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1. Introduction ……………………………………….. 1 2. Mobile Devices ……………………………………. 5 3. What is Mobile Marketing ……………………..... 8 4.

Mobile Marketing Trends ……………………….. 10


Why Mobile Marketing is Important ………….. 15


Who Needs Mobile Marketing ………………….. 24

7. Are People Using Mobile to Buy? .……………... 27 8. Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Websites .…. 29 9. Mobile Friendly Websites .………………………. 33 10.Mobile Marketing Tools .………………………… 36 11.QR (Quick Response) Codes ……………………. 41 12.Other Nu Media Marketing ............................ 50 13.Summary .…………………………………………... 55



Okay, let’s face it! They’re here to stay! They’ve gone from the brick-sized version that weighed as much, to the stylish, chic version that fits in any pocket and goes with you everywhere. You literally won’t leave home without it! In fact, you’ll turn around and go back home for it. Mobile phones are everywhere! It has become an extension of YOU!


It is the new way to “reach out and touch!� You can even go green with a mobile business card.

Mobile Marketing, a new marketing trend, is the result of the growth in the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices. We are in the midst of a mobile/social media revolution. Have you joined?

Businesses of all types and scopes are just starting to become aware of what a small percentage of early adopters already know: The Internet and mobile phones have revolutionized marketing— making it easier, more effective and more affordable.

To begin with, 92% of all business searchers now start looking for products and services online, according to Yahoo! But only 26% of small businesses have invested any time or money in online marketing.


I’ve written this guide for the business owner who is ready to take advantage of this new marketing trend that is set to take off like a rocket. Mobile marketing is for the business owner who wants to be ahead of the trend - instead of trailing it long after it’s been around for years and used successfully by others.

Do you like being ahead of the curve, riding the wave into the future? If that’s you, the pay close attention to this information. It will change the way you approach marketing your business...forever.

If you own a salon, a coffee shop, an auto repair shop, a pizza shop or any other local business, you know that a regular paying customer is worth more to you than a customer you have to acquire.

You may not, however, have any way of keeping track of your customers – who they are, how many of them you have, what they buy when they come in to your shop and therefore, you haven’t been marketing directly to them.

Perhaps you do your marketing the old-fashioned shotgun way – blast the market with advertising, hoping you’re aiming at the right potential customers who need your product or service.

In this report, we’re going to focus on laser targeting your marketing to your local customer base in an affordable, very effective way – using mobile text message marketing.


As you can see, the world is changing! Are YOU changing with the world?

The following topics will be covered: ·

Mobile devices


What mobile marketing is and what mobile marketing isn’t.


Trends in mobile marketing


Why you, as a business owner, should be very concerned about mobile marketing.


Who needs mobile marketing


Mobile friendly websites


Mobile marketing tools


2 What is a Mobile Device? A mobile device is a wireless-enabled computing or communications device that will maintain its function while on the move. It travels with you anywhere you go.

Mobile devices include two basic types of devices: phones and nonphone mobile-enabled devices.

The feature phone is the basic mobile device we’re all familiar with. Feature phones make up about 75% of mobile phones and it is important to realize that. These phones are limited in their capabilities and therefore they place limits on the strategies that can be used to market to them. We can reach customers who carry feature phones using text messaging (SMS), multi-media messaging (MMS), voice and limited mobile internet. The smartphone is a new device which combines the functionality of a phone with features we usually associate with a personal


computer, such as the internet and email. Most of these phones also have a camera.

This is an exciting category to market to, but it’s important to remember that since smartphones represent only 25% of the market, feature phones are still the majority of phones being used. We want to remember the majority of phones have a more limited access when we create our marketing campaigns.

The connected device is the third category we want to know about. This device is not a phone and includes iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Nook) and portable gaming devices. We are able to market to these devices as well.

6 – July 14, 2010- Smartphones, or Mobile devices, will soon become the dominant computing platform for humanity and supplant the PC.



What is Mobile Marketing?

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing is “a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

Kim Dushinski, a mobile marketing expert, enhances this description: “Mobile marketing is businesses COMMUNICATING with consumers on their mobile phones with their explicit permission at the right time, at the right place while providing relevant value.”


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has found... According to the United Nations-run organization, a whopping 6.1 trillion text messages will be sent by the end of 2010. That figure, which has tripled in the past three years, means people around the globe are sending

200,000 text messages every second. The key to both of these definitions is that businesses are communicating with consumers – this is not a one-way message or a push marketing campaign. You are inviting consumers to initiate contact with you by calling or texting you (known as “opting-in”), giving you permission to communicate with them. You, in return, will be providing something of value to them. This may be based on the knowledge you’ve acquired about your customers and that is the exciting aspect of this type of marketing. Customers have requested your response and that response will be received with anticipation, often resulting in action. A Word of Caution: Mobile Marketing is a NO SPAM Zone! You do NOT want to send unwanted messages to anyone! Mobile marketing is using mobile devices as the method to distribute your marketing message. It is just one tool in your arsenal of marketing strategies. While mobile marketing is a very powerful tool, it should be used in addition to the other marketing techniques you’re already using. You never want to count on just one marketing strategy to get your message out.



Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing is experiencing tremendous growth globally. It is estimated that by 2012, 10 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered to mobile phones.

Mobile marketing is a very accepted marketing strategy in most parts of the world. Japan was one of the first countries to embrace it, with Europe and other areas following. The United States has been lagging behind and is just now starting to take a serious look at this strategy.

Why is mobile marketing so important to consider using? Statistics tell the story and you’ll be amazed!


Why Mobile Is Important






World Population

Internet Users

As the world’s population approaches 7 billion, the number of cell phone subscriptions continues to grow and is expected to have reached 5 billion by the end of 2010. This is over 70% of the world’s population!


In the U.S. alone, over 250 million Americans carry mobile phones – more than 80% of the nation’s population. In fact, over 20% of U.S. households are “mobile only.”

Now, if you subtract the very young population and the very elderly population (who are not likely to use mobile phones) from the total population, you can see that almost everyone else has a mobile phone – everyone who has purchasing power. This is huge!

On the other hand, there are less than 2 billion internet users globally. Which size population would you rather aim your arrows at: 2 billion or 5 billion?

In some parts of the world, the mobile phone is the only connection to the rest of the world. There are few PCs and few land lines. Furthermore, with the onset of the smartphones, mobile phones are becoming the connection to the World Wide Web – like a computer carried by people everywhere they go.


The statistics speak for themselves.

About 1.3 billion internet users use email.

About 3 billion cell phone users use text messaging.

By the end of 2010, 6.5 trillion text messages will have been sent.

The global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011.

Source: M:Metrics, Common Short Codes: Cracking the Mobile Marketing Code

So … what do all these numbers mean?

Basically, mobile phones are quickly becoming the preferred way to communicate with a consumer, over the personal computer.

Keep reading to take a closer look at some statistics in Chapter 5 that might have you scratching your heading and saying, “Are you kidding me?”


Surveys show that email use on PCs is decreasing at the same time that text messaging on cell phones is increasing at a huge rate. Advertisers are recognizing this trend and are planning on putting more and more advertising dollars into the mobile market.

Here’s the bottom line...

Mobile phones are here to stay.

This fact does not mean that it’s time to ditch your email campaigns. I do not advocate an “either/or” approach to marketing. It simply means that it is time to add mobile to your market strategy. Mobile phone use is growing exponentially and is already bigger than PC use. Marketing to cell phone users, using different marketing tools, is definitely one of the keys to your future business growth.

I know that you are a smart business owner; otherwise, you would not be reading this information. Two of the smartest moves you can make right now are to: 1)

Personally upgrade to a smart phone


Begin to implement mobile into your business.



Why Mobile Marketing is Important

Mobile is now considered the 7th mass media – the other 6 being Print, Recordings, Cinema, Radio, Television and Internet. They are called mass media because they reach out and touch not only the elite but also the greater masses.

What’s so special about the mobile industry, the newest mass media?

It is the first mass media that is capable of doing everything the other six can do. We can read newspapers, watch movies, listen to music and watch TV shows on our smart phones. Yes, we can even surf the web on mobile devices. More importantly, mobile phones have benefits that the other 6 media don’t have. ·

It is the only media that is truly personal and carried constantly. Mobile phones are not shared with others – even our spouses!



Mobile is the only media where each consumer can be identified individually – by their phone number – with a degree of accuracy not available with any other media.


Mobile is the first and only media that is always on. Messages, news, and promotions are delivered instantly and can be accessed 24/7 by consumers.


Mobile, due to the fact that it is always on, gives you, as a business owner, the opportunity to constantly BRAND your business as you connect & engage with your current customers, while acquiring new ones.



The mobile phone is the only media that is constantly with the owner. Look back right now at that visual about branding. Understand that unique connection and you will embrace mobile as the the easiest, most efficient, most economical way in which to create a permission-based data base...instantly!

7 out of 10 people sleep with their phones within arm’s reach. And yes, I’m sure you’ve heard people speaking on their phones, even in public bathrooms. People have been known to return home to get their forgotten phones.

It is an incredibly intense relationship. You just don’t leave home without it! Technology rocks...even if you are riding a bike!

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Mobile phones have built-in payment mechanisms. Click to Buy is HUGE!! You can’t run up to the movie screen to buy a shirt you want or click on your radio to buy the product being advertised. Even on the internet, you need to set up payment options such as PayPal.

Like the ringtone on your phone? Click to Buy. Like the book you see on your phone? Click to Buy. Pay for movie tickets, iTunes, insurance or pizza with your phone? Click to Buy!!


And the most incredible benefit of mobile is all this can be done without waiting – at that time of intense impulse! No need to power up the computer. No need to download the picture from the camera. No need to turn on the player and insert the DVD. No printing the coupon, cutting it out and walking it to the store. No waiting to go to the store to buy the book you want right now (thanks to Click to Buy). You can have it NOW!


Mobile is the newest mass media and it has the potential to become the most influential mass media of all time. Okay. You’re convinced mobile marketing is important. But how does mobile pertain to your business?


Well, if you’re experiencing a smaller marketing budget due to economic constraints, mobile marketing, done correctly, can be a more affordable and effective way to build your client base than traditional marketing. You’re smart to read this report and learn more about new marketing strategies.

You definitely want to consult a mobile marketing expert to help you with your advertising campaigns and your business’ mobile presence. They will help you avoid expensive mistakes and a steep learning curve.


It’s been found that all age categories are accessing emails through mobile phones in larger numbers. The problem is that emails are often considered to be spam and not all of them are opened. On the other hand, click-through rates and conversion rates are significantly higher for text messages than emails and internet displays, despite the latter two having a larger piece of marketing budgets.


Even more significantly, “about 90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of their delivery, and over 99% of all text messages are read by the recipient,” according to a whitepaper on conversational advertising by SinglePoint.

This data illustrates that text messaging through mobile phones is becoming the preferred way to reach customers. Text messages are opened and read almost 100% of the time.

Text messages don’t have to go through spam filters, they’re not ignored and they’re not automatically trashed. Text coupons can have a redemption rate of 10 -30% because they are always available on the phone, as opposed to email or paper coupons.

The statistics don’t lie. Compare the following email “open and read” rate to mobile.


In general, 90% of marketing emails are not opened. The previous snapshot, however, gives a more realistic view regarding what percentage of emails are opened in a particular industry. The question remaining is, “How many are read?” More on mobile stats...

The above cites a 97% overall open rate, with 83% of those texts being opened within an hour! Though the “exact” percentages might vary from study to study, the high open and read rate cannot be ignored, particularly when compared to email. Ask yourself the following questions: How many emails did you NOT read yesterday? (FYI...People generally giggle as they answer this. I think you understand why) How many text messages did you NOT read yesterday? (FYI...People usually answer, “I read all of them.”) Case closed if you are serious about marketing your small business. Note: This was not “scientific research.” I encourage you to ask five people and see how they answer.


As a business owner, you are always striving to become aware of the newest marketing strategies you can use to grow your client base and increase sales. You want to stand out from the crowd.

Clearly, if your business isn’t on the mobile web, you are losing clients and, more significantly, those clients are likely to go to your competitors! Well, mobile marketing is the newest marketing strategy that can help you stand out from the crowd. It’s effective and affordable and it provides constant access to your customers because people always have their phones with them. You can also experience very quick results from your mobile advertising as opposed to having to wait for print advertising or other methods to reach your clients. In addition, these results can be trackable.


With mobile marketing, you can send messages about a sale to customers who have requested to be contacted about a particular product and when it goes on sale. You’re more likely to get a better ROI on that piece of advertising than if you mailed out a direct mail ad to a random selection of households.

According to Advertising Age, “It’s clear that retailers that don’t embrace mobile phone technology in the coming year will be left behind, much as those retailers who sat on the sidelines in the early days of digital or social media are now playing catch up.”

It is never too soon to begin a mobile marketing campaign. You can even begin small.

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Who Needs Mobile Marketing?

First, let me say that not every business needs mobile marketing. If you do not have an advertising budget that can handle experimentation losses from using a new technology you’re not familiar with, you do not need to be doing mobile marketing at this time.

On the other hand, if you engage the services of a mobile marketing expert who can help to mitigate any such potential losses, you should certainly consider using mobile marketing.

In addition, you should not consider using mobile marketing if your product or service focuses primarily on a target demographic that would not be using mobile phones.


Many businesses, however, do have products or services that are ideal candidates for marketing using mobile.

Retail, above and beyond, is the niche which benefits the most from mobile. Anyone with a retail business should definitely have a mobile friendly website and should take advantage of mobile advertising strategies or you’ll be behind the 8 ball.

The mobile marketing opportunities for a retail business are endless!

There are many other business niches which can benefit greatly from mobile marketing and they include, but are not limited to:










Food and beverage






Consumer electronics


Apparel and accessories


Automotive 25


Arts and entertainment


Consumer packaged goods




Financial Services




Home furnishings






Real estate

Imagine the benefits of offering coupons, recipes, surveys/ feedback campaigns, fan clubs, loyalty clubs, movie times, ticket sales, class schedules, details of a property for sale, last minute travel deals, sales, store events, donation sites, emergency alerts, new publications by a favorite author or musician, health tips, carryout or delivery ordering, theater locations. Clearly, the list can go on and on. You can modify many of the offline promotions you are already doing to make them work on mobile. You can also create and execute new promotions that do not work offline. There are no limits to using your creativity with mobile marketing!

It’s beyond the scope of this guide to discuss in detail all the ways your business can market using mobile, but a mobile marketing consultant is able to help you plan your marketing campaigns.



It All Sounds Good – But Are They Using

Mobile to Buy? (Show Me The Money!) According to a report posted by eMarketer, mobile phone use related to buying activities increased significantly in 2010, with an even greater increase during the last quarter - the 2010 holiday shopping season. Consumers not only checked their phones for coupons and sales, shared good deals with friends and did comparison shopping, but yes, they bought products using their phones. Smartphone Activities Performed During the Holidays According to US Smartphone Owners, Dec 2010 (Source: GfK Roper)


In Mobile Commerce Daily, Melissa Parrish, analyst of interactive marketing at Forrester Research in New York, says “Mobile is poised for major investment in 2011 because case studies expose a healthy marketing channel, innovations have gained traction and consumer mobile usage is skyrocketing.”    Read all about it!   Bottom line? If you are a business and have been wondering about whether or not to implement a mobile strategy, think no more!  Start putting together a!


8 Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website When you plan your mobile marketing campaigns, you will, at some point, be sending consumers to your website. If your website is not mobile friendly, consumers will not have a good experience and will leave your site. Reasons why businesses need a mobile friendly website include: ·

People use their mobile phones every day to search for information on businesses.


Your website loads faster on the mobile phone when it is mobile friendly. People are usually in a hurry and not willing to wait for a website to load. They’d rather click off and find another site that loads faster.


Your business information is easily visible to consumers in a mobile friendly website. You can display a “Click to Call” button or a “Click for Directions” button, a menu or simple, pertinent features of your business that are easily visible on a phone.



Travelers use their mobile phones to find hotels, restaurants and other businesses when in different cities. You want your information to be readily available to those travelers.


When you have two versions of your website, you can offer your information to two different sets of searchers – those on the road who are in a hurry and those who are sitting at home with time to do research.


A mobile website gives you another site to market to search engines and directories, increasing your business’ rankings on the web.

By 2014, it is estimated that half of Americans’ web browsing will be done on their mobile devices. It is critical for you to make sure you have a mobile web presence and that your mobile websites are working properly. As a savvy business owner, you want to get the jump on your competitors and not wait till everyone is using mobile marketing.


Your potential customers expect you to have a mobile website: “When asked whether they expect sites they visit frequently to provide a dedicated mobile version, a resounding 84 percent responded in the affirmative.” – iCrossing Study

You’ll want to engage the services of a mobile internet marketing consultant to help you do mobile search engine optimization for your mobile website. It doesn’t matter if you have a .com or a .mobi website. If it can’t be found – you’re losing customers.

(Go to and download a free scanner for your smart phone.)


The Tulsa Zoo website is an excellent example of all the features you can include in your mobile friendly website, in a clear, easyto-read format. Features included: ·“Donate

Now” button and link

·“Directions” ·“Hours

& Admission” link

·“Contact” ·Link



to main website


to current events and exhibits



Mobile Friendly Websites

You know you need a mobile friendly website, but what exactly is a mobile friendly website? A picture is worth a thousand words. See below.

.com website on a PC screen


.com Non-mobile friendly websites present obstacles to a consumer who is searching for information about your business. The large PC sites require scrolling and a consumer is likely to scroll right past the information they’re looking for (phone numbers, addresses, etc.).

.com website on a mobile screen

.mobi Mobile friendly websites present the information in a very clear, easy-to-navigate fashion with links to pertinent pages. There is a minimum of graphics and extensive information.

.mobi website on a mobile screen


Please Note: Less than 1% of .com, .net and .org sites are mobile web friendly. This means there’s a 99% chance your website isn’t mobile friendly!

A mobile marketing expert can help you create a mobile version of your current website.

(Go to and download a free scanner for your smart phone.)



Mobile Marketing Tools

Okay. It works. You think it’s worth considering using mobile marketing. How do you do it? First, you need to decide which strategy you’ll be using to get your message out and then you can craft your message to fit the strategy. There are several mobile marketing strategies/tools you can use to reach your customers on their mobile devices and we’ll list them here. It’s beyond the scope of this report to go into extreme detail for each. Your mobile marketing consultant will be able to help you make the right choices for your business.

Text Messaging (SMS) SMS stands for Short Message Service, also known as text messages. Most cell phones are capable of sending and receiving text messages. You’re limited to 140 characters and that is enough to get a short message out, link to a website or send out a coupon.


We’ve already talked about the great open rates and conversion rates for text messages. This is definitely one strategy you’ll want to keep in mind when setting up your mobile marketing campaigns.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) In addition to sending text, you can also send audio, pictures and video in an MMS message. You can get quite creative here with your marketing message and distribute it easily through phones.

Mobile E-Mail Despite the increase in popularity of text messaging, emails are still a great way to get a message out. You’ll observe people checking their emails all day long, in a variety of locations, because they have their mobile phones with them. This is an affordable and acceptable way to market via mobile.

Mobile Internet Sites The increase in smartphones which have the ability to surf the web means that your website should be formatted to be mobile friendly. People on the go tend to search for basic information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. They’re trying to make quick decisions and do not usually have the time to read a complicated website when on the go. You need to make sure you have appropriate, easily findable information on your mobile friendly website.


Mobile Applications Mobile applications are computer programs that are installed on mobile phones. They are used to provide capabilities, such as looking at a checking account balance or playing a game. Applications can also include your marketing message. They can be a great way to get your message out.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) With all the capabilities available on the mobile phones of today, we might forget that their primary purpose is to make and receive voice phone calls. IVR technology allows us to send and receive voice calls from people without having a live person answer the phone at your end.

Mobile Social Media Social media has been a driving force in the growth of smart phones. It’s very easy for folks to participate in social media conversations throughout the day using their phones. You can take advantage of this trend by incorporating a mobile social media strategy in your marketing.


Mobile Advertising Mobile phones present a great opportunity to advertise to a broad potential customer base, in addition to your targeted customer base. Google, recognizing the importance of the mobile industry, recently bought AdMob, a mobile advertising platform. You know if Google thinks it’s important, we should also pay attention. Mobile advertising involves placing ads in mobile applications, on websites, and in text messages, to name a few.

Mobile Commerce It is possible to arrange for an immediate purchase of not only digital downloadable products, but also of retail products using your mobile phone. Your mobile phone can literally be used as a digital wallet using bar code scanners and mobile point of sale systems. You’ll want to consider setting up a mobile commerce program, if you sell any products which can be downloaded or shipped out.

Proximity Marketing Mobile phones are capable of showing the exact geo-location of the person using the phone. This capability can be used to target buyers in specific geographic locations with messages appropriate to their location (e.g. mall stores offering coupons to mall shoppers or restaurants texting a 2 for 1 dinner special to those in their vicinity). This type of marketing is receiving attention because of the potential for timing the promotions as needed (e.g. slow day for a restaurant or clearance sale in a store).


The geo-location capabilities of phones are a great reason to focus on local internet marketing for your business. You definitely want your mobile website to be found when consumers are searching for a local business to go to. You also want to invite consumers to communicate with you, when they find your website because of your great local web presence. A local internet marketing consultant can help you with your local internet marketing program.

Mobile-Enabled Traditional Media Mobile marketing can only be done with the express permission of your customer. You can use traditional media to invite them to optin to your list. An example of this would be a sign in your store window or near the cash register inviting the customer to text to a number which will respond with a coupon code or scan a QR code which will take them to a web page where they can opt-in.

QR (Quick Response) Codes QR Codes will be explained in the next section.



QR Codes

Scrambled eggs or a jigsaw puzzle? Whatever people know/don’t know about QR codes, they are curious about them. QR (Quick Response) Codes are a great mobile tool to use and they deserve some explanation. 41

The QR Code is a barcode that was developed in Japan and is commonly used in much of the world. If you have a QR scanner on your smartphone, you can scan this QR code. If you don’t, just go to and download one for free. It will take you to a mobile optimized site for a small, local business in Texas. This is a mobile optimized website.

There’s no time like the present to learn experience new technology. It’s fun! And besides, you are going to have the opportunity to scan a variety of different QR codes as you read along.

The difference between a regular barcode and the QR code is that the QR Code stores data which can be read digitally. The QR code is read by scanners in stores or using the camera and a QR code reader (available free) which are installed on your smartphone.


A QR Code can be used to provide a link to a web page, a coupon or details on a new product and can be printed on anything – even tshirts! The uses for a QR Code are endless.

QR Codes are used extensively outside of the U.S. and are beginning to catch on here, too. I’m already seeing them in print advertising in magazines, on store windows, in some directories and on other websites. You can add them to any print advertising such as business cards, to videos, and to anything else you can think of. When scanned, it will provide a text message, take someone directly to your website or link to whatever else you decide to send them to. In Japan, McDonald’s includes QR codes on their product packaging (Happy Meal boxes, sandwich wrappers). Magazines are incorporating QR codes into their print advertising. Can you think of how you might use a QR Code?

You can download your Google Places QR Code from your Google Places Dashboard. The Google Places QR Code links to your Places listing, which provides important information about your business.

QR Codes are a great tool for inviting a consumer to opt-in to your list, in exchange for something of value (coupon, sales events, link to a download).


photo courtesty of

QR Codes are huge in Japan and Europe (marketing ideas often hit there before they do the U.S.). It is predicted that 2011 will be a breakthrough year for using QR codes in marketing businesses. The two articles below attest to the validity of that prediction. USA Today-February 22, 2011- says smart phones turn QR codes into sales tools.

“Marketing data point to increasing use of the technology. Consumer trends tracker MediaPost reported that 57% of Facebook and Twitter said they have scanned a mobile bar code at least once in the past year, while as many as 40% had done so five or more times in the past year.

A survey by Scanbuy found that mobile bar code usage jumped 700% in 2010 compared with 2009, with a big uptick during the Christmas shopping season when big-box retailers such as Best Buy started adding the codes to their product packaging.


Check out the following article.

Businesses ask you to "LIKE" their Facebook page through a QR code while you stand in line. Someone who is familiar with QR Codes will appreciate using them. If someone is not familiar with QR Codes, they’ll be curious and ask about them when they’re in your store – opening up lines of communication.

Consider it a way to “connect and engage” in a casual way with your customers when they say “What’s that?” as they point to a QR code. Notice the one on the presentation board on the counter of Gyro’s in Seattle as shown in the previous article, inviting them to Scan and “LIKE” their Facebook page.

The following QR code is a combination “QR code/Text to Win” mobile campaign.

It is all part of a “Scan for a chance to WIN!”

Let me explain exactly what we are doing below so you can follow along and simultaneously “experience and learn.”


Scan the QR code. (Go to and download a free scanner for your smart phone.)

Follow these steps after scanning to have the full experience:

1) You will notice that it made a neat little “dinging” sound when you scanned it. (FYI...I love scanning just to hear’s addictive!) You will notice that it says: To: 90210 CoachB

Click on the bar that says “SMS” and it will automatically put that info above into a text message. Then press “send.” It takes you directly to my mobile card (go Green!).


2) You will then receive an autoresponder text message that says “Import Coach B’s Mobile Card.” Click on that link.

3) Notice the banner at the top says “Text MMR to 90210” - Do that and you will be entered to win a Custom Facebook Fan Page for your business! MMR stands for “Mobile Media Revolution.” 4) Notice that there are three icons: one for Facebook (click that to go to my Facebook Public Figure Fan Page - please “LIKE” my page, and follow what we are doing at that new FB page. (There’s the potential to win something there too!) 5) Click on the Twitter icon and “Follow me.” Let’s tweet together! 6) Click on the Blog icon and subscribe to my blog. I am blogging about small businesses. 7) Import my contact information that you see on my mobile card by entering YOUR email and pushing “send.” You can check your email on your phone and click on the vcard (virtual card) and save it to your phone, or check your email on your home computer and click on the vcard and save it to your address file there. 8) Go back to the original text message and now click on link given after it says, “Need mobile for your biz? Watch Videos.” When you click on that designated link on your phone, it will take you to the mobile optimized site. If you go to on your computer vs. your mobile phone, you will see the regular website. Notice the difference! Important distinction for mobile optimized.


See how much information can be shared in this manner? Following is a proposed campaign for a national company, Sheex, featured in Oprah magazine (March/2011). The idea we show is for using QR codes on T-shirts at one of their sponsor events, where their product is represented by athletes. This combination of a QR code leading to mobile optimized link that contains both pictures and a mobile “text to win prizes” campaign is cutting edge. (Note: The key word campaign in that link has not yet been activated. It is only an example).

Since Sheex is a luxurious and performance bedding sheets company, it is ahead of the curve in “technology bedding.” It makes sense for them to grasp this opportunity to be ahead of the curve with technology marketing...a great partnership to combine with major athletes representing their products. The T-shirt design on the next page can go on a T-shirt like this =>


Notice that the QR Code for the T-shirt design below has a small picture of one of their athletes in the middle. This doesn’t begin to show you the whole “QR code scavenger” hunt concept designed to have people scanning in and texting in for major prizes at the trade show. Contact us at 1-888-444-9780 for more details on a similar campaign for your business.



VIP 49


Other Nu Media Marketing

We’ve talked only about mobile marketing in this report. Mobile is one piece of your marketing puzzle, albeit an important one. Creating an overall marketing approach with the new ideas and technologies is paramount.

For instance, most people don’t realize how Google has changed the landscape during the last year with their switch from Google Local Business to Google places. It is a game changer that has stopped most marketers in their tracks because it shakes the foundation of SEO (search engine optimization). What we have now is a blending of local (Google Places) results with organic results, a noticeable difference from the past when they were listed distinctly separate. So...why did Google make these changes? Keep reading...they’re on the next page!


Jivaldi Fluid Communication shared these statistics for consideration in a recent blog post:

• • • • •

80% of budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home (DMA/ proprietary) 61% of local searches result in purchases (TMP/comScore) 90% of online commercial searches result in offline bricks and mortar purchases (proprietary research / comScore) 54% of Americans have substituted the internet and local search for phone books (comScore networks) 97% of American internet users use the internet to shop of which 57% characterize their behavior as shop online, purchase offline (NPD Group) 73% of online activity is related to local content (Google)

Yes, the above stats tell the true story and shed insight on why Google is doing what they are doing.

And consider that much of it started with Groupon and other “deal of the day” sites. Think about it. These sites generate a genuine buzz! Why? They take the scarcity model (must purchase within a certain time frame) and combine it with a 50% off coupon. This creates UGT (user generated traffic) and social media then explodes it out into the marketplace. It is actually the best combination.

Groupon, however, makes you sign a year contract...and they have a 9 month waiting list to see if they will accept you. If you are interested in being a part of some of our daily deal niches, please contact us at 1-888-440-9780. We can assess your business and give you some direction.


Just a warning. Be careful with marketers who approach your marketing from only one angle.

The bottom line is that YOU...your local the “deal of the day.” Capitalize on it! Google is. Why not you?

No longer are 3rd part marketing “nichers” the key to your success.

A full service agency can best service your needs in this era of local search. Confluence of your digital marketing strategy and its execution is essential through a consultant who can supply: 1) In-depth Google places marketing so that you are definitely on the first page (it’s not just a matter of staking your claim to your “google place), integrated with SEO and a PPC campaign (Google isn’t dead, but Facebook is most effective) 2) Development/Application of internet marketing “squeeze” or “opt-in” pages to brick and mortar businesses. Check out the Rent Ready Contractors at Amazing what is possible! He was quickly created a data base of 800 people. Your business can do this too! Just think of a “solution” for your customer’s “problem” and offer it for free!


3) Social media continuity with synergistic branding, creating a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. A custom Facebook Business Page that creates a “call to action” with an opt-in that includes both email and mobile. FYI...Facebook just made some major changes in February, 2011. We have been working non-stop with clients to stay on top of these.

4) “Daily Deal” opportunities that drive traffic to your location, increasing your customer base through UGT (user generated traffic) and social media (the way it meant to work with people sharing their excitement with others), enabling you to then convert through a mobile/QR code campaign into a permission- based data base to which you can market into the future.


5) Combination Mobile + QR Code campaigns that help you connect and engage with clients you already have, allowing you to retain them. No matter what the marketing strategy, it is always easier to retain clients than acquire new ones; however, it has never before been easier or most cost efficient than utilizing mobile campaigns to acquire new clients, allowing you to then market to them, connecting and engaging in ways in which they are accessing their information...via their mobile phone.

My business was Small Business of the Year in the United States in the ASI Industry (Advertising Specialty Institute). I won Golden Pyramid Awards for customer campaigns. That means that the pieces “fit together” in a synergistic way. The is a simple way to understand this. Let’s say, for example, that a Chamber of Commerce in your city put together a golf tournament. If they utilized different companies to put together the shirts, the caps, the jackets, etc. there is a good chance people would put everything on and NOTHING would match. Individually, each item might look “ok,” but when put together, there is a disconnect. Don’t let that happen to your

small business marketing campaign. Use a Nu Media Marketing Consultant. 54



Mobile is the newest mass media with the greatest capabilities and greatest marketing potential for the business community. Mobile phone use is growing at a rapid pace and this growth reflects a growing customer base which a business can potentially tap into. If you can imagine what it was like back when TV was infringing on radio and the explosion that resulted from that, you’ll realize that mobile is infringing on the internet and there is an explosion coming from that.

Are you ready for the mobile revolution? There are two things you can do right now to make your business mobile. 1.

Create a mobile friendly website. 25% of the population has a smartphone and they can access your website.


Start a text message marketing program. The majority of people have mobile phones which can receive text messages. This is a direct, personal and cost-effective way to communicate with consumers. 55

There are several inexpensive text message marketing plans available to small business owners. They are so affordable that you can’t afford NOT to add mobile to your marketing strategy! You can get a good one for less than $30 per month that enables you to have a couple of custom key words, receive unlimited opt-ins and send out 500 messages a month. You will also have five mobile cards, giving you five more key words for a total of seven. A mobile card also enables you to “go green” and throw away those paper business cards that you never have when you need them. And don’t worry. If that pushes your budget, a solution for as little as $10 per month can get your started. You won’t have a custom key word or a mobile card, but you will have a way to run a text campaign to begin your initial mobile campaign. People ask me all the time, “Do you have a business card?” I reply, “Do you have a phone?” (Go Green!)

By texting that message, CoachB, to 90210, you will be able to upload my contact info into your phone/address file by emailing it to yourself... and you will have my toll-free number to call me direct with your questions. You will also be able to connect with me instantly via Facebook, Twitter and my blog.


A few last things to consider: Choose a Nu Media (not just media) Marketing Consultant. Understanding the digital advances and technology available, and how to apply it is essential. You want a company that is on the cutting edge. Interview them. Make sure they understand, and have worked with, small businesses. Your needs are unique...different from the big companies with seemingly unlimited budgets. The company you choose needs to offer personalization, relevancy, confluence of your digital marketing strategy/ execution, flexibility with your budget, and immediacy with their marketing campaigns in ways that allow you attract, acquire and retain customers. •



You want to be careful to provide value to your customers when you text them. They have opted into to a permission-based campaign. As easily as they opted-in, consumers can opt-out by texting STOP if they feel your text messages are spam.

Text message marketing is an incredible marketing opportunity for small businesses. If you can type, you can send a text message. It is easy, efficient and economical.

Text message marketing is a two-way dialogue, enabling your small business to gather a wide range of information from wireless consumers. Short code campaigns attract, connect, engage, encourage and develop upon customer relations through consumer-initiated information, consumer-controlled interaction with your brand.


In the end result, there’s one main reason companies embrace mobile marketing campaigns. That’s where they eyes are! Yes, their customers’ cell phones have become an extension of themselves. The customer sees the message and opens it within minutes. Remember the statistics. They don’t lie. Mobile thus delivers higher response rates than traditional media. Measurable returns, such as the outcome of the participation per dollar spent, are enticing businesses. Businesses and marketers should look towards the unique key word/s, combined with the csc (common short code) as the link that unifies offline, online, print, TV, and billboard advertising in a way that is more innovative, appealing, exciting, fun, engaging and actionable to the customers, clients and consumers. There are some plans that require NO CONTRACT! You can do month to month. These retail types of plans tend to be a little more expensive. I encourage my clients to consider purchasing a year plan and receiving wholesale pricing, allowing them to have their own personal mobile media agency. The mobile industry, as a whole, is not understood by many and is in a constant state of change. Considering the multitude of marketing tools available in mobile, as a business owner, you need to seriously consider using experts in the mobile marketing field to make the best use of your marketing dollars and time.


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Forget Groupon. YOU, the local business, are the "daily deal." Mobile strategies and local search is rocking. Access new traffic sources 7 t...

Access #1 Simple Secret of Mobile Revolution for Your Small Business  

Forget Groupon. YOU, the local business, are the "daily deal." Mobile strategies and local search is rocking. Access new traffic sources 7 t...