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fiction Editor’s choice “Fairstein makes the legal issues more exciting than any highspeed chase.” – The New York Times









This mystery has even Lindsay Boxer stumped Detective Lindsay Boxer has finally married her boyfriend, Joe. But she didn’t have time for a honeymoon before returning to work and a traumatic case. A 15-year-old girl was found lying unconscious in the street, naked but for a cheap plastic raincoat, and haemorrhaging badly after having given birth within the last 36 hours. But the baby was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, fellow member of the Women’s Murder Club, reporter Cindy Thomas is investigating a string of sexual assaults. The Women’s Murder Club books were transformed into a TV series starring Angie Harmon (Law & Order). Softcover •




Pray this killer is caught ...

Don’t miss the fast-paced tenth novel in James Patterson’s number one bestselling Women’s Murder Club series.



when you buy ANY TWO Editor’s Choices

Sex crimes, torture, hate – this case has Assistant DA Alex Cooper written all over it! When the burnt headless body of a young woman is found on the steps of a Baptist Church in Harlem, Alex is one of the first on the scene. She has seen some gruesome crimes committed in New York, but the barbarity of this one leaves her nauseous. Working with NYPD cop Mike Chapman, she begins to investigate, and it becomes clear that there is a zealous religious fanatic serial killer on a rampage. A former Manhattan Assistant DA, Linda Fairstein is now an awardwinning author with numerous international bestsellers. Author Nelson DeMille said she is “one of the best crime fiction writers in America today.” Softcover •









WAS $65.98

WAS $65.98





fiction Editor’s choice


“Compelling characters, absorbing mysteries and a wonderful sense of time and place, J.D. Robb’s In Death novels are can’t-miss pleasures.” – author Harlan Coben







Eve Dallas won’t let them get away with murder



Open your heart to this story

J.D. Robb’s futuristic whodunit In Death series continues in its 32nd instalment: Treachery In Death. Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are investigating the murder of an elderly grocery-store owner. But Peabody soon stumbles upon a trickier situation when she overhears two fellow officers, Garnet and Oberman, arguing. It doesn’t take long to realise they’re both crooked – guilty not just of corruption but murder. Now Peabody, Eve and her husband, Roarke, are trying to get the hard evidence they need to bring the dirty cops down – knowing all the while that the two are willing to kill to keep their secret.

A heart-warming transformation happens in Danielle Steel’s luminous drama 44 Charles Street. After Francesca realises she can’t afford the mortgage on her Greenwich Village townhouse, she advertises for boarders. Soon her house becomes a whole new world. The first tenant is Eileen, a school teacher from L.A. Then there’s Chris, a divorced father whose seven-year-old son visits every other weekend. The final tenant is Marya, a celebrated cookbook author hoping to restart her life after the death of her husband. As the housemates bond, the house fills with laughter, heartbreak and, always, hope. Danielle Steel is the superselling author of 80 bestsellers, including Big Girl and Honour Thyself. Softcover •

J.D. Robb is the pseudonym of fiction megastar Nora Roberts. Softcover •

















WAS $65.98

WAS $65.98

WAS $65.98

WAS $65.98














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Romance SAVE


13 Set of 2

15355 PRICE

2 1 books in




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Two courageous heroines, one amazing story

Two times the romance!

This mesmerising novel transcends centuries and continents, taking us from present-day Boston to the wilds of 18th century South Dakota and Louis XVI’s palaces. Softcover •

Second Chance Pass, by Robyn Carr, tells the story of Vanessa, a widow with a baby who is strongly attracted to her deceased husband’s best friend. Just Breathe, by Susan Wiggs, revolves around Sarah, who must cope with the ghosts of her past and an unexpected pregnancy. Set of 2 softcovers •

This value pack with two romances is perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Cathy Kelly, Belinda Alexandra and Paullina Simons.

326 pages •

16499 PRICE $32.99




Will these Irish women be lucky in love? Two passionate Irish women win over American men in The Greatest Gamble, which features two romances from Nora Roberts.

04244 PRICE



WAS $32.99



An empty nest, a new beginning Empty-nester Annie has accepted the fact she’ll stay single. But then an accident leads Annie to a man, who makes her realise it may not be too late for her to find love. Softcover • 322 pages •

21 in

08980 PRICE $29.99

Irish Thoroughbred: Adelia left Ireland to join her uncle on what he had described as the “finest horse farm in Maryland”. There, she meets Travis, who both attracts and repels her. Irish Rose: Burke travelled to Ireland to buy horses, but one look at Erin and he lost his heart. 2-in-1 softcover • 496 pages •

Two handsome brothers searching for true love Only You brings together two classic romances from megaselling author Nora Roberts’ beloved MacKade Brothers series. The Heart Of Devin MacKade: Devin MacKade has been in love with Cassie Dolin for 12 years. He watched her marry another man, a brutish man who believed in hitting his wife. Now Devin has finally had enough, Cassie is free now, and it’s about time she knew how he feels. The Fall Of Shane MacKade: The youngest of the MacKade brothers, Shane has always loved seducing women. But he hadn’t met one who had him whistling the wedding march – until shy professor Dr Rebecca Knight arrived on the scene. The problem is that Rebecca is too busy working to notice his charm. 2-in-1 softcover •

22679 PRICE $22.99



Drama and romance in the Aussie outback NEW

“A great saga that traces family history with a wealth of romance.” – Woman’s Day on The Bark Cutters

The sequel to Nicole Alexander’s engrossing Australian saga The Bark Cutters, A Changing Land explores four generations of the Gordon family. It’s the early 19th century and outback landowner Hamish Gordon is embarking on a final stage of land acquisition, a ruthless plan to buy out his neighbours. His actions nearly destroy Wangallon and have serious repercussions for generations to come.

One sister needs closure on the past Set in Lancashire and Western Australia in the 1860s, Beyond The Sunset follows the fortunes of the Blake sisters, who first appeared in Farewell To Lancashire.

In this tempestuous historical romance, tragedy forces Claire Lang into marriage with an elusive and infuriating man.

After her forced marriage to John, Claire is able to arouse fierce, unexpected desires in her husband, but does she dare fight for him after their blossoming love is engulfed by a terrible scandal? Romance maestro Diana Palmer is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her previous titles include Dangerous, Heartless and Lacy. Softcover •

22667 PRICE $32.99

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Fortune favours the brave SAVE




Beginning in Atlanta in 1900, Magnolia sees Claire hoping that handsome John Hawthorn will notice her despite her unconventional habits. But John is still obsessed with his former fiancée, Diane Calverson, who is newly married to a very powerful man.

In 1989, it has been two years since the death of family patriarch Angus Gordon, and Sarah Gordon now runs Wangallon with the assistance of her fiancé, Anthony. But their relationship begins to deteriorate when a power struggle develops between them, and Sarah’s Scottish half-brother, Jim Macken, visits. Softcover •

23223 PRICE $32.99

Will their love blossom ... or die?

The bestselling author of The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans, explores the devastating effects of family secrets in this powerful drama that spans 50 years. Softcover • 353 pages •

Love, sweat and tears




You can bet the farm on Fleur McDonald’s rural romance being another winner. In Blue Skies, a young woman strives to turn around the fortunes of her family’s station. Softcover • 327 pages •

Softcover • 340 pages •

04306 PRICE $32.99 6

08922 PRICE $18.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $14

95234 PRICE $14.99 WAS $34.99 SAVE $20


How will this family feud end?

great READ

The twists and turns of family life make for compelling drama in the deft hands of Joanna Trollope, author of The Other Family, Friday Nights and Second Honeymoon.

97929 PRICE



As romantic as The Notebook Like Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook or Lisa Genova’s Still Alice, Eternal On The Water is about a timeless bond between two lovers and the devastating disease that comes between them. It follows Cobb and Mary, who fall in love whilst kayaking. When Mary falls ill, she vows to face the rough waters ahead on her terms. And Cobb must decide whether to aid her on her final journey. Softcover • 359 pages •


Rachel is the undisputed matriarch of her large family. She has devoted herself to her three sons all their lives, and continues to do so even now they are all grown up. They are, of course, devoted to her and enjoy spending time at Rachel’s ramshackle house near the coast of Suffolk. But when Luke, her youngest, gets married, Rachel realises that her control is slipping away. Then, a power struggle develops that can only end in misery as her three daughtersin-law want to do things their own way, and so, to her grief, do her sons ... Softcover •

23202 PRICE $32.99

and DVDs at Charmed by a handsome cowboy There’s a bundle of love, laughs – and a free knitted jumper pattern – in this novel about a cowboy and the knitting-obsessed city girl who drives him to distraction. Softcover • 319 pages •




92996 PRICE $16.99 WAS $31.99 SAVE $15




Star-crossed lovers separated by war Set in Cyprus during the civil war, Aphrodite’s War is an evocative story of terrorism and undying love by the acclaimed author of Born Under A Million Shadows. Softcover • 432 pages •

03527 PRICE $22.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $10

Family comes first? Set in the 1970s, this classic bestseller from the author of Gypsy tells of a teenage wild child torn between following her own dreams and protecting her family. Paperback • 690 pages •

97917 PRICE $22.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $5 7


Her love life always takes centre stage

In the second novel from the bestselling author of Players, you’ll meet a prima donna who takes the phrase ‘bad girl’ to a new level.


Pia Soto is a sexy and glamorous Brazilian prima ballerina, who’s shaking up the ballet world with her outrageous behaviour. She’s wild and precocious, and she’s a survivor. She’s determined that no man will ever control her destiny – but will ruthless financier Will Silk change her mind? Sophie O’Farrell is Pia’s unlucky-in-love personal assistant, who always puts her career before her social life. But Sophie must face her own demons when a devastating accident threatens to cut short Pia’s career. Author Karen Swan is a former fashion journalist and mother of three. Softcover • 566 pages •

22527 PRICE $32.99

SAVE $ 8 23995 PRICE 56.99 $

when you take both

Finding love in unlikely places

As you read To The Moon And Back, you should expect to run the gamut of emotions, as this chick lit book is both funny and tear-jerkingly sad. When Ellie Kendall tragically loses her husband, she feels her life is over. But eventually she’s ready for a new start – at work, that is. She doesn’t need a new man when she has a certain secret visitor to keep her company ... Ellie’s neighbour, Roo, has a secret of her own. Can these women sort out their lives? Guilt is a powerful emotion, but a lot can happen in a year.


Jill Mansell is a heavily-praised British author. Her previous titles, Take A Chance On Me, Rumour Has It, Millie’s Fling and An Offer You Can’t Refuse, have been huge successes. Softcover •

23211 PRICE $32.99

Gambling with their happiness The bestselling author of Platinum presents an addictive novel about love and greed, which is centred around two very different women, and a gambling empire. Paperback • 509 pages •

18306 PRICE $24.99

Everyone makes mistakes ... In this humorous novel, Caroline is dating a married man when her 17-year-old half-sister arrives unexpectedly to stay with her. How can she hide her secret? Paperback • 336 pages •

18310 PRICE $27.99

Living in the lap of luxury In Priceless, the followup to The Truth About Diamonds, super-selling celebrity author Nicole Ritchie introduces a Manhattan socialite who has a malicious stalker. Paperback • 291 pages •

09933 PRICE $16.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $11





Venture into a dark, sensuous land Offering a startlingly original take on vampire lore, Burn Bright is the first chapter in the Night Creatures trilogy. Retra doesn’t want to go to Ixion, the island of ever-night, ever-youth and never-sleep. She is a Seal – sealed minds, sealed community. She doesn’t crave parties, pleasure, experience or freedom. But her brother, Joel, left for Ixion two years ago, and she is determined to find him.


When she can’t locate Joel, Retra finds herself drawn deeper into the intoxicating world of Ixion. “Come to me”, whispers a voice in her head. Who are the Ripers, the guardians of Ixion? What are the Night Creatures she can see in the shadows? And what happens to those who grow too old for Ixion? Softcover •

23235 PRICE $21.99


Set of 2

Three spellbinding fantasies

Fantasy, action and romance combine in Maria V. Snyder’s Study trilogy, which became word-of-mouth bestsellers. This pack includes all three volumes. Poison Study: Yelena, a condemned murderess with burgeoning magical powers, is saved from the gallows in exchange for becoming a food-taster to the commander of Ixia. She longs to escape, but is being slowly poisoned by a lethal toxin. Magic Study sees Yelena eager to start her magical training. But her plans take a radical turn when she becomes involved in the plot to reclaim Ixia’s throne for a lost prince.

22688 PRICE $29.99

24002 PRICE

Boxed set of 3

Fire Study: Yelena’s new role as a Soulfinder has made the Sitian Council uneasy. She will have only one chance to prove herself. Set of 3 softcovers •






WAS $61.98



For Twilight fans Lauren Kate has created an addictive paranormal romance series that revolves around the forbidden love between an 17-year-old mortal and a fallen angel. In Fallen, we learn that Daniel is cursed to fall in love with Lucinda every 17 years – and then watch her die. In Torment, Daniel escorts Lucinda to safety; a new school filled with Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels and humans. Set of 2 softcovers •

This book will suck you in! Fans of Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton will enjoy book one in the Cassie Palmer series about a woman who has supernatural powers and a vampire admirer. Paperback •

Red-hot romance and deadly desires bestselling author

A woman becomes irresistibly drawn to a vampire-hunter in Blood Red, a paranormal thriller from the bestselling author of The Death Dealer and Kiss Of Darkness.

307 pages •

Softcover • 341 pages •

09061 PRICE $22.99

16516 PRICE $32.99 9


Imagine if your worst fears NEW came true ... again

legal thriller

At age 17, Jodie Cramer survived a terrifying assault at the hands of three strangers. Her close friend, Angie, was not so lucky … Now 35, Jodie is a teacher and mother of two, who has buried the nightmares of her past. But after she sets out for a weekend in the country with three friends, she begins to have flashbacks of Angie’s murder. Then when she finds evidence of trespassers around the secluded cabin, she is convinced they are being watched. But no-one will believe her – until two men knock on the door … Described by publishers as ‘Nicci French meets Karin Slaughter,’ Beyond Fear is an edge-of-your seat thriller from talented Australian author Jaye Ford. Don’t read it at night! Softcover •

23161 PRICE $32.99


Time is ticking loudly on death row


Nothing short of brilliant John Grisham travels to the heart of America’s Deep South for these seven short stories that range from heartbreaking to hilarious, all connected by their setting. Hardback •

In this legal thriller from bestselling novelist John Grisham (The Firm), time is running out for an innocent man on death row – only The Confession can save him. Softcover • 418 pages •

308 pages •

14342 PRICE $14.99 WAS $22.99 SAVE $ 8

15336 PRICE $34.95

Back off or die ... An unwinnable case? If LAPD detective Harry Bosch is sure of anything, it’s that child murderer Jason Jessup plans to kill again … In this exhilarating follow-up to Michael Connelly’s Nine Dragons, Bosch must investigate Jessup’s murder conviction. After 24 years in prison, Jessup has been exonerated by new DNA evidence, but both Bosch and veteran defense attorney Mickey Haller believe he’s guilty. Softcover • 389 pages •

12168 PRICE $32.99


exciting READ

In the scariest mafia thriller since The Godfather, investigative reporter Nick Daniels is a witness to a mobrelated murder in New York. James Patterson at his best! Softcover • 387 pages •

05092 PRICE $19.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $13




Get your FREE* birthday


A mother and daughter are missing Fans of Ian Rankin and Val McDermid shouldn’t miss Stuart MacBride’s latest Logan McRae thriller.

31 in

11038 PRICE



Three times the suspense! This great-value omnibus features three bestselling classics – Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Remember Me and Pretend You Don’t See Her – by the Queen of Suspense. 3-in-1 softcover • 647 pages •

Alison and Jenny McGregor – a motherdaughter singing sensation – have been kidnapped. A ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV and the internet, telling the nation to donate money if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive. McRae reaches breaking point as he searches for them.

NEW “A heart-pounding tale of family drama by the Mozart of thriller writers. I could not tear myself away.” – author Tess Gerritsen

Softcover • 438 pages •



10 01034 PRICE



WAS $32.99



The Amish are a peaceful folk ... aren’t they? The second in Linda Castillo’s acclaimed Kate Burkholder series, Pray For Silence sees Chief of Police Kate Burkholder face the most chilling crime of her career. Softcover • 357 pages •


19478 PRICE $32.99

This terrorist has a personal vendetta In this gripping thriller from Nelson DeMille, author of The Gate House, anti-terrorism expert John Corey must outwit the most dangerous man alive. John Corey is skydiving. His wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, is mere metres away. And clinging to Kate in midair, aiming a knife at her throat, is Asad Khalik – code name The Lion – an infamous terrorist, assassin, and Corey’s greatest nemesis ... Softcover • 437 pages •


page 4 for details

18194 PRICE $33.99

Every answer leads to more questions ...

It looks like a police officer has killed her abusive husband. It should be an open-and-shut case for veteran detective D.D. Warren. Except where is their six-year-old daughter? As the homicide investigation turns into a frantic, state-wide search for a missing child, D.D. Warren must partner with her former lover, Bobby Dodge, to break through the blue wall of police brotherhood, seeking to understand the inner workings of a police officer’s mind, while also unearthing family secrets. Would a police officer truly shoot her own husband? And would a mother harm her own child? Lisa Gardner is the acclaimed author of numerous suspenses including Live To Tell, The Neighbour, Hide and Gone. Softcover •

23152 PRICE $32.99 11


Curiosity killed the crime reporter?

This criminal has the police running scared

Liza Marklund, who co-authored Postcard Killers with James Patterson, delivers suspense in spades in Red Wolf.

You’ll learn to expect the unexpected as you become immersed in this stand-alone suspense by the author of The Bodies Left Behind.

It centres upon crime reporter Annika Bengtzon, who finds her marriage and sanity at breaking point as she hunts for a psychopathic killer, who may have killed one of her journalist colleagues in a hit-and-run. Will her refusal to stop pursuing the truth end in another ‘accident’?



Softcover • 424 pages •

Softcover • 508 pages •

18152 PRICE $32.99

Order 24/7 at A complex tale of murder and deceit An autoerotic death … and a brutal serial killer. Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan may have bitten off more than she can chew in Mortal Remains. When Tempe is called to the scene of an autoerotic death, she discovers the man had already been declared dead in Vietnam 40 years earlier. Her investigation leads her to Honolulu, where body parts have been washing up on a popular beach. Softcover • 306 pages •




09921 PRICE 25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7 $

Detective Kessler is a Washington D.C. cop who has been targeted by a dangerous criminal. The task of protecting Kessler and his family faIls to security expert Corte, leading to a battle of wits ... and a conclusion that even Deaver fans won’t see coming.




13199 PRICE $25.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $7

Better the devil you know ... A housewarming goes horribly wrong in this darkly humorous psychological thriller from the reigning Queen of British Crime, Ruth Rendell. Stuart Font invites trouble when he throws a party for all of the people in his building. He’s particularly interested in his beautiful but reclusive Asian neighbour, whom he has christened Tigerlily, but she sets off warning bells in other people ... Softcover • 280 pages •

06418 PRICE $19.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $13

Every rose has its thorn Fans of Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell will devour Blood Rose, the atmospheric crime thriller fashioned from the brilliant mind of South African novelist Margie Orford. When a homeless teenager is savagely murdered, it becomes clear that a methodical serial killer is at work in Walvis Bay, Namibia. “Margie Orford has nailed it,” enthuses award-winning crime writer Michael Connelly. Softcover • 352 pages •

94406 PRICE $29.99


Eve Dallas is fast and very furious Thrill kills and murderers with a taste for the finer things in life are enraging NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas in this actionpacked instalment in J.D. Robb’s addictive In Death series. In her J.D. Robb guise, bestselling author Nora Roberts opens Indulgence In Death as Eve is investigating seemingly random murders, which seem to be linked to associates of Eve’s wealthy husband, Roarke. Softcover • 373 pages •

14227 PRICE $32.99

Postcards from a predator In this James Patterson thriller, NYPD detective Jacob Kanon is travelling across Europe hunting for his daughter’s killer, who sends a postcard before every kill. Softcover • 420 pages •




07767 PRICE $19.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $13

The Maximum Ride flock may need rescuing In the seventh heart-pounding novel in James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series, Max and her half-human, half-avian flock are up against the most dangerous threat ever – former flock member Fang.


Max is heartbroken over losing Fang, who is creating his own gang. She always thought Fang was her soulmate, but could it be that she really is destined to be with Dylan? She can’t deny that there’s an intensity about him that attracts her. As Max and the flock race to Paris to stop a terrifying cult intent on exterminating the human race, she has no choice but to trust Dylan ... The Maximum Ride series is being transformed into a blockbuster film by producer Avi Arad (Spider-Man and the X-Men movies). Softcover •

23185 PRICE $27.99

great READ

His worst fears have come true

Face to face with Alex Cross’ deadliest nemesis

A man’s life becomes a scary roller-coaster ride after his wife disappears from an amusement park in this thriller from Linwood Barclay, the author of Fear The Worst. Softcover •

The Mastermind is back, and he’s about to destroy everything – and everyone – Detective Alex Cross loves. Cross Fire is a supercharged blend of action and suspense. Softcover • 356 pages •

415 pages •

95441 PRICE 32.99 $




12176 PRICE $19.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $13 13


Will her nightmare never end ...? It was a dark day when Sarah Finch’s brother went out to play and never came home. And now, 16 years later, another family can’t find their little girl … When Sarah finds the missing 12-year-old’s body in the woods, she is deeply traumatised. Then after her connection to the murdered girl arouses suspicion, she becomes convinced that it’s not just the police who are watching her. Paperback • 484 pages •

He’s tall, dark ... and deadly! With this set of three Dexter novels, you’ll soon discover why this smooth criminal is winning hearts on the Emmywinning Dexter TV series.

3 1 books in

In Darkly Dreaming Dexter, you’ll meet Dexter, a crime scene technician turned serial killer. In Dearly Devoted Dexter, Sergeant Doakes is waiting to catch Dexter redhanded, while in Dexter In The Dark, a new murderer is giving Dexter the creeps. 3-in-1 paperback • 577 pages •

91543 PRICE 22.99 $

A small town terrorised by serial killers In the shadow of a nuclear power station lies an explosive mystery. When he visits the Norfolk Coast community of Larksoken to tie up his Aunt’s estate, Commander Adam Dalgliesh discovers that a serial killer, known only as the Whistler, is terrorising this remote town – but is he acting alone? First published in 1989, Devices And Desires is P.D. James at her nail-biting best. Paperback • 594 pages •

09301 PRICE 22.99 $


87207 PRICE $32.99

The children in this town are no longer safe



In this crime thriller from the ‘Norwegian queen of crime’, Inspector Sejer must track down a sinister figure who fled from the scene of a terrible crime.


Before Reinhardt and Kristine discovered the lifeless body of a young boy in the woods, they passed a man who seemed to be in a huge hurry. Was he the murderer? It’s up to Sejer to find out before the town gossips start pointing fingers. Softcover • 227 pages •

14379 PRICE $14.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $18

Digging up the past can be dangerous



Hell’s a place and a state of mind for Florida detective Louis Kincaid in P.J. Parrish’s dark and dangerous sequel to A Thousand Bones.

Investigating the case of Jean Brandt, the missing wife of a man with a long record of violence against women, Kincaid and his lover Joe Frye find the truth elusive. But meanwhile, other secrets may emerge that are far closer to Kincaid’s own heart ... Softcover •


290 pages •

48418 PRICE $16.99 WAS $31.99 SAVE $15


Sinister secrets lurking in suburbia Strap yourself in for a twisting, turning ride through a landscape where nothing is as it seems and everyone has a secret ...




A stand-alone suspense from The New York Times-bestselling Harlan Coben, Caught features reporter Wendy Tynes, who zealously pursues child predators. Her investigations expose a shocking conspiracy, and there’s no one and nothing she can trust – not even her own instincts. Softcover • 388 pages •

96278 PRICE $18.99 WAS $34.99 SAVE $16

There’s no-one she can trust Harlan Coben, the mega-selling author of Hold Tight and Caught, is one of the thriller genre’s biggest stars. Play Dead is his haunting debut. Ex-fashion model Laura Ayers’ honeymoon should have been the happiest time of her life. However, it turns into a living hell when David, her sports superstar husband, goes for a swim and never returns. Is David dead? Or has he been kidnapped? Paperback • 518 pages •

08691 PRICE 25.99 $

An old master delivers the goods A priest with a cooler-than-thou attitude, a sexy wannabe stand-up comedienne, a wiseguy with a bleeding heart and the dumbest hitman in literature join forces to fantastic effect in Elmore Leonard’s delicious caper. Returning from a ‘missionary position’ in Rwanda, Father Terry needs to raise money for his pagan babies. What better way of doing this is there than shaking down the mob?

must READ

Paperback • 263 pages •

50427 PRICE $22.99

A legacy with lethal repercussions

bestselling author

Momentous choices and murderous impulses take you on an exhilarating ride in this thriller from the author of Just Take My Heart. A dying woman, Olivia Morrow, must decide whether to tell paediatrician Monica Farrell that she is the rightful heir to the fortune of late inventor Alex Gannon. But others are determined that Olivia will take the secret to her grave, and Monica along with it ... Softcover • 319 pages •

92228 PRICE $32.99

More great fiction at Wrong place, really wrong time



The unrivalled master of spy fiction, best-known for The Constant Gardener, returns with a taut tale of dirty money and dirtier politics. As Britain battles a recession, a young Oxford academic and his barrister girlfriend escape to the Caribbean island of Antigua. Seemingly by chance, they bump into a Russian, who invites them for a game of tennis, but has far more sinister intentions ... Softcover • 305 pages •

08112 PRICE $26.99 WAS $32.99 SAVE $ 6 15


One man’s fight against NEW child trafficking

Life has surprises in store for this trainee midwife Fans of Jennifer Worth’s Call The Midwife series will love this compelling book about a trainee midwife working in London’s slums in the 1950s.

After volunteering at an orphanage in war-torn Nepal, Conor Grennan became a saviour for children kidnapped by traffickers. Conor started his year-long trip around the world with a threemonth stint volunteering in the Little Princes Orphanage in Nepal. After he learnt that many of the ‘little princes’ were not orphans but children that had been taken from their homes by child traffickers, he pledged to not only start a new orphanage, but also to start an entire new programme dedicated to reuniting kids with their lost families in remote villages in the Nepalese hills. Conor lived under constant fear of retribution from the traffickers, but he couldn’t help but fall in love ... Softcover •

21395 PRICE $33.99

Dot has to complete her training by undertaking 12 deliveries. Arriving on her bike, she helps birth a baby for a brothel-worker and many other women. Then just when Dot is certain that midwifery is her calling, fate deals her an unexpected hand … Softcover • 264 pages •

Special birthday offer FREE Manicure set 02362 PRICE 25.99 $


The forbidden love that changed her life Just as Martha had begun to put the misery of her past behind her, she falls in love with a priest, a forbidden love that brings with it heartbreaking consequences ... Softcover • 445 pages •

07176 PRICE $29.99 16

A modern day slave’s bid for freedom




Harrowing, heartbreaking and completely true – this is the unforgettable story of a Ukrainian sex slave with just one thing left to live for: her beloved children. Paperback • 304 pages •

91576 PRICE $16.99 WAS $27.99 SAVE $11

page 4 for details

The choice was family – or freedom Abuse, an arranged marriage, an honour killing ... Muslim-raised Briton Hannah Shah faced the worst her Imam father could throw at her and survived. How did she do it? Softcover • 272 pages •

02445 PRICE $24.99


Raised as sex slaves This is the heartbreaking true story of three sisters born into a sex cult. Robbed of their childhoods, Kristina, Celeste and Juliana Jones were forced to become sexual slaves from as young as three years old. They were denied access to schooling, forced to beg for money and mercilessly beaten. Now, for the first time, each sister reveals her shocking and often sickening story. Softcover • 416 pages •

38174 PRICE $27.99

Life after leaving a cult In this sequel to Escape, Carolyn Jessop reveals what happens after she escaped from a Mormon sect, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Softcover •

This true story will transform your life NEW Australian Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, but he expresses more humour and optimism than most people. Discover why he is someone to admire in this amazing memoir.

“I do believe my life has no limits!” says Nick, who is a famous motivational speaker and the director of Life Without Limbs. In Life Without Limits, he describes life in his “Chesty Bond” body, his visit to Africa at the age of 20 when he gave away $20,000 of his life savings to the poor and raised another $20,000 for them, and how he learned to surf, skateboard, dive and more. Packed with wisdom, motivational strategies and laugh-out-loud humour, this book encourages readers to live a “ridiculously good life.”

270 pages •

03584 PRICE $32.99

Softcover •

23553 PRICE $27.99

She gained her freedom, but lost her baby son In this true story by Jean Sasson, the author of Love In A Torn Land, an Afghani woman’s son was kidnapped as punishment after she escaped from her violent husband. Softcover • 292 pages •

95920 PRICE 32.99 $

Divorced at age ten Inspiring and impossible to put down, this is the bestselling story of a ten-year-old Yemeni girl who defied her country’s traditions and fought for a divorce. Paperback • 188 pages •

94187 PRICE $27.99

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Very delicious vegetarian dishes

Feel-good food for everyday Nigella cooks to the beat of the heart of the home, creating simple yet delicious meals to make daily mealtime that much easier.

Vegetarian offers some creative dishes that showcase a wide variety of mains, sides, soups and snacks that can be cooked using only vegetables. Different cuisines are also represented in Vegetarian – for example, there are Italian, French, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Indian dishes! This fantastic array of recipes will virtually take you on a gastronomic trip around the world.


Pumpkin Ravioli With Sage And Pine Nut Butter is a feast for the eyes and stomach. The Cauliflower Soup With Sourdough And Pumpkin Seed Croutons is not to be missed! Images from: Vegetarian Asparagus, pea and toasted quinoa salad

Cornbreadcrusted zucchinis with mango salsa

It also includes advice on nutrition, how to avoid spoilage and vegetable storage. With over 100 recipes to inspire you, it is bound to be a delight for the tastebuds. Colour photos •



08104 PRICE $ 60.99 WAS $69.99 SAVE $9

Divided into two parts – Kitchen Quandries and Kitchen Comforts – this photo-filled title sees the Domestic Goddess showing you how recipes come about, and offering new inspiration for last-minute and staple-ingredient meals. There are more than 190 recipes to choose from! 250 colour photos • Hardback • 487 pages • Images from: Kitchen

Hardback • 191 pages •

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771 pages •




83383 PRICE $95.99

Grasshopper pie

Learn from the experts



Offering over 90 traditional, tempting and tried-and true preserve recipes from the kitchens of the country’s fave cooks, this is an essential addition to any kitchen. Softcover •

Roasted Tomato, Chilli Seared Tofu With Caramelised Tomatoes, & Lime Dressing, Aioli & Salsa Verde Garlic & Honey

07358 PRICE $ 64.99 WAS $69.99 SAVE $5

185 pages •

Kylie pays tribute to eco-friendly food Australian celebrity chef Kylie Kwong celebrates fresh, seasonal and sustainably-produced food with more than 100 recipes like Poached Squid With Pickled Cucumber. Colour photos • Hardback • 448 pages •

14177 PRICE $27.99

Fiery Chilli Relish

Quince Paste

Images from: Preserves

The celebrated Australian chef who authored The Cook’s Companion reveals how to reap the rewards of a kitchen garden with 250-plus recipes and gardening pointers. Hardback •

Images from: It Tastes Better

Cultivate, chop, cook!

22878 PRICE $29.99



The ultimate guide to baking


There is no greater aroma than the scent of a baked goodie straight out of the oven. The Baking Bible will surely inspire the enthusiastic baker and novices with its great blend of recipes encompassing scones, golden sausage rolls, crusty loaves and more.


Baking is a wonderfully versatile method of cooking, and here you will find sweet and savoury baked goods to main meals. Bake food like grandma used to make or try newer delights like friands, slices and cupcakes!


Techniques and basics are explained and you can even read how to avoid common baking mistakes. Step-by-step photos accompany recipes. There are over a whopping 300 recipes to taste and try, so put your apron on and get cooking! Lining a round cake tin

Colour photos • Softcover •


22886 PRICE $39.99

Add the sugar, cinnamon and chopped pecans to the topping mixture

Double Choc Muffins Make a well in the flour mixture and fold in the combined butter, eggs and milk

Undercooked and sunken

Fruit Cake

Coffee Pecan Streusel Muffins



Beef up your home-cooking


A meaty title deserves a meaty book, and John Torode’s book certainly fits the bill with recipes from Cottage Pie to Osso Bucco, a section on spit-roasts and much more. Softcover • 255 pages •

01939 PRICE $29.99 WAS $33.99 SAVE $ 4

Images from: The Baking Bible



07122 PRICE



Cost-conscious cuisine From delicious pasta meals to fragrant stir-fries, 100+ Tasty $10 Meals shows you how to enjoy delicious, nutritious and easy-to-prepare meals on a budget. Paperback • 160 pages •

Hash Browns Beetroot Salad Images from: 100+ Tasty $10 Meals

Jack’s Meatlovers Pizza


Meals that melt in your mouth

Half an hour ‘til dinnertime!

Everyday Slow Cooking contains 250-plus recipes like Pesto Chicken Pasta, Hot Crab Dip and Chocolate Cake With Pink Raspberry Icing in a stylish, spiral-bound folder. Colour & B&W

Master the art of pantry to plate in just 30 minutes with the help of much-loved chef, Jamie Oliver. All it takes is some preparation, focus and a few simple tricks. Hardback •

photos • Spiral-bound hardback with recipe dividers • 191 pages •

11673 PRICE $39.99 WAS $51.99 SAVE $12

05010 PRICE $29.99

287 pages •




Fancy French food made simple French food can seem a little intimidating if you’re not a trained cook or Julia Child. Luckily, Manu’s French Kitchen can help demystify those fancy dishes. If you have ever dreamed of making the perfect Niçoise, Bavarois, Beef Bourguignon or Tarte Tatin, this is the book for you. Manu Feildel, whom you may know from Ready Steady Cook, MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules, is a French-Australian chef who was born in Brittany. Many of these recipes are inspired by his childhood and also the French classics of the world-class restaurants he has worked in. You can achieve delicious results every time with easy to follow instructions, standout food photography, practical advice and cooking wisdom. Colour photos • Hardback •

23517 PRICE $51.99

Images from: Manu’s French Kitchen

Nicoise Salad

Rainbow Trout With Almond Butter Sauce

Beef Cheek Bourguignon

Floating Islands

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee

Calamari Tiganito



Set of 2

Saganaki Fried Cheese

Big, fat Greek cookbook!

Make room for rice on your menu

Tessa Kiros captures the heart and soul of Greece, and celebrates the country’s rich tradition with food. A beautifully-presented book, it features over 115 recipes! Colour photos •

The Rice Bible features 120-plus recipes, from savoury mains to sweet and fragrant desserts. It also contains advice on preparing a variety of different grains.

Hardback • 326 pages •

12511 PRICE 64.95 WAS $69.99 SAVE $5 $


Images from: Food From Many Greek Kitchens

Ingenious Indian and tempting Turkish food

Paperback • 257 pages •

Learn how to create delicious Indian and Turkish cuisine. Choose from over 90 recipes per book like Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Dumplings In Yoghurt Sauce. Set

95985 PRICE 22.99

22270 PRICE $29.99


of 2 padded hardbacks •

Nod if you love noodles You don’t need to go to Asia (or even Wagamama’s) when this book shows you how to make more than 100 exciting, delicious noodle dishes like Chinese Chow Mein. Colour photos • Softcover • 176 pages •

01951 PRICE $33.99


Veg out with vegetarian dishes

Images from: Commonsense Quick & Easy Meals

Also available

This is both a vegetarian cookbook and nutritional guide to eating wisely to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. A compendium of over 300 recipes opens the door to a wealth of sweet and savoury dishes from around the world.

Teriyaki Salmon Fillets

There are breakfasts, stir-fries, rice and grain recipes, pies, breads, cakes and desserts from the simple to the spectacular. This is an invaluable everyday resource that will be dipped into again and again.

Thai Beef Salad

A practical, speedy and inspirational cookbook Commonsense Quick & Easy Meals not only gives you 300 recipes for quick, quality cooking but basic kitchen information that is frequently omitted from other cookbooks. Softcover • 383 pages •

22423 PRICE $27.99


If you feel that the choice for vegetarian dishes is limited, broaden your repertoire with Commonsense Vegetarian. You can also use it as reference book of techniques, ingredients, kitchen knowhow and inspiration. Each recipe has been triple-tested for real success. Softcover •

Spaghettini With Garlic And Chilli


22919 PRICE $27.99

when you take both 25723 PRICE $46.99

The party planner’s dream

Little cakes that make a big statement

Boxed set includes 9 cupcake cases

Treat cupcake fans to the SAVE gift that keeps $ on giving. Or, alternatively, just keep this boxed set of cupcake moulds and the Indulgence Cupcakes book all to yourself!


Boxed set of paperback & 9 silicon cupcake cases •

81060 PRICE $24.99 WAS $31.99 SAVE $7

Modern Entertaining has every occasion covered – even if you have little time to prepare! Each chapter covers a different occasion, from cocktail parties to lunches. Colour photos • Hardback • 496 pages •

74651 PRICE



WAS $53.99



Images from: Modern Entertaining

Time to jam




17625 PRICE



The art of preserving fruit and vegetables is detailed in an easy to read way. There are over 100 delicious recipes for jams, preserves, jellies and marmalades. Colour photos • Softcover • 224 pages



Cool crochet colours to create


Make your crochet work really stand out with any one of the 64 multi-coloured squares featured in Bring Colour To Crochet. Incorporate novelty into your work – you can make different combinations, colours and double surfaces with varying degrees of difficulty. Turn some yarn into shells, clusters and bobbles, ripples, chains, mosaics and afghans. Diagrams are used to illustrate steps. Diagrams • Softcover • 133 pages •

20381 PRICE $39.99 “A helpful tip for keeping the yarn flowing freely is taking it from the centre of the ball. This way the yarn comes to you and not the other way around.” -– Extract from Bring Colour To Crochet



Step by step illustrations

Special offer:

Image from: Bring Colour To Crochet

FREE Manicure set

Cute crochet creations

page 4 for details

Cruise along with these simple crochet patterns that will see you creating something spectacular! You will be guided through initial stitches to advanced projects.

Image from: Crochet Animals

Softcover • 128 pages •

Colour photos • Softcover • 128 pages • Includes DVD

It’s a stitch up! No longer an activity just for nannas, knitting is now one of the most popular hobbies in the world. So join the revolution with this Knitting Book & DVD Giftpack.



Cool crochet creations

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making stuffed crochet animals. Crochet Animals provides tips on basic techniques, then it teaches you how to make 15 amigurumi toys. Colour photos •

20372 PRICE $39.99


Boxed set of 96-page softcover & DVD •

12408 PRICE $29.99

17919 PRICE $29.99 Images from: Cute & Easy Crochet


Make it, then wear it! Be inspired! This set of four Learn To books will make a craft goddess out of you! Each guide has instructions for every step of the way and colour photos. Learn To Bead Earrings: Create a dazzling pair of earrings to complete any look! There are 54 beautiful earring designs to choose from.

Set of 4

Learn To Knit Socks: Keep your toes warm and comfy. Check out 26 sock designs for the whole family. Learn To Bead Jewellery: Make something gorgeous to embellish your outfit with! Includes 90 easy-to-make designs. Learn To Knit For Baby: It’s amazing what you can do with wool and knitting needles! Create stunning knits for babies and toddlers. There are 47 great ideas to get you started in this book. Set of 4 wiro-bound softcovers •

23686 PRICE $39.99


Images from: Knit Socks, Bead Earrings, Knit For Baby and Bead Jewellery

Simple Self-Striping Socks

Ancient Romance Necklace & Earrings

Luxe Lotus Earrings

Making Wire-Wrapped Loops

Be inspired and get the skills and knowhow you’ll need to transform your letters into beautiful works of art with this fantastic illustrated guide, Hand Lettering. Colour images • Softcover • 127 pages •

16243 PRICE

13220 PRICE $29.99

Images from: Hand Lettering



Images from: Creative Bloom

Get the needlecraft know-how

Learn to better your lettering

Wonderful wire work Artistry comes in many forms – and now you can sculpt figures using wire, fabric and your imagination. Make a photo holder, jewellery display, necklace and more! Softcover • 127 pages •

Whether you’re just starting out in the needlecrafting world or looking to advance your skills, this illustrated guide will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know. Colour photos • Hardback • 400 pages •

14693 PRICE $51.99 colour photos



Anyone can do origami! Images from: The Simple Art Of Japanese Papercrafts

The Japanese art of papercrafts is so easy to do! Though a delicate and intricate craft, something truly wonderful can be created from a sheet of paper. The Simple Art Of Japanese Papercrafts is divided into two sections: Traditional Projects, which include the classic crane, decorative spheres, water lily and boxes, to Contemporary Projects like a rabbit, plate of cherry blossoms and a triangle pouch that you can give as gifts. It includes over 50 sheets of origami paper so you can get started straight away! The step by step instructions are instantly understandable and the accompanying photos are extremely helpful. This is an authentic gateway to the traditional world of papercraft. Colour photos • Includes 50 sheets of origami paper

Softcover & 50 sheets of origami paper •

20752 PRICE $29.99


Fusen – Balloon

Kinchaku Bukuro – Triangle Pouch

great set

Set of 2

17394 PRICE



Making memories to last This bumper double-book set has all areas of this art covered. From the conceptualisation stages to decoration techniques, these books will aid you at every step. Colour photos • Set of 2 softcovers • 24













Hako – Square Box





Easy to follow step by step instructions

Get beading, get beautiful!

From pre-loved fabric to the perfect gift

Gasps of admiration and looks of envy will be commonplace when you wear the beautiful handmade pieces in this book. The Vintage Charm Necklace is to die for! Colour photos •

In this follow-up to The Crafty Minx, Kelly Doust provides 50-plus projects and gift ideas made from pre-loved fabrics, including felt egg cosies, cushions and more.

Softcover • 176 pages •

92512 PRICE 27.99 WAS $41.99 SAVE $14 $




Softcover • 247 pages

04401 PRICE $34.99




Fun foliage to feature in your garden Flowers capture attention with their fleeting beauty, but it is foliage that lasts longer. The Foliage Garden at last puts emphasis on that bit of your garden that is often ignored. This updated edition is a directory of plants whose form and foliage are their greatest attributes, not just their flowers. Foliage is valued for gorgeous contrasts among leaf shape, texture, tone and ability to last all year round. It is also relatively inexpensive to maintain and there is no excessive upkeep involved. Beautiful foliage compliments neighbouring plants and other garden features too.


The Foliage Garden focuses on trees, shrubs, climbers, perennials and ferns to provide you with a lasting garden retreat. Softcover • 400 pages •

22869 PRICE $39.99

Images from: The Foliage Garden

The Garden Guru is here to help Images from: Down-To-Earth Garden Design

Sow the seeds for a stunning garden with lessons from Phil Dudman, the award-winning Australian presenter of the popular Garden Guru Files ABC radio shows. Colour photos & B&W illustrations • Softcover • 200 pages •

10167 PRICE 33.99 $

Save money by being plant savvy

Plant and prune like a professional

Jody Rigby, the celebrity horticulturist from Backyard Blitz and Garden Angels, introduces you to 150 Indestructible Plants for all types of gardens and climates.

Help has arrived! Four panellists from the BBC’s Gardeners’ Question Time radio program provide expert gardening advice on planting, pruning, weed control and more.

Paperback • 304 pages •

08836 PRICE 29.99 $

Colour photos • Softcover • 320 pages •

03361 PRICE $39.99 25

Kids: toddler & preschool 2-4 yrs

Set of 3

2-4 yrs


Cute classics


Perfect for reading aloud, these three cute tales are irresistible!


Tom Goes To Kindergarten: Panda Tom can’t wait to start school. But when the big day arrives, he’s suddenly not so keen. The Bush Jumper: Mitti doesn’t like her new jumper, but her friends sure do! Nighty Night!: It’s bedtime for the barnyard babies but they don’t want to go – and they’ll do anything to delay saying goodnight. Colour illustrations •


Set of 3 paperbacks •

92756 PRICE $14.99


Seven colourful adventures

x-x yrs

Are your kids crazy for Maisy mouse due to her bestselling books, or ever-popular television series? If so, they’ll love this great-value collection of seven storybooks featuring Maisy and her friends. Illustrated in stunning colour by acclaimed authorillustrator Lucy Cousins, this set includes the following titles: Lemonade, Bus, Tidies Up, Pool, Doctor, Shopping and Gingerbread. Set of 7 softcovers •

16193 PRICE $39.99

WAS $47.99

Teach them how to read with this!

5 board books in a carry bag •

Set of 7

17402 PRICE $29.99 1-4 yrs

Go crazy for Maisy!


Set of 5 26


All children will love these 12 Disney delights, each mini boardbook designed to entertain, engage and educate kids on such things as numbers, colours, senses and more. Colour illustrations • Set of

Maisy, everyone’s favourite mouse, is back with five more entertaining and educational adventures for your little one to enjoy, including Maisy Goes To The Library. Colour illustrations • Set of 5 paperbacks •

92314 PRICE $14.99 WAS $41.99 SAVE $27

Includes carry bag

Lessons with the Disney gang

Also available


Set of 5

My First Book is a sweet set of five books that sees a cute bunch of animal characters at various locations. Simple sentences and bright pictures tell the story. Set of

Set of 12

2-4 yrs

SAVE $33

1-4 yrs

great value

12 mini boardbooks •

15773 PRICE $39.99

Kids: first learning & school age Set of 2



Set of 2

SAVE $ 5

5-12 yrs

23971 PRICE 39.99 $

Let Pixar’s Cars drive you away from boredom!

Keep your little princess occupied with Dress-Up Fashion and Pretty Bedroom! You and your child will join Cinderella, Belle, Princess Jasmine and Ariel as they make sweet things your child can wear like jewellery and tiaras. Then you can make and create simple decorations for the bedroom!

Each craft highlights at least one task that a young child can perform. Make some cool games or toys they’ll want to show off! There are step by step pictures and easy to follow instructions. Set of 2 hardbacks •

Each project includes clear, easy instructions and at least one task that a young child can perform. Set of 2 hardbacks •

23310 PRICE $22.99

More great kids’ books at

Includes wall frieze

2-5 yrs

12915 PRICE $22.99

23327 PRICE $22.99

They’ll sail through learning their ABCs It’s time to celebrate at Magic Beach and enjoy more adventures with this special 20th Anniversary edition of Alison Lester’s all-time classic, with bonus wall frieze. Colour illustrations • Hardback with wall frieze •

5-12 yrs

Art and craft for a princess

There’s activities aplenty with this duo of books starring characters from Pixar’s Cars. My Cool Room and Games & Toys are packed with fun craft activities that will bring parents and children together!

Enjoy the magic of Alison Lester

when you take both sets

4+ yrs

Includes eye patch

00845 PRICE $27.99

“A is for adventure on an azure-coloured sea”. So begins this entertaining book, which teaches children their ABCs with its rhyming text and comical illustrations. Illustrated hardback • Includes 1 plastic eye-patch •

Create your own ballet This Sleeping Beauty Ballet Theatre set is the perfect gift for all little ballerinas. Simply open the curtains, unfold the stage, turn on the music and let the show begin.

5+ yrs Includes 3D stage, CD & more

12114 PRICE 33.99 $

Boxed set with 3D stage, figurines, CD & paperback •


kids: school age


Travel with Wally and his friends

5+ yrs

Includes stickers

Join the search for Wally with this travel-size book with five awe-inspiring Where’s Wally? titles in one.

Set of 2

The titles include Where’s Wally?, Where’s Wally Now?, Where’s Wally: The Fantastic Journey, Wally In Hollywood and Wally: The Wonder Book. The Ultimate Travel Collection is the best way to keep kids occupied on holidays. They’ll love their fun excursion to the ‘Land Of Wallies.’ 5-in-1 softcover with elastic strap closure •

5 1

14664 PRICE $27.99

books in

Challenge clever children

02635 PRICE 14.99

5-9 yrs

when you take both 02623 PRICE $22.99

02656 PRICE $14.99

SAVE $ 6

Thingnapped! is the sequel to Thing, an award-winning Australian classic by Robin Klein, which reveals what happens when a little girl, Emily, becomes the proud owner of a stegosaurus after rescuing an egg in a park. In Thingnapped!, Emily’s prehistoric pet is kidnapped by the very rich and very horrible Stephanie Strobe, who locks him in her ensuite bathroom. How will Emily find him? Softcover •


when you take both 02561 PRICE $22.99

Amazing maze games and more!

Ever wanted a dinosaur for a pet?

02644 PRICE $14.99

7+ yrs

Rolf Heimann’s activity books are for the cleverest kids. Dinomazia encourages them to find hidden dinos, and muddle through a tricky prehistoric maze with a Maze-osaurus. Softcover •

Thing is a classic story that has been loved by generations of children. Softcover • 60 pages • $

63 pages •

Go for gold with a picture dictionary and atlas set that rewards your child for lessons well learnt. They feature lively illustrations and reward stickers. Set of 2

89968 PRICE $27.99

When Emily Forbes mistakenly picks up a stegosaurus egg in the park, her life changes in all sorts of wonderful ways. But when the egg hatches, can Emily keep her new pet a secret from the evil landlady, Mrs McIlvray? A CBC Junior Book of the Year winner from Robin Klein, it features illustrations by Alison Lester.

5-9 yrs

Help your child to be a star student

illustrated paperbacks with sticker sheet •

Pass on a classic children’s story

SAVE $ 6

5-8 yrs

7+ yrs

Trick your kids with maze master Rolf Heimann’s mind benders, mazes and brain teasers. In Dragonmazia, participate in hide-andseek and play spot the difference. Softcover •

02660 PRICE $14.99

Kids: school age EDITOR’S CHOICE

Award-winning picture books


This set of six Silver Tale books include Can’t Catch Me, Why?, Our Cat Flossie, Our Puppy’s Holiday, I’ll Show You Blue Kangaroo and The Monster Bed. These award-winning children’s picture books are housed in an attractive silver slipcase. In I’ll Show You Blue Kangaroo, Lily and Blue Kangaroo are best friends, but sometimes Lily can’t resist showing off, and soon gets them into trouble… Set of 6

Slipcased set of 6

books in slipcase •

24795 PRICE 51.99 $

Perfect for animal enthusiasts

Learn how to draw! When your child sees the 3D glasses, stickers, stencils and wipe-clean surfaces in this activity book, they’ll be dying to put pen to paper. This truly is one of the best ways to encourage a love of drawing, with a modern twist. Who knows, your child might become an artist, cartoonist or animator!

5+ yrs Includes 3D glasses & stickers

5+ yrs

Interactive learning at its best! Time To Learn contains 24 wipeclean activities that teach reading, writing, maths and science. It also includes 3D glasses and parents’ teaching notes. Spiral-bound hardback • Includes 1 pair of 3D glasses, stickers, stencils & wipe-clean pen •

03679 PRICE $14.99

Includes 3D galsses & stickers

Best Ever Things To Draw features 30-plus drawing projects, and includes 3D

pages and stickers. Spiral-bound hardback • Includes 1 pair of 3D glasses, stickers, stencils & wipe-clean pen •



5-9 yrs

03667 PRICE $14.99

when you take both 03688 PRICE $22.99

How far can a kangaroo jump? How brainy is an octopus? Why are pandas fussy? All these questions and many more are answered inside this beautifully photographed book.

9+ yrs

Colourful as it is informative, this educational book will fascinate kids. Learn more about the cool creatures that inhabit the sea, land and sky from all over the world. Even creepy-crawly insects and reptiles are covered. Colour photos • Hardback • 240 pages •

17097 PRICE $22.99


Kids: school age & older

A legendary pop-up adventure From Zeus’ kingdom on Mount Olympus to the mysterious kingdoms of the Far East, this book takes young readers on an exciting pop-up adventure through ancient mythology.


Colour illustrations • Hardback with pop-ups •

6-12 yrs

7+ yrs

05609 PRICE $39.99

23363 PRICE $39.99

Mythological monsters brought to life!

SAVE $ 9

Dragons And Monsters is an extraordinarily designed pop up book that will greatly appeal to kids who love mythological creatures. Watch the kraken battle with a ship on dangerous waters, be fascinated by fire-breathing dragons, catch Bigfoot but remember not to look at Medusa! Then read more about the legends and lore of these strange creatures! This book is a feat of paper engineering. Hardback •

when you take both 23909 PRICE $ 69.99 9+ yrs


A hands-on look at our planet

Future filmmakers will love this! If you’ve got a child with filmmaking talent and creativity to nurture, the Movie Maker will help budding film directors make masterpieces! It features a director’s handbook, which contains all the techniques needed to shoot drama, documentary and animation. It also includes stickers and press-outs, special effects and storyboard book and a sound effects CD. Then it’s lights, camera, action!

Includes CD, stickers & more

Director’s handbook, stickers, press-outs, special effects & storyboard book & CD in clapper-board case •

03575 PRICE 41.99 $



Includes DIY paper globe

Young learners will move mountains to get to this geography book with buildit-yourself paper globe. It explores the countries, terrains and cultures of our planet. 150 colour illustrations • Hardback & build-it-yourself paper globe •

03444 PRICE $22.99 WAS $29.99 SAVE $7

Create a Blast Lab at home! Just like Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab TV show, these books encourage children to test their scientific knowledge through simple experiments. Stickers are included.


7+ yrs

Set of 1 hardback & 1 softcover • Contains stickers, LEDs & copper wires •

8+ yrs

Set of 2

23375 PRICE 34.99 $

Includes stickers

Kids: school age & older EDITOR’S CHOICE

NEW Write on the flashcards, then wipe them clean! Maths Puzzles, Brain Puzzles and Number Puzzles are three sets of wipe-clean flashcards that you can draw on with the included markers. There are mazes, matching games, codecracking and more!

9+ yrs

Set of 3

The wipe-clean surfaces mean that mistakes can be erased and cards can be used over and over again. This is perfect brain food for your budding young genius and will exercise young minds in a fun way. Set of 3 flashcards with 3 markers •

23603 PRICE $36.99

Set of 4

9+ yrs

06942 PRICE $32.99

great value

Includes 3 markers

Four books of facts and fun This super set contains four wicked titles, each with 101 exciting puzzles to solve, tons of awesome pics and mountains of facts about the world around us. Set of 4 softcovers •

9+ yrs

Includes PC game

9+ yrs Includes PC game

Learn as you spin Set of 4

7+ yrs

19234 PRICE 27.99 $

Make learning interactive! Featuring a quiz wheel of animal stats, the books are packed with activities and puzzles such as code breaking, word scrambles and mazes. Colour photos • Set of 4 softcovers •

A treasure trove of facts!

The Roman Empire explained

This book is packed with fascinating facts and stories of treasure hunting adventure, plus tips to help you find your own treasure, a pop-up map and interactive PC game.

Journey back to one of history’s greatest empires, and discover what life was like for the people of Ancient Rome with this illustrated title, with pop-up map and PC game. Colour

Colour illustrations • Hardback with pop-up map & PC game •

illustrations • Hardback with pop-up map & PC game •

13653 PRICE $29.99

when you take both 17435 PRICE $37.99

SAVE $ 21

13646 PRICE


29.99 31

health & wellbeing


Achieve the biggest weight loss possible

Look and feel fantastic! Lose five kilos in 30 days. It sounds straightforward and it is! Michelle Bridges is Australia’s most successful weight-loss expert and also appeared as a personal trainer on the Australian version of The Biggest Loser.

The contestants on The Biggest Loser: Families TV show have lost an incredible amount of weight. See how they did it with this musthave book of weight-loss secrets and recipes. Inside, you’ll find a fitness program to help you lose weight at a healthy pace, plus more than 70 nutritious recipes with full-colour photography. There’s healthy eating advice for the entire family, from children to adults, and tailored eating and exercise plans, cooking basics, meal planners and shopping lists.

Images from: The Biggest Loser: Families

Featuring expert advice from personal trainers and nutritionists, like Dr Trent Watson and Clare Collins, who work on The Biggest Loser Australia TV show, this book will help transform your body and your life. Softcover •

Losing The Last 5 Kilos includes dayby-day menu plans, Michelle’s favourite low-cal, but filling recipes and easyto-follow, high intensity exercises, with step-by-step photos. Softcover •

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Images from: Losing The Last 5 Kilos

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Pear And Walnut Salad


– Extract from: The Biggest Loser: Families

The ultimate health guide for women of all ages

Designer dressing on a budget

Softcover • 320 pages •


At last – nature’s beauty secrets revealed!

Discover the secrets to creating designer looks for less, no matter what your size, shape or budget, with TV style guru Mark Heyes as your expert guide. Colour

Written by a bestselling author and highly respected professional, The Natural Health Bible For Women is the first fully illustrated natural health resource for women. Colour photos •

91766 PRICE $39.99

Beef Fillet With Coriander Salsa

photos • Hardback • 176 pages •

09239 PRICE 29.99 $

Filled with easy-to-follow expert advice, this fully illustrated guide outlines all the natural ways to look younger and healthier. Simple changes are all it takes. Colour photos • Paperback • 143 pages •

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self help

Take a step towards the positive Release Your Worries will be the most positive book you’ll read about dealing with stress and anxiety. Written by people who understand, this is the next step in making an encouraging difference in your life. The authors understand that what works for one person may not work for another. This is why they have drawn on simple yet effective techniques from a range of the most up-to-date psychological approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Relaxation Therapy and Hypnotherapy and Constructive Living.


Release Your Worries has a winning combination of case studies, exercises for you to do and a down-to-earth approach that speaks directly to you. Let go of your anxieties today! Softcover •

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Life-changing gospel

Deal with menopause naturally For women, menopause is one of life’s certainties. Leading health journalist and women’s health expert Maryon Stewart offers an effective approach that shuns HRT and safely guides you through what is often a difficult time for women. Maryon offers an integrated approach to treating menopausal symptoms, showing how to combine complementary therapies with diet and exercise in a plan that’s individually right for you. It’s packed with advice on topics like beating stress and depression, getting heart-healthy and sex. The recipe section covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. Try Poached Halibut With Parsley Sauce, Yogurt Roast Chicken and Crème Caramel that won’t derail your diet. Softcover •

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Soul commitments

Neale Donald Walsch hated his life. So he complained to God – and the miraculous response became this book. Here, the global bestseller is offered in a stunning gift edition. Hardback •

In this follow-up to The Seat Of The Soul, Gary Zukav explains why we must forge more meaningful relationships with spiritual partners in order to find fulfilment.

244 pages •

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Paperback • 280 pages •

Be wealthy in every area of your life! Learn to Relax And Grow Rich in all areas of your life with this groundbreaking book, which shows you how to unleash your imagination and accumulate abundance. Softcover • 288 pages •

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Fascinating stories behind our favourite food Did you know that the Cornish pasty was developed to protect tin miners from arsenic poisoning? Or that the word ‘salary’ comes from Roman soldiers being paid their wages in salt? Written by bestselling author Albert Jack, What Caesar Did For My Salad is crammed with interesting insights, characters and events that show our history is surprisingly full of funny food-related incidents. Hardback • 348 pages •

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A beautiful guide to everything on Earth

colour photos

Five years in the making, covering over 5000 species, The Natural History Book is the only book on the planet to offer a complete survey of the Earth’s natural history. Packed with thousands of stunning, specially commissioned photographs, and written by a worldwide team of natural history experts, this quality title covers everything from granites to grape vines, microbes to mammals. Colour photos • Hardback • 648 pages •

17460 PRICE $ 60.99

“Gives long shrift to loose talk.” – The Times Described as “thought-provoking ... extremely relevant” (The Scotsman), On Rumours explores the human propensity for gossip and storytelling. Why do people believe rumours – even when they are false or bizarre? Why do some groups accept a rumour, while others dismiss it? What can we do to protect ourselves against rumours? Cass R. Sunstein answers all these questions and more in this book. Softcover • 100 pages •

18574 PRICE $25.99

A love affair with Planet Earth David Suzuki is an internationally renowned scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster who has spent more than 40 years educating people about science and environmental issues. So, if he had to sum up all that he has learned in one last lecture, what would he say? The Legacy answers this question, as Suzuki explains how we got to be where we are today, and his vision for a better future. Hardback • 113 pages •

14883 PRICE $26.99

Having faith in scientific reason Richard Dawkins has forged his reputation as a chief proponent of scientific reason. In The Greatest Show On Earth, he shares with us his palpable love of the natural world and the essential role that science plays in its interpretation. Arguing the case for evolutionary theory, Dawkins is hard hitting, passionate and absorbing as he confirms the important role of science in the classroom. Paperback • 470 pages •

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These women can rock!

Whole lotta AC/DC

This rock ‘n’ roll bible explores some of the most famous rock chicks from 1960 to today.

AC/DC emerged in the seventies as a small Aussie rock act but, having sold over 200 million albums, they’ve since gone on to cement their place in history.

From Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry to contemporary rock chicks such as Karen O and Pink, this book has it covered. Author Alison Stieven Taylor chronicles the lives of these extraordinary women and how they got to the top, and also offers critiques on their music. These girls know how to rock! Softcover • 320 pages •

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From lycra to leg-warmers, it’s all here As the first 80s children turn 30, there’s never been a better time to celebrate the decade that defined pop music and gave us flamboyant fashion that is still on trend.

With over 400 illustrations, including handbills, posters, backstage passes and vinyl, from around the globe, as well as rare photographs, fans will love this ultimate illustrated history of Australia’s biggest rock band. 400 illustrations plus rare photos • Hardback • 224 pages •

11521 PRICE $51.99

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Covering the A to Z of the 80s – the A-Team to ZZ Top that is – journey back to when Madonna was in vogue, Tom was a top gun, Kevin was footloose and nobody knew what Willis was talkin’ about, with this must-have guide. Photos • Paperback • 266 pages •

when you purchase this book

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A map of the music world SAVE $


Rock Connexions traces the historic connections between some of music’s greatest performers. In chronological order, music specialist Bruno MacDonald transforms his research into maps that lead from Elvis to The Beatles and beyond, showing the links between labels, clubs, producers and festivals, to form a unique and interesting visual history of modern music. A great reference for rock trivia. Colour & B/W photos • Softcover • 288 pages •

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The Gunners’ hard road to the top Stephen Davis, the author of The Hammer Of The Gods Led Zeppelin bio, profiles the biggest and baddest band on the planet, Guns N’ Roses. Applauded by critics, Watch You Bleed: The Saga Of Guns N’ Roses describes how this American hard rock band, led by Axl Rose, has always had an appetite for destruction. It features a photo gallery with all your favourite Gunners. B&W photos • Paperback •

For more great music visit 434 pages •

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Celebrating real women of substance

Fifteen enriching short stories To produce this powerful resource, the editor of Kindred magazine invited 15 writers from Australia and around the world to reveal their own search for the sense of belonging that nourished their souls.

Women’s Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion presents 50 inspiring achievers and their insights and advice on life lessons, challenges, business, love and happiness. These Aussies are high-flying and successful women.


Featured role models range from Julia Gillard, to celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Olivia Newton-John and Kerri-Anne Kennerley. There are movers and shakers in the fashion industry like Collette Dinnigan, and those in the field of medicine such as Fiona Wood. And there are plenty of stories from unsung heroes who have achieved incredible things. “Of all the gifts one person can give to another, sharing their knowledge and heartfelt wisdom is the most powerful”, author Karen Phillips said. Hardback •

24148 PRICE $33.99

These beautifully written stories range from poems to accounts of riding the rapids of the Great Canyon, living in a remote village of Tibet, or being a member of the Stolen Generation.

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B&W illustrations • paperback • 243 pages •

Great books, great value at A royal romance Featuring 150 beautiful photographs from The Sun newspaper, this commemorative book tells the story of how Kate Middleton stole the heart of Britain’s Prince William.

Barren of blokes, surplus of sheilas! SAVE $


Drawing on current census data and his own research, Bernard Salt takes you on a tour of the world today, with a bachelor hot spots map one of the highlights!

Colour photos • Hardback • 208 pages •

Paperback • 324 pages •

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Men’s frustrating foibles SAVE



Based on the popular website, this lively book takes you on a riotous romp through the maddening shortcomings of the male species. Hardback • 198 pages •

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