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Dead Serious

Eli Knapp

Well-intentioned though he was, Sammy's father failed to impart the most important whitetail trait - unpredictability.

The Quiet Riot

Emily Raczelowski

Page 2 | The Drawing Board Room 500


Issue 156: November 14, 2013 Beth Knight & Laura Stockdale

Caleb Hallead

(Comment removed due to incoherency based on mind explosion)

Apples and Axes


Language classes are pretty rough, man.

Issue 156: November 14, 2013 cough

Page 3 | The Drawing Board MLE

it doesn't have an area code . . .

Misadventures of the Myriad

The Gadflies

“Hang on Doug, I can see help right ahead... wait...”

Page 4 | The Drawing Board Sheepology 101

Issue 156: November 14, 2013 JR

“You also interrupted my Christmas carol!”

Freshman Friendship Struggles


I'm never going to see her again, am I?

Sad Boss Comics

Luke Doty

Issue 156: November 14, 2013 I Can Whine All The Time

Page 5 | The Drawing Board Anonymiffed

If you’re lucky, you can shoulder your way to a refreshing glass of diluted ice tea within minutes!


Katie Parry

Wednesday nights are my favorite.

Page 6 | The Drawing Board

Conspiticy Theory

Issue 156: November 14, 2013

Medi & Kali

Issue 156: November 14, 2013 Animals Doing Things That Humans Are Usually The Ones To Do

Page 7 | The Drawing Board Eli Wallace

Hail snow.

Winken, Inkin’ and Nod

Jared Winkens

Page 8 | The Drawing Board

Issue 156: November 14, 2013

Rated PG

Evan Yeong

Yes, my birthday is today. Yes, it is 9 months from a particular date.

With Apologies to the Mature

Leah Doty

“It is socially acceptable for me to wet my pants.” “Why you little—”

I Can’t Draw Hands and Feet

Janelle Wagner

Editor’s Panel Fellow frail beings, I invite you to take a moment away from the rearing void of inevitable demise upon which you find yourself fixated, to instead enjoy a light-hearted prance through the wonderful world of comics. During your hiatus from horror, make sure to notice the first-ever comic by ultra-dedicated reader and contest winner Janelle Wagner, whose first-ever comic appears in the left hemisphere of your current field of vision, offering a compelling commentary on recent budget cuts. Tune in next week to see a rebuttal comic from the administration!* As a reminder, comics from students, alumni, faculty, staff, community members, friends, strangers, and nemeses can be sent to or CPO 100. Get drawin’! It takes your mind off things. Infirmly, Leah

No more Islamic Studies? No more cool outfits. Your move, administration.

*Administration not consulted; no comics promised.

Leah Doty Editor Emily Marie Morrow (MLE) Co-Editor Laura Stockdale Treasurer Roxanne Kehr Distributor John Rhett Faculty Advisor

The Drawing Board, issue 156  
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