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December 3, 2014 Dear Parents, We are honored that you have chosen Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter to celebrate the occasion of your daughter’s debut into society. Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter has carried the tradition of hosting 14 Debutante Balls, resulting in societal benefits for our Debutantes throughout Houston and the surrounding community.

Our goal is that each Debutante will exemplify and reach her highest level of accomplishment and potential while ascending the ladder of opportunity during this Debutante experience. We hope that this Debutante Ball will leave you with fond memories that will last not only through the culminating event, but for a lifetime.

We thank you for allowing us to touch your lives in such a profound and unique way. Best wishes for a memorable and successful 2015 Debutante Ball!

Sincerely, Staci Taylor Fullmighter and Wondy Weston, General Chairmen

A Debutante (from the French Debutante, “female beginner”) is a young lady from an aristocratic or upper class family who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal “debut” presentation. Originally it meant the young woman was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle. Debutantes may be recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of elite society. The idea of the Debutante Ball stems from a time when a girl of marriageable age was presented to society to find a husband of suitable social standing. The Debutante tradition here in the United States has roots in Europe. In 1748, fifty-nine (59) colonial families held “dancing assemblies” as the forerunner to the modern Debutante Ball, also called a Cotillion. The Debutante Ball is traditionally for a group of Debutantes although some balls may be hosted with just one or two close relatives. Debut presentations vary by regional culture and are also frequently referenced as “Debutante Ball,” “Cotillion Balls” or ‘coming-out” parties. The male equivalent is often referred to as “Beautillion Balls.” In the southern United States, Debutantes are also referred to as Southern Belles. The male equivalent of a Debutante is a “Beau.” Modern Debutante Balls are often charity events: the parents of the Debutante donate a certain amount of money to the designated cause, and the invited guests pay for their tickets. A Cotillion or Debutante Ball in the United States is a formal presentation of young ladies, Debutantes, to “polite society.” Cotillions may be elaborate formal affairs and involve not only “Debs”, but junior Debutantes, escorts and ushers, flower girls and pages as well. Every Debutante must perform a “curtsy” also known as the St. James Bow or a full court bow. This gesture is made as the young woman is formally presented.

Debutante Balls exist in nearly every major city in the Untied States but are more common and a larger affair in the South. Many cities such as Dallas and Atlanta have multiple balls in a season. Dallas, for example, is home of the traditional Idelwild organization, as well as more modern organizations such as The Dallas Symphony Orchestra Presentation Ball and La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, both of which benefit charities. In New Orleans, Louisiana, a Debutante is usually presented during the Carnival season. Wearing white gowns and satin or kid gloves, Debutantes stand in a receiving line, and then are introduced individually to the audience. The Debutante is announced and then is walked around the stage, guided by her father who then presents her. Her young male escort then joins her and escorts her away. Each Debutante brings at least one escort, sometimes two. Many Debutante Balls select escorts and then pair them with the Debutantes to promote good social pairings. Although the rules for the original Debutante dresses varied depending on the current monarchy, they were all traditionally white, accessorized by white gloves and pearls. Today the tradition of the white Debutante dress is still upheld in stricter societies. In some cases, a committee must approve the dress months in advance. Some of the things that are taken into consideration are modesty and whether the dress will allow comfortable movement as the Debutante greets her guests in a receiving line. Source of Information: The Free Encyclopedia, 2010 Maughan, Jennifer, The History of the Debutante Ball, Life 123 Arts and Culture, 2011 Polly S. Turner, Ph.D., Chapter Protocol Committee

Calendar of Events – A list or schedule of activities arranged chronologically as a guide for when affairs will take place. Community Service Project – Prepare and offer to a group of people an act of assistance or benefit of a specific task or endeavor. Cotillion – A formal event, especially one at which Debutantes are presented to society. Debutante Escort – A male who accompanies a female, especially on a social occasion. Cultural Events – Affairs or activities that are intellectual, educational and artistic in nature. Debut – The formal presentation of a young lady to society. Debutante – A young lady making a formal presentation or debut into society. Debutante Sponsored Events – Any affairs and events supported and funded by the Debutantes and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter. Escort – A male who accompanies a female, especially on a social occasion. Etiquette – The forms and practices prescribed by authority or by social conventions for good manners. Stag – A male who attends a social function and is not escorting or accompanying the Debutante and is prepared to take the role of her escort when requested.

She must be a graduating high school senior, freshman, or sophomore in college with a minimum grade point average of 2.5.

She must not now be or become pregnant during the debutante season.

She must complete an application and biographical sketch.

She must submit a participation agreement signed by her parent or guardian.

She must participate in debutante activities.

She must be amenable to acquiring characteristics and qualities that would lend themselves to desirable social behavior.

She must not engaged or married.

She must pay the non-refundable fee and meet other financial obligations as required. She, along with her escort, must attend rehearsals and arrive on time. She must adhere to the rules and regulations set by Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

She must be in good standing in her school and community.

Debutantes are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $1,700.00 plus participate in fundraising activities raising a minimum of $1,500.00 in ads sales. The application fee of $300.00 is due no later than Friday, December 19, 2014. Funds may be paid full or in installments according to the established payment timeline and reporting procedures. NOTE: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter, reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any debutante who does not adhere to the foregoing regulation or any other regulation which jeopardizes the welfare of our organization. No portion of the fee will be returned to the debutante. All monies are non-refundable whatever the reason for the withdrawal. Funds reported must be in cash, money order, certified or company checks. No personal checks will be accepted for ads and patrons. A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks regardless of the reason for the return. The debutante commitment fee includes the following:          

10 Complimentary tickets to the debutante presentation (including tickets for the debutante and escort) 5 Complimentary tickets the Parent Reception Arm Bouquet Corsages for the Mothers and/or Guardians Boutonnieres for the Escorts, Fathers, Guardians or Presenter Fees for Special activities and events Cotillion Awards Group picture of Debutantes and Escorts 1 Complimentary Souvenir Journal 1 Feature Page in the Souvenir Journal to include Photo, bio, and tribute

Payment Schedule $300.00

December 19th


January 31st


March 1st

All debutantes are expected to adhere to the timeline. No debutante will be presented if all fees are not paid. Payments can be made in person or mailed to: Felicia Ranfer 1610 Garden Glen Lane Pearland, Texas 77581

The Souvenir Journal provides a visually lasting memory of the Debutante Presentation. Hence, it is important for this document to be a product of quality – one that may be treasured for years to come. This is a publication in which parents, relatives, friends, and businesses have the opportunity to express their thoughts about their special debutantes and, in some instances, advertise their business. Debutantes will be given appropriate forms as well as a documented letter granting them permission to secure ads and patrons. It should be noted that the debutante who raises the most funds will be awarded a scholarship. MONETARY AWARDS All Debutantes are eligible to compete for the monetary awards MISS COTILLION Debutante submitting the largest amount of money over $1,500.00 FIRST RUNNER-UP Debutante submitting the second largest amount of money over $1,500.00 SECOND RUNNER-UP Debutante submitting the third largest amount of money over $1,500.00 . SPECIAL AWARDS MOST CONGENIAL – Gift Selected by the Debutantes ESSAY WINNER – Gift Selected by Committee

AD AND PATRON INFORMATION CAMERA READY ADS To ensure excellent quality printing, Debutantes are requested to submit camera-ready ads. Ads must be original, clear black or color print, not fuzzy. We are requesting ads be submitted in digital form, if at all possible, to ensure the highest quality reproduction. Please submit as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, with digital quality photographs. AD and PATRON PRICES:

Inside Back Cover: $500.00 Full Page: $200.00 One-Half Page: $ 150.00 One-Fourth Page: $ 100.00 One-Eighth Page: $ 75.00 Patron: $ 20.00 10 Patrons = Full Page 5 Patrons = One-Half Page

TIMELINE FOR RECEIPT OF ADS and PATRONS All ads and patrons must be received no later than the FINAL collection date of Friday, May 1, 2015. Any ads received after the deadline may not appear in the souvenir journal.

In addition to ads, each Debutante will have one(1) Full Page:  Portrait (taken by our photographer)  Profile  Family’s tribute All pictures must be original. The family tribute must also be sent electronically in Microsoft Word of PDF to:; Ms. Quiana Smith : (832) 656-3455 The deadline for all ads, patrons, pictures and ad payments (check or money order only) is May 1, 2015 However, it is preferred that all ad copies be submitted as soon as the ad is paid in full.

The $1,700.00 debutante fee will cover payments for ten (10) invitations to the Debutante Ball. Additional tickets may be purchased for the Ball for $70.00 each. The reserved Debutante tables are for the Debutante, Escort and eight (8) other guests. The reserved debutante tables will be assigned on the basis of full payment of the debutante fee and full payment of the cost of a complete table for a Debutante. Tickets may be purchased for the Reception for $35.00 each. There will be tables of 10 at the Reception . Each debutante will have five (5) tickets, reserved in her name in the section reserved for Debutantes. After all fees have been received by the March 1, 2015 deadline and the payment of the additional seats has been received for a full debutante payment, the Ticketron Committee will provide a floor plan to use in selecting tables.

White long formal gown with full skirt, and crinoline. Note: No long sleeves, halters, spaghetti straps, trains, or backless gowns White single string pearl necklace (provided) White button earrings (provided) White formal gloves, elbow length (provided) White evening shoes Note: For safety reasons, heal and toe must be closed Off-white pantyhose White long-line strapless bra Hair must be neat, clean and well-groomed The debutante must be able to curtsy in the dress All debutante dresses must be approved by the Attire Committee Photos of dresses should be submitted to : Mrs. Joyce Jacquet at or 713-320-5949; Ms. Angela Williams or 713-569-4664 Men’s Attire Vendor for the men’s rental items: Spoiled by Design Originals 1709 Rosewood Houston, Texas 77004 (713) 652-4911 Attire for Mothers/Guardians Mothers/Guardians will wear: Long formal gowns Note: No Solid white gowns

Items to be rented by each Escort: Black tails White wing shirt Black vest Black tie White gloves Black shoes Items to be furnished by each Escort: Black socks Other Information: Hair must be neat, clean and well groomed No earrings or ornate jewelry (large gold chains, etc.) Sagging pants will not be allowed at any Sponsored Event Total cost of Rental Items: $ 103.94 including tax Additional $ 5.95 plus tax for gloves

Fitting Dates: Dates Will Be Provided Tuxedo Pickup Date: Date Will Be Provided Please submit names for Escorts no later than Friday, May 1, 2015 to: Lisa Brooks at or Lena Smith at

Items to be rented by each Father: Black tails White pique wing shirt White vest White tie White gloves Black shoes

Tuxedo Pickup Date Date Will Be Provided

Item to be furnished by each Father: Black socks

Attire For Guests

Other Information: Hair must be neat, clean and well groomed No earrings or ornate jewelry (large gold chains, etc.) Sagging pants will not be allowed at any Sponsored Event Total Cost of Rental Items: $ 115.50 including tax Additional $ 5.95 plus tax for gloves Fitting Dates Dates Will Be Provided

Female Guests: Long formal gowns Note: No Solid white Male Guests: Tuxedos

In order to prepare for the cotillion, rehearsals are required. We must make sure that ALL participants learn and perfect the ballroom dances. Each participant MUST arrive promptly to rehearsals. Each participant MUST ensure prompt arrival of her/his transportation at end of each rehearsal. Rehearsal Venue: The Power Center: 12401 S. Post Oak Road, Houston, Texas 77045 Rehearsal Attire: Business casual. For the last three (3) rehearsals, debutantes are required to bring heels comparable to the shoes that will be worn on the evening of the Debutante Ball. Rehearsal Attendees: Rehearsals are closed. Only participants and Debutante Committee members will be in attendance. Rehearsal Dates and Times: Will be provided.

The Debutantes will implement one (2) of the Signature Initiatives of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.

Parent Reception The goal of the reception is to provide a social environment where individual families will be actively involved in introducing their debutante to prominent leaders of the community. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, other debutante’s family members and friends. Hosted Entertainment Event A family member or close family friend of each debutante may individually or jointly with other debutantes’ family members or close family friends, host one (1) entertainment event for and invite all debutantes. The following individuals MUST be invited to EVERY Social Event: All 2015 Debutantes President of Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter Vice President of Alpha Kappa Omega 2015 Debutante General Committee Chairmen Social and Cultural Events Information Will Be Provided

Staci Taylor Fullmighter (713)471-4706 Wondy Weston (281) 309-8449 Dropbox

Mentoring provides an encouraging environment through ongoing interactions, teaching and role modeling that facilitates progression. Each debutante will be paired with an active member of Alpha Kappa Omega Chapter. Mentors will optimize and emphasize the value of the debutante experience, i.e., scholarship, intelligence, respect, dignity, professionalism, high moral and ethical standards, culture and high self-esteem. Mentees will physically meet with mentors a minimum of four (4) sessions. Each session will be at least thirty (30) minutes. Mentoring sessions will be held between March and June 2015. Each Mentee and assigned mentor will agree upon time and place, i.e., breakfast meeting, Mentor’s office, etc.

Committee Cultural Events Decorations/Flowers Escorts/Fathers/Stags Etiquette Attire Awards Calendar Community Service Cotillion/Presentation Gifts Hostess Mentors Music Photo-Video Parents Program Publicity Reception Souvenir Journal Worship Service

Leadership Sholonda Moore Andrea Hollingsworth Lisa Brooks Wanda Kimbrough Joyce Jacquet Lillian Bourgeois Angela LaCour Edwina Johnson Thedrial Jackson Dorothy Booker Hononell Sandling Alicia Lacy-Castille Ardener Franshaw Jo Carolyn Goode Mary Barnett Sheri Cole Lucy Bremond Joyce Warner Quiana Smith Mary Rousseve Gordon

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