Promised World. Set of softcover & paperback •

Set of 2

28607 PRICE $27.99

Double the thrills! Two of history’s greatest spy stories begin here! Thomas Greanias’ The Promised War, starring an Israeli counter-terrorism agent, and Michael Dobbs’ The Reluctant Hero. Set of softcover & paperback •

28578 PRICE $27.99

gripping reads

Set of 2


2 1

2 1

books in

2 1

books in

books in













Two fast-paced books in one volume

Double serve of drama and mystery

Two bestsellers by a beloved author

These two classic crime thrillers by bestselling author Michael Robotham were called “genuinely terrifying” by the Literary Review.

Two of the novels that put bestselling author Anita Shreve on the fast-track to success are back as a great-value duo.

The Drowning Man: Detective Vincent Ruiz nearly drowned. He can’t remember what happened – and now he’s a suspect in a murder. Bombproof: Soon after Sami Macbeth was released from prison, he is wrongly accused of terrorism and forced to go on the run.

The Weight Of Water: In 1995, a photographer is sent to a small island off the coast of New Hampshire to research a legendary crime, which involved two murders. Resistance: In 1943, Claire, the wife of a Resistance fighter, hides an American fighter pilot from the Nazis. 2-in-1 paperback •

Romance and heart-stopping suspense are the drawcards in this Nora Roberts omnibus, which includes two of the bestselling author’s most unforgettable tales.

2-in-1 paperback •

Two puzzling cases for Tom Thorne This great-value Mark Billingham omnibus contains two classic crime fiction bestsellers that both feature Detective Inspector Tom Thorne: Lifeless and Buried. 2-in-1 paperback •

22738 PRICE 22.99 $

2 1 books in

The Reef: Marine experts Tate and Matthew fall in love when they search the ocean for a legendary jewelled amulet. Midnight Bayou: Declan is living in Manet Hall, an allegedly haunted house, when he meets a woman with a secret past. 2-in-1 paperback •

Two timeless tales Megaselling author Danielle Steel writes about issues close to her heart, like romance and family drama. This omnibus contains Kaleidoscope and Family Album. 2-in-1 paperback •

22729 PRICE $22.99

2 1 books in

Order 24/7 on (09) 479 1609 15


NEW Peeking inside foreign prisons

Families Behind Bars explores the journeys of families from all over the world who have experienced the trauma of having a loved one detained in a foreign prison. In this updated version of her bestselling book, author Kay Danes revisits the prisoners and reveals what has changed for them since 2008. She describes life inside the hellish prisons, the conditions the prisoners endure, and their personal stories. Kay knows what it’s like to be imprisoned in a foreign jail. Along with her husband, Kerry, she was imprisoned in a prison in Laos in 2000. Daily torture was inflicted on the couple to force them to confess to a crime, but they maintained their innocence and were released and pardoned. Softcover •



Mug shots of the rich and famous

The biggest cons in Australia

From actor Charlie Sheen to serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, Busted contains 460 mug shots and detailed arrest records of famous ‘criminals’ from the last 150 years. 540 B&W photos •

Penned by Paul Taylor, the author of Australian Ripping Yarns, Rip Off! explores a cornucopia of deception and dirty tricks in Australia over the centuries. Paperback •

Softcover • 479 pages •

250 pages •

19899 PRICE 22.99

19175 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7


More True Crime books @

33206 PRICE $29.99

Murders, mysterious disappearances and more From the Backpacker murders to the Bega Schoolgirls slayings, Crime Investigation Australia explores some of the nation’s most shocking crimes.



Using testimony from the key detectives, witnesses and victims’ family members, Ian Parry-Okeden covers the: • Anita Cobby murder • Beaumont Children mystery • Greenough Family massacre • John Wayne Glover’s ‘granny killer’ crime spree • and more. 16 pages of photos • Softcover • 312 pages •


09871 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

A convicted murderer visits the crime capitals While serving 24 years in prison for murder and manslaughter, Norman Parker gained a degree in criminology. Now as a bestselling author, he turns his attention to the world’s most terrifying organisations. In Dangerous People, Dangerous Places, Norman encounters drug dealers, violent gang members, professional killers and terrorists. He shares these stories and his insight in this book. Softcover • 313 pages •

26853 PRICE $22.99


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ... Katie Piper was held captive for eight hours, viciously raped and subjected to an acid attack on her face. Beautiful is her shocking and inspiring story. Softcover • 314 pages •

26903 PRICE $27.99

“It was like breaking into Hell.” – Denis Avey The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz is the incredible true story of British POW Denis Avey who spent two nights in Auschwitz after swapping places with a Jewish inmate. Softcover • 264 pages •

29265 PRICE $34.99

This true story will transform your life Australian Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, but he expresses more humour and optimism than most people. His memoir tells his inspiring and funny story. Softcover • 238 pages •

23553 PRICE $27.99

Madeleine McCann’s mother reveals all ...

This is an intimate account from Kate McCann on the disappearance – and continuing search – for her daughter, Madeleine. Three-year-old Madeleine went missing in 2007 when her British family were holidaying in Portugal. This case caused global controversy as The Daily Mail reported that Madeleine was left unsupervised in a ground floor bedroom while her parents ate at a restaurant approximately 120 metres away. Kate said, “There are several different reasons as to why I finally came to the decision with my husband Gerry to write and publish this book … Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl.”


Softcover •

35330 PRICE $33.99

The incredible story of elite snipers This is the first book to be published about the elite unit that killed terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.


SEAL Team Six is one of only two special missions units within the United States special operations force. Focusing on counterterrorism, hostage rescue and counterinsurgency, it operates outside the parameters of normal military protocol, receiving mission approval direct from the president. Written by Howard E. Wasdin, a former shooter for the SEAL Team Six, this is a behind-the-scenes chronicle. Moving from the selection process to secret missions, it takes you deep inside the world of Navy SEALs and Special Forces snipers. It is one of the most explosive military memoirs in years! 16 pages of B&W photos • Softcover •

33854 PRICE $33.99 17


Beautiful baking to make


There are over 200 step-by-step recipes for you to try, from classic sponges to rich fruit cakes, traditional breads and pastries and pies. There is even a ‘what went wrong’ feature. Photos • Softcover • 255 pages •

31399 PRICE $29.99

Images from: Essential Baking

Almond Friands

Set of 2

Essential Baking is truly a baker’s delight! This is the jewel in the crown of a popular series that has sold four million copies worldwide. It has been revised with stunning new contemporary design and photography.

Finger Buns

Date & Walnut Rolls

The trendiest treats in the baking world

Spoil yourself and your family With Gorgeous Cakes and Scrumptious Cupcakes to guide you, serve everyone a slice of luxury with Rose Gateau, New York Cheesecake or Apple Streusel Cupcakes. Colour photos • Set of 2 padded hardbacks •

31544 PRICE $22.99

Nibble on this! Bitesize is the baking bible for the modern girl. Stepping away from traditional recipes, Bitesize offers more cosmopolitan treats like Banana Daiquiri Cupcakes. Colour photos • Paperback • 108 pages •

31684 PRICE $22.99

Move over cupcakes, whoopie pies have come to town! Not quite a cake, not quite a biscuit, these sweet treats are like soft cookies that sandwich a filling or frosting. Start with the Classic Chocolate And Marshmallow Fluff Pies, then progress to Creamy Coconut Cloud Pies. For the advanced, you can make a towering rainbow-hued Whoopie Pie Croquembouche. Indulge in the latest baking craze! Colour

Includes 12 silicon cupcake cases

95353 PRICE



WAS $31.99



photos • Hardback •

Bake, decorate, devour! Images from: Whoopie Pies


The cult of the cupcake continues with this kit elevating cupcake-making to an art form. It contains 12 colourful silicon cupcake moulds plus a book of 40-plus recipes.

17717 PRICE $27.99 Chocolate & Cherry Pies

Almond & Armaretto Pies

Boxed set of 12 silicon cupcake cases & illustrated softcover •

cooking Editor’s Choice

French classics by a Michelin-starred chef

Set of 2

Learn the secrets of the French Michelinstarred chef, Daniel Galmiche. Celeb chef Heston Blumenthal is a fan!

Tasty tapas and more Moroccan for you! Take your tastebuds on an exotic journey with this set of two cookbooks. Make Moroccan Roast Chicken Stuffed With Couscous and Ham And Goat’s Cheese Empanadillas. Colour photos • Set of 2 hardbacks •

In the French Brasserie Cookbook, Daniel presents 100 brasserie recipes with a modern Mediterranean twist. You can’t go past the Roast Leg Of Lamb With Garlic And Lavender, Wild Mushroom And Herb Risotto, Grilled Fillet Of Sea Bass With Caramelized Lemon And Basil Oil, or Tarte Tatin With Rosemary. Colour photos • Hardback •

32360 PRICE $39.99

23413 PRICE $26.99

Images from: French Brasserie Cookbook

Which cuisine do you fancy for dinner? From the chef who patented the F-word comes a book of world recipes to swear by, including Middle Eastern Lamb Tagine SAVE With Herb Couscous $ and American Chicken Pot Pie. Colour photos •


Hardback • 256 pages •

84212 PRICE 26.99 WAS $46.99 SAVE $20 $

hardback • 192 pages •

Tarte Tatin With Rosemary And Toasted Almonds

Lamb Shanks Braised In Red Wine

Braised Purple Artichokes With Lemongrass, Rocket And Parmesan

Join the family! Nouha Taouk is a Lebanese-Australian woman from a vibrant family with a strong cooking tradition. Here she reveals culinary secrets and childhood memories, which are shared over the kitchen counter. Peppered among authentic recipes for Baba Ganoush, Spinach Pie and Baklava are the traditions and techniques passed down from generation to generation. Locate the very soul of Lebanese cooking. Colour photos •

Tempt your tastebuds with Tapas Tapas may have originated from Spain but these bitesized pieces of heaven are making their way around the world. Features over 80 yummy recipes to choose from. Padded


Hardback • 255 pages •

17634 PRICE $27.99

Tomato Salsa

24614 PRICE $ 60.99

Date Rolls

Images from: Whispers From A Lebanese Kitchen



Take the pressure off cooking Let the pressure cooker do all the work for you! You can have delicious home-cooked meals on the table in minutes with the Pressure Cooker Cookbook.


Fiery Chilli Relish

Taste and nutrients are definitely not sacrificed when you use this cookbook. Tuck into Chicken And Prawn Laksa, Marinated Pork Belly Strips or Osso Bucco practically as soon as you get home. Even desserts, like Lemon Cheesecake, are so easy to do. Colour photos • Softcover • 175 pages •

32665 PRICE $29.99 Images from: Pressure Cooker Cookbook

Passionfruit Peach Jam Images from: Preserves

Learn from the experts Offering a diversity of simple-to-make recipes from the kitchens of the country’s favourite cooks, Country Women’s Association Preserves is an essential ingredient for your kitchen shelf. With more than 90 recipes in total, your tastebuds will soon be dancing over the traditional, tempting, tried-and true taste of relishes, chutneys, pickles, jams, conserves and more that feature within. Softcover • 185 pages •

14177 PRICE $27.99

Choose from our full selection of books, CDs Curried Lamb Shanks

Pesto Risotto With Peas

Bottle now and enjoy it later Set of 2

95267 PRICE



Warm them up from the inside The weather may be chilly, but stomachs will stay snug and satisfied with hearty recipes for Chicken Gumbo Soup, Seafood Chilli, Vegetable Goulash and more. Colour photos • Set of 2 wiro-bound hardbacks • 20

Bottling fruit has never been so quick and easy! Rediscover the pleasure of making your own preserves, jams, jellies, pickles and more with this mess-free method! Softcover • 222 pages •

26846 PRICE $25.99

Whip up a one-pot dish This impressive collection of recipes is the ultimate in hassle-free cooking. Highlights from the 1001 recipes include Garlic Mushroom Ravioli and Spring Lamb Stew. Colour photos • Hardback • 304 pages •

28569 PRICE $29.99

celebrity cooks

Your tastebuds won’t tell the difference! If you want to eat healthy food while keeping the flavours of your favourite meals, look no further than OMG! I Can Eat That? A wide range of food varieties are covered – from nibbles, soups, chicken, beef and seafood, to desserts – you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on the good stuff. Make Beef Bourguignon, burgers and even Rhubarb And Strawberry Crumble! Kids will love it too! Colour photos • Softcover • 221 pages •

This is the cookbook of Eva Longoria, best known for playing Gabrielle on the TV show Desperate Housewives. But she is a cook at heart – food is a big part of her life, and she is also co-owner of two upscale restaurants. In Eva’s Kitchen, she not only gives you the recipes to her best dishes, but also explains their significance to her. Highlights are Mexican Rice, Sopa De Fideo and Honey-Glazed Salmon. Colour photos • Hardback •

31262 PRICE $33.99

Images from: OMG! I Can Eat That?

24424 PRICE $39.99

Texas-style Mexican cooking, NEW and more!

Pumpkin Soup

Images from: Eva’s Kitchen

Chicken Parma

and DVDs at Stuffed Green Peppers

Olivia Newton-John shares her favourite recipes

Cuisine and conversation with a gossip guru

Brazilian Leeks

Cranberry-Poached Pears

From Blue Heelers to super mum

Singer Olivia NewtonJohn radiates health and positivity. In this cookbook, she reveals her wellness secrets and 65 recipes for breakfast, snacks, mains and desserts. Colour photos •

Entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen shares some of his favourite showbiz dinner parties. There are 50-plus recipes and plenty of celebrity interviews and gossip. Colour photos •

Ten time Logie Award winner Lisa McCune and her friend Di Thomas have written a cookbook that focuses on kids. Feed fussy eaters with the nutritious Zucchini Slice. Colour photos •

Softcover • 192 pages •

Hardback • 224 pages •

Softcover • 225 pages •

27121 PRICE $39.99

25132 PRICE 27.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $12 $

23289 PRICE $34.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $5


craft SAVE

Paint a perfect portrait



Painting portraits of people is one of the trickiest things to do. How do you paint the eyes right, or portray the arms in proportion? And how do you capture a neckline?


In How To Paint Living Portraits, Roberta Carter Clark will teach you how to paint lifelike portraits in oil, charcoal and watercolour. She will also help you overcome common stumbling blocks for artists like skin and hair colour. B&W diagrams, colour illustrations & colour photos • Softcover •

Hit a home run with these DIY projects

31321 PRICE


29.99 Images from: How To Paint Living Portraits

Hammers at the ready! The Great Australian DIY Book has more than 70 step-by-step home improvement projects, from a bookcase to a birdhouse, to suit all skill levels. Photos & diagrams • Softcover • 463 pages •

89881 PRICE $16.99 WAS $48.99 SAVE $32

Stains, begone! Bestselling household guides Spotless and Spotless 2 are now in one edition! books Spotless: From in tackling a dirty kettle in the kitchen to soap scum build-up in the shower, Spotless is your indispensable, sanity-saving reference!

2 1

Spotless 2: Responding to real-life situations, Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming provide easy, eco-friendly solutions, and also supply a chapter on cleaning carpets. 2-in-1 hardback • 602 pages •

26387 PRICE $29.99 22

Become a skilled artist with these simple lessons Attend art classes in your own home with this Simply Drawing gift set with illustrated manual and DVD.

Includes DVD

Produced by skilled artist Jacqui Grantford, the step-by-step book teaches you the basics of drawing, including equipment, shading techniques and lighting. It also explains how to produce landscapes and still lives, and depict humans and animals. The DVD Bestselling author Alan Hayes has contains a 51-minute produced the ultimate guide to living masterclass. Colour the sustainable way. Looking for a & B&W photos & natural first aid solution? Alan has illustrations • 64-page the answer. Softcover • 333 pages •

Live naturally, save the world!

spiral-bound softcover & 51-minute DVD •

97974 PRICE $27.99

26957 PRICE $19.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $10


Stitch it yourself – it’s so simple! Pip Lincolne, author of Meet Me At Mike’s and an owner of a handmade goodie shop, will walk you through 25 things you can make for kids, adults and your home. Start with a Miss Adorable Frock for a little princess, a Sunny Day Dress for someone more grown up, and your own beanbag too! Colour photos &


Cute crochet creations

diagrams • Spiral-bound hardback • 151 pages •

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making stuffed crochet animals. Crochet Animals provides tips on basic techniques, then it teaches you how to make 15 amigurumi toys. Photos

34063 PRICE $51.99 Images from: Sew La Tea Do

Oh My! PJ Bags

& diagrams • Softcover •

Image from: Baby Booties

20372 PRICE $16.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $23

You’ll love these easy-to-sew projects Pompom Socks

Cool crochet creations Cruise along with these simple crochet patterns that will see you creating something spectacular! You will be guided through initial stitches to advanced projects.

Make a practical gift Keep a little tot’s toes warm with a pair of special handmade booties. This adorable collection of colourful baby booties will inspire knitters with its quintessential French styling.

Colour photos • Softcover • 128 pages •

The 18 detailed projects feature classic cable-knit socks, stripy gladiator sandals and brightly-coloured Mary Janes. Each project provides sizes for babies from three to 12 months. Colour photos & diagrams • Softcover •

17919 PRICE 29.99

27145 PRICE 27.99



If the idea of wearing your own handmade clothes and accessories appeals to you, Sew La Tea Do has it covered.





Discover the joys of stitching with this beautifully photographed book, which contains more than 20 project ideas. In Stitch With Love, Mandy Shaw, the author of Quilt Yourself Gorgeous, provides a perfect introduction to 11 simple stitches, with step-by-step instruction for both right and left handers. The projects include cushions, Christmas decorations, an apron, a blanket and more. Colour photos • Softcover • 128 pages •

27026 PRICE $29.99 23


Make your quilts stand out Be inspired by Japan and use their simple and sophisticated aesthetic to create your own quilts. Japanese Quilt Inspirations have 14 easy-to-make projects for you to try at home. There are ten stunning quilt patterns, each based on traditional sources. Some of the highlights of this guide are the Kimono Quilt, and an ingenious Fabric Scrapbook Quilt. Even koi fish are featured in one project. Colour diagrams & photos •


Softcover •

31345 PRICE $29.99

Images from: Japanese Quilt Inspirations

Embellish your sewing knowledge Stitch together the foundations of machine and hand sewing in Sewing Basics. This easy-to-follow book will have you approaching a needle and thread with confidence. 300+ photos • Softcover •

27187 PRICE $39.99 Matsuri Festival Quilt

Don’t be a square!

Calling all quilters Patchwork and quilting aficionados will adore Kaffe Fassett’s 12th book on the subject where he demonstrates traditional piecing interpreted with a fresh, modern twist. As always, the book includes a gallery of the featured 20 quilts, with the ingredients list of fabrics and full written instructions illustrated with coloured diagrams. Templates for the quilts appear in the appendix. Colour photos • Softcover • 144 pages •

20393 PRICE $51.99 24

Hanui Patchwork Kimono

Break out of the box with these fun and creative knit and crochet blocks. This book brings geometric, circular and irregular shapes to life for the at-home craftsperson with this delightful mix of conventional and unconventional blocks. Once you’re acquainted with the blocks, you’ll be shown how to mix and match them together and ideas for incorporating the blocks into clothes and accessories. Colour diagrams & photos • Softcover • 144 pages •

26627 PRICE $39.99

Cosy knits with an arty twist Customising your knits is easier than you think with this book of over 35 easy projects, such as snuggly scarves, head-warming hats and mega-cute mittens. Colour photos • Softcover • 128 pages •

70003 PRICE $27.99 WAS $33.99 SAVE $ 6


Be the master of a great garden


Leading organic gardener Bob Flowerdew has some great advice in Companion Planting and Pruning, Training And Tidying. Make the most of your garden and make your produce the best it can be. The books are packed with tips, like suggesting growing chives under roses to help the roses resist blackspot and increase their quality. Then learn the best time of the year to prune different plants. Colour illustrations & photos • Set of 2 hardbacks •

Fun foliage to feature in your garden

32864 PRICE $39.99

The Foliage Garden is a directory of plants whose form and foliage are their greatest attributes, not just their flowers. It focuses on trees, shrubs, climbers and ferns.

Set of 2

Softcover • 400 pages •

22869 PRICE $32.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $7

Plants used to attract and sustain beneficial ‘bugs’

Join the edible garden revolution with this wonderfully presented gift-set, which includes a Grow Your Own Food book and DVD.

Have you met herb? Guiding you through every stage of organic herb-growing, as well as medicinal, culinary and household uses, Jekka McVicar showcases more than 100 of her favourite herbs. Colour photos • Hardback • 256 pages •

14016 PRICE $27.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $12

Images from: Pruning, Training & Tidying and Companion Planting

Pruning in Winter.

Save money by being self-sufficient

Designed for both novice and experienced gardeners, the DVD, How To Grow Vegetables, explains how to plant and harvest a wide range of crops using organic farming techniques. The Includes full-colour book contains DVD how-to gardening advice alongside money-saving ideas. Colour photos • Mini softcover & DVD •


Cultivate a quality garden quickly Get a gorgeous garden without working hard! Make your garden the envy of your neighbourhood with the help of Short Cuts To Great Gardens and have a beautiful, lowmaintenance garden in no time. This practical guide covers all types of lifestyles, garden locations and garden design ideas. There are also suggestions for instant improvements, spreading the workload and time-saving tools. Colour photos & illustrations • Hardback •

colour photos

336 pages •

12333 PRICE $29.99

17940 PRICE $37.99 25

kids babies/toddler 0-3 yrs

Set of 2


$ 0-4 yrs

Make your walls more Wiggly!



DVD 32646 $32.95 RATED G 256 mins

Get ready to Wiggle It’s hard to believe that The Wiggles have been around for 20 years, but their two decade anniversary has arrived already! The colourful foursome – Anthony, Murray, Jeff and Sam – present three favourite DVDs of Wiggly hits. There’s plenty of fuel in the Big Red Car to keep energetic kids dancing! This pack includes You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, Sing A Song Of Wiggles and Go Bananas!. Set of 3 DVDs •

NEW Slipcased set of 4

2-4 yrs

Includes stickers, posters & more!

Is your child a wiggly one? In The Marvellously Massive Poster Book, you can get posters of all the favourite Wiggly friends and complete the activities too! There are over 50 stickers and a giant poster. Then enjoy the company of Dorothy the Dinosaur in the Delightful And Divine Poster Book, which comes with activities, posters, over 50 stickers and a giant poster of Dorothy and her friends. Colour photos • Set of 2 softcovers with posters, 2 giant posters & 100+ stickers •

34745 PRICE $14.99

SAVE $10

35594 PRICE 59.99 $


Fun to read aloud This set of three, Baby’s Very First Noisy Book, Baby’s Very First Word Book and Baby’s First Flashcards, will introduce babies to the basic concepts of their world. Colour illustrations • Set of 2 hardbacks & flashcards •

26230 PRICE $27.99 WAS $46.99 SAVE $19 1-3 yrs Set of 2

when you take all 3 sets

We’ll travel near and we’ll travel far Toot toot chugga chugga! Join the Wiggles on a journey of exploration with this slipcase full of fun Wiggles stories! There are four boardbooks in this cool bundle, which includes the book Roaring Across The Roads. The slipcase, which is shaped like the Big Red Car, makes a fun addition to any bookshelf. Join Anthony, Murray, Sam and Jeff on this rollicking, wiggly adventure in the Big Red Car! Illustrations • Set of 4 boardbooks in slipcase •

33912 PRICE $22.99 26

Set of 3

Baby see, baby do Baby Face and Baby Shapes books are all about looking, smelling and listening. Watch your baby’s face light up with these simple texts and endearing illustrations. Set of 2 board books •

20328 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

KIds toddler/preschool

Peek-a-boo with animals There’s so much to learn about the animal kingdom, and where better to start than Did You Know? Amazing Animals and Wild Animals. It’s a duo of lift-theflap books. Set of 2

Set of 2

2-5 yrs

boardbooks with flaps •

Teach your kids some valuable lessons EDITOR’S CHOICE


Set of 2

1-5 yrs

28768 PRICE $27.99

Alphabet fun for everyone! Teach your child the alphabet, the wonderful building blocks of words. The Alphabet Express contains educational activities presented in a variety of formats.

From Axel Scheffler, the illustrator of The Gruffalo, comes two cute Pip & Posy books!

3+ yrs

Boxed set with carry handle including two softcovers, CD-ROM, flash cards, pens & wipe-clean mat •

17320 PRICE $22.99

Includes cd-rom, flash cards & more

In The Little Puddle, Pip has so much fun playing that he accidentally leaves a puddle on the floor! This gentle story is all about pottytraining. Then kids will learn a great lesson in sharing and saying sorry in The Super Scooter, when Posy really wants a go on Pip’s scooter, and snatches it away. Colour illustrations • Set of 2 padded hardbacks •

33263 PRICE $39.99

Richard Scarry classics Teach home truths Entertain and educate your little one with the help of Richard Scarry’s muchloved Busytown tales and characters.

2-4 yrs

Includes stickers & poster

Set of 10




Featuring the Fire Engine Box Set, which contains eight fun-filled boardbooks, Welcome To Busytown! Sticker And Poster Book and the BestEver Colours, Shapes And Numbers Sticker And Poster Book, this set will bring joy to every youngster, while teaching them basic learning concepts. Set of 8 boardbooks & 2 softcovers with stickers & poster •

16280 PRICE $17.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $22

These books were illustrated by the acclaimed Eric Carle. The Foolish Tortoise is sick of walking slowly so he leaves his heavy shell behind. But once he steps out of his shell, he is too scared to walk anywhere!

Set of 2

Have You Seen My Cat? is a sturdy slide-and-peek book. A little boy can’t find his cat, and embarks on a quest to find his pet. He meets lions and tigers but none of them are his cat! Set of 2 boardbooks, one with slide-&-peek features •

2-4 yrs

27976 PRICE $27.99 27

kids first learning

An album fit for a princess


Set of 5

Keep a record of your princess as she grows up throughout primary school. Each grade has a page for your daughter to fill in information like how tall she is and her favourite things. Filled with eight pockets to store everything from photos to report cards, it will keep all her memories safe for years to come. It’s a real treat for fans of Disney princesses like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

5-12 yrs

Hardback with pockets •

28776 PRICE






5-7 yrs

Learn maths and language skills with Disney friends! Created by experts to help children master key strategies and skills, Disney School Skills is a powerful learning tool designed to help your child succeed! Colour illustrations • Set of 5 softcovers •

20468 PRICE $27.99 WAS $39.99 SAVE $12

Three classics with a contemporary twist 3+ yrs

Set of 4

Stories for boys and girls alike With nine enthralling, timeless stories and a colour illustration on each page, your children will fall under a quiet spell as they discover stories that previous generations cherished. The stories include Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Goldilocks And The Three Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, Gingerbread Man and Hansel And Gretel. Colour illustrations • Hardback •

34332 PRICE $22.99 28

8+ yrs

Developed by reading experts, these three classics with read-along CDs will entice even the most reluctant of readers.

7+ yrs

21900 PRICE

Set of 3

Gulliver’s Travels: tells the story of Gulliver, who discovers a town of miniature people. Aladdin & His Magical Lamp: SAVE Aladdin finds a genie $ with the power to Includes grant wishes. The CDs Emperor’s New Clothes: a retelling of a comical fairytale about a fashion-crazy emperor. 3 hardbacks & 3 CDs •


22022 PRICE $27.99

WAS $46.99

SAVE $19



WAS $29.99



Classic swashbuckling tales retold for kids Usborne Illustrated Adventure Stories features the classics: The Count Of Monte Cristo, Don Quixote, The Three Musketeers, The Prisoner Of Zenda and The 39 Steps. Colour illustrations • Padded hardback • 336 pages •


Give the gift of a classic

Set of 2

These two P.D. Eastman rhyming tales are classics. In these two books, kids will see a baby bird’s journey to find his mum and two birds in search of the perfect nest.

5-8 yrs

Illustrations • Set of 2 softcovers •

23641 PRICE $22.99

Celebrating 25 years This is the 25th anniversary edition of Samantha Seagull’s Sandals. Samantha wants to be different from all the other silver gulls and finds a daring way to do it.

A totally bonkers book!


Daddy Lost His Head is so funny, you’ll laugh your head off! It was illustrated by Quentin Blake, who is famous for his art in Roald Dahl’s books. This wonderfully original story is about a dad with no head. At first, it seems like a lot of fun – he doesn’t shout or snore, he always agrees with you and loves to clean up. Then you can make him a head of his own. But will Daddy ever find his real head? Illustrations • Paperback

5-8 yrs

33895 PRICE $19.99 4+ yrs

Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Colour illustrations • Hardback •

26461 PRICE $27.99

Choose from our full selection of books, CDs and DVDs at

Set of 2

Comes with bonus charms

Award-winning picture books

You’ll really be charmed when you read Alice In Wonderland and Lady And The Tramp! Each book comes with a beautiful charm that will become a treasured jewellery piece by your child. They’ll be able to carry Alice and Lady around with them everywhere!

This set of six Silver Tale books include Can’t Catch Me, Why?, Our Cat Flossie, Our Puppy’s Holiday, I’ll Show You Blue Kangaroo and The Monster Bed. These award-winning children’s picture books are housed in an attractive silver slipcase. 5-9

These beautiful storybooks tell a classic Disney tale and is brought to life with sweet illustrations. It’s the perfect gift for your little lady! Set of 2 hardbacks & 2 charms •

5-8 yrs Includes 2 charms

28743 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

Set of 6


In I’ll Show You Blue Kangaroo!, Lily and Blue Kangaroo are best friends, but sometimes Lily can’t resist showing off, and soon gets them into trouble … Set of 6 books in slipcase •

24795 PRICE $27.99 WAS $51.99 SAVE $24



24 29

kids school age EDITOR’S CHOICE




Set of 3


5-8 yrs

33999 PRICE



Food for the mind The Big Picture series brings the world and its wonders to life for kids. This set of three – Food Atlas, Feast At The Castle and Bee Menu – are great ways to educate children about food. Food Atlas goes on a gastronomic tour of the world, and explains where food comes from. Feast At The Castle takes a look at food through the ages. And Bee Menu shows why bees are important for our planet. Set of 3 hardbacks •

Environmentally friendly craft for kids! Keep kids entertained with these craft ideas that have been designed with the environment in mind. Every project incorporates some kind of recycled material. Colour photos • Hardback • 123 pages •

19754 PRICE $22.99 WAS $33.99 SAVE $11

9+ yrs

Four books of facts and fun This super set contains four wicked titles, each with 101 exciting puzzles to solve, tons of pics and mountains of fascinating facts.

So Awesome! is crammed with crazy info about the natural world, and there’s plenty of disgusting stuff for kids to discover in So Gross!. It’s a freak-out fest in So Freaky!, while So Cool! is packed with stuff on today’s most advanced technology. Set of 4 softcovers •

06942 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10

9+ yrs Set of 4

Set of 2

Teach kids about Mother Nature The Usborne Little Book Of Animals, Little Book Of Seas & Oceans and Little Book Of Our World are essential reading for growing young minds. Each book includes internet links for extended reading online.


$ 30


Set of 3

Energetic illustrations help drive home the concepts the books explain and provide a visual reference for easier learning and remembering. This will also teach kids to appreciate Mother Nature. Illustrations • Set of 3 hardbacks •

5+ yrs

26226 PRICE $27.99

WAS $46.99

SAVE $19

Have fun with these books! This double pack is the ultimate boredom-buster! In Giant Book Of Cool Stuff and 101 Things To Do Before You Grow Up, kids have so many fun activities to do! Set of 2 spiro-bound hardbacks •

21549 PRICE $46.99

kids school age/older EDITOR’S CHOICE


A funny and illustrated story from a bestseller 7+ yrs Includes DVD, clay and more

If your kids loved Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, get them hooked on this new series from author extraordinaire, James Patterson. James Patterson also penned the Maximum Ride series and the Daniel X saga. In this brand new series, Rafe Kane is in his first year of middle school. He has a survival plan – to break every rule in his school’s Code of Conduct. But Rafe’s game starts to catch up with him …

Visit for great online only special offers

34167 PRICE $27.99

Illustrations • Softcover •

Kids can direct their own fairy film Kids will jump at the chance to create a fairy from clay and then shoot their own movie using computer software that turns still digital photos into an animated movie. Boxed set with 64-page book, movie backdrop, 200 grams of clay & computer DVD • Software is MAC & Windows compatible •

15129 PRICE $22.99

7+ yrs 9+ yrs

We are not alone This is an urgent warning to all members of the human race. You are not alone! Alienology provides the written proof that extraterrestrials aren’t just a thing from the movies. They’re real and they live among us. With chapters on Alien Communication, Identifying Aliens On Earth, A Guide To Alien Species and more, this fully-illustrated title with lift-the-flaps and pull-outs reveals all. Colour illustrations • Hardback with lift-the-flaps •

16276 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

9+ yrs

Future filmmakers will love this! If you’ve got a child with filmmaking talent and creativity to nurture, the Movie Maker will help budding film directors make masterpieces!

Real-life vampires Featuring gems, booklets, photos and more, Vampireology is a thrilling title not to be missed. It traces the true history of vampires in an eye-catching way. Hardback with pull-out novelties •

08484 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

Includes stickers, CD & more

It features a director’s handbook, which contains all the techniques needed to shoot drama, documentary and animation. It also includes stickers and press-outs, special effects and storyboard book and a sound effects CD. Then it’s lights, camera, action! Director’s handbook, stickers, press-outs, special effects & storyboard book & CD in clapper-board case •

7+ yrs

23375 PRICE $22.99 WAS $34.99 SAVE $12 31

exercise & diet

You too can be The Biggest Loser NEW

Look and feel fantastic!

Tiffiny Hall, the trainer of the 2011 winner on The Biggest Loser TV show, embraces a ‘no diet’ weight-loss approach. Instead, she focuses on healthy eating and becoming your own expertly trained warrior within. Weightloss Warrior comes complete with tasty illustrated recipes, motivational advice and triedand-tested weight-loss strategies. This is great guide to long-lasting transformation. Colour photos &

32501 PRICE 33.99 Roasted Carrot Hummus With Fresh Tomato Salsa

Fig And Almond Balls


Lose weight, fast! NEW

Activate your skinny gene and burn fat faster with help from Dr Mike Moreno’s acclaimed 17 Day Diet. This weight-loss program is structured around four 17-day cycles. Each cycle changes your calorie count and the food that you’re eating. This variation that Dr Moreno calls ‘body confusion’ is designed to keep your metabolism guessing. Each phase also comes with acceptable ‘cheat foods.’ Paperback • 242 pages •

32778 PRICE $22.99 “When you’re on a diet, you’ve got to get creative. Here are some suggestions to get the most flavour from your food, without using added fat or sugar: Cayenne Pepper – just a pinch livens up chilli, squash and salad dressings. Consuming cayenne may help suppress your appetite. Cinnamon – Sprinkle this sweet spice in porridge, hot cereals or coffee. A study reported that as little as one gram of cinnamon reduced blood glucose and cholesterol levels in type 2 diabetics. Horseradish – Ditch the gravy and go for horseradish to enliven meat. Or purée it with cottage cheese, along with garlic and pepper, for a healthy vegetable dip or potato topping.” – Extract from The 17 Day Diet


Softcover • 168 pages •

22266 PRICE $29.99

illustrations • Paperback • 202 pages •

Images from: Weightloss Warrior

Lose five kilos in 30 days with Michelle Bridges, Australia’s most successful weight-loss expert who also appeared as a personal trainer on The Biggest Loser.

Eat chocolate and feel great about it! Respected Aussie scientists Dr John Ashton and Dr Lily Stojanovska expose the myths surrounding the world’s favourite treat. It’s full of facts, tips and yummy recipes. Softcover • 181 pages •

25264 PRICE $22.99

Change your body with Elle Macpherson’s trainer Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer teaches you how to get ‘clean’ by detoxing, then transform your body through simple diet changes and maximum-impact exercises. Softcover • 160 pages •

97433 PRICE $27.99

More great exercise

self help & wellbeing

It’s not too late to turn your life around

Find new appreciation for life! These cards by Barbara Ann Kipfer contain inspiring words and practical suggestions to help you overcome everyday stresses, live in the moment and fully embrace life. Illustrated card deck •

15737 PRICE $27.99

Inspired by the life of Andrew Jobling’s mother, Sue, who battled breast and liver cancer for 15 years, Dance Until It Rains reveals lessons that can help us all to live a life of health, happiness and prosperity. Written by Andrew, who has over 25 years experience as a motivational speaker, each chapter follows part of Sue’s story, ending with lessons we can all take from her experiences. Hardback • 142 pages •

24151 PRICE $32.99

Turn your hopes and dreams into reality

Transform your life From the bestselling author of Choosing Happiness comes this thought-provoking exploration of God, faith, spirituality and the nature of belief in the 21st century. Softcover • 364 pages •

15393 PRICE $27.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $5

Angela Donovan, a medium and spiritual mentor who has celebrity clients like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, will teach you how to change your thoughts to make your dreams come true. She can help you to: • let go of self-doubt and overcome your deepest fears • uncover your passions and talents • create genuinely good vibes around you that will draw great people and situations your way. Hardback • 312 pages •

26606 PRICE $29.99

& diet titles at

“Patrick Holford is one of the world’s leading authorities on new approaches to health and nutrition.” – The Daily Mail


Take care of yourself Unbalanced hormones play havoc with women’s lives and cause problems like PMS and endometriosis to fibroids, breast cancer and menopausal problems. Wellness expert Patrick Holford, author of 6 Weeks To Super Health, explains how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can greatly improve your hormonal health. It’s packed with practical advice, backed up with the latest scientific research. Paperback •

29188 PRICE $32.99 33


Delve deep into the mysteries of God and life


Does God really exist or is he just a way of thinking? Is there really a special reason that you are here? The God Instinct addresses head-on some of life’s biggest questions. In this entertaining and thought-provoking book, Jesse Bering unravels the evolutionary mystery of why we grapple for meaning, purpose and destiny in life. Bering proposes and believes that God is a way of thinking. Paperback • 252 pages •

23099 PRICE $32.99

Does God actually exist? You don’t need blind faith to enjoy this book. Nor does it browbeat skeptics. Instead, God, Actually is a long-overdue, invigorating inquiry into Christianity, and the debates surrounding the existence of God. Countering recent atheist arguments of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, Roy Williams proves that belief in God can and should be based on logical deductions from facts. Softcover • 374 pages •

An atheist’s case

47142 PRICE $22.99

The God Fallacy is a compelling release that will challenge people’s faith. Author Laurence Kalnin examines the “hypocrisy” of religious texts, closely examining the fables of gods from the earliest tribal gods to the Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He argues against the injustice of radical religious texts and religious terrorism.

Survival of the fittest? What Darwin Got Wrong is a groundbreaking attack on the most influential scientific orthodoxy of the last 150 years. It reveals flaws at the heart of Darwin’s theory. Softcover •

Among the topics explained are religious entrapment, the failure of religious freedom and the source cause and prevention of religious terrorism. Kalnin also argues that governments and congresses of all democracies and the United Nations Security Council must move quickly to implement change of lawless and anti-social religious texts and practices. Softcover • 172 pages •

33144 PRICE $27.99 34

292 pages •

A celebration of medieval scholars Dr James Hannam, “the liveliest of guides” (The Scotsman), highlights the discoveries of medieval geniuses like Saint Thomas Aquinas in this thoughtprovoking book. Paperback • 435 pages •

28557 PRICE $27.99

07990 PRICE $25.99

Choose from our full selection of books, CDs and DVDs at


A hilarious book for parents

4 1 books in

We swear you’ll like this book!

Four funny books in one volume

When the Sex Pistols swore live on TV in 1976, there was outrage across Britain. Now, swearing has become more mainstream. This book studies this language shift.

This volume includes two satirical studies of Australian speech – Let Stalk Strine and its sequel, Nose Tone Unturned – plus Fraffly Well Spoken and Fraffly Suite.

Softcover • 314 pages •

4-in-1 softcover • 227 pages •

17126 PRICE $22.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $5

13732 PRICE $25.99

It perfectly captures the frustration parents feel when trying to put their precious one to bed. Go The F**k To Sleep is pants-wettingly funny! Colour illustrations • Hardback •

In a (woman’s) perfect world men would clean the sink after shaving, not flick to the footy during the soaps, and have no trouble admitting when they were wrong – but the world’s far from perfect ... Based on the popular website, a site that lets women have a good old whinge about men, this book is packed with the funny and frustrating shortcomings of the male species. Hardback •

20979 PRICE $16.99 WAS $31.99 SAVE $15

33210 PRICE

Strong language warning do not read if easily offended!

Men’s frustrating foibles

198 pages •


Go The F**k To Sleep is the much talked-about book that is sure to appeal to tired parents everywhere. The wickedly funny prose and deceivingly sweet illustrations make it appear to be an innocent storybook, but this isn’t one for the kiddies!



Internet Sensation

The musings and miaows of a cat Eat Spray Love is one spoilt cat’s humorous guide to self-discovery. Through her book, Blossom shares her hilarious and politically incorrect views on the world around her including her flatmate, meaning of life, mealtimes (“Never eat out of plastic if you can help it. You deserve better.”) and romance. Eat Spray Love is a book for animal lovers who will recognise Blossom in their own pets. Softcover • 156 pages •

26891 PRICE $22.99 35

the natural world



Wonder at the whales Whales are majestic creatures of the deep, and Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the greatest species on the planet. Take advantage of this privilege and see both dolphins and whales in their natural habitats. This definitive, easy-to-follow guide is for all adventurous holiday-makers, amateur naturalists and students who want to take a closer and well-informed look at these fascinating mammals.

The who’s who of horses

maps & diagrams • Hardback • 240 pages •

This is an essential reference book for all who want to fully experience and enjoy whale watching. Colour photos & maps • Softcover • 148 pages •

Turn any garden into a butterfly garden! Each butterfly has an Australian distribution map. Stunning colour photos will help you identify not only the butterflies themselves, but also the caterpillars and sometimes even their eggs and pupae. Colour photos & maps •

Humans who were healed by horses In this book, you’ll find 20 incredible tales about troubled children whose lives were changed after bonding with traumatised racehorses at the Greatwood Centre. Softcover •

28958 PRICE $27.99

The ‘wolf man’ shares his dog communication skills Wolf expert Shaun Ellis – the author of The Man Who Lives With Wolves – stayed with a wolf pack for two years, without any human contact. Here, he reveals his extraordinary story and explains how he can help others to understand their own domestic dogs. Shaun has astonished wildlife experts with his knowledge. Wolf Within was described as “riveting and awe-inspiring” by Booklist.

Softcover • 110 pages •

Softcover • 276 pages •

27646 PRICE 27.99

28945 PRICE $27.99


13691 PRICE $22.99 WAS $51.99 SAVE $29

309 pages •

33160 PRICE $29.99

In this updated version of her bestselling book, Australian butterfly enthusiast Densey Clyne provides practical ways of Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden.


Get up close and personal with 100 of the world’s most popular and interesting horse breeds and find out the unique origins and characteristics of each one. Colour images,

It includes identification notes, locator maps for each species, information on the behaviour of whales and dolphins, insights into whaling history, conservation and research, and conservation statuses.

How to make butterflies feel welcome


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Click to start browsing this Club Magazine Click to start browsing this Club Magazine DoN’T mISS Eva Longoria’s debut Lynda La Plante, Danie...