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ADEL providing European quality on the Russian scale Nearly three years have flashed by since the last time we met Zelenograd-based Adel in July of 2007. Over this period, the Russian manufacturer of premium-class diamond tools has consolidated its leading position in the domestic market and started making inroads in Europe. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reports. Adel is a company group that incorporates a number of diversified business units. This enables the group to monitor the entire life cycle of its products, from manufacturing to distribution to re-tipping.

18 years and getting better Adel’s production capacities include Delta, the group’s flagship plant that manufactures diamond segments, and contains a host of assembling lines for tools and re-tipping facilities. An in-house R&D centre helps Adel always stay a few steps ahead of the pack. The group distributes its products via a nationwide network of selling outlets. Being in the business for more than 18 years now, the Russian company has long learned to make every conceivable type of diamond tool for construction and stone applications. Adel’s catalogue features a wide range of diamond blades for wall and flat sawing, drill bits, tile sawing blades, polishing pads and cups, and grinding tools. The manufacturer also offers a wide variety of massproduced tools, and also develops and supplies custom-made products for special jobs. Every such specification is designed to be consistent with specific requirements of a job or a Adel uses Dr. Fritsch machines to manufacture diamond segments.

BF500 premium-quality segment for drill bits. customer. Manufactured on Dr. Fritsch machines, Adel products conform to the industry’s highest standards. Quality of every item is meticulously checked at every stage of the production process. Prior to going into serial production, a new tool is extensively tested for its performance first in the laboratory, then in the field. This approach ensures consistently high quality and reliability of any Adel product.

Adel’s strongest suit However good Adel’s ready-made tools are, it is diamond segments that has really made the company’s name. The company has incorporated the global experience into its own production to come out with a product that is equally competitive in both the Russian and international markets. For its segments, Adel only uses the best raw materials from the world-known suppliers Element Six, Diamond Innovations, Eurotungstene, Dr. Fritsch and BASF. Having started out with making segments for drill bits, Adel soon mastered the production of segments for floor and wall blades. Manufacturing of high-quality segments for the stone industry was the next item on Adel’s agenda, and the company was quick to add it to its capabilities. Today, Adel is far ahead of its competitors in Russia by as the country’s biggest producer of diamond segments. Europe, too, is getting taste of the manufacturer’s expertise through its two fully-fledged subsidiaries that actively promote the Adel brand in Bulgaria and Turkey.

concrete and stone grinding are both competitive and costeffective. The GB00 and GB0 ranges, designed for rough grinding jobs, are the most in-demand makes. Both specifications demonstrate a win-win combination of high-speed operation and extended service time. Metal-bond segment for fine processing of concrete and stone is another reliable, high-quality offering from the Russian manufacturer. Having already won over most of the Russian clientele with an unbeatable price-quality ratio, Adel is now nipping at the heels of the industry’s majors. Once a humble beginner, the Russian Adel has now grown into a serious contender and a force to be reckoned with.

Sweeping range of segments It is hard to imagine a job related to stone and concrete cutting, drilling or grinding for which Adel cannot offer a spot-on specification. Segments for wall and floor sawing, core drilling, grinding and polishing applications are all Above diamond segments in the making and below available from the Russian manufacturer. a graphite sintering mould. Of the drill segment range, which accounts for the largest share of Adel’s output, the most popular series are BF500 and MIX. The BF500 is a premium-class segment for a broad spectrum of drilling applications, equally efficient on concretes with differing aggregate and degree of reinforcement. The MIX is a versatile segment of economy that gives virtually an unlimited number of drilling options when mixed with segments of other types. Recently, the manufacturer has shifted its focus to making segments for floor preparation jobs. Its solutions for Issue 2 - 2010 • Bauma Special • April - May • PDi 77

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