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Inlet Loose Curtains

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Hot air contained

Proven and Tested Products that are a Small Investment but Prove to have a Big Return on Investment by airlock .08

Bad Static Pressure Detrimental to Building Lack of Static Pressure Performance Proper Static Pressure Static Pressure

Loose Curtains

Curtain Shut Curtain Shut Tight



Loose Curtains Curtains



Heater Heater

Heater Heater






Bad Static Pressure - Cold Air Drops to the Floor

c c c

Cool Floor

c c



Proper Static Pressure - Hot and Cold Air Mix

Attic Damage

Proper Static Poor Pressure Pig Performance

High Heat Loss



c c

Air Mixing Big Fuel Savings

c c

Better Pig Performance Even Temperatures in Room

No Mixing of Air

Hot air drafts into attic Inlets will not perform without

use of negative pressure is a Static Pressure. If you have no .00 necessary form of power to ventilate negative Static Pressure, you have swine buildings. There are tools Inlet NO ventilation. available on the market to check your Curtain Shut Static Pressure static pressure. The Dwyer Mark II Tight manometer is the most common. What is Static Pressure? Heater Static pressure is defined as You cannot maintain proper “the pressure exerted by static pressure if have air leaks a still liquid or gas, especially water Most managers overlook the fact that or air.” This simply static pressure is affected by air relates to the leakage. Remember, you are trying occurrence of a to pull incoming air in through slight decrease in engineered openings, not pressure within a through random leaks in the building relative to building. Cold air entering outside air pressure through cracks, curtains, or when one or more inlets is heavier than the exhaust fans are inside warm air. If it does not turned on. It’s the Static Pressure Tools shoot into the room with force you feel when sufficient speed at ceiling Smoke Stick, Manometer, you open a door to a Wind Meter, Pressure Gauge height, this incoming cold air production unit and will immediately fall downward you feel resistance (sometimes along the sidewalls and endwalls, called a vacuum). If the door closes resulting in pigs being chilled. This is behind you, you have static pressure. why drafts of air often feel cooler in If it remains open or opens wider, you these areas of sub-standard ventilated have no negative static pressure. If you buildings. In buildings under proper see curtains flapping and not drawing static pressure, there will be fewer cold up tight to the bird wire, you do not spots, fewer dead air pockets, and no have static pressure. It is important to drafts at animal level. By keeping proper understand this concept because the static pressure - between 0.05” and

0.08” - you can achieve suitable air mixing because the proper velocity of air coming out of the ceiling inlets, 800 fpm, will give sufficient mixing between incoming and Continued on page 2

- In This Issue Static Pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 - 3 TopJet Insulated Shutter . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 5 PVC Shutter / Z Wall Shutter . . . . . . 6 - 7 Ceiling and Wall Inlets . . . . . . . . . . 8 - 15 Replacement Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Stir Fans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Wean to Finish Pig Mat . . . . . . . . .16 - 17 Flooring Thermal Comfort . . . . . . . . . . 18 Schonlau Cast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Farrowing Floors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 - 21 Cast Iron Floors / Plastic Floors . . . . . 22 PermaBeam / Floor Accessories . . . . . 23 Nursery Floors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 - 25 Curtain Pockets / Thermostats . . . . . . . 26 Swine Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Double L Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

causing you to lose static pressure, which allows hot air to be sucked up into the attic. Hot air contains a lot of moisture and is very damaging to your building’s attic. The attic insulation soaks up the moisture causing it to deteriorate. Insulation that once was 6 inches deep is now much less with minimal R-value. Also, the hot air causes the steel to rust and shortens the life of your building rafters. If the steel plates on trusses are compromised enough, the building could actually collapse under heavy snow.

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tempered air. Velocity that is too slow will allow the cold air to immediately fall into the pig space.

Wind has a negative effect on static pressure & your heating bill Wind is a powerful ventilation force that can provide tremendous hot weather ventilation benefit, but it also can be an enormous hindrance during the heating season. For example, a sidewall curtain with three 4-inch diameter holes, will allow about 40 cfm of infiltration air into the building when subjected to a 5 mph wind. If the situation persists for four months, an additional 80 gallons of propane would be needed to heat the air to an acceptable temperature.

Check Fan Belts Fan belts that lose tension are not running cost effectively. These should be checked regularly. You can lose 50% of fan capability with slipping belts.

Minimum Ventilation When it comes to operating any air inlet system during the cooler times of the

10 to 15 mph wind whirling around the building creates a vacuum in the attic

year, it is important to keep in mind that our primary objective is to maximize the amount of fresh air we bring in without causing excessive decreases in air temperature or excessive increases in fuel usage. Quite simply, the more air we can bring in without decreasing inside temperature, the fresher the air will be, and the better livestock will perform. Maintaining a higher static pressure (i.e., 0.08”) by reducing the inlet opening will help direct the cool incoming air to move across the ceiling. As the air moves across the ceiling it will mix with the warm air, heat up and then upon reaching the center of the building, gently move towards the floor. The air temperature at animal level might stay the same or possibly increase, resulting in even better air quality. Again, the goal is not to reduce fan runtime/electricity usage, but rather maximize the amount of time fans operate so we can maximize air quality and animal health.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Attic Airlock Traps Hot Air Before Entering Attic Airlock

Protect Your Building in Extreme Cold Weather with Attic Airlock Attic

Airlock Double L’s new patent pending Attic Airlock is proving to be tremendously successful in trapping hot air before it enters the attic. The Airlock is installed above eachInsulation of the Stop ceiling inlets and has proven to eliminate significant heat loss when used with actuated inlets. Because it takes a short period of time for the inlets to close and with some not closing all the way, a lot of Inlet hot air can escape into the attic. The Double L Attic Airlock creates an air chamber between the room and the attic, thus reducing condensation in the attic and increasing the life of the building. It also minimizes the chance of the inlets freezing Heater up in extreme cold weather. The Attic Airlock will pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time with fuel savings, even heat, and better producing pigs.

Attic Airlock

1 No Airlock

Insulation Stop



3 opens at a .02 static pressure


.10 0





Attic Airlock


100 º

Insulation Stop





Heater Heater

Hot Air Rises at 300 ft./min. and enters into the attic

Heater Heater



Hot Air Contained by Airlock

Hot Air Rises into Attic

c c

Hot Air Rises at 300 ft./min. and is trapped in the airlock

Heat Loss Attic Damage with Wet Insulation & Rusting Steel

c c

Inlet Freeze-Up Poor Ventilation

c c

BIG Fuel Savings Protects Attic

c c

Minimal Inlet Freeze-Up Great Mixing with Stir Fans

No Airlock


.10 0

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Test Your Minimum Ventilation with a Static Pressure Test Close all curtains and inlets. Turn on your minimum fans. If you are not pulling a .05 static pressure, you should look for leaks. Below are some ideas of where to start. Door Test

Inlet Performance Under Static Pressure

Should be pulling 800 ft. / min. for proper air mixing

To determine if room has static pressure, open the door an inch and static pressure should pull the door shut.

.01 static pressure pulls minimal ft. / min. bad air mixing

Dirty Shutter Blades

Can reduce fan performance by 40% or more!

Broken Inlet Blades

Can reduce shutter, inlet, and fan efficiency by 40% or more!

36” Shutter Leakage

.10 static pressure pulls over 800 ft. / min. for proper air mixing

Shutter Flipover

Cable Management

to 200 cfm!

Same as leaving one inlet open at all times.

Missing Louver Blades

Loose Fan Belts

Door Not Sealed Tight

¼” air leakage is equivalent

Can reduce shutter, inlet, & fan efficiency by 40% or more!

Worn or loose belts reduce the speed at which the fan rotates.

Ensures all inlets open and shut evenly at the same time.

A ¼” crack around entry door is a crack 144” x ¼” or a hole 6” x 6”!

STOP Air Leaks Pit Fan Not Positioned Correctly Over Hole, Creating Air Leak Can reduce fan efficiency by 40% or more!

Exhaust Fan Blades Broken

Can reduce shutter, inlet, & fan efficiency by 40% or more!

Holes in Curtain

A dozen scattered quarter sized holes is a 3” x 4” hole!

With Fixed Leaks, You Could See Big Returns on Small Investments c



Extends Life of Equipment and Hog Building


Better Pig Performance

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973


Attack Operating Expenses

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TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter with Counterweighted Louvers No Air Restrictions or Leakage Double L’s new TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter minimizes air leakage and seals up tight with no cracks or spaces for air to come through. Its patent pending design has counterweight louver blades made of 3/4” insulated board encased in fiberglass with an R-value of approximately 6; whereas the standard shutter has no R-value. The counterweight louver blades are uniquely designed to open from the top, directing airflow up. When static pressure is created by ventilation fans, Double L’s TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter blades automatically open to exhaust the air. When fans stop, the counterweight closes the louver blades. Multiple infrared tests have shown a 20+ degree difference between the TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter and the standard shutter - providing great energy savings, safer environments for animals, and less buildup of moisture in buildings.

IS4 (4 blades)

IS6 (6 blades)

TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter

TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter

Part 90324

Part 90336

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

32.25” x 32.25” x 12” (819.2 x 819.2 x 305mm)

45.5” x 45.5” x 12” (1,155.7 x 1,155.7 x 305mm)

• New shutter design minimizes air leakage – seals up like a window with no cracks or spaces for air to come through • Counterweight louver ensures tight seal • Louver blades are made of ¾” insulation board encased in fiberglass – R-value of approximately 6 • Minimizes amount of cold air coming in around the fan • No shutter flutter • Shutter packaged unassembled making shipping easy and economical • Shutter is easy to assemble – comes with simple assembly instructions

Maximize Your Fan Performance with the Insulated Shutter No Air Restrictions

4 The Hog Gazette



TopJet Insulated Shutter Testing by Brumm Swine Consultancy, Inc. Dr. Mike Brumm, Swine Consultant Double L Shutter

Photo taken after 2+ days of below 0째 F temperatures. Pushed on Insulated Shutter blades and they immediately opened - no freeze-up!

Using temp recorders, testing was done to show the temperature differences between the Insulated Shutter and a traditional shutter!

Insulated Shutter Testing by the University of Georgia

BESS Lab Shutter Leakage Testing by University of Illinois

Mike Czarick, Extension Engineer Infrared Thermal Image of from 12/19/2013 AM Traditional Shutter 8:42:40.525 vs. the Insulated Shutter

Original Shutter

Steve Ford, Research Engineer

IR_2616.jpg g mage from 12/19/2013FLIR 8:42:40.525 AM image T640

100.0째F 100

100.0째F 100




airflow (cfm)









Static Pressure (in H20)



80 65






Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

The Hog Gazette 60


PATENT NO. 6,449,903

PVC Fan Replacement Shutters: Best Replacement Shutter on the Market Energy Saver | Most Airtight on Market |


Best Value

Replace your bent and/or broken shutters for improved fan efficiency and performance


Custom Built to Your Desired Size! MADE IN USA

Animal Room Front View

Back View

PVC Shutter Features: • Ideal for new construction or as replacment shutters • Constructed of heavy-duty, non-corrosive PVC that can withstand even the harshest of environments • Patented design with different sizes available custom build to fit opening Formed (not welded) corners give PVC Fan Shutter extra strength and durability

Easy to clean or repair; our shutters will not crack or break under normal conditions

6 The Hog Gazette

• Easy to install, low-maintenance, and easy to clean

Optional Connecting Bars eliminate shutter flutter and blade flying up - can add up to 8% more performance at .05 static pressure


Withstands heavy pressure washing

Z Wall Shutter System for Filtered Buildings




Easily Custom Built to Your Desired Sizes

Z Wall Shutter Features: • Provides effective backdraft prevention system which overcomes all the weaknesses present in other systems

• Uses the concept of a double shutter, but instead of just a 6” gap between the 2 shutters, the Z Wall provides a deeper “airlock” chamber between the two • Any air that leaks back through fan shutter is trapped in airlock chamber and cannot leak farther through second shutter wall • Is not adversely affected by wind and is highly reliable in preventing backdrafts

Double L PVC Shutter has 54% Less Air Leakage than Aluminum Shutters in BESS Lab 600 Shutter Leakage Test

600 500 400

airflow (cfm)



PVC Shutter vs.








171 171






Aluminum Shutter PVC Shutter


Aluminum Shutter





0.125 0.15



Static Pressure (in H20)

0 0.02



0.125 0.15

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973



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Redesigned 360° Airflow Inlet for 2014! Improved Inlet with Super Tough Structural Foam for Added Strength and Insulation Value

Cleaning of inlet crucial to gravity inlet’s accurate performance of counterweight

GC1140 Gravity 360° Airflow Inlet Easy to Clean! Easy to remove and reattach bottom lid with attachable straps no bolts or screws to take off

Easily Adjustable Counterweight

IR_2883.jpg FLIR T640 image from 1/2/2014 9:31:42.071 AM 80.0°F 80












56 55.0°F

360° Airflow GC1140 Inlet Infrared

Radiused Corners for 360° Airflow with NO dead spots Air doesn’t hit square corners and deflect back into inlet

Adjustable chain to minimize inlet opening

Housing now made of Four Point Pivot Reactive Injection Molding (RIM) and heavy-duty PVC & stainless steel components

8 The Hog Gazette

New Improved Seal for increased protection against air leakage




AC3010 & GC1140 Fully Insulated 360 Degree Airflow Ceiling Inlets

Improved Air Distribution | Airtight - No Leakage


No Freeze-Up

The AC3010 and GC1140 Inlets correct the shortcomings of air distribution with no blades to break, fall out, or get stuck open or closed. Air enters the inlet from the attic and is evenly distributed in all directions into the pig space. The air travels along the ceiling instead of falling directly onto the pigs. Gently mixing air without creating a draft results in even temperatures throughout the entire room.

AC3010 Actuated Inlets recommended to be purchased with Attic Airlock.

Part #90673 Fits on Insulation Stop included with these inlets.



AC3010 4-Way Inlet

GC1140 4-Way Inlet

Part 90670 CFM: 2,518 @ .15 SP Ship Weight: 9 lbs. (4.1 kg.)

Part 90675 CFM: 2,048 @ .15 SP Ship Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.)

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

22.5” x 22.5” (571.5 x 571.5mm)

22.5” x 22.5” (571.5 x 571.5mm)

• New 360º airflow heavy-duty radiused corner design increases fuel savings, air distribution, and air mixing • Designed for cold climates - FULLY INSULATED housing prevents heat loss; no freeze-up • Tightest seal on market - no air leakage when attic air inlet is closed • Larger bottom board than competition, directs air along ceiling no down draft

Removable lid for easy cleaning and installation

Air tight - no air leakage when air inlet is closed


Insulated housing to prevent heat loss

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

AC3010 is actuated open, spring-loaded close The Hog Gazette


2-Way Fully Insulated Attic Inlets Double L’s 2-Way Fully Insulated Attic Inlets are great for minimum to maximum ventilation for precise control of air movement, directing air along ceiling for proper air mixing. They are constructed of a single piece, fully insulated, corrosion resistant, rotomolded housing with 1” thick fully insulated lids to minimize condensation, dripping, and inlet freeze-up. Frictionless styrofoam PVC covered lids on a continuous PVC hinge swing down to allow clean attic air into main room. When lids are closed, inlet is fully sealed against air leakage and light. Withstands harsh environments and extreme cold weather conditions. MADE IN CANADA

JD2900 Inlet Replaces C2000 (Quad) Inlets 31”

31 ”





Part 90837 Ship Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.) 2,490 cfm @ .05 static pressure

Part 90836 Ship Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.) 2,490 cfm @ .05 static pressure

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

27.5” x 27.5” (698.5 x 698.5mm)

27.5” x 27.5” (698.5 x 698.5mm)

2-Way Insulated Raydot Replacement Inlets





Part 90809 (Counterweighted) Part 90810 (Winched)

Part 90813 (Counterweighted) Part 90814 (Winched)

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening: 23” x 14” (584.2 x 355.6mm)

10 The Hog Gazette

34” x 18.5” (863.6 x 469.9mm)


2-Way Inlets with Proven Performance Success




Part 90841 (Counterweighted) Part 90840 (Winched) 13 lbs. (5.9 kg.) Approx. 2,400 cfm @ .05 SP

Part 90825 (Counterweighted) Part 90827 (Winched) 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.) Approx. 1,300 cfm @ .05 SP

Part 90843 (Counterweighted) 15 lbs. (6.8 kg.) Approx. 4,000 cfm @ .05 SP

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

45” x 23.75” (1,143mm x 603.25mm)

29” x 24.5” (736.6mm x 622.3mm)

Gravity or Actuated

18.5” x 21.5” (469.9mm x 546.1mm)

Gravity or Actuated

Framed Opening:

Actuated Only

JWI Wall Air Inlets Excel in Extreme Cold Weather Conditions • Adjustable counterweight allows fine control • Negative pressure pulls back a frictionless styrofoam baffle to provide direct access of fresh air into your building • Insulated hinged cover can be closed tight in cold temperatures or adjusted to any degree for proper air distribution • Opens wide when plenty of air is needed; flow adjusts automatically to protect animals during cooler periods




Part 90812 Ship Wt.: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg.) Approx. 1,000 cfm @ 0.05 SP

Part 90824 Ship Wt.: 28 lbs. (12.7 kg.) Approx. 2,400 cfm @ 0.05 SP

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

22” x 14” (558.8mm x 355.6mm)

Double L Group, Ltd. - High QualityLtd. Products andQuality ServicesProducts Since 1973 Double L Group, - High and

45.5” x 14” (1,155.7mm x 355.6mm)

The1973 Hog Gazette 11 Services Since

Adjustable Weight Bar to Balance Airflow with Multiple Inlets

TJW Wall Inlets Designed to Direct Airflow Towards Ceiling





Part 90519 13 lbs. (5.9 kg.) 2,200 cfm @ .125 SP

Part 90540 18 lbs. (8.2 kg.) 3,000 cfm @ .125 SP

Part 90521 24 lbs. (10.9 kg.) 4,400 cfm @ .125 SP

Part 90522 34 lbs. (15.4 kg.) 6,600 cfm @ .125 SP

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

Framed Opening:

43.5” x 12” or 1,104.9mm x 304.8mm

29.5” x 23” or 749.3mm x 584.2mm

43.5” x 23” or 1,104.9mm x 584.2mm

43.5” x 34.5” or 1,104.9mm x 876.3mm

• Translucent counterbalance louver blades allow more natural light into the room • Adjustable counterweight for balancing multiple inlets, with ability to adjust for lower / higher static pressure Translucent louver blades allow more natural light into room

• TJW louvers open from the top instead of the bottom and are designed to direct airflow towards the ceiling area • Engineered to open at .05 to .07 static pressure


TJW Inlets are able to withstand pressure washing

12 The Hog Gazette

Pushed In

Pulled Out

0.01 - 0.05 SP

0.05 - 0.10 SP

Set inlet weight bars in center of slotted holder, adjust weight bar back or forward to balance airflow with multiple inlets. For 2-stage operation, keep top weight bar closest to louver blade and bottom weight bar away from louver blade.


Baffle Board Replacement Designed For New or Existing Buildings

Corner Mount & Ceiling Mount Ductwork Evenly Distribute Air Throughout Building

8’ Ceiling Ductwork

8’ Corner Ductwork

Part 90994B 22 lbs. (10 kg.) 12” x 8” x 8’ sections or 304.8mm x 203.2mm x 2.4m

Part 90997B 13 lbs. (5.9 kg.) 6” x 8” x 8’ sections or 152.4mm x 203.2mm x 2.4m



Ceiling Mount Polystyrene Ductwork with WP450 Inlets

Corner Mount Polystyrene Ductwork with WP450 Inlets

The Ceiling Mount Ductwork allows for two-directional air delivery from a center slot in the ceiling. The air supply is from the attic or pre-heated hallway. Eight foot sections accommodate up to six WP450 inlets - three per side to deliver high volumes of air. Easily adapts as a replacement for continuous baffle. Endcaps available.

The Corner Mount Ductwork is excellent when used to pull air out of the attic. The eight foot sections accommodate up to three WP450 inlets. Corner Mount Ductwork easily adapts as a replacement for continuous baffle. Endcaps are available.

New! WP450 Eliminates Air Leaks

NEW! WP450 Inlet Part 90495 1.6 lbs. (0.73 kg.) 490 cfm @ .125 SP Rough Opening: 22.25” x 5.5” (565.2mm x 139.7mm)

Blade Seal on side and bottom of inlet

Top Seal

W400 Inlet with Air Leakage vs. WP450 Inlet with Tight Seal Closed Position

Air Directed Upward

Air Directed Down

WP450 Inlet back seals very durable and protect blade during pressure washing

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

The Hog Gazette


C2200 Releases 20% More Air Than C2000 BESS Lab tests prove that the C2200 Inlet allows 20% more cfm through the inlet than a C2000. The extra cfm per inlet allows the customer to use fewer inlets per room. Counterbalance louvers adjust automatically to static pressure and each inlet can be shut off for better air control.

C2200 Attic Inlet

Counterbalance Weight

allows maximum cfm through inlet

Aerodynamic Edge

Part 90635 Framed opening: 22.5” x 22.5” (571.5 x 571.5mm) 2,089 cfm @ .125 SP

prevents blade from being blown back during pressure washing



Key to Maximum Performance

Counterbalance Weight

TJ4200 Attic Inlet

Fast Frame

Part 90640 Framed opening: 22.5” x 22.5” (571.5 x 571.5mm) 1,812 cfm @ .125 SP

Part 90620

Accommodates AC3010, GC1140, C2200, and TJ4200 Inlets


Minimum Ventilation

Minimum ventilation is the amount of air that needs to be supplied to the animals for maintaining proper air quality during winter months

With proper minimum ventilation you can achieve: • Maximum heating of incoming cold air before it reaches the floor level • Even distribution of fresh air throughout the building without causing drafts • Removal of carbon dioxide, ammonia, odors, and dust • Proper static pressure for prevention of heat and moisture build-up

• Without static pressure, it is harder to manage ventilation, resulting in wet floors and hot ceilings which cause rust and corrosion

14 The Hog Gazette


Additional Ventilation Available

BIL3000 Inlet

20” Pit Transition Hood with Shutter

BIL4000 Inlet

20” Sidewall Housing

24” Sidewall Housing

JFD2600 Inlet JFD2900 Inlet JFD4000 Inlet CM1200 with Roto Mix Fan

Fully Insulated Lids

C1200 Inlet

Ventilation / Inlet Replacement Parts to view full replacement parts listing, visit Pivot Pins Pivot Pins

900026ST 900026ST

Plastic Nails Plastic Nails

900028ST 900028ST

Replacement Pivot Pins & Plastic Nails Pivot Pins


Plastic Nails


New BIL3000 and BIL4000 Replacement Parts

Left Side Right Side

Quantities in increments of 25 $25.00 minimum order required or can add to an existing order

New W400, Old W400, W600, and C2000 Replacement Parts

New W400, W400, W600, and C2000 Replacement New W400, OldOld W400, W600, and C2000 Replacement Parts Parts

New BIL3000 and BIL4000 Replacement Parts Counterbalance w/Pins Counterbalance w/Pins

Spring Steel Rod

Plastic Frame Plastic Frame


Right End Cap Deflector Louver w/Nails

Left End Cap

Fiberglass Rod


42 7/8” x 1/8” Spring Steel Rod 28 7/8” x 1/8” Fiberglass Rod

900047WI 100620FG

BIL4000 BIL3000

Tie Bar End Cap - 85mm - Left Tie Bar End Cap - 85mm - Right

900053ST 900054ST


13” Louver 19 1/2” Louver

900018ST-330 900018ST-495

BIL3000 BIL4000

Deflector Louver w/Nails

21 1/4” Counterbalance Louver with Plastic Pivot Pins 1921 3/4” Counterbalance Louver with Plastic Pivot Pins 1/4” Counterbalance Louver with Plastic Pivot Pins 23 3/4” Counterbalance Louver w/Steel Rod & Plastic Pivot Pins

90500 90502 90510

19 3/4” Counterbalance Louver with Plastic Pivot Pins 23 3/4” Counterbalance Louver w/Steel Rod & Plastic Pivot Pins

21 5/16” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Plastic Nails 90505 19 7/8” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Plastic Nails 90503 5/16” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Rod Plastic NailsNails 2321 7/8” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Steel & Plastic

New W400, C2000 OldNew W400W400, 90500 90500 New W400, W600 90502 C2000 Old W400 90502 90510 90510 Old W400 W600

New W400, C2000 Old W400 90505 New W400, 90505 New W400, W600

90503 C2000Old W400 19 7/8” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Plastic Nails 90503 23 7/8” Deflector Louver (85mm) with Steel Rod & Plastic Nails 90510 Old W400 W600

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

The Hog Gazette


Lowers Heating Costs | Improves Environment Inside Building

18” & 24” Stir Fans Correct Static Pressure and Maximize Airflow 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Airlock Airlock



24” Stir Fan / Circulating Fan

18” Stir Fan / Circulating Fan Part 90610 1 AMP / 1/5 HP 120 V / 60 HZ 16 lbs. (7.3 kg.)

3,500 / 4,000 cfm Two Speeds 21” diameter x 7.25” (533.4mm dia. x 184.2mm)


Part 90624 1.5 AMP / 1/5 HP 120 V / 60 HZ Airlock 34 lbs. (15.4 kg.)

6,475 / 7,700 cfm Two Speeds 31” diameter x 8” (787.4mm dia. x Airlock 203.2mm) INCHES OF WATER

.10 0

Stir fans are important in your effort to reduce costs and improve the environment inside your buildings during summer and winter months. Stir Fans are used to minimize temperature difference and recirculate heat. The recycling of heat will reduce fuel costs and create a healthy environment for animals and workers. Another purpose of air circulation is to cool and control the environment to reduce heat stress on animals & keep production at maximum levels.










Heater Heater

Heater Heater

80º 30º

Wet Floor


Hog Building is not tight and has a lot of air leaks



Dry Floor

Hog Building with even air mixing

Airlock Thermal Comfort for Little Pigs in Cold Wean to No Finish Barn

Pig Mat Saves 36% of Pig’s Heat Loss Tests conducted by Double L show that producers using the 4’ x 6’ Wean-to-Finish Pig Welcome Mat can use 36% less energy to maintain the pig’s body temperature (105º F) versus a pig lying on a concrete floor. Two boxes, 12” x 12” x 12” high, were made using 1 1/2” thick insulation board, leaving the top and bottom of the box open. Lined with 3 mil plastic and filled with water, two identical heating probes were used to heat the water to 105º F. One box was placed on a concrete floor and the other box was placed on the 4’ x 6’ Welcome Mat on a concrete floor. When the temperature of the water reached 105º F, the usage of kilowatts to maintain that temperature in two boxes was documented during the winter months.


Concrete Floor vs. Warm & Dry Pig Mat

In a 17 hour span, the box on the plastic mat used 1.15 KwH while the box directly on the concrete used 1.8 KwH. Results showed that a pig lying on the 4’ x 6’ Wean-toFinish Welcome Mat used 36% less energy to maintain its body temperature (105º F) when compared to a pig lying on the concrete floor.

16 The Hog Gazette



.10 0


1 Day of Stress For Young Pig = 3 Extra Days on Finishing Floor

4872 Pig Welcome Mat with Handles Reduces Pig Stress, Keeps Pigs Dry, and Helps Prevent Feed Waste The 4872 4’x 6’ Wean-to-Finish Pig Mat’s unique design allows the pig to lay on the elevated surface to stay warm and dry while avoiding diseases. The 1 1/4” raised feed lip keeps feed on the mat, preventing it from passing through the slats. Made of high-density polyethylene, the mat is non-conductive and acts as a barrier between the pig and the cold floor. Pigs that are cold and chilled use the feed they eat to keep warm because they do not have any fat; consequently, they do not gain weight. The Double L 4872 4’ x 6’ Wean-to-Finish Pig Mat will help the pigs to stay warm, dry, and healthy. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of days on the finishing floor.


4872 4’ x 6’ Wean-to-Finish Pig Mat with Feed Saver Lip and Handles Part: 16456 Dimensions: 4’ x 6’ (1.2m x 1.8m) 0.115” (2.9mm) thickness Ship Wt.: 13 lbs. (5.9 kg.)

• • • • •

Great for creep feeding by reducing feed waste Barrier between pig and cold concrete floor Accommodates 50 pigs Provides thermal comfort for the pigs Handles allow for for easy transport and storage on a shelf or wall

Great for creep feeding

Accommodates 50 pigs

The creep feed stays in the 1/8” deep oval indentations and prevents the pigs from moving it around and wasting the very expensive feed. This is a big advantage over smooth or biodegradable boards.

Easily Stored During Off Season

Easily hang mat on a wall or store away on a shelf lightweight 4872 Pig Mat is easy to transport & store

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

The Hog Gazette


Thermal Comfort Proven Cost Effective The most critical time in a little pigs life is the first twenty-four hours after birth. Pigs born at the 102º warmth of the sow and coming into a farrowing room of 70º or less are very susceptible to heat loss. Chilled young pigs have reduced resistance to disease, are drowsy, and often fail to suckle properly. As a result, they run a higher risk of being laid on by the sow or never getting that good nursing start. Pigs have no fat to keep them warm. The only heat gain a pig has is through its feed intake. The greater the heat loss, the more feed it will take to offset that loss and produce gains. Maxima thermal comfort flooring provides a warmth factor that does not rob precious body heat from the

little pig. This allows the little pigs to turn the feed they eat into pounds and not into fuel to heat their bodies. This flooring is also very energy efficient. The temperature in the room can actually be turned down 5º and still maintain a comfortable environment for the little pigs. Before you purchase any flooring, lay your hand on it. If it feels warm to you, it will feel warm to your little pigs. Flooring that feels cool to the touch will sap body heat from the animals. This is why the combination system of Schonlau cast iron under the sow and Maxima polypropylene in creep area is recommended by many

Schonlau cast iron has been on the market for decades. It is the only cast iron in the world that is manufactured using the “open mold process”. There are no part lines because this process uses a one piece mold. Other molds consist of two pieces (a bottom and a top), which results in part lines with sharp edges. Independent German institutes confirm there is 6% less teat injuries compared to the competition. This is why Europe’s biggest companies use Schonlau. Schonlau cast iron slats have outperformed all other sow flooring on the market!

producers. Cast iron is cool for sow and Maxima is warm for little pigs.

Warm for the pigs . . . Cool for the sow . . . • Prefers cold cast iron • Needs traction

• Prefers plastic floor - warmer • No pig fat - needs warmth

18 The Hog Gazette


The World’s Best Cast Iron on the Market for 20+ Years

Schonlau: The Premier Flooring Features high / low traction bars Every 2 bars recessed 3.175mm to add traction

Smooth and rounded bars mean no sharp edges, burrs, or corners to harm your sows

Sow Tough, Teat Tender Protects Milk Bar

24" x 42" Schonlau Cast Iron Red

Item # 13533

78 lbs. (35.4 kg.)

24" x 48" Schonlau Cast Iron Red • • • • • • Roundly shaped ribs: no teat squeezing compared to rectangular 90 degree bars

Item # 13538

91 lbs. (41.3 kg.)

7/16” openings Rounded shaped bars without sharp edges safer for sows Crowned surface and high / low traction bars Non-porous, crowned surface easy to clean - no flashing Supports 2,083 lbs. at any point ISO9002

5 Year Warranty with 20 Year Life Expectancy OPEN MOLD UNIQUE TO SCHONLAU

A farrowing floor that performs well helps improve the sow’s potential and maximizes profits

Schonlau cast iron’s rounded corners and smooth surface allow manure to filter readily

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

Schonlau cast iron is made from an open mold process which results in a crowning effect, giving your herd the ultimate in traction and comfort

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Pig Tender, Sow Tough - Protecting the Milk Bar

What does it mean to save just one more pig per litter? Protect your investment with Double L’s combination flooring system Schonlau cast iron under the sow and Maxima polypropylene slats in the creep area. The cast iron is cool for the sow while it is uncomfortable for the little pigs so they are inclined to stay off of it and less likely to get crushed. Producers reported they save at least one pig per litter from a crush death, making the PS57 and the IVP57 Farrowing Floors very cost effective!



Model PS57

Schonlau & Plastic Creep with PermaBeam & End Supports • Lock-n-Load Assembly • End Supports to promote beam stability • 5” PermaBeams, Plastic Creep, and Schonlau Cast Iron: the strongest cast iron on the market Available in 7 ft., 7 1/2 ft., and 8 ft. lengths

Model IVP57

Interlocking ValuCast & Plastic Creep with PermaBeam & End Supports • Lock-n-Load Assembly • Cast Iron and Creep Slats interlock together for a nearly flat farrowing floor for pigs • End Supports to promote beam stability • Excellent washability • 5” PermaBeams Available in 7 ft., 7 1/2 ft., and 8 ft. lengths

20 | 563-875-6257 | 20 The The Hog HogGazette Gazette | • 563-875-6257 •

Swine Farrowing Floors Model WV57

ValuCast & Ultra-Slat Steel Creep • • • •

Lock-n-Load Assembly 3-gauge woven wire Self-supporting Corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel creep and frame


Model TV57

ValuCast & Triangular Steel Creep • • • • •

Lock-n-Load Assembly Self-supporting The cleanest creep floor 50% opening in creep area Corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized steel creep


Double Group, Ltd. -Products High Quality Services Double L Group, Ltd. L- High Quality and Products Services and Since 1973 Since 1973


The The Hog Hog Gazette Gazette

21 21

ValuCast Cast Iron Flooring 1 YEAR WARRANTY

24” x 42” ValuCast

(610mm x 1,067mm) Part 13575N

(610mm x 457mm)

24” x 48” Raised Interlocking

(610mm x 610mm)

(610mm x 1,067mm)

24” x 45” ValuCast

(610mm x 1,143mm) Part 13550N

Part 13570

(610mm x 1,219mm)

24” x 48” ValuCast

24” x 18” Flat Interlocking

24” x 42” Raised Interlocking

Part 13560N

24” x 24” Flat Interlocking

Part 13572

Part 13565N

(610mm x 1,219mm) Part 13555

Fix those holes with Patch Cast! 24” x 28” ValuCast Patch Cast (610mm x 712mm) Part 13580

Patch Cast

Polypropylene Plastic Flooring 5 YEAR WARRANTY


18” x 42” Maxima Creep

(457mm x 1,067mm) Part 13042

12” x 18” Maxima Nursery

12” x 18” Maxima Sow Slat

12” x 24” Maxima Nursery

12” x 24” Maxima Sow Slat

(305mm x 457mm) Part 13006 (305mm x 610mm) Part 13111

18” x 48” Maxima Creep

(457mm x 1,219mm) Part 13048

(305mm x 457mm) Part 13008 (305mm x 610mm) Part 13010


L3742 Creep Slat - 17 3/4” x 42” x 1”

L3760 Nursery Slat - 24” x 24” x 1”

(451mm x 1,067mm x 25mm) Part 13115

22 The Hog Gazette


(610mm x 610mm x 25mm) Part 13114


PermaBeam is the Strongest Beam on the Market

Demand the Best for the Foundation of Your Flooring System Added Strength!


• Lateral design stiffner provides straighter beam


• Reduces base rollover factor


Cross Section Area has 14% More Mass than Competition

Part 12305 MADE IN USA

• 1.75” base width for better stability • Overall mass offers higher overall load capability with less deflection

Minimal Lateral Strength


• 1.25” narrow base • No lateral stiffner • Less overall mass for load and deflection

Stress Cracks Located on Foot & Web Area of Beam


• Stress cracks create open area for high water absorption


• Appears similar to PermaBeam, but does NOT have same strength or durability


PermaBeam Flooring Accessories #12318



Plastic Clip Protects beam from rubbing on concrete

Plastic Triangle Secures the beam & can be lagged to flooring

Tie Down Bar Designed to hold crate secure to the floor without compromising beam

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

J-Bolt, Washer, & Locknut 6.5" (165.1mm) Part 12362 7.5" (190.5mm) Part 12360

Specifically designed to fit PermaBeam and lock flooring securely in place

The Hog Gazette


Provides Stronger Slat for Pigs up to 150 Pounds

Double L’s #1 Selling Floor: Advantage Nursery / Grower Floor 5 YEAR WARRANTY






high / low traction bars


24” x 24” Advantage Nursery Floor 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.)

Part 13120

Rugged virgin polypropylene is non-conductive reduces chilling and stress on pigs



1/4” Gap

vs. .

around perimeter easy to power wash clean

11% Less Manure Trap Area & Seams

Tight seams create manure trap

24 The Hog Gazette


Advantage Floor - Superior Cleanability Before


Easily snaps together for fast & easy assembly Pieces reversible for easy installation

For Pigs up to 75 Pounds

Excelerator Nursery / Grower Floor MADE IN USA


24” x 24” Excelerator White Part: 13125 Black Part: 13125-1 Ship Wt.: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg.)


Fast Complete Cleaning

Excellent Traction

High Impact Polypropylene Material

• Reliable interlocking feature • Less supports needed, reducing cost of installation • The 7/16” slot openings provide great filtration, leaving a cleaner floor which helps protect animals from illness causing bacteria

Deep Cross Ribs

Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

Extended Cross Ribs Fully Radiused Corners

The Hog Gazette


Seal Curtain Edges & Protect Curtain from Wind Damage

Rotomolded Curtain Pockets PCP1866

• Versatile, all-season curtain pockets designed with special UV stabilizers to eliminate plastic degradation in sunlight

18” x 66” Curtain Pocket Part 16495 18” x 66”H (457.2mm x 1,676.4mm) 21 lbs. / pr. (9.5 kg.)

• Seal curtain edges and protect curtain from wind damage


• Rotomolded of non-corrosive polyethylene, providing added strength and durability

18” x 78” Curtain Pocket Part 16494 18” x 78”H (457.2mm x 1,981.2mm) 22 lbs. / pr. (10.0 kg.)

• Install in minutes with just a handful of screws • Tapered from 2” at the top to 6” at the bottom of the curtain pocket


18” x 84” Curtain Pocket Part 16498 18” x 84”H (457.2mm x 2,133.6mm) 23 lbs. / pr. (10.4 kg.)


Fast Responding Thermostats Weather proof NEMA 4x enclosure is resistant to high humidity, airborne contaminants, and most corrosive conditions. Temperatures range from 40º to 104º F.


Single Stage Mechanical Thermostat Part #50165



Two-Speed Thermostat

Curtain Controller Thermostat

Part #50167

• Heating and cooling • Fast responding stainless steel sensor resists corrosion • 2.5 degree differential • Simple calibration in field Adjustable Knob Allows for Recalibration

26 The Hog Gazette

Part #50168

• Designed to control curtaininlet actuators on temp • 316 stainless steel sensor for quick response • Large easy to read knob • Easy calibration • A five minute cycle timer may enhance operation of system • Simply tie the power supply to the T152-C

• Designed to use with fans that have lo/hi speed built-in • 316 stainless steel sensor for quick response • Large easy to read knob


STF1415 HDPE Sow Feeder • Reduces expensive repair costs for SS feeders • Reduces feed waste with rounded corners / bottom

Stainless Steel Sow Feeders cause maintenance nightmares & costly repairs:

Molded mounting foot sits on lower bar of front gate holding feeder in place

Stainless Steel Lip Protector

• Bent feeders • Separated seams • Corners & holes to reinforce • Thin steel to weld

BIOSECURE | No Seams to Split Open

30x36 Two-Way Sorting Panel Part 16460 30” x 36” (762mm x 914.4mm) 12 lbs. / (5.4 kg.)

HDPE SOLID PLASTIC NO PLACE FOR GERMS! Molded into one solid piece with no seams to split open, leaving no place for germs to hide

Will flex slightly with applied weight of nearly 200 lbs (90.7kg)., but it will not break

Blowmolded hollow panels harbor germs and provide hiding place for bacteria and rodents

Tapered Sides & Front to Minimize Feed Loss

4” Poly Feed Hopper

Part 16454 34.5”L x 6”W x 13.5”H or 876.3mm x 152.4mm x 342.9mm Tapered Side: 12” (304.8mm) 3 lbs. (1.4 kg.)

• • • •

Easy to hand feed sows Easily assembled on feed tube Made of rotomolded polyethylene Holds up to 20 lbs. (9.1 kg.)

Durable & Warmer than Metal | Lightweight | Easy to Install & Clean

PVC Creep Dividers Easy to Install

PVC Divider Two-Way Post U-Channel

Part 12801 Part 12560-14 Part 12560-20

20” high x 7/8” thick panels or 508mm high x 22.2mm thick



Double L Group, Ltd. - High Quality Products and Services Since 1973

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